Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Tai


Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang. Evening at Hat Thai Mueang Beach.

Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang is located off Route 4, halfway between Phuket and Khao Lak, approximately 30 km away. from both tourist centers.

Like the neighboring Khao Lak - Lam Ru National Park, the Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Mueang National Park consists of two parts, coastal and mainland, located at some distance from each other.

The coastal part of the national park includes a 20-kilometer stretch of coast from Thai Mueang to the klong (narrow bay) that separates Hat Thai Mueang from the southern beaches of Khao Lak.

The mainland of the national park begins at 5 km. from the coastline, measures approximately 10x15 km., and is a mountainous area covered with rainforest, in the territory of which there are several waterfalls, including Lampi waterfall, which is the main attraction of this national park. In addition to the Lampi waterfall, well located and easily accessible, in the Khao Lampi mountains there are two more large waterfalls, Namtok Ton Phrai and Namtok Ton Ban Po, the visit of which already requires some effort.

Note. The word "hat" in Thai means "beach", the word "khao" means "mountain", and the word "namtok" translates as "waterfall".

How to get to Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang

Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang. Cascades of Namtok Lampi Waterfall.

Below are two maps: a road map in the area of ​​Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang and a map of the park itself.

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To visit this national park, it is highly desirable to have your own transport, a rental car or motorbike.

Renting a car is cheap in Thailand, you can rent a car for 800 - 1000 baht per day, a motorbike for 150 - 250 baht per day. Vehicle rental in Thailand is written separately, here: Rent a car in Phuket and here: Rent a motorbike in Phuket, all the necessary details can be obtained by clicking on the links.

The closest place to Khao Lampi National Park, Hat Thai Mueang, where you can hire a car under good conditions, is Phuket Airport, and you can rent a motorbike on any of Phuket and Khao Lak beaches.

Lampi Waterfall, Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang

Locals having a rest near the Namtok Lampi Waterfall, Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang

It is worth saying a few words about Lampi Waterfall, which is one of the main attractions of Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang.

Lampi Waterfall is 2 km away. off Highway 4 (Phuket-Bangkok), halfway between the Sarasin Bridge connecting Phuket with the mainland, and the Khao Lak Mountains overlooking the coast near the headquarters of Khao Lak-Lam Rou National Park. There is a high-quality automobile road from route No. 4 to Lampi Falls, all the necessary signs, both on the route and on the side road, are present.

The waterfall itself is located at a distance of 100 meters from the parking lot located at the entrance to the national park, and all the interesting places in this part of the reserve are limited to this 100-meter road and the waterfall itself.

It is not hard to guess that Lampi Falls can be easily visited for 5-10 minutes, however, locals manage to spend much more time there, spending it mainly on swimming in a small lake located in the lower reaches of the waterfall.

A visit to the Lampi Falls, like many other attractions, is paid. It is a pleasure to look at the waterfall 30 baht per person (foreigner), an additional 100 baht is taken for the car to enter the territory of the national park.

List of Forest National Parks Near Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Thai Mueang

Brief annotations of forest national parks located in the area of ​​Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Mueang National Park are located below, click on the photo or the "read more" link to go to the description of the park you are interested in.

Khao Sok National Park, one of Thailand's largest national parks with an area of ​​739 square meters. km., located on the isthmus that separates the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

The distance from Khao Sok to the nearest point of the Andaman coast, Takua Pa, is about 50 km., To the nearest point of the Gulf of Thailand, Surat Thani - about 120 km. The distance from Khao Sok to Khao Lak and Phuket is 80 and 140 km., Respectively. The most famous and extraordinary attraction of the Khao Sok National Park is the mountain lake Cheo Lan, a place amazing and. Read more """

Khao Lak National Park (Khao Lak - Lam Ru) is the national park closest to the tourist center of the same name. It is a mountain range that dominates the surrounding area and forms the unique scenery of Khao Lak.

The national park has a rather complicated shape and consists of two parts: located near the coast of the mountains, which gave the name of the entire surrounding area, and located in the depths of the mainland of the Lam Ru mountains. Despite the fact that the mountains of the national park are visible from anywhere in Khao Lak, tourists see only a small part of the national park, the size of which is very impressive. Suffice it to say that the eastern border. Read more """

Si Phang-Nga National Park, sometimes referred to as Sri Phang-Nga, is located on Route 4 (Phuket-Bangkok), halfway between Takua Pa and Khuraburi. The nearest major tourist centers, Khao Lak and Phuket, are 50 km from Si Phang-Nga National Park. and 110 km., respectively.

Unlike the more widely known Khao Sok, Si Phang-Nga National Park is not one of those places where you should stay for a few days. By and large, to explore all the attractions of the national park, Tam Nang waterfall and the creek located next to the waterfall, chosen by countless schools of fish,. Read more """

Khlong Phanom National Park is adjacent to the Khao Sok National Park and, by and large, is one with it.

The border dividing the territory of the national parks Khao Sok and Khlong Phanom is the road number 401 (Takua Pa - Surat Thani). In relation to this road, Khao Sok will be on your left (if you go towards Surat Thani), and Khlong Phanom National Park will be on your right. Unlike the more famous Khao Sok, Khlong Phanom National Park is little adapted for tourists to visit. There are neither well-marked and well-equipped hiking trails, as in Khao Sok, nor opportunities for overnight stay and accommodation. . Read more """

Thai Baht (THB)
1 USD = 30.40 THB

Distance Phuket Airport - Khao Lak = 80km., 1 hour by taxi, 1200 - 1800 baht.

Distance Phuket Town - Khao Lak = 100km., 2 hours by bus, 100 baht.

Distance Krabi Airport - Khao Lak = 140km., 2 hours by taxi, 2500 baht.

Minibus from Krabi, Ao Nang - the city of Krabi Town - Khao Lak, 140 km., 3 hours,

Minibus Khao Sok - Khao Lak, distance 80km., 1.5 hours, fare 150 baht.

Bus Bangkok - Khao Lak, distance 800 km., 12 hours. on the way, tickets from 416 baht.

Main Attractions of Khao Lampi National Park - Hat Tai

Lam Pee Waterfall
Lampi Waterfall is located about 30 km south of Khao Lak. This picturesque waterfall has three levels, it is best to visit it early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. A short distance from the waterfall there is a cafe / restaurant, as well as a gift shop. The waterfall forms a deep pool in which you can swim perfectly, so do not forget to grab a swimsuit and expect to see a few people here, or even a whole crowd.

Ton Prai Waterfall
The three-level Ton Pray waterfall is connected to a parking lot by a 650-meter trail through the jungle with detailed signs along the way. You will have to get to the place through the roots, stones, bamboo bridges. This waterfall is less popular among tourists than Lam Pi. It is best to visit the waterfall during the dry season.

Ton Bang Po Waterfall
The most remote waterfall, located in dense surroundings of the rainforest, 25 km from the headquarters of the park. You can get here only on foot.

During the period from December to April, there is a dry season, high temperatures prevail and rare thunderstorms occur. Thus, the best time to travel in the park is from December to April. In the park Khao Lampi - Hat Tai rare animals such as Malayan tapir, mountain goat, as well as bears, wild boars, deer, monkeys and langurs live. In the reservoirs of the national park you can find sea turtles, spindy sea turtles, king cobra, pythons, crabs, Malay and Siamese vipers, pythons, various species of frogs and other amphibians.

Photo and description

Lampi Waterfall is the main attraction of the eponymous national park, which also has the second name Hat Thai Muang. It is the 52nd national park in the country, the date of foundation of Hat Thai Muang falls on April 14, 1986. The park area is about 72 sq. Km.

On its territory there are six completely different ecosystems: a sandy beach, mangrove forests, coastal forests, swamp forests, coral reefs and tropical rainforests. On such a diverse territory of the national park, a huge number of living creatures live, including 188 species of birds, 64 species of mammals and 57 reptiles, 315 species of marine fish and 31 - freshwater fish.

Lampi Falls is a stream of fresh water falling from a height of about 40 meters and forming a natural swimming pool suitable for swimming. A path leading through a lush jungle leads to its summit, at the beginning of which there is a zone of cafes and souvenir shops.

The sandy Thai Thuang Beach, also part of the national park, is one of the few in Thailand to have reached the level of five stars. It really is a fantastic place: on the beach you can not only sunbathe and swim, coral reefs just 700 meters from the coast make it a chic area for diving and snorkeling.

Two types of sea turtles, under state protection, live on the beach. They lay their eggs in the sand, and then the hatched turtles, surviving the attacks of predators, themselves go to sea. Every year, the number of surviving young individuals is reduced, and scientists have to pick up eggs from the sand and put them in special nurseries, where nothing threatens the life of marine life. After the little turtles hatch and gain strength, they are released into free swimming.

At the end of Thai Thuang Beach, there is a rock on Yak, which means “gigantic face”. Indeed, from a certain angle, the natural patterns on it resemble a human face. From the top of the cliff offers a great view of the beach and the surrounding expanses.

The park also houses the less popular 40-meter Ton Phri Waterfall, which forms a natural pool. The atmosphere here is calmer than on the famous Lumpy. There are several trails for eco-tourism along the national park.