Resort Crikvenica (Croatia): description, attractions, reviews


Located in Kvarner Bay on the Croatian coast, the resort of Crikvenica has been known for about a hundred years as a place for wellness and recreation. The closest major port city of Rijeka is just 35 km away.

In addition, good transport links with the largest cities in Europe and the proximity of the international airport on the island of Krk made holidays in Crikvenica popular among European tourists, who rightly appreciated the wonderful climate and the healing air of these places, as well as sandy and pebble beaches, spread over 8 km along Adriatic coast.

The town of Crikvenica itself was formed in the 15th century on the site of a fishing village next to the monastery of St. Peacock, built in 1412. The former monastery, which is now turned into a hotel, and the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary next to it are known as tourist attractions of Crikvenica.

The ruins of the ancient settlement of Kotor, located in the immediate vicinity of the resort, will interest history buffs, medieval houses and the ruins of an ancient church are well preserved here.

If you are relaxing with children, you should definitely visit the city Aquarium, which presents a rich collection of marine life, more than 150 species of fish.

The summer entertainment program includes numerous performances of folklore ensembles, a fishing festival held in July, sports competitions, including a sailing regatta, held in mid-August.

The nightlife in Crikvenica is limited by the hotel program; nightclub lovers can be advised to go to Rijeka.

Rich gastronomic traditions and a large selection of restaurants and cafes attract lovers of good cuisine to Crikvenica. The entire promenade of the city is dotted with numerous restaurants with beautiful sea views.

The best restaurant in the city, and the most expensive, is the Amor restaurant, which specializes in fresh seafood. However, other restaurants in Crikvenica, such as Amfora, Mendula, Belvedere, Bego, will delight you with a fine selection of meat, fish and fresh vegetables, here you can also try Italian dishes. The traditional taverns of Konoba OGNJISCE, Konoba DISPET and BURIN are famous for their home cooking and cozy rustic-style furnishings.

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Well-maintained pebble and sandy beaches of Crikvenica with playgrounds and sports activities have made this resort a popular destination for families with children. The main city beach is located just 200 meters from the city center, it is covered with pebbles with small sandy areas. One of the most popular sandy beach Crni molo in the vicinity of hotels. 3 km from the city is Kacjak beach, it is pebbly with rocky areas, near a large sports center. A little further in the place Dramal is located, perhaps, the most beautiful pebble beach in the region Omorika, next to the hotel of the same name.

Crikvenica is also known as a health and spa resort. The two main medical institutions are Thalassotherapy Crikvenica and Terme Selce. The wellness center in the oldest SPA-hotel Therapia Hotel and the largest in Europe SPA-complex Novi SPA Hotels & Resort are also popular.

Resort Description

The city in Croatia Crikvenica is small. He is known for its beautiful beaches, several kilometers long. From the neighboring city of Rijeka (regional center) it is located 25 kilometers.

The resort town is one of the warmest, sunniest places in Europe, due to its convenient geographical position. A fairly long daylight allows you to enjoy a vacation on the beach almost until evening. The Crikvenica Riviera is a long 8-kilometer stretch of well-equipped beaches that have received UNESCO's Blue Flag for the past 7 years, which indicates the excellent ecological cleanliness of beach areas and sea water.

It is noteworthy that all the city streets of Crikvenica (Croatia) are located parallel to the sea along the mountain slope. Well-kept houses have small cozy courtyards, the streets of the city and the embankment are planted with many trees, such as palm trees, citrus fruits, magnolias, persimmons. There are many colorful flower beds. Along the promenade and on the adjacent streets there are many shops where you can buy souvenirs, clothes and jewelry. The whole promenade is filled with restaurants, cafes, which offer beautiful views of the island of Krk and Kvarner Bay.

For both daytime and evening walks, the path of love of the Lyubavna cestitsa, where you can safely walk, is presented at the services of vacationers. And for children there is a huge variety of different playgrounds with swings, slides, trampolines, as well as a mini water park.

Attractions Crikvenica (Croatia)

The main attraction is the island of Krk. It is the largest Adriatic island, which is the pearl of the Croatian islands. The unique bridge connecting the mainland with it is located seven kilometers from the city center. At the time of its construction, it had no equal in size.

The island is represented by dense forests, cliffs, olive and grape plantations. Mild climatic conditions, ancient cities, wonderful sand and pebble beaches, bays with amazingly turquoise sea water - all this makes the island attractive to many tourists. From the island of the KRK there is a ferry service (including by car) to the islands nearest to other parts of Croatia.

Beaches Crikvenica, surroundings

A magnificent amusement park called “Adrenaline Park Crikvenica” is located on the central promenade. Most of the beaches are free.

The city central beach (mostly sandy) is located on the territory fenced from the city, and entrance to it is paid. The beach is equipped with showers and changing cabins (free of charge). There are also paid additional services in the form of rent: umbrellas and trestle beds, boats and catamarans. You can take advantage of massage services and children's playgrounds, cafes, etc. There are various sports grounds (ball games and tennis), as well as equipment for rowing and surfing.

The water in the sea is very clear and transparent, light blue in color, the bottom is sandy-rocky, and there are pebbled areas.

The main city beach from the city center is 200 meters away.


The magnificent warm climate, natural beauty and modern beaches have enabled this place to turn from an ordinary fishing village into a fabulous tourist attraction. Crikvenica (Croatia) united such settlements as Jadranovo, Selse and Dramal.

An open sightseeing bus leaves from the bus station. A sightseeing tour begins in the city center, then the route runs along the sea.

There are hiking trails starting 500 meters from the city center. A trail that runs through the mountains in the shade of deciduous and coniferous trees leads to the ruins of an ancient castle, where cozy places for relaxation are organized. From one of the points on this route, a breathtaking view of the mountain river and the Vinodol Valley opens. The total walking time is 1.5 hours.

In the village of Tribalj (5 minutes drive from Crikvenica) there is a fabulous mountain lake overlooking a beautiful ancient castle. Its territory is landscaped for fishing. There are moorings and picnic areas. Every year, the European European Fishing Championships are held on this lake.

In the village of Bribir (15 minutes drive from the city center) there is a parachuting school.

Below are the best, according to holidaymakers, hotels in Croatia (Crikvenica):

  • Apartment "Villa Claudia" is 0.8 kilometers east of Crikvenica.
  • Apartments Villa Harmonie is 1.5 kilometers from the center of Crikvenica (north-west), 30 meters from the sea.
  • Villa Mare Crikvenica 1600 meters from Crikvenica (northwest).

The resort is protected from the cold northern winds by the high ridges of Crikvenica. Almost all of Croatia has a subtropical Mediterranean climate that provides warm winters.

The average temperature in February at the resort is +7 degrees. Summer temperature averages 23 degrees, and the amount of precipitation is not more than 1242 millimeters per year.

In conclusion about the reviews

Gorgeous Crikvenica (Croatia). Reviews about this resort are the most positive. Most of them are 5 in the five-point system. The beaches in Crikvenica, according to vacationers, are considered the best and cleanest in Croatia.

This place is ideal for a magnificent and unforgettable vacation.

Arrival and accommodation in Crikvenica

Crikvenica is easily accessible from Rijeka. Buses run once an hour. The travel agency (Trg Stjepana Radiсa 1-s, July and August daily 8: 00-22: 00, the rest of the year Monday-Friday 8: 00-14: 00) is located one block north of the bus station. In the same building there is a travel agency “Crikvenica” (from June to September daily from 8: 00-22: 00, from October to May Monday-Friday from 8: 00-15: 00), which book rooms and apartments.

You can also contact the Autotrans agency at the bus terminal (from June to September, Monday-Saturday 8: 00-20: 00, Sunday 9: 00-12: 00 and 18: 00-21: 00). There are many hotels in Crikvenica, and they are mainly designed for tourist groups. The private hotel Crikvenica (Strossmeyerovo Setaliste 8) has the best location, right in the city center. The rooms there are small and a little gloomy, but with all the amenities. Some have balconies facing the sea.

Bora wind in Croatia

The most famous natural phenomenon of Kvarner Bay is the borax, a cold, dry northeast wind of great strength. Air masses move along the European plain, after which they pass between the Adriatic mountains. As a result, strong winds arise in the Cenis and in some other places.

It is said that as the Bora approaches, over the coastal Velebit mountain range, a white cloud appears in the form of a strip. Sometimes the wind is so strong that it turns cars and boats. On such days, the ferry service between the mainland and the islands stops, and the bridge to the island of Krk, like the Stari Grad - Paklenitsa road, are closed to tall cars or even blocked.