Attractions Saas Fee


The most interesting place in Switzerland where you can go on vacation with your whole family is the ice pavilion, which is located on the very top of the cold Mittelallain mountain. In order to get to the pavilion, you need to use the services of the funicular, which is ready at any time of the year. read more

Abentuerwald Park

This park is one of the best holiday destinations in Switzerland for those who prefer active pastimes. It is located in a beautiful place, in the middle of the forest and green slopes of the mountains. In the park you can feel like a brave discoverer who stepped into impassable. read more

Saas Fee is one of the high-mountain Swiss resorts. The resort, nestled among steep cliffs, is wildly popular. It is an ideal place for professional skating. A characteristic feature of local routes is their complexity.

Perhaps the main attraction of Saas Fee is the metro, which has the status of the highest mountain in the world (3500 m). The ski lift hid in the rock, the end point in its route is the Mittelallalin peak. The famous restaurant and ice grotto are intermediate stops.

After enjoying the snow and mulled wine and pretty tired, you can visit the museum of the town in the southern part of Saas Fee near the church. Or go to the largest grotto in Switzerland (5500 sq.m), a huge area of ​​which is dotted with ice sculptures. Nearby is a chapel where wedding ceremonies are held.

The resort's attractions include ice skating, snowboarding, badminton, tennis, badminton and much more.

Trails Saas-Fee

36 slopes for skiers are waiting for you in the city, the longest is an 11-kilometer trail. Of all the tracks, almost half (45%) is suitable for the average level of training, every third track (30%) is designed for beginners, the remaining 25% is for well-trained athletes and professionals. Tracks 26 lifts. The elevation difference in the resort in Saas-Fee is 1800 meters, and the maximum possible number of vacationers is over 26 thousand people. There are also cross-country skiing, snowboarding and toboggan runs.

The sled track in the city has a length of 5 km and a height difference of 550 m. It originates from Hannig and goes down to the resort itself. A separate lift is also organized for sleigh riders.

As for snowboarders, they are just expanse here. Freestyle Park in Saas Fee is widely known to Europeans. Snowboarding enthusiasts ride here almost all year round, and freestyle professionals participate in various competitions, including the World Cup in snowboarding. The largest jumps and halfpipes have a permanent location due to the landscape.

For freeride experts, we note the peak of Platien (its height is 2570 m), as well as the route from Britanniahutta (3030 m) to Saas-Almagel, but here you will need to pay for a guide, taxi and equipment rental. But lovers of ski tours in Saas-Fee can offer several options, but most of them are very high in the glaciers, so it is imperative to attract certified mountain guides to help on tours. The most popular peaks are Flüthhorn (3,790 m), Allalinhorn (4,027 m), the route to Alphubel (4,206 m), Stralhorn (4,190 m) through the Adlerpass pass (3,789 m) to Zermatt, the Allalinpass pass (3,564 m). The duration of these ski tours is from 2.5 to 5, sometimes 6 hours, the height difference in the range from 800 to 2400 m.

Attractions Saas Fee

  1. Spread at an altitude of 3500 m, the famous Saas-Fee restaurant in Switzerland with a platform moving around its axis, from which you can see wonderful panoramas to all the surrounding areas of the resort.
  2. High-altitude metro, built with the participation of Mosmetrostroy. It is a lift hidden in a rock, moving to a height of 3,500 m to the top of Mittelallalin, to a revolving restaurant and an ice grotto. The Métro-alpin funicular is recognized as the highest mountain underground funicular in the world.
  3. An ice grotto on top of Mittelallalin, in the thickness of the centuries-old Allalin glacier. The grotto is created manually and has an area of ​​5500 square meters. meters. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ice grotto. Inside it are halls and galleries, illuminated by candles and decorated with sculptural compositions of animals, a labyrinth for children and even an ice chapel in which wedding ceremonies are held.
  4. In the southern part of the resort is the Saas Fee Museum, dating from the 18th-19th centuries. The museum stores folklore and national costumes of these places, an exhibition of stones and glaciers, a collection of materials on the art of religion and the history of tourism and much more.
  5. Nearby you can also see Saint-Leonard - the largest 300-meter underground lake in Europe. And the Aletsch glacier is considered the longest and widest also in European territory.
  6. Near the city, in the center of the valley of tourists, the village of Saas-Grund meets, from where it is ideal to go hiking in the highlands, as well as the villages of Saas-Balen and Saas-Almagel. In Saas Almagel, the Mattmark natural dam is interesting, and in Saas Balen, a late Late Baroque church and the Fell Brook waterfall in the center.
Entertainment and sporting events

At the service of vacationers, in addition to a variety of tracks and routes, there are also many other recreational activities. Visitors will find an ice rink, sports games (curling, tennis, badminton, table tennis and billiards), fitness clubs, water aerobics classes, a sports center and spa treatments - pool, sauna, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, solarium.

The city hosts very important international ski cross-country and freeride competitions, the World Cup in snowboarding. Saas-Fee in Switzerland also welcomes participants in the international festival of ice sculpture and the Ice Climbing World Cup. And of course, it is worth mentioning about the very famous Allalin races and the Schnee-gaudi snow party.

Accommodation and meals in Saas Fee

In the resort you will find many restaurants, hotel bars, and there are 4 disco clubs. Prices are pretty high. One of the popular places and the undoubted highlight of the city is the Allalin restaurant, located at an altitude of 3500 m and having a rotating floor. According to the owners and visitors of the restaurant, in fine weather, from the restaurant hall you can see a panorama of not only the Alps, but the whole of Switzerland.

Among all hotels, tourists from different countries are most attracted by Ambiente, Dom, Mischabel, Allalin apartments, Alphubel, Metropol Grand Hotel. There are very expensive and prestigious hotels that provide tourists with not only luxurious rooms with all amenities, but also spa treatments, for example, Chalet Sunshine, Haus Serac, Hotel Ferienart Resort & Spa.

How to get to Saas Fee?

Closest to Saas F are the airports of Geneva and Zurich. The distance from the resort to Geneva is approximately 234 km, to Zurich - 246 km. You can get here without problems by public transport.

If you are traveling in Switzerland in a rented car, then keep in mind that driving is not allowed in the resort itself. Therefore, it will be necessary to leave the car at the entrance to the city, and get to the hotel and along the Saas-Fee by electric car.

Saas-Fee: Useful Information

TrainTrain stations Brig and Visp

Saas Fee ski resort (Saas Fee, Zaas Fee) is located in the southern part of Switzerland, in the canton of Valais on the border with Italy. The resort deservedly bears the title “Pearl of the Alps”: Saas Fee is surrounded by 13 mountains more than 4 thousand meters high. The ski area combines 4 alpine resorts: Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Balen and Saas-Almagel.

The resort operates year-round and hosts numerous sporting and cultural events. In winter, the most important event is the Ice Climbing World Cup: professional climbers from around the world compete to conquer the 30-meter-high ice wall. Competitions are held annually in January. In the summer (July), the International Alpine Music Festival takes place in Saas Fee. Alpine folklore groups with traditional music perform at the festival.

Prices in the resort area of ​​Saas Fee

The cost of ski passes depends on the ski area. More budget ski pass (Saas-Fee + Saas-Almagell) will cost in:

  • 1 day: adults - 75 francs, youth (1998 - 2002 years of birth) - 64 francs, children (2002-2012 years of birth) - 37 francs.
  • 6 days: adults - 365 francs, youth - 311 francs, children - 183 francs.

Ski pass Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell, Saas-Balen includes skiing in the entire resort area:

  • 2 day (minimum number of days): adults - 145 francs, youth - 123 francs, children - 73 francs.
  • 6 days: adults - 379 francs, youth - 322 francs, children - 190 francs.

The Saas Fee ski area includes 100 km of first-class slopes, to which 22 lifts deliver tourists. Some of the tracks, thanks to the surrounding glaciers, operate year-round. Off-piste skiing is prohibited here - on glaciers this is very dangerous due to possible cracks.

Trails in the resort area of ​​Saas Fee can be divided into:

  • For professionals. There are not so many difficult tracks in the resort; they impress not with steepness, but with unpredictable relief. Sites for the pros are located mainly on the outskirts of glaciers, for example, the black descent Langflu-Spilboden. Several red and black trails extend from the top of Langfluh.
  • For mid-level skiers. Most of the red routes are long and not too steep, they are located in Mittelallalin. The longest route of the resort (14 km) stretched from Allalin to the resort village.
  • For snowboarders. The resort has a fan park at an altitude of 3400 km. Thanks to its high mountain location, the fan park is accessible for skiing all year round. The half-pipe zone and the track for border crossing are located at an altitude of 3200–3400 m.

Also in winter, 20 km of hiking trails and an 8 km long trail for cross-country skiing are open. There are several tracks for downhill sledding: the longest of them is 11 km.


Saas Fee Resort has a developed infrastructure for recreation after active skiing: skating rinks, fitness clubs, bars, nightclubs and restaurants, a sports center (including a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi), curling, snowboarding.

In the summertime, 350 km of trails await tourists in the Saas Fee Valley, including a 70-kilometer cycle path and a 5-kilometer scooter route.

Saas Fee in summer: a panoramic view of Google. Maps

Attractions Saas Fee

The main attraction of the resort is the stunning panoramas of the Alps. But this spectacle can boast of any alpine resort. Therefore, each mountain village has to come up with and create new attractions and infrastructure that can set them apart from others. Tourists come to Saas Fee not only for skiing, but also to visit:

  • Underground. The resort has the highest altitude metro in the world (Mosmetrostroy took part in its construction). The metro is a lift inside the cliff that takes tourists to a restaurant on top of Mittelallalin Mountain.
  • Glacial Grotto Mittelallalin Ice Pavilion. The grotto is carved in the thickness of the real Fee Glacier glacier.
  • Revolving restaurant on top of the Mittelallalin Glacier. It is the world's highest revolving restaurant.
  • Rope route Alpin gorge. The route crosses a picturesque gorge above a mountain river. All the way passes through suspension rope bridges and Tyrolean traverses. Passage along the route is available only with a special guide.
  • Rope park Adventure park. The park consists of sections of varying complexity, but breathtaking panoramas of the glacier open from each of them.
  • Toboggan Track Feeblitz. The track with a steep slope of 55 degrees. We advise you to make a descent in the evening - the backlit place looks especially extreme.

Saas Fee Travel Guide:

Saas-Fee or Saas-Fee - A popular ski resort located at an altitude of 1798 m above sea level, and in the very south of Switzerland, near the border with Italy, in the canton of Valais. Until the 14th century, there was only one settlement in the Saas Valley - Saas. 4 villages grew out of it, of which Saas-Fee, also called the “Pearl of the Alps”, is most famous, surrounded by 13 mountains with 4-thousanders. Saas Fee paves the way for over 150 km of slopes for skiing and snowboarding, which are complemented by slopes for sledding and tobogganing, with a high guarantee of excellent snow cover. A ski pass for 1 full day will cost 72 francs, a ski pass in Saas-Grund will cost 54 francs.

In summer, these places are filled with numerous lovers of hiking and climbing - in the Saas Valley, more than 350 km of thematic and hiker routes have been laid, including suitable for families with children.

Among the main attractions of Saas-Fee - Mittelallalin ice pavilion Is an ice grotto carved in the Fee Glacier glacier. And Metro Alpin will lift you uphill to the tallest revolving restaurant in the world.

Saas Valley:

The pearl of the Alps lies on a high plateau in the Saas Valley, above the three other Saas communities.

  • Saas-Grund in the middle of the valley is an ideal starting point for high-altitude hiking.
  • Saas Almagel's main attraction is Mattmark, a natural dam.
  • Saas-Balen is proud of the late Late Baroque church, it is a monument of national importance, as well as the roaring Fell Brook waterfall in the center of the town.

Summer in Saas Fee:

Here you will find about 350 km of hiking trails for hiking. Animal lovers will be pleased to meet hand-held marmots that live under the Spielboden cable car station.

If you want adventure, you can cross the Alpin Gorge with a river, passing along the steep rocky walls between Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund, but only accompanied by a mountain guide.

Adventure route Adventure forest suitable for those who are not afraid of heights and strive only up: here you can go through many tracks with obstacles of varying difficulty: swaying on steel cables, riding ropes from tree to tree, crossing rope bridges, as well as sweeping through the forest landscape on Feeblitz, a year-round toboggan track.

The Saas Valley also has a 70-kilometer mountain bike path and a 5-kilometer scooter route.

Ski resort Saas Fee:

With 22 ski lifts and 100 km of prepared slopes, the Saas Fee ski area forms the heart of the entire ski region. In addition to this, winter sports enthusiasts also use the nearby Kreuzboden-Hochsaas district, which is higher than Saas-Grunda.

The main skiing area is Saas-Fee + Saas-Almagell (ski pass 72 francs for a full day).

Below is the Saas-Grund ski area (ski pass 54 francs).

Ski Area Saas-Almagell (ski pass - 45 francs).

20 kilometers of winter hiking trails and an 8-kilometer cross-country ski track will delight skiers.

Cross-country skiing track - open from mid-December to the end of March (depending on weather conditions, this time may vary). Tagescard - 10 francs.

Sled in Saas Fee

The mountain sled is represented by several tracks, among which one of the longest is the 11-km track from Kreuzboden to Saas-Grund. There is also the opportunity for night mountain sledding.

Route - Hannig, Saas-Fee

Route: Kreuzboden, Saas-Grund

Route: Furggstalden, Saas-Almagell

Main events:

  • Ice Climbing World Cup - the most experienced climbers in the world conquer a 30-meter ice wall in the territory of the multi-storey car park Saas-Fee (January).
  • International Alpine Music Festival - in July, an Alpine folk music festival is held.

From Zurich Airport to Saas Fee:

From Zurich Airport to Saas Fee have to go with 1 - 2 transfers. The road takes about 3:15.

At the Zurich airport you need to take a train in the direction of Brig (leaves 40 minutes hourly), get to Visp (2:20 approximately on the way), then take a 511 bus in the direction of Saas-Fee, Busterminal. The last departure is possible at 21:13, arrival in Saas-Fee at 00:21 (via Zurich, Bern, Visp).

A ticket costs 106 francs, so if you just go skiing in Saas Fee, it’s better to buy a Swiss Transfer Ticket - it will be cheaper: 141 francs for a round trip instead of 212 francs with regular tickets. The timetable can be found on

From Geneva Airport to Saas Fee:

Get from Geneva airport to Saas-Fee longer and longer than from Zurich: take the train in the Brig direction (at 21 and 51 minutes hourly) to Visp - approx. 2.5 hours. Next, take the 511 bus in the direction of Saas-Fee, Busterminal.

The last departure from Geneva Airport to Saas Fee is 20:33 (via Bern, Visp).

Ticket from Geneva Airport to Saas Fee - 80 francs.That is, it is better to buy a Swiss Transfer Ticket - it will be cheaper with it: 141 francs per round trip instead of 160 francs with regular tickets.