Beethoven House


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Beethoven House

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Baden, Rathhaus-gasse, 10.

From Hauptplatz Square, turn left onto ul. Rathhaus-gasse, walk 50 meters, the house will be on the right side.

Photo and description

Beethoven's House is located in the historic center of the Austrian city of Baden, in the immediate vicinity of the city theater, spa park and the Arnulf Rainer Museum of Art. Despite the fact that the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven lived here, the authentic atmosphere in the rooms did not survive. The full address of this house is Rathausgasse 10.

The house itself is of great historical interest, as it is located in the oldest city quarter. This low-rise, two-story building of irregular shape was built back in the 16th century, and since then its appearance has remained unchanged. The facade of the building was finished in the same century in the Baroque style.

In the XVIII century, this area was turned into a cozy green area, nicknamed the Copper Garden (Kupferschmiedgarten). Distinguished guests stayed in these houses, for example, in the neighboring house located on Beethovengasse, Empress Maria Theresa and her daughter-in-law lived for some time.

Beethoven stayed at the house on Rathausgasse Street for three consecutive summers - from 1821 to 1823. He occupied three small rooms on the second floor, all of which overlooked a busy avenue. Interestingly, Beethoven sometimes did not have enough paper, and he had to write notes on the window shutters of his office. Last summer, the owner of the house demanded that the great composer pay a certain amount of money for damaged shutters. It is known that it was here that Beethoven began work on his famous Ninth Symphony.

In 1870, a large bakery was opened in this house, in the former premises of which there is now an antique store. A memorial plaque in memory of Ludwig van Beethoven was installed on the facade of the house back in 1872. In 1965, the rooms previously occupied by the composer were restored and converted into a museum.

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TramLokal ban Vienna-Baden
On foot7 minutes from the tram stop

Ludwig van Beethoven was a regular in the spa town of Baden near Vienna. From 1821 to 1824 he stayed in a cozy house on Rathausgasse street, which leads directly to the Main Square. Here he worked on Missa solemnis and completed his 9th symphony. Here he hosted eminent colleagues from the art world of his time.

The last part of the symphony “Ode to Joy” was written in this house, so the house is officially called the “House of the Ninth”. In the 20th century, Ode of Joy became the anthem of the European Union, which is probably why Baden near Vienna is unofficially called the Capital of the European Union anthem.

The apartment museum has recently been refurbished. A nice gift shop was opened here, where you can buy sweets, which are called the Ninth Symphony. But the shutters were not hung. The owner of the house auctioned them almost 200 years ago. After all, musical scores were written on them, with the hand of a genius.

Museum exposition

Beethoven’s House Museum is located in a building at Rathausgasse 10. In 1821-1823, the composer stayed here a considerable number of times, so the atmosphere in the house is literally imbued with the spirit of genius. Among other things, Beethoven’s influential patrons, the Habsburgs, who shared time between the residence on Main Square and Weilburg Palace, lived nearby.

Herr Ludwig's residence was a modest two-story mansion in a classic Viennese style. Beethoven's living quarters and bedroom are open for visiting. The museum’s exposition presents authentic interior items and personal belongings of the composer, paintings and drawings, archival documents and photos telling about the history of the museum.

The gift shop at the house-museum is the most suitable place to buy a commemorative gizmo with the tags “Beethoven” and “Baden”.