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In the state of Belize, located in Central America, there is a city of the same name. It is located in the east of the state. Unusually, it was founded by ordinary sailors from England in the second half of the seventeenth century.

The city used to be the capital of the country, but in the second half of the twentieth century it was partially destroyed by enemies. So the capital was moved inland for security. The population of the city is more than 60 thousand people. The population of the whole country exceeds 360 thousand people.

Previously, Mayans lived on the territory of the city. They founded Lamanai. Now only ruins remain from the settlement. Maya lived here until the sixteenth century, then the Spaniards arrived and occupied their territory. The pyramids of the ruins are visible from afar, the length of the highest of them is 33 meters. This pyramid offers a magnificent view. Around the ruins are the jungle, they are home to monkeys and exotic birds, which will be interesting for travelers to see.

Battlefield Park

The park was opened in the first half of the seventeenth century. Several times in its history, it has been a platform for political movements. Now there are many benches here, which is very convenient, so visitors can sit down and relax at any time. Moreover, celebrations and concerts are often held here, you can have a good time at them.

The park looks especially fabulous in winter, when Christmas comes, as it is decorated. In the park they sell various drinks and food for those who walked a lot and managed to get hungry. Here visitors can try national cuisine. So the park is a wonderful place where you can take a walk, relax from the hustle, eat and even watch some kind of concert.

Belize Barrier Reef and Big Blue Hole

A very popular attraction among tourists is the barrier reef. It is located just a few kilometers from the coast. The length of the reef is 280 kilometers. The reef is popular with tourists.

The diameter of the funnel of a large blue hole is 305 meters. This unusual phenomenon was formed due to the fact that the cave that was there collapsed. A researcher from France opened a hole. This is a great place for diving, which is popular among visitors.

Kahal Pecs

The ruins are from Maya and remind visitors of their culture. The name of the ruins came from several languages ​​of the former local population. Interestingly, the researchers found here several playgrounds and a tower.

Gladden Spit Marine Sanctuary

The reserve contains twenty-five species of fish. Sharks also periodically appear here, but they are absolutely harmless. A few years ago, people began diving next to sharks, for their safety there are several rules: you can’t get closer to sharks less than three meters, it is also forbidden to take pictures with a flash. In any case, for fans of extreme sports this lesson is perfectly suited.

Kokscombe Nature Reserve

Near the city there is an interesting reserve. They study jaguars here. A place opened in the second half of the last century. Travelers can enter the reserve, for them they built absolutely safe paths along which you can walk. Various birds and animals also live here, they can even be found on the territory of the reserve, and their description can be read on special stands.


The place was the first public cemetery in the city. The land was named after an American judge, he gave his possessions to society. Here they kept clean and tidy, even invited a bishop in the first half of the nineteenth century. The cemetery was used until the end of the nineteenth century. And a century later, they reconstructed and put the place in order.

Quayo city ruins

Previously, there was an ancient settlement. It is believed that the Mayans lived here a few thousand years BC. Among the ruins there is a temple, a palace, houses and squares. It is interesting that researchers found pearls from another province here, that is, trade relations were established at ancient settlements.

Near the city is a small village. Here live people whose ancestors were expelled from Europe because they changed their faith. The religion of the people living here forbids them to take part in hostilities, have fun, and enjoy the benefits of civilization. Living conditions of the local population return travelers to the eighteenth century. The population here is engaged in agriculture. It provides products to residents of the country.

Cayo County

Cayo is an hour's drive from the city. This is a great resort. There are coconut palms and beautiful beaches. The district is distinguished by its magical nature. Wonderful waterfalls, mysterious jungle, beautiful caves and clean rivers await travelers here. Tourists will not be bored here, as many entertainment options have been created for them.

Gallery of Modern Art Image Factor

The gallery was opened at the end of the twentieth century. Guests will see the creations of local artists and sculptors who live in our days. Near the attraction is a shop selling paintings, books and other interesting things.

Supreme Court House

The building is valuable in terms of history and architecture. It was built in the British style. But in the first half of the nineteenth century, the building was destroyed. A new house was built in the first half of the twentieth century. Travelers have access to the building.

It is extremely interesting that there are four dials on the building, looking at different countries of the world. A very beautiful staircase goes to the veranda of the second floor.

Baboon Nature Reserve

The place is located thirty kilometers from the city. Here, a population of monkey species called black howler is protected. Unusually, the reserve was founded by farmers. There are also more than two hundred species of birds and various animals. Travelers can admire them.

Tourism Village

An entertainment center was built in the old part of the city, located on the shore. In this place there are restaurants, cafes and bars, from whose windows a wonderful view of the sea opens. Here you can try and appreciate the national cuisine.

Belize Zoo

There are no cells in the zoo, animals live in enclosures. More than one hundred and twenty animals live here, among them there are very rare species. Animals that could not survive in the wild and animals that had undergone treatment came here before.

Rio Bravo Nature Reserve

The reserve is very large in area. It occupies about four percent of the country. The reserve has wild jungle. Travelers from all over the world come here. The place was founded in the second half of the twentieth century in order to save forests from deforestation.

In the second half of the twentieth century, forest area reached a minimum. They were cut down for plantations. Now the problem is solved. The jungle has recovered. More than seventy species of very rare animals live in the reserve, as well as more than three hundred species of birds. There are also many insects and plants. The number of tourists per year is limited. So if you get here, you're in luck. The reserve is a great place for people who love wildlife. It is also a very beautiful place.

Cultural and historical sights of Belize

Belize is a country with a rich history, there was an ancient Mayan civilization. Therefore, in the territory of Belize there are many attractions that reflect this culture. Among the main ones, you can list the following:

    Karakol. In the south of Belize is an ancient Mayan building complex - the city of Oushitsa. Testimonies of scientists prove that it was a city with a population of about 150,000 people, its central square (Karakol), now open for tourists, had a radius of about 10 km. Caracol was accidentally discovered in 1937 by lumberjacks working in local forests in search of rare species of wood. Since then, the area has been explored by archaeological expeditions. Baths, dams and reservoirs were found in the city. Interesting are the findings of jade figurines and female jewelry. Natural attractions

Belize is attractive to tourists for its untouched pristine nature, here you can see many picturesque objects, which include:

  1. Big Blue Hole and Belize Barrier Reef. These are probably Belize’s most popular natural attractions. The big blue hole is a well of natural origin, located off the coast of the country, which has an almost perfect circle shape, which reaches 300 m in diameter and 130 m in depth. This place is on the UNESCO list, and it was found by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. For diving enthusiasts, the Big Blue Hole is almost the perfect place to dive. At a depth of 70 m you can see amazing species of fish and underwater plants.
    1. Battlefield Park. Conventionally, we can say that the park is one of the first public places of the time of the settlers. Since the 17th century, it has been a square reserved for urban gatherings. Now Battlefield is a classic city park with green spaces, benches and alleys. Its location is the city of Belmopan.
    2. Gallery of Modern Art Image Factor, which is located in the capital of Belize. The official opening took place in 1995, since then the gallery regularly exhibited works by contemporary Belizean artists, as well as artists and sculptors from Mexico and Guatemala. In the gallery's permanent exhibition, unconventional types of painting and photo work are found.

    Attractions Belize

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    Big blue hole

    A large blue hole is a large blue hole located in the center of the Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which is part of the Belize Barrier Reef. A hole is a round karst funnel with a diameter of about 305 meters, extending to a depth of 120 meters.

    This geological formation was originally part of the system of limestone caves that formed during the last ice age. Sea level in those days was lower, but when the water rose and the arch of the flooded cave collapsed, a karst funnel formed.

    The blue hole became famous thanks to the French explorer-submariner Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who placed it on the list of ten best diving sites in the world.

    Despite the remoteness of the place, the Big Blue Hole is very popular with divers.

    Fort George

    Fort George is a small peninsula, which is the most pleasant and interesting place in the city of Belize.

    The fort area is very crowded during the stopping of passenger ships. However, on other days it is a great place for walking. Old buildings that have architectural value, several eye-pleasing old resorts are preserved here. Some of the main attractions of the fort are the Baron Bliss Memorial and Fort George Lighthouse. Not far away is the Memorial Park in honor of the forty dead inhabitants of Belize during the First World War.

    The Fort George area also houses the old US Embassy, ​​which was built in New England and transported to Belize as a ship ballast. It was restored in 1840 and served the American ambassadors until 2006.

    It is interesting to note that the fort was originally an island, but in the early twenties of the XX century the narrow strait was filled.

    Crooked Three Wildlife Preserve

    Crooked Three is one of the most famous bird sanctuaries in all of Central America. Its territory begins about 40 kilometers from Belize. Organized in 1984, it was created to preserve a unique natural complex in which savannah plots, Logwood thickets, lagoon zones and swamp areas adjoin. The number and diversity of species of birds inhabiting the reserve, striking any, even the most demanding, imagination.

    The local “flying” fauna is represented by crested cormorants, bright red flycatchers, ducks, black-maned hawks and many more species. Storks called yabiru are considered special birds. The wingspan reaches 2.8 meters, it is the largest bird in the Western Hemisphere. It is also interesting because it preys on crocodile cubs - the long beak of the bird is so powerful that with its blow it easily stuns its prey.

    The wildlife of the reserve is also interesting. Its main inhabitants are crocodiles, black howler monkeys, freshwater turtles (local endemic), otters, as well as colorful iguanas.

    The main species of trees in the reserve are pine, oak, as well as cashew trees. From the side, the latter look rather strange: they have a curved shape, for which the reserve got its name - three crooked trees - crooked trees.

    Dangriga is a city in the east of central Belize, the administrative center of Stann Creek County. Located on the coast of the famous and beautiful Caribbean Sea. Dangriga is famous for its incredibly beautiful beaches. Perhaps the most popular Dangriga beach among tourists and locals is Pelican Beach. It is located in the northern part of the city. 25 km from here to the sea lies the Columbus Reef with the Tobacco Cay Resort.

    Boats depart from Dangriga to the picturesque Barrier Reef, which stretches 320 km along the shores of Belize and is the second largest in the world.

    In the Caribbean Sea there are about 200 islands directly owned by Belize. They are covered with swamps and mangroves where tropical birds live, and exotic marine animals are found in coastal waters.

    In Dangrig, a large number of Marine parks were created, there are places for diving. From Dangriga, most often go to the group of Glovers islands with quiet beaches and nature protection zones.

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    Top Attractions (14)

    The Big Blue Hole is a gigantic underwater well of natural origin located off the coast of Belize. It is located almost in the center of Lighthouse Reef, 70 km from the nearest coast and the city of Belize City.

    The construction of the Belize Zoo was started in 1983, as the last desperate attempt to provide a home for a collection of wildlife, which was used on the set of documentaries on tropical forests.

    Shunantunich is an ancient archaeological site of the Mayan civilization, located 130 km west of Belize City, in the Cayo area, located on the top of a ridge above the Mopan River Valley. The settlement served as the Mayan public ritual center at the end of the classical period.

    Located in the Cayo area, Aktun-Tunichil-Muknal Cave was discovered in 1989. It was explored between 1993 and 1999 by a team of archaeologists from Belize and the USA. Today, Aktun-Tunichil-Muknal is a living museum.

    Karakol is the largest Mayan archaeological site in Central America, located in the southern part of modern Belize, on Yucatan. In 650, the city square of Karakol had a radius of about 10 kilometers.

    The ruins of the city of Lamanai (translated as “underwater crocodile”) is an ancient cultural and religious center of the Mayan people, located on the ocean. The results of archaeological research and traces of corn pollen in soil and rock sediments suggest that the Mayan settlement in Lamanaya already existed in 1500 BC.

    The Cathedral of St. John was built in the early 1800s. Today it is the oldest surviving colonial building in Belize, as well as the oldest Anglican church in Central America.

    On a hill between Rio Ondo and Newriver, west of the city of Orange Walk, the ruins of a settlement of one of the oldest settled societies of Mesoamerica were found. Quayo got its name from the name of the current landowners, on the site of which the remains of the city were discovered.

    Baron Bliss Lighthouse is located in Belize City. The construction was launched in 1885. Its height is 16 m, the tower is painted in traditional white and red colors. The lighthouse got its name in honor of one of the greatest benefactors of Belize - Baron Bliss, who, as you know, never stepped on the shores of the colony, but was impressed by the people of this country and its hospitality.

    The exposition of the Belize Maritime Museum tells about the history of navigation and shipping in Belize.

    Cajal Pech is a city of Maya civilization located in the Cayo area, near San Ignacio, in the upper part of the Belize Valley, near the Makal and Mopan rivers. The total area of ​​the Kahal-Pec complex is about 25 square meters.

    The drawbridge in Belize is located in the center of the capital, next to the Maritime Museum. It connects the northern part of Belize City with the southern one, spread over the tributary of Haulover. A tourist and historical attraction in Belize, it is the oldest drawbridge in Central America.

    Belmopan Handicraft Exhibition is a center of arts and crafts, the pearl of the Caribbean. Belize is a lush tropical country located in Central America, constantly inspiring local craftsmen to create a variety of masterpieces.

    The building of the current National Museum of Belize was built from 1854 to 1857 and was a departmental royal prison. The complex is located on the Caribbean coast in Gabourel Lane. The walls were built of English brick, which was used as ballast on ships.