Croatian city of Mali Losinj


The small island of Losinj, buried in dense vegetation and surrounded by a string of smaller islands, is located in the Kvarner Bay in Croatia. It is connected to the neighboring island of Cres by a drawbridge. Once these two islands formed a single whole, but during the reign of the Romans, a channel was opened between them for the passage of merchant ships. So Losinj became a separate island.

Its mild subtropical climate, the absence of strong winds, pine forests and sea air brought him fame as a health resort in the early 20th century, and beautiful beaches and developed tourist infrastructure made vacation on Lošinj popular today.

The island has two main resort towns - Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj. Despite its name, Mali Losinj - a large resort and the main port, which is connected by regular ferry services to the cities of Pula, Zadar and Rijeka, a catamaran runs along the same routes with access to the islands of Krk and Cres. And Veli Losinj is a small quiet town for a relaxing holiday, there is a bus station from where you can take a bus to Krka, Rijeka and Zagreb.

The main attractions of the Mali Losinj resort are the 15th century St. Martin's Church, an art gallery in the Fritzi Palace, the Chikat Peninsula with the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary on the seashore, historic villas from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a botanical garden, which contains a collection of aromatic plants.

In the town of Veli Losinj you can see the massive Venetian defensive tower, built in 1445 to protect against pirate attacks, now it has a museum, as well as visit the 15th-century St. Anthony's Church with a collection of paintings by Italian artists.

You can also go on an excursion to the Marine Education Center, which is engaged in the study of dolphins, a colony of which lives in the area of ​​Losinj Island.

Traditional festivals and sporting events take place on the island all year round. So in January and February, the Carnival takes place, in early April - the Festival of Local Cuisine, and in late April - the Flower Festival. In late July, a water polo tournament takes place, and in early August, a sailing regatta. Dolphin Day is celebrated in Veli Losinj on the first Saturday of August, and in Mali Losinj on the first Saturday of every month the Aroma Festival takes place, during which local products (honey, olive oil, liquors) and souvenirs are sold on the city's waterfront.

The island is famous for its gastronomic traditions, the most famous restaurants of Losinj - Baracuda, Artatore, Nino are located in the center of the resort of Mali Losinj. Restaurants Marina, Ribarska Koliba, Sirius and Bar Bora are located in Veli Losinj. There are many small inexpensive restaurants on the island where they cook excellent homemade food, seafood dishes, pastries, here you can try wines from the neighboring island of Susak and local fruit liqueurs.

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Numerous Lošinj beaches are scattered along the entire coast of the island, they are mostly pebbly with rocky sections. Suncana Uvala Cove near Aurora Hotel, Valdarke Beach, as well as beaches in Cikat Bay are popular with tourists vacationing in Mali Losinj. The rocky beach of the Punta Hotel awarded the UNESCO Blue Flag, as well as the pebble beaches of Timy and Rovenska, are located near the resort of Veli Losinj. Lovers of sandy beaches can go to the neighboring island of Susak.

Adherents of water sports have long chosen the island of Losinj, here you can go water skiing, go spearfishing, diving tours with inspection of sunken ships and underwater reefs are very popular.

Attractions Mali Losinj

The busiest part of the city is the Riva losinjskih kapetana embankment and its surroundings. In summer, along the promenade are rows of cacti and subtropical plants in tubs, as well as numerous souvenir counters and open-air cafes. The southern end of the embankment rests against the triangular Republike Hrvatske square. From there, the main street Brace Vidulica goes from the coast, to the old part of the city. Alleys there step up the hill, along the streets a sea wind blows.

The only local attraction in Croatia is the Art Collection (Umjetnicke zbirke, from June to September daily 10: 00-12: 00 and 19: 00-21: 00, from October to May you need to arrange a visit in advance. The collection of paintings is located in the former House of Culture ( Vladimira Gortana 35) directly behind the harbor, composed of two private collections: Michić and Piparata, art critic and poet Andro Vid Michić collected mainly Croatian paintings of the 20th century and was especially fond of urban landscapes by Emanuel Vidovic, trained in Paris.

The second collector, Giuseppe Piperata, worked as a doctor on Lošinj, but in 1945 was forced to emigrate to Italy. He was not allowed to take the collection with him. The collection mainly includes works in the Baroque style. The pearls of the collection are a bright and emotional painting by Francesco Solemina “Meeting with Rebecca” and a more contemplative canvas by Il Guercino “Allegorical landscape with female figures”, a pastoral scene: laundresses on the banks of a duck pond.

The best bathing spots are in the Chikat Bay area, three kilometers west of the city. There, a coastal path goes past a series of concrete bathing platforms and rocky beaches. There are even two sections of pebble beach. In these places it is pleasant to walk at any time of the year. Habsburg-era villas are obscured by tamarisks and pine trees curved by the wind. Many seaside cafes and eateries rent diving equipment and windsurf boards.


The most important resorts on the island are the cities of Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj.

Mali Losinj in Croatia is the largest city of the island, with a population of about 7 thousand people. In the Middle Ages it was called Malo-Selo, and in the XIX century. listed as one of the main centers of shipbuilding in Croatia.

The main attractions in Mali Losinj are the Cathedral of St. XV century., Located on the mountain, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas XIX century., Luxurious estates of Austrian aristocrats and the art gallery of the Fritzi Palace.

Hotels in Mali Losinj located right on the seashore relict pines. Among the popular hotels, it is worth highlighting the recently built 5-star Bellevue. In it, tourists can order special anti-aging and anti-stress treatments.

For family vacations, the 4-star hotels Vitality Hotel Punta and Family Hotel Vespera are best suited, which include a considerable number of programs for families with children.

The beaches in Mali Losinj consist of pebbles, sometimes with rocky sections. The beach at Punta has a UNESCO award for cleanliness. Sand lovers can head to the neighboring island of Susak.

Best photos of Losinj

Little Croatian Venice is one of the most picturesque places in the country. Like any other island, Losinj attracts thousands of tourists, especially photographers. After all, here you can take wonderful photos without putting much effort into this. Every meter of this amazing place is beautiful, so the pictures will be great!

Traveler reviews of Mali Losinj tell you about the classic Adriatic town with narrow streets and its special aura of comfort. Be sure to taste the local liquors and wine.