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Between the two Philippine islands (Mindoro and Luzon) there is a picturesque strait, the pride of which is the no less picturesque islet of Verde. At the end of the twentieth century, a settlement was founded here, during the construction of which the most modern technologies were used (for example, the production of electric energy using solar panels). Since 1988, Verde Island has been an integral part of the best maritime territories of the Philippines.

From the island of Luzon, the boat trip will take about 45 minutes, and from Batangas you can reach by ferry in less than half an hour. The same amount of time will take the way from Puerto Galera.

For many decades, Verde Island has been a favorite vacation spot for islanders and the most visited dive site.

Other popular places for guests of the island of Verde are the Mahabang Bukhangin (one kilometer long beach) and the Cuevo Sitio ‚through the underground passages of which you can reach the neighboring island.

Divers will appreciate the transparency of the waters and the beauty of the underwater world, in which real wealth is hidden. And these riches are not only corals, reefs and bright fish, but also real Chinese porcelain. Rather, the fragments of porcelain that came here as a result of the collapse of the Spanish galleons that were following the island centuries ago. The first galleon drowned at the beginning of the 17th century, crashed on a reef of the southern coast. Not a single chip remained from the ship ‚but porcelain‚ which is estimated at centuries ‚has been remarkably preserved.

The most visited tourist destinations are the washing machine and turret dive site, intended only for professional divers. Both dive sites are characterized by a strong current.

Photo and description

Verde Island is located in the strait of the same name that separates the islands of Luzon and Mindoro. In 1988, as part of a European project, a small settlement was founded on the island using modern technologies, such as generating electricity using solar panels. Since then, the Philippine Tourism Association has consistently included Verde Island in the list of the country's best marine protected areas. You can get here from Luzon Island in 45 minutes by boat or 25 minutes by ferry from the city of Batangas. Another option is a ferry from Puerto Galera, a trip which will also take about half an hour.

For several decades, Verde has been a favorite vacation spot for residents of Batangas and the island of Mindoro, as well as a popular tourist dive site. Among the attractions of the island are the kilometer-long Mahabang Bukhangin beach and the Cueva Sitio cave, the tunnels of which lead to the neighboring island. And divers like clear water with excellent visibility, diverse marine life and real underwater treasures - fragments of china from Spanish galleons that sunk in these places centuries ago. The first galleon sank in 1620, flying into a reef off the south coast of Verde. Almost nothing remained of the ship itself, but at the bottom you can still see fragments of Chinese porcelain made in the 16-17th centuries.

The most popular dive sites - the so-called "Turret" and "Washing Machine", are both suitable exclusively for experienced divers due to the strong currents around them. Turret is a huge reef off the east coast of Verde Island, which narrows as it approaches the surface of the water. A "Washing Machine" consists of several small underwater canyons at a depth of not more than 15 meters. The site got its name because of the peculiarities of the flow: the water passing through all the canyons creates a “washing machine effect”. In one second, a stream can take you to one canyon, and after a second to another.

Among the inhabitants of the reefs near the island of Verde, you can find huge jubans, stingrays, white-feathers and black-feathered sharks.

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