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In my life there were many cities in which I ended up almost by accident. And the capital of German Franconia is one of those. The main goal of our "Bavarian" trip was its more hyped neighbor - the city of Munich. But it so happened that getting there from Belarus is cheaper and more convenient through the Nuremberg airport. So, from the transit point, the capital of Franconia became for us a city where we stayed for as much as three days. And personally, I do not regret it at all. I liked Nuremberg, although in January 2018 the weather was unusually dank and gloomy. Heavy gray clouds hung low over the city, which is why in my eyes the main city of German Franconia looked more like scenery for some classic horror film than a real place to live.

Narrow streets. Stone bridges over the river. Castle on a high hill. And the autumn trees stretching upwards, like the twisted fingers of a crazy old woman. Add to this the gray fog, turning into a light drizzle, and you will understand what I'm talking about. The level of mysticism here was just off scale. You walk along the street - and you directly expect that now, suddenly, dementors will appear behind your back.

Many years ago, Hitler called Nuremberg - the spiritual capital of the Third Reich, as well as the city that best reflects the essence of the German nation. Large-scale congresses of the NSDAP were held here, SS parades were held, and secret research was also conducted to create a superman. I wrote this and again felt like a character in some mystical thriller. Someone like Pierre Neumann from the Crimson Rivers. I wrote something similar last year after a trip to the Swedish city of Malmo. Yes, I know - the weather is changeable, as well as the mood of cities. And maybe, during your own trip, Nuremberg will be sunny, bright or, for example, a magical Christmas city. But personally, I saw him just so - mystical and heady, like Stig Larson's detectives.

Ready to plunge into it with your head? Next is a great story about what you can do in the capital of German Franconia.

Lesson number 1. Walks in the old city.

I will not reinvent the wheel and just start with the classics. The old city of Nuremberg is considered one of the most beautiful in Germany. And personally, I have no reason to argue with this. There are rivers, bridges and fachwerk everywhere. Oh yes ... There are walls, towers and the remains of massive fortresses on all sides. It all looks very colorful and impressive.

To tell you the truth, I don’t really like to enumerate the sights. But here, perhaps, it is worth highlighting at least a few key points.

Here, for example - the church of St. Lawrence.

She stands in the very center of the city and looks cool both outside and inside.

The same is the church of St. Sebald. These two temples are generally similar to each other, like clones of Dolly the sheep.

And here is the church of the Virgin Mary in the main square of Nuremberg.

In this place during the Christmas period, the famous Christmas markets are held throughout Germany. I am sure that even if you have never been to Nuremberg, you still have seen them many times. On the Internet of such photos - the sea.

At Christmas, this place looks beautiful. And in mid-January, I was the most beautiful in this square. Just kidding. In fact, the most beautiful thing here was this funny pig.

Okay ... Let's move on. What sights of Nuremberg have I not shown you yet? Here, for example, is a beautiful building of a local opera.

Here is the house-museum of Albrecht Dürer, where he once lived with his family.

And here is the weird building of the local nursing home.

It is here - almost the main attraction. All are photographed against its background, and on Nuremberg magnets and postcards it appears no less than the local castle. Of course, I also took a picture here (well, I can not resist pop trends).

But I repeat: why this building is considered here as one of the TOP-sights - I frankly did not understand. Yes, the view is not bad. But why, for example, is this species worse?

I do not understand, I am of these Germans.

In general, the old city of Nuremberg is a holistic composition in which it is not necessary to look for particular points taken. Just walk here - look at half-timbered houses and ancient streets. Nuremberg is a very colorful city. Wandering along its medieval streets (even in gloomy weather) is very pleasant.

Lesson number 2. The conquest of the Nuremberg castle.

This is the main star of the capital of Franconia (like Hugh Laurie in the Dr. House series). This castle you definitely will not pass by. The complex of local facilities is simply huge. I even thought to write a separate article about him. There are really a lot of interesting things here - towers, museums, and viewing platforms overlooking the city rooftops. Here you can make a lot of beautiful photos. Well look. Further no comment. It is a real city in the city.

Lesson number 3. Making a wish.

Yes, I know, there are such things for fulfilling desires in almost every city in the world. You twist, rub, clap - and in your life positive changes take place right away. In Nuremberg there is even a special fountain for these purposes - Der Schoene Brunnen (in translation this means "Beautiful"). The fountain has two rings, twisting which you can make a wish. I don’t particularly believe in such things, but of course I also twisted the rings. Suddenly it will come true - and, in fact, Daenerys Targaryen will become the president of Belarus.

In general, seriously speaking, this fountain has a rather interesting history and fate. I read somewhere that they originally created it, like a steeple for a church. That is why he has such an unusual shape for the fountain. Is it true or not - I do not know. But the legend is beautiful - therefore, so be it. In the end, a couple of their legends and myths will not harm any city.

Lesson number 4. Arrange a photo shoot on the half-timbered street itself.

It's me about Weissgerbergasse (wei? Gerbergasse). She is very beautiful and photogenic. Not a street - but a picture. Here, half-timbered houses are one to one, but because the photos are very beautiful. Such a Germanic Germany that is breathtaking. For me, this street has become a kind of quintessence of the whole of Nuremberg.