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The choice of Crimea sights and its features, which are indicated by the magazine to attract the attention of tourists, is somewhat unusual
The publication National Geographic Traveler included Crimea in the twenty attractions of the planet that are worth visiting in 2013. A photograph of the Crimean Swallow’s Nest was even put on the cover of the magazine.
The magazine very abruptly talks about Crimea as a favorite resting place for Russian tsars, while mentioning Livadia, which subsequently became the venue for the participants of the Yalta Conference. Of the climatic features, a large number of sunny days are mentioned on the South Coast, where Chekhov lived and worked in Yalta, and later loved to spend the “bonzes” of the Politburo.
Of the sights of Crimea, the magazine singled out a former military base for submarines in Balaklava, capable of withstanding the direct hit of a nuclear device.
The format of the publication, apparently, does not allow to pay decent attention even to the hundredth part of the beauties and sights of Crimea. In this regard, apparently, a foreign tourist is invited to eat dishes exclusively of Crimean Tatar cuisine (pilaf, lagman, chebureks). They even indicate places where you can appreciate the national cuisine. It is noteworthy how the article tried to explain what a "minibus" is. The winemaking of Crimea is mentioned in connection with the brand and cellars of Massandra.
In addition to the Crimea, the list included: Marseille, the Italian city of Ravenna, the Indonesian Raja Ampat district in Western Papua, the rain forest of the big bear on the Pacific coast of British Columbia in Canada, the Republic of Malawi in East Africa, the capital of Ecuador - the city of Quito, the ancient city of Bagan temples in Burma, Cap Breton Island in British America, Uganda, the Hudson Valley near New York, Greek Thessaloniki, the island-state of Grenada in the Caribbean, the Norwegian city of Bodo, the Chilean city of Valparaiso, river valleys and cliffs of Missouri, a town vyatoy Augustine, Florida, the legendary city of Memphis, the Japanese city of Kyoto, the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan.
The publication recommends visiting the Crimea from May to October.

10. Google Trips

Russian language: no.

Cost: Free.

Opens the ranking of popular travel guides is an excellent mobile application for iOS and Android, which contains information about all the popular tourist destinations in the world. All available information is sorted by sections: Food, Sights, Interesting information and so on. You can read the comments of tourists about places where it is better to go, or vice versa, it is absolutely not worth visiting. The program is integrated with Google Maps, so the most detailed maps will be at your service anywhere in the world. The routes proposed by the program can be changed at your own discretion: change the number and composition of objects, reduce or increase the duration of the tour and make notes. And if there are notifications of ticket reservations in your Google inbox, Google Trips will show the flight and departure time.

Minuses: no Russian language.

9. TripAdvisor

Is there Russian language.

Cost: Free.

This mobile application offers many pictures of hotels and restaurants that have been uploaded by travelers, not advertisers. In addition, TripAdvisor has detailed maps of 300 cities in the world and can be accessed even offline. Thanks to the feedback from real users, it is very easy to find the cheapest tickets for flights, hotel rooms and restaurants, and you can reserve a place, as they say, in one click.

Disadvantages: there are problems with sorting in the search, the “my trips” option does not work on the tablet.

8. Afisha Travel Guides to World Cities

Is there Russian language.

A series of domestic guides in Russia and the world was written taking into account the interests of Russian tourists. Each “Afisha” guidebook is compiled by an author who often visits the city in question or who constantly lives in it. The books describe in great detail the most popular tourist routes, as well as the main points of urban life: shopping establishments, popular restaurants, clubs and theaters. An additional plus: these guides are sold in most bookstores.

Minuses: There are guides only for cities, not countries in general.

7. Rough Guides

Is there Russian language.

There is a reason people fall asleep while reading history books, and that reason is boredom. However, reading city and country guides from Rough Guides will not be boring. The descriptions in them are very vivid and objective, there is useful information not only about the history of a city or its attractions, but also about bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs with an indication of price categories. There are many cards in the books.

However, due to their detail, these guides can scare away those who value conciseness.

6. Travel Guides Dorling Kindersley

Is there Russian language.

One of the best travel guides of 2017 on our list. They have district schemes, beautiful and informative illustrations and photographs, and the presentation style is not mentoring, but very interesting. There are practical tips for travelers, a description of seasonal events in different cities, and, of course, information about hotels, markets, cafes, pubs and other types of leisure activities. However, in the reviews there are complaints about poor quality paper, pages can easily fall out of the book. The text in the books is small, which is inconvenient for people with low vision. And the price of guidebooks is high - from 750 rubles and above.

5. Travel Guides Polyglot

Is there Russian language.

The first guides of this series were issued in black and white, while the modern Polyglot are full-color books on quality paper. There are guides both in Russian cities and in the most popular destinations in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. The books have a mini phrasebook, and they are written short and to the point. There are information on the main tourist routes, detailed maps, practical tips and photographs of the main attractions.

4. Bradt Travel Guides

Is there Russian language.

Small and inexpensive guides for those who are interested in leisurely travels (travel by public transport and train, hiking). From the Bradt guides you will find a brief historical information about the city you want to visit, about its most interesting places.

Disadvantages: there are no color illustrations and city maps; the maps available are very small, so get ready to view them with a magnifying glass.

3. Guides Around the World

Is there Russian language.

Opens the top 3 of the best guides in Russia and the world a series of domestic publications. They are very informative and "without water" tells about the main attractions of different cities and countries. If you like objective recommendations and a lot of photos that let you know whether to go to this place or not, then the Around the World paper guide will be an excellent choice.

Disadvantages: maps of most cities are tied to the central part.

2. The National Geographic Traveler

Is there Russian language.

From these guides you can find information about the national characteristics, cultural traditions and attractions of the place you have chosen to travel. The books are full of informative maps and magnificent illustrations. There are walking options in the main cities of different countries and trips to certain areas.

Disadvantages: not all attractions are given detailed and interesting descriptions.

1. A series of guides from Lonely planet

Is there Russian language.

In the first place in the selection of the best travel guides for tourists are very detailed, detailed paper guides, which contain all the subtleties of a stay in a particular country. The reader is provided with information about the history of the country or city visited, all the sights of interest are described in the slightest detail, and the time at which it is better to visit them is indicated, as well as the approximate cost of the visit. The guide also gives advice on which transport is better to travel around the area and which transport cards are better to use in order to save on travel.

There are two drawbacks to these guides: the weight of the book (about 2 kg) and the price is about 1000 rubles. There are free electronic options in pdf, but they are very slow due to the large size.

Art museums

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, UAE
In November, on the island of Saadiyat, which is a five-minute drive from the center of the UAE capital, a branch of the world's most popular art museum, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, will finally open. Its building with a perforated dome was designed by the famous Jean Nouvel. The museum with streets, canals and squares, thanks to which it resembles an exemplary Arab city, houses a collection of 700 objects of museum repositories in the UAE, including the masterpieces of Gauguin, Picasso, Manet and Magritte. A few hundred more paintings - paintings by da Vinci, Bellini, Jordaens and Picasso - will take part in a temporary exhibition dedicated to the opening.

Zeitz Foundation
Cape Town, South Africa
The largest thematic collection of the Black Continent. On nine floors, you can see art collected throughout Africa, provided by the Johan Zeitz Foundation, the former head of Puma.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Marrakech, Morocco
In the halls of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, which opens on October 19 near the Majorelle Garden, couturier dresses are on display and temporary art exhibitions are held.

Louis Vuitton Foundation
Paris, France
In an unusual building located in the Bois de Boulogne and designed by the famous deconstructivist Frank Gehry, exhibitions and film screenings, forums and master classes, concerts and performances are held.

Opera houses and philharmonic societies

Paris Philharmonic
Paris, France
The first concerts in the new Paris Philharmonic, built on the basis of sketches of the same Jean Nouvel, were held in 2015. Thanks to the wavy shape invented by the architect and the central location of the stage, the building has excellent acoustics. In addition to rehearsal rooms, galleries that host temporary exhibitions, museums and media libraries, the Philharmonic has an observation deck and a panoramic restaurant.

Dubai Opera
Dubai, UAE
Dubai's new opera house, built by architect Janus Rostock in the shape of a traditional Arabian dhow, is designed for 2,000 spectators.

Jaber al-Ahmed Cultural Center
Kuwait City, Kuwait
In addition to three stages and halls for concerts, conferences and other events, one of the buildings of the Kuwait Opera houses an archive.

Philharmonic on the Elbe
Hamburg, Germany
Topped with a wavy roof, the Philharmonic on the Elbe is located in the restored and superstructure of the former cocoa warehouse.

Architectural complexes

The Ground Zero Memorial Center grew on the site of the destroyed twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC). Now here is the National Memorial on September 11 - two fountains located at the base of the skyscrapers. The names of all 2982 dead both in the towers and in the crashed planes are engraved on their parapets, and exhibits related to the tragedy are exhibited in the underground museum at the memorial. In March 2016, Oculus, the Santiago Calatrava interchange hub connecting metro, land and water, also opened at the WTC.

Photo: Joe Woolhead

Coastal Cluster of the Olympic Park
Adler, Russia
During a tour of the Olympic venues, you can see the Fisht Stadium (now it is being rebuilt for the 2018 World Cup), the Iceberg Ice Palace and the Puck Ice Arena, the curling and speed skating centers, Formula 1 circuit.

Complex Design Society
Shenzhen china
The Design Society cultural hub, which opens in October, includes the new Design Museum, which will house a branch of the British Victoria and Albert Museum, a branch of the Beijing Guangfu Museum of Classical Art, a theater, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Expo City
Astana, Kazakhstan
The futuristic pavilions of the completed EXPO-2017 will welcome new residents - employees of the International Financial Center and university students. Back in March, the giant Mega Silk Way shopping mall with a marine animal park, the largest in Central Asia, was launched.

Observation Decks

Boardwalk Seoullo 7017
Seoul, South Korea
At the end of May, in Seoul, on the site of the highway built in the 1970s and deteriorating, the "Heavenly Garden" opened - an elevated promenade above the busy streets, on which about 24,000 trees, shrubs and flowers were planted. It consists of 17 pedestrian bridges, crossings and viaducts (some of them are located at an altitude of 17 meters above the road) with a total length of one kilometer, walking along which you can admire the main attractions of the city. In the "Garden of Heaven" conduct thematic tours in several languages, during which guides talk about the history and architecture of Seoul. The boardwalk is open around the clock and is highlighted in the dark.

British Airways i360 Tower
Brighton, UK
The panoramic capsule, accommodating 200 people, rises to a height of 138 meters and makes a full revolution along the way. Inside, guests are treated to sparkling wine from local vineyards, and at the base of the tower are a restaurant and gift shop.

Ferris Wheel Bailang River Bridge
Weifang, China
This giant 145-meter ferris wheel has no spokes - its 36 booths for 10 people each spin with a rim. They have a TV (for some reason) and Wi-Fi (obviously for a selfie).

Soaring bridge
Moscow, Russia
From the observation deck of the bridge you can see the new metropolitan park "Zaryadye", the Kremlin and the central embankments. Two 140-meter wings seem to soar in the air without supports and converge over the Moscow River.

Amusement parks and water parks

Waterpark Universal Volcano Bay
Orlando, USA
Opened by summer, the Universal Waterpark in Orlando, the American capital of entertainment, is called Volcano Bay - in its center is the artificial volcano Krakatau. There are four thematic zones in total, recreating various Polynesian islands and cultures. The main attractions are the swift Krakatau Aqua Coaster water slides in the vent of the volcano and the Ko’okiri Body Plunge, a chilling 70-degree glide to the pool from a height of 38 meters. However, in the park there are more relaxed activities - for example, a pool with artificial waves, a “lazy river" for rafting and a water fortress for children.

Disneyland Shanghai Park
Shanghai China
Opened a year ago, Shanghai Disneyland has become one of the largest amusement parks of the company. There are 7 thematic zones, more than 30 shows and attractions, the most famous of which is dedicated to “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In the center of the park stands the giant Princess Castle.

DreamWorks Theme Area
Dubai, UAE
Recently, the DreamWorks theme zone has fully opened in Dubai's Motiongate amusement park. Its main attractions (total of 14) reflect the plots of the famous animated films of the studio: “Shrek”, “Madagascar”, “Kung Fu Panda”, and now also “How to Train Your Dragon”.

Gullivers Gate Park
New York, USA
Next to Times Square, the Gulliver’s Gate miniature park has been launched with models of the most famous places and attractions on the planet - Manhattan, the Great Wall of China and the Indian Taj Mahal. Between them tiny cars and trains move, figures of people move.

Theme Museums

Museum "City of Wine"
Bordeaux, France
This is not an ordinary wine museum, but a whole city, which appeared a year ago in the most famous wine-growing region of France. According to the architects, the shape of the building should cause associations with a pouring generous stream of wine. Inside there is a multimedia center where you can learn about the history, traditions and modern technologies of cultivating vines, take a virtual tour of the main wine-growing regions of the world, watch thematic films in the cinema, and, of course, go for a tasting.

Museum of Natural History
Shanghai China
Outside, the Shanghai Museum of Natural History resembles a nautilus shell. Its “house”, which opened two years ago, houses a collection of more than 240,000 exhibits, including stuffed giant salamanders and dinosaur skeletons.

Museum of tomorrow
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Designed by Santiago Calatrava and located in the port of Rio, the interactive Museum of Tomorrow was launched at the end of 2015. It is dedicated to environmental issues and social inequality.
Zurich, Switzerland
From the exposition of the new museum, one can trace the history of football from its origin to the present day: sports uniforms, cups, rare photographs and even more rare films.

Archaeological sites

Archaeological Zone of Ichkabal
Yucatan, Mexico
For a long time, the ancient Mayan city of Ichkabal, covering an area of ​​30 square kilometers and located in the state of Quintana Roo in the east of the Yucatan Peninsula, was hidden under a thick layer of land and tropical thickets. Founded back in the 3rd century BC, it was abandoned and forgotten until the end of the 1990s, when it was accidentally discovered by local residents. Excavations began in 2009 and will continue for more than a decade. Recently, a new road was paved here, and already at the end of 2017, the archaeological zone of Ichkabal - possibly the largest of those found in Mexico - will officially work for tourists. So far, you can see five buildings cleared of soil and selva, one of which is a 40-meter pyramid.

Archaeological Park of Pompeii
Pompeii, Italy
Two years ago, after restoration, the Mystery Villa and the Basilica, known for its frescoes, became available after restoration, and last year - the house of Julia Felix, the house of Venus in the sink and the huge House of geometric mosaics.

Sanliurfa Cave Temples
Sanliurfa, Turkey
Starting this year, 2000-year-old cave temples decorated with mosaics can be visited in the homeland of biblical Abraham. There are 113 family tombs here.

Pyramid of Unas
Saqqara, Egypt
One of the oldest pyramids (built about 4400 years ago) - and the first in which religious texts carved on the walls were found - opened after 20 years of excavation and scientific research.

On water and under water

Atlantic museum
Lanzarote, Spain
The Atlantic Museum, which opened at the beginning of this year, the first underwater museum in Europe, has already been recognized as one of the most unusual sights of the Canary Islands. Here, at a depth of 12-14 meters and an area of ​​2500 square meters, there are more than 300 sculptures of the British sculptor Jason Taylor. The exposition, divided into 12 consecutive installations, which can be seen by scuba divers and snorkelers, is devoted to social problems - here you can see refugees and migrants who are indifferent to the climate change of residents of megacities, eager for the profit of top managers. According to Taylor’s idea, the museum not only creates a visual dialogue between art and nature, but also serves as a huge artificial reef that attracts the inhabitants of the ocean.

Floating Walkway
Luodian County, China
The longest floating trail in the world has opened in Guizhou Province, its length is 50 kilometers.

Geothermal baths Krauma
Deildartunguhver, Iceland
In October, in the western part of Iceland, on the territory of the Deyldartunguhver geothermal zone, the rival Blue Lagoon will open - a spa complex with outdoor pools, steam rooms, saunas and relaxation areas.

Yacht bridge
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
In May, a new bridge — the 427th — appeared in the city on the Neva, linking the Primorsky district with Krestovsky Island.