Attractions mikolajki


The main square of any Polish city is the Market Square. In Mikolajki “Market Square” - plac Wolnosci - Independence Square. She does not have a medieval church or an old town hall. Neat well-groomed old houses are also pleasing to the eye, but only good restaurants will be of interest to a sophisticated tourist.

Recently, the city has received sufficient funding and it is pleasant to walk along its old streets today - neat houses, paved pavements - all this creates an atmosphere of patriarchy and comfort.

But the main attractions of Mikołajek are lakes, therefore, here, scenic promenades and bridges are chosen for walking.

For history buffs, the city has a museum at the main cathedral.

Holidays on the lakes

The city of Mikołajki attracts lovers of sailing and water sports, because a stay in our region gives tourists a great opportunity to get acquainted with the richness of local flora and fauna. Just a few kilometers from Mikołajk, there are a number of places unique in their flora or fauna.

Next to Mikolajki is Masurian landscape park. It was founded by a decree of the Voivodship National Council in Suwalki and Olsztyn in December 1977 to preserve natural spaces and conduct scientific research. Today, Masuria Landscape Park is part of the Warmian Voivodeship. Its area is 55,000 ha, and its conservation area is about 18,000 ha. Forests occupy more than 29,000 ha, and rivers and lakes - about 17,000 ha. The remaining territories are used in agriculture.

Masurian landscape park is located at the junction of two different geological forms, it preserves all the richness and diversity of the world of plants and animals, an abundance of forests, swamps and lakes.

Masurian landscape park is:

  • more than 60 lakes, including the largest lake in Poland - Snyardvy,
  • Krutyn River, recognized as one of the most interesting for kayaking rafting in Europe,
  • about 850 species of plants,
  • rich fauna with more than 200 species of birds,
  • 11 nature reserves, including the Luknaino Biosphere Reserve.

For many years, preparations have been ongoing for the opening of the Masurian National Park on the part of the Masurian Landscape Park. Short distances make it possible to conduct cycling and hiking excursions that will diversify relaxation and make Mikołajki a pleasant pastime.

Unique plant species

An attentive observer will see here rare plant species, often found in completely different climatic zones. The most curious are:

  • arctic species: chaly juniper and potogon sedge,
  • northern species: found in the Siberian taiga and northern Scandinavia: Japanese and bushy willow, low birch, sedge spherical, as well as a northern water lily,
  • Central European species: common hornbeam, oak, mountain elm, small-leaved linden, maple, arrogant ash, ordinary yew, ordinary beech, Amir mountain, white water lily, etc.,
  • thermophilic species: carnation sand, sandy spacerata, broom, distributed
  • south-siberian species: green limestone, hard doll, clover, aromatic bell.

Forests on the territory of the Mikołajki commune are mainly the complex of Puská Forest that extends from the southern edge of the city, along the western shore of Mikołajskie Lake, past Lake Beldany to the southern shores of Snyardv. Lovers of collecting vultures and berries will surely find a lot of interesting things here.

Lake Lucknowo Nature Reserve

The Luknayno Lake Nature Reserve has been a conservation zone since 07.24.1937, after the war in 1947 it was renamed the Ornithological Reserve. In 1977, the reserve was included in the international network of biosphere reserves under the auspices of UNESCO. The reserve covers an area of ​​709, 97 hectares located 5 km east of Mikołajk.

Here there are birds stopping on a flight to wintering places. Lucknowo is home to the largest concentration of wintering swans in Poland, sometimes up to 2,500 individuals.
There are a lot of flax and gogol, duck and heron here. Near the lake you can see hunting hawks and kites. Of the mammals, American mink, raccoon dog, wild boar, and elk deserve attention.

Attention: moving around the reserve is allowed only along the designated route. Group excursions are possible only with the consent of the Director of the Park.

Attractions mikolajki

Mikolajki, polish Mikołajki - resort and tourist center (having the status of a rural commune) in Mragovsky County Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of Poland. Area - 8.85 square meters. kilometers, a population of about 3900 people. Included in the range of the MPP mode. This, as well as the Tropicana water park (the largest in the region) is the reason for the great popularity enjoyed by Mikołajki among the residents of Kaliningrad and the region.

Mikołajki Map

History and Description

The name "Mikolajki" comes from St. Nicholas, who, according to legend, was the patron saint of sailors. Over the years, the name has changed, but has always been inextricably linked with it - St. Nicolas, Nicolaus, Nicelsdorf, Niclausdorf, Nikolaiken. At this place there was an ancient Prussian settlement, the inhabitants of which were fishing, weaving, cutting and rafting. The first mention of Mikolajki dates back to 1444, when the great master of the Teutonic Order Konrad von Erlichshausen recognized the right of Prussia to the land located near the chapel of St. Nicholas. In 1726, Mikołajki received city rights.

Lake Tałty, on the shores of which Mikołajki is located, is ideal for yachting and water sports, for which they are sometimes called the “Pearl of Masuria”.

Gmina Mikołajki covers an area of ​​256.4 square meters. km, about half of which falls on forests and lakes, many of which are interconnected by a system of canals. Favorable natural conditions and developed tourism infrastructure contribute to attracting a large number of Polish and foreign tourists to the region. The population of the commune is almost 9000 people.

Attractions Mikołajki

The main attractions in Mikołajki are numerous architectural and historical monuments, including a Roman Catholic church built in 1910, a school, town hall, gas plant, railway station, chapels, cemeteries, residential buildings of the XIX-XX centuries.

Mikołajki, Hotel Golebębiewski ****

The largest, most famous and most popular hotel in Mikołajki, located on the outskirts of the city on the shores of Lake Talty.

- 689 single, double, family rooms, studios and apartments (bathrooms, shower, hairdryer, telephone, Internet, balcony), storage space for strollers, parking for 350 cars (20 PLN per day), Wi-Fi, domestic animals - for an additional fee.

- “Green”, 350 seats, European, Polish, traditional local cuisine, children's menu. Live music and dancing on Saturdays and Sundays after 20.00.
- "Red", 700 seats, buffet, breakfast from 7.00 to 11.00, lunch from 13.30 to 16.00, dinners from 19.00 to 21.00. For clients of “All Inclusive” - a bar from 11.30 to 21.00 (tea, coffee, soft drinks and spirits), a buffet with desserts and cold snacks from 11.30 to 19.00.
- "Smakolandia", a children's restaurant.

A cafe (Kawiarnia Patio) and bar - non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, cocktails, pastries, children's corner, live music in the evenings, open from 9.00 to 23.00.

Conference center an area of ​​8,000 square meters. m, two congress halls with an area of ​​1800 square meters. m. and 2200 square meters. m equipped with the most modern technical equipment.

Beauty and Healthoffering various Beauty and Wellness treatments.

- rental of rowing boats (PLN 40 per hour, PLN 200 per day), rowing boats with an engine (PLN 80 per hour), motor boats (110-160 PLN per hour), yachts (60 PLN per hour, 360 PLN per day, helmsman 50 PLN per hour), kayaks (20 PLN per hour), pedal boats (25 PLN per hour), boat excursions (July, August, daily except Monday, 30-35 PLN per person).

Golf Academy:
- Games for beginners and experienced players, exercises, instructor services. Open from May to late autumn.

Equestrian Club "Stable" (Klub Jeździecki "Stajnia"):
- riding lessons in the arena for beginners,
- pony riding for children,
- horseback riding in a wildlife park or in the nearest nature reserves,
- skiing (in the winter - on a sleigh) with a picnic in the forest and live music.

Road bike rental: 40 PLN per day, up to 4 hours - 10 PLN in hour.

Electric bike rental: eFun - 140 PLN per day, $ 35 for 2 hours, eCross, eRace, eLycan - 180 PLN per day, 50 PLN in 2 hours.

Year-round skating rink:
Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 5 p.m. - 10 p.m., Fri, 4 p.m. - 4 p.m., Sat, 12 a.m. - 4 p.m., 5 p.m. - 8 p.m., Sun, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Admission is free for hotel guests, the rest - 10 zł. in hour. Skate rental - PLN 10 per hour, helmet - 5 PLN in hour.

Mini Las Vegas for children and adults (bowling, billiards, minigolf, air hockey, simulators). Opening hours: Mon-Thu, 4 p.m. - 10 p.m., Fri, 4 p.m. - 4 p.m., Sat, 12 a.m. - 12 p.m., Sun, 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Night club with a capacity of 400 people, open from 22.00 daily, admission to hotel guests is free, the rest - 50 PLN.

Minimum room rate at the Golembievsky Hotel in Mikołajki is 258 zlotys per day per person (7 or more nights in the period from January 7 to April 2).
Supplement for single room - 210 PLN per day.
Children under 4 years in a room with two adults - free of charge.
Children under 7 years in a room with two adults for 7 or more nights - free of charge.
Children under 15 years in a room with one adult - extra charge PLN 249 per day for 2-6 nights, 229 PLN at 7 and more nights.

Mikolajki, Tropicana water park (Tropicana)

The Tropicana water park in the Golembievsky Hotel is the largest in the region and is very popular among Kaliningrad tourists.

Services offered:
- sports pool 25x12x1.6-2.5m,
- recreational pool 20x12x1.6m with artificial wave,
- a pool with a water-air hydromassage,
- Children's swimming pool,
- pool for babies,
- water slides (4 pcs. With a total length of 700m),
- slide for descent on the pontoon,
- hill mill
- pool-river,
- magnesium-calcium, alkaline, mud baths, Jacuzzi,
- steam and dry sauna,
- snow and ice sauna,
- salt cave,
- outdoor sports pool 25x15x1.7-2.6m,
- an outdoor recreational pool with "Scottish whips" and hydromassage,
- outdoor pool for babies,
- sun terrace.
The water temperature in children's pools is 30-35 degrees.

Water Park Hours: from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

- for hotel guests - free of charge,
- for other guests - 30 PLN 1.5 hours (adults), PLN 15 1.5 hours (children under 12 years old), 5 PLN for each subsequent 0.5 hours. Children under 12 years old can visit the water park only under the supervision of adults. At the entrance issued a towel.

Organized group visits to the water park (more than 10 people) - only by prior reservation (tel. + 48-874-260-777), Monday - Friday, from 8.00 to 13.00. Children's groups are allowed in the water park only if there is an accompanying person (payment is not charged from him).

By prior arrangement, thematic corporate events (from 50 people).

Where to stay

Hotel Robert's Port ****
Lake Resort & SPA

Mikołajki, Stare Sady 4
Tel + 48-874-298-400, + 48-874-216-520,
fax + 48-874-298-484
[email protected]
SPA: tel. + 48-874-298-482, [email protected]
GPS coordinates: 53˚50'12``N, 21˚32'47''E

Number of seats: 180

Hotel Amax ***

Mikołajki, Al. Spacerowa 7
Tel + 48-874-219-000
[email protected]

Number of seats: 64

Hotel Mazur ***

Mikołajki, Pl. Wolności 6
Tel + 48-874-282-899
[email protected]

Number of seats: 70

Hotel Mazurski Dworek ***
Centrum Konferencyjno-Wypoczynkowe

Mikołajki, Stare Sady 1
Tel + 48-874-216-918, + 48-874-215-001
fax + 48-874-215-008
[email protected]

Number of seats: 116

Hotel Na Skarpie **

Mikołajki, ul. M. Kajki 96
Tel / Fax + 48-874-216-418
[email protected]

Number of seats: 67

Hotel Santa Monica **

Mikołajki, ul. Papieża Jana Pawła II nr 3
Tel + 48-874-207-057 fax + 48-874-207-057,
mob + 48-501-407-087
[email protected]
GPS coordinates: 53˚48'18``N, 21˚34'45''E

Number of seats: 36

Pensjonat Mikołajki **

Mikołajki, ul. M. Kajki 18
Tel + 48-874-216-437

Number of seats: 20

Pensjonat Tałty ***

Mikołajki, Tałty 19
Tel. +48-874-216-398, mob. + 48-509-172-533
[email protected]

Number of seats: 30

Pensjonat Wodnik **

Mikołajki, ul. M. Kajki 130
Tel + 48-874-216-141

Number of seats: 20

Pensjonat tabu

Mikołajki, ul. Mrągowska 13
Tel + 48-874-216-280
[email protected]

Number of seats: 28

Hotelik Mazurska Chata

Mikołajki, ul. Mrągowska 26
Tel + 48-531-850-880
[email protected]

Number of seats: 50

Port Millennium -
Pensjonat Żurawi Kąt

Mikołajki, ul. Górkło 4C
Tel + 48-608-343-322, + 48-226-398-986, + 48-875-622-703
[email protected]

Number of seats: 46

Pokoje aga

Mikołajki, ul. Słoneczna 7
Tel + 48-606-445-097, + 48-691-253-666

Pokoje A. A. K

Mikołajki, ul. Słoneczna 9
Tel + 48-874-216-595, mob. + 48-505-979-492

Number of seats: 15

Domek kempingowy Karolinka

Mikołajki, ul. Warszawska 11/3
Tel + 48-874-216-380, + 48-663-364-844

Domek letniskowy

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 65
Tel + 48-874-216-044, mob. + 48-691-488-157, + 48-603-206-044

Number of seats: 4

Domki do wynajęcia

Mikołajki, Tałty 10
Tel + 48-874-215-833

Number of seats: 12

Domek holenderski

Mikołajki, Zełwągi 7
Tel. + 48-693-633-034, + 48-785-184-545

Domek letniskowy

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 58
Tel. + 48-515-562-321

Domek letniskowy

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 48
Tel. + 48-502-704-448

Domek letniskowy

Mikołajki, ul. Kościuszki 6/2
Tel. + 48-509-958-142

Domki campingowe
Bajkowy ogród

Mikołajki, ul. Kościuszki 17
Tel. + 48-698-626-603

Domki campingowe

Mikołajki, Prawdowo 28
Tel. + 48-509-712-225

Number of seats: 8

Domki letniskowe
nad jeziorem Tałty

Mikołajki, Tałty 40
Tel. + 48-609-028-560, + 48-694-976-717

Domki letniskowe

Mikołajki, Stare Sady
Tel. + 48-693-496-030, + 48-608-613-580

Domki letniskowe

Mikołajki, Tałty 2
Tel. + 48-607-524-412

Domki letniskowe

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 91
Tel. + 48-874-216-263

Domki letniskowe, pokoje

Mikołajki, ul. Ogrodowa 17
Tel. + 48-874-216-465

Domek nad jeziorem

Mikołajki, Tałty 42
Tel. + 48-874-216-569, + 48-500-374-138

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Leśna polana

Mikołajki, ul. Lena 7
Tel. +48-874-216-223

Number of seats: 200

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy PRZYSTAŃ

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 126
Tel. + 48-874-216-125

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy
U Waldka i Krystyny

Mikołajki, Tałty 11
Tel. + 48-874-216-476

Where to eat

Caligula, restaurant

Mikołajki, pl. Handlowy 7, tel. + 48-874-219-845

Alladyn Restaurant

Mikołajki, al. Kasztanowa 6, tel. + 48-874-215-338

Amira, restaurant

Mikołajki, pl. Wolności 8, tel. + 48-874-215-103

Król Sielaw, restaurant

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 4, tel. + 48-874-216-323

Sielawa, restaurant

Mikołajki, pl. Wolności 13, tel. + 48-874-215-506

Zełwągi, restaurant

Mikołajki, Zełwągi 6, tel. + 48-874-216-823

Porto Cafe, restaurant

Mikołajki, pl. Wolności 7, tel. + 48-604-279-263

Złota Rybka, restaurant

Mikołajki, pl. Handlowy 3, tel. + 48-874-215-318

Królewska, pizzeria

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 5, tel. + 48-874-216-323

Margerita Pizzeria

Mikołajki, ul. 3 Maja, tel. + 48-874-215-588

Prohibicja, bar

Mikołajki, pl. Handlowy 13, tel. + 48-874-219-919

Spiżarnia, bar

Mikołajki, pl. Handlowy 14, tel. + 48-874-215-218

WMalajkinie, bar

Mikołajki, pl. Wolności 10, tel. + 48-874-216-160

Pod Kasztanami, bar

Mikołajki, Sady 8, tel. + 48-874-215-198

Pod Gwiazdami, bar

Mikołajki, Zełwągi 19, tel. + 48-874-216-800

Bart, bar

Mikołajki, ul. Kowalska 4, tel. + 48-874-216-511

Bella, bar

Mikołajki, pl. Handlowy 11, tel. + 48-874-215-247

Lilla bar

Mikołajki, ul. Okrężna 14, tel. + 48-874-216-190

Mocca, cafe

Mikołajki, ul. Kowalska 4, tel. + 48-874-216-447

U Rybki, cafe

Mikołajki, ul. Mrągowska 13, tel. + 48-874-216-280

The shops


Mikołajki, ul. Dąbrowskiego 2,
tel. + 48-222-053-300

Mon-Sat: 7.00 - 21.00,
Sun: day off


Bank PKO

Mikołajki, rlac Wolności 7, tel. + 48-874-215-334


Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 1, tel. + 48-874-216-248

Bank Pekao SA

Mikołajki, ul. Mrągowska 34

Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości SA

Mikołajki, ul. Kajki 1

Currency exchange

ul. 3 Maja 2 A

Tel + 48-874-216-315,
fax + 48-874-216-315
[email protected]

9.00 — 18.00

ul. Mrągowska 22

Tel + 48-874-21-631-587,
fax + 48-874-215-288
[email protected]

9.00 — 18.00

Gas station


Mikołajki, ul. Mrągowska 19, tel. + 48-874-291-000

PKN Orlen S.A.

Mikołajki, romenada, tel. + 48-874-219-977


Mikołajki, ul. Mrągowska 19

Mikoznak Sp. z o.o.

Mikołajki, ul. Tałcka 2



Mikołajki, ul. 3 Maja 3, tel. + 48-874-216-316


Mikołajki, ul.Szkolna 2, tel. + 48-874-216-868


Mikołajki, pl. Handlowy 15, tel. + 48-874-215-356

reference Information

Kaliningrad - Mikołajki, distance 148 km.
Nearest border crossing: Bagrationovsk - Bezledy.

International Bus Schedules

Polish National Tourist Hotline: + 48-222-781-600

City Hall and Administration of the Mikołajki Commune (Urząd Miasta i Gminy w Mikołajkach)
Ul. Kolejowa 7, tel. + 48-874-219-050, fax + 48-874-219-099
[email protected]

Mikołajki Tourist Information Center
Mikołajki, plac Wolnosci, 7, tel. + 48-874-216-850, fax + 48-874-216-850, [email protected]
Opening hours: June, July, August - daily, September - from Tue to Sat from 9.00 to 17.00, Sun from 10.00 to 15.00, Mon - day off.

Emergency phones
112 - a single emergency number for all EU countries. The dispatcher will forward your conversation to the appropriate service.
997 - City Police (ul. M. Kajki 16)
998 - fire brigade
999 - Ambulance (ul. Papieża Jana Pawła II)

How to get there

You can get to Mikołajk by bus from Olsztyn or Warsaw, which are connected by bus and rail links to many cities in Europe. The path is not straight, and therefore can take quite a lot of time. But, as experience shows, the most profitable way both in terms of time and in terms of financial means is to buy a bus tour from Kaliningrad. In this case, the road will take several hours, taking into account the border crossing. It should be remembered that in the border zone you can neither take pictures nor smoke.

Search for flights to Warsaw (the nearest airport to Mikołajki)

The hotel base of Mikołajek is quite extensive, in any case, it is possible to choose accommodation of any category, from luxury rooms in modern hotels offering many additional services and the highest level of comfort, to modest and unpretentious rooms in tourist class guest houses. A number of hotels offer their guests not only accommodation, but also spa programs, cozy bars and restaurants where you can have a good time.

The staff of many hotels speaks Russian. This is due to the large number of tourists coming here from the Kaliningrad region of Russia.

Especially popular among Russians is the 4 * Golebievsky Hotel, which has a fitness center, a solarium, a massage room, a disco, cozy bars, restaurants, night and children's clubs.

Restaurants and shops

The tourist infrastructure of the city, sensitively sensing an increase in interest in Polish cities, is developing rapidly, so in the city you can always find a restaurant or cafe to taste and afford. The menu is usually offered European, but you can find both exotic cuisine and local. Since the city is focused on family vacations, baby food will not be a problem, many cafes and restaurants offer dishes for children and dietary food.

Things are interesting with souvenirs: standard magnets and plates, of course, are present in the assortment of shops, but handicrafts are much more interesting, things are not only beautiful, but also functional.

Entertainment and Attractions

Around Mikołajk a lot of attractions. Old cities, ancient castles, the history of which contains many dramatic pages. About 20 minutes from Mikołajk, there is the small town of Ryn, which formed around the castle, which appeared here in 1337. The city suffered from Tatar raids, and from the plague, and from fires. Since the castle was rebuilt several times, it now does not make the impression of a medieval building. Another rather mysterious attraction of his is the Dutch mill; today it does not work. The town itself is quiet, cozy, provincial.

If you drive a little further, you can get into a larger city, Ketrzyn. Here the castle is a little older, it looks massive and intimidating, it is immediately clear that this is, first of all, fortification. During the Second World War, the castle was significantly damaged, but was restored in the 60s of the last century. Experts in the history of this war are well aware that not far from Kenschin, in the woods, was Hitler’s headquarters Wolfshanze, from which operations on the Eastern Front were supervised. The historical part of the city in Kenshin is surprisingly large, neat and pretty, and new buildings look pretty attractive.

Reshel Castle, near Mikołajk, is the residence of the bishops of Warmia. It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is a very revered place by Polish Catholics. Holy Lipka, one of the main shrines of Poland, is dedicated to her.