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Mount Lomnitsky Shtit

Lomnicki Shtit is one of the highest peaks of the High Tatras mountains. Height above sea level - 2632 meters. The first climb was carried out by the English traveler Robert Townson in 1793, who almost unmistakably determined the height of the Lomnicky Shtit. The first rise in winter was carried out in 1891.

In the XVIII century, several generations of Kezhmar Fabry on the northern slopes mined silver and malachite, and did not lose hope of finding gold. The southern slopes were known to hunters. Members of the Fabry family found their way to the Skalnatu Valley through the Lomnicke saddle, while Jakub Fabri himself ended up at the end of the Lomnicky Shtit.

Since 1940, when the cable car was built, Lomnicky Shtit has become one of the most visited peaks of the High Tatras. An observatory with the same name was built here, as well as a relay station (1957) and a power line from Skalnata Valley (1965).

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Freedom Road passes through Tatranska Lomnica.

There is also a railway station on the line 185 Tatranska Lomnitsa - Studeny Potok and 184 Tatranska Lomnitsa - Stary Smokovec, and two stations of the Tatranska Lomnitsa - Lomnitsky Shtit cable car (old behind the Prague Grand Hotel and new near the Freedom Road )

History edit |Trails Tatranska Lomnitsy

The resort is divided into two ski areas: Skalnate Pleso - for trained skiers and Jamy - for beginners.

In Lomnicka Saddle on a wide, rugged slope, there are excellent “black” tracks for downhill and giant slalom. The width of the slope is 300-500 m, and its length reaches 2000 m. Usually there is first-class snow and skiing is guaranteed until the beginning of May. A little higher than the frozen Lake Skalnate Pleso there are short slopes that can be recommended for less experienced and beginner skiers.

From Skalnate Pleso the descent of medium difficulty leaves. The 3300 m long track with a vertical drop of 730 m ends at the intermediate station of the Start cableway. From this station, down towards the village of Tatranska Lomnitsa, there is a descent of 2600 m long with a difference of 270 m.

The Yami ski center is equipped with two towing lifts. The tracks here are marked in blue and red and are intended for both beginners and experienced athletes. They are served by snow cannons and are lit from 18:00 to 21:00.

There are tracks for snowboarding and tobogganing. For sledding lovers below the Start station, there is a toboggan road, formerly a bobsleigh.

Kid resume

  • Small ski resort in the High Tatras
  • Short transfer from Poprad airport
  • The prevalence of light trails
  • Children's ski school with an amusement park
  • Variety of pastime options
  • An opportunity to relax all year round
  • Good selection of affordable housing

Tatranska Lomnitsa FOR CHILDREN

The long winter season, modern ski infrastructure and at the same time low prices for vacations are all characteristics of the resort of Tatranska Lomnica. Residents of Slovakia come here as families, and in neighboring countries they already know the main resort of the High Tatras well.

If you want to spend less time on the road and organize a pleasant (but budget) family vacation, pay attention to Tatranska Lomnica - High Tatras are closer and cheaper than resorts in Austria.

How to choose the time for a trip, where to learn skiing and what else to do on a trip - all the most important things about holidays with children in Tatranska Lomnica can be found in the review of the Kid Passage.

Tatranska Lomnica on a map of Slovakia

Tatranska Lomnica is a ski resort in the eastern High Tatras, in northern Slovakia. It is part of the town of Visoké-Tatry in the Poprad district (the administrative center is the city of Poprad).

The distance from Tatranska Lomnica to Bratislava is 336 km, to Kosice - 125 km, to Poprad - 19 km, to the resort of Strbske Pleso - 23 km.

The High Tatras, where Tatranska Lomnica is located, got their name for a reason. The main peak of this massif is 2655 meters high. And the tracks of the Tatransky Lomnitsa lie on the slopes of the second highest mountain Lomnitsky Shtit, or Lomnitsky Peak (2632 m). Due to decent heights, snow at the resort lies from December to April.

Vacation with children

The ski resort of Tatranska Lomnica is no different. It is enough for him to be a good winter resort, where you can go on a weekend - and he fully meets this requirement.

Holidays in Tatranska Lomnica are popular with locals. But there are also many guests from abroad: they have already managed to appreciate the good preparation of the slopes, comfortable hotels, traditional cuisine and pleasantly low prices for vacations.

The main reasons to come to Tatranska Lomnica with children are the predominance of simple slopes and a children's ski school with its own playground. Learning in such conditions is easy and fun, and with the first victories comes a real interest in skiing.

In addition to skiing, there are other activities in the Tatranska Lomnica for children. In winter it is sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, in summer - relaxing on the lakes, hiking in the mountains and participating in the game program. To this we can add excursions and travels, as there are many interesting places in the resort itself and nearby.

In the summer in the High Tatras, it is useful to relax for people with diseases of the respiratory system: The climate here is considered beneficial. However, in the serene atmosphere of a mountain resort, you can treat your nerves.

Precisely because in the summer season the Tatransky Lomnitsa is not crowded with tourists, it is good to come here with a baby.

The choice of accommodation in the resort is very wide, from solid four-star hotels to modest pensions (mini-hotels). To comfortably relax with your child, you can stay in a family hotel or apartment.

When is the best time to go?

The season in Tatranska Lomnica starts in early December and lasts until the end of April. Here they guarantee high-quality snow cover for 5 months, if necessary, snowmaking is carried out on the tracks.

The official opening of the season in Tatransky Lomnica takes place before Christmas.

The festive period attracts a large number of tourists, from the second week of January until the beginning of February there is a relative lull, and then holidays begin in the schools of Slovakia, and the resort comes to life again. Especially many skiers come on weekends.

When is it better to go to Tatranska Lomnica? Until the end of December and from the second half of March, ski-bass does not go to the resort - if you go at this time, you need to settle closer to the ski lifts.

The most enjoyable ride in January and March. April can turn out to be very warm, and the snow will come off earlier than we would like.

It is advisable to plan a summer vacation with a child in August - this is the least rainy month. Clear and dry weather sets in September, this is a good time to travel with a baby to Tatranska Lomnica.

Weather and climate

The climate of Tatranska Lomnica can be safely compared with the climate of the Alps. In the highlands, winter lasts from December to April, and frosts sometimes crack serious. Merzlyakov is unlikely to please, but skiers really appreciate this weather.

Usually winter comes to the resort in late November. The temperature drops to -1-3 ° C during the day and to -3-5 ° C at night. Snow sprinkles on the slopes, but it's too early for skiing.

In December, daytime temperatures range from -5-7 ° С to + 2-4 ° С, at night it gets colder to -7-10 ° С. Snowfalls, although infrequent, gradually form a good cover on the tracks.

In January and February, the weather is similar, only at night the columns of thermometers can drop to -17-25 ° C (fortunately, such frosts are rare). There are very few clear days, but snow is falling from the sky every now and then.

In Tatranska Lomnica falls not as much snow as in Austrian resorts. But in frosty weather, the snowmaking system works well.

In March it gets a little warmer. During the day, the temperature rises to + 1-6 ° C, at night it drops to -2-8 ° C.

The best vacation in Tatranska Lomnica with children is in the first half of March, when the sun still does not have time to flood the snow on the tracks.

The average temperature in April is +10 ° C, even at night the temperature often does not fall below zero. In May, the air warms up to + 15-18 ° C, and after spring rains the mountains change color from white to green.

In summer, rains also generously water the resort, and holidays in Tatranska Lomnica need to be thought out so that you have plans for rainy days. The daytime temperature of the summer months + 16-24 ° C, the nighttime + 8-16 ° C - that is what is needed for people who are contraindicated in heat.

September in the High Tatras is perhaps even better than summer. The temperature is kept at + 15-18 ° C, the weather is mostly clear. In October, warm days alternate with very cold, frosts are possible at night.

What public transport is most interesting for skiers in Tatranska Lomnica? Of course, ski bass. It is important for those who choose a hotel not under the lift itself.

From late December to mid-March, ski buses run from Tatranska Lomnica to Stary Smokovec, calling on the way to Tatranska Lesna, Gornji Smokovec, Velki Slavkov and some other villages. One of the ski bass goes to Strbske Pleso. The schedule is on the resort website.

Do not be surprised that the ski bus in Tatranska Lomnica is called the Aqua-ski-bus. Routes nos. 3, 4, 5 deliver those who wish to the water park Poprad.

In summer, the main transport in Tatranska Lomnica is bicycles. But if you want to go on an excursion, you can catch an electric train in Stary Smokovec and get to Poprad.

Tickets for the train to Stary Smokovec cost 1 euro, from Stary Smokovec to Poprad or Strbsky Reach - 1.50 euros. Tickets for children under 15 years old are subject to a discount.

It is even more convenient to use a car to travel around Tatranska Lomnica. Near the lower station of the lift there is a large parking lot, many hotels have parking spaces for guests arriving by car.

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What to do with the child

In winter, not only ski lovers come to the resort of Tatranska Lomnica. And the conquerors of the slopes are not averse to rest after skiing. How to diversify a family vacation?

Children, of course, will want to ride a sled. There is a toboggan ride in the village of Stary Smokovec: toboggan or sleds rush through the snow at a decent speed

Vacationers of all ages can learn a snow bike - a hybrid of skis and a bicycle, skifoks - sleigh skiing, snowshoeing - something reminiscent of a snowboard with a bicycle wheel.

Near the lower platform of the Tatranska Lomnica - Start ski lift there is a cross-country ski track with a length of 2700 m.

Or maybe the child will be interested in climbing the highest mountain of the resort? The climb does not seem difficult, because the gondola lift delivers everyone to the top of Lomnicky Shtit. At the very peak there is a cafe, an observation deck and a small walking path.

If the weather helps to stay in the fresh air, you can just take a walk with your child - or rather, go on a short winter hike.

A dozen routes were laid along the slopes of Lomnitsky Shtit, among which there are simple crossings designed for small tourists. The shortest transition fits in 30 minutes, there are routes that can be completed in 1 hour, 2.5 hours.

And if you want to hide from the cold, visit Kamzikovo, where there are trampolines, swimming pools with balls, labyrinths and much more. The whole family can spend time at the rink, in the indoor pool, sports center, bowling.

Another two options for what to do in the Tatransky Lomnica with a child - go to Poprada Aquacity Water Park or in the largest water park of Slovakia "Tatralandia" (Liptovsky Mikulas).


The resort has several ski areas located on the south side of Lomnický Štit. Most of the blue slopes are concentrated in the lower part of the slope; here you can have a good time with children. There is also a fan zone where the tracks are equipped with obstacles.

At the lower station of the Tatranská Lomnica - Štart ski lift there is the Maxiland children's training park (you do not need a ski pass to access it).

Area Skalnate Pleso Designed for trained skiers. Several red slopes and the Audi Ski Aréna Park will delight those who love speed skiing. And even if this is your first time skiing in Tatranska Lomnica, visit the Audi family ski area.

The most difficult tracks are in the area Lomnicke Saddle. In addition, there were created tracks for giant slalom and downhill skiing, a carving track 6.5 km long and 60 meters wide, a freeride zone.

Three blue trails for beginners are located in the ski area Stary Smokovec - it lies away from the main range.

With a child, you can come to the Tatransky Lomnitsa, having neither the skills of skiing, nor the necessary equipment. Skis, boots, clothes and everything else will be provided by rental centers, and Tatry Motion knows how to put adults and children on skis at the Tatra Lomnica ski school. Many instructors speak Russian, but the “do as I” technique works without words.

Children's lessons are held at the Maxiland site, equipped with everything necessary for study and entertainment. At the end of the course, young students are given special diplomas, depending on the skill level: blue (prince), red (king) or black (superstar).

Trails, slopes, lifts

11.8 km - total
5.4 km - Blue
5.2 km - "Red"
1.2 km - Black

13 total, including
1 funicular
3 cabins
4 chair
4 tow
1 children's "magic carpet"

Ski seasonbeginning of December - April
Heights888 m-2,190 m
Ski slopes
Ski trails0.4 km
Toboggan run1 (in Smokovec)
Longest descent5500 m
Interactive circuit of slopes and lifts

Ski pass and ski prices

The resorts of Tatranska Lomnica and Strbske Pleso have a single ski pass. Its cost depends on the season, age of the skier and on whether he was purchased at the box office of the resort or through the GOPASS website.

So, in the Christmas and New Year period a ski pass for 1-6 days for an adult will cost about 45-230 euros, for a teenager 12-17 children - 36-185 euros, for a child 6-11 years old - 32-162 euros.

FROM GOPASS card High season prices start at 32 euros for an adult, 26 euros for a teenager and 23 euros for a child.

In January - March, the cost of ski passes for 1-6 days with a card is approximately 26-130 euros for an adult, 21-104 euros for a teenager and 18-91 euros for a child. In April, one-day ski passes are getting cheaper by up to 9 euros.

Please note that the price of ski passes with a GOPASS card is different on different days of the week.

Ski rental

Ski rental points in Tatranska Lomnica are located at the lower ski lifts in both ski areas. A ski / snowboard rental day, depending on their class, will cost about 18-25 euros for an adult.

Hire of children's and teenage skis costs about 15 euros per day, ski rental for children under 6 years old will cost 12 euros. A shoe rental costs approximately 7-13 euros for adults, 6 euros for children and 5 euros for the youngest skiers.

Summer rest

The High Tatras welcome tourists all year round: picturesque mountain landscapes, fresh air and silence are appreciated at any time.In summer, visitors have especially many opportunities to enjoy their vacation.

Firstly, in the summer, ski lifts take tourists to the top of Lomnicky Shtit: sometimes it’s a way to look around for many kilometers, sometimes it’s an opportunity to rise above the clouds.

Secondly, the resort and nearby have a lot of entertainment for children. In Tatranska Lomnica itself, an annual children's quest "Tatra wilds". Skalnat Pleso has an eco-mini-park - a playground made of wood.

Stary Smokovec, where you can walk from the Tatransky Lomnica, invites you to the children's festival "Bear days". And in the summer, Štrbské Pleso opens the season of boat trips around the lake and having fun in Orlíkovo park. Well, of course, at least once the whole family needs to ride on the track for summer tubing.

Thirdly, summer holidays in Tatranska Lomnica can be very active: there are trails for hiking and cycling, a paragliding center.

What to see

Holidays in Tatranska Lomnica with children are easy to complement with excursions: several museums are located right at the resort, other attractions are located in the immediate vicinity.

Here are some options to see with your children without leaving the resort:

  • Museum of Tatra National Park - learn more about the nature of the High Tatras,
  • alpine botanical garden - look at what plants have adapted to life at an altitude of 2500 meters (these are not only mosses and lichens: flowers bloom on the slopes in June-July),
  • ski museum - show the child how in the past the skis and suits of skiers looked,
  • Museum of Cinema and Photography - Take a look at retro equipment and photos of the High Tatras.

What else to see in the Tatransky Lomnica and its environs?

10 minutes drive from the resort Belyansk cavewhere once discovered gold reserves. Now people come here for another - to listen to drops in the Music Hall, to look at the stalagmit "Leaning Tower of Pisa", to ponder why one of the dungeons was called Cactus Grove.

Near the cave is located Zdiar villagewhere unique examples of folk architecture have been preserved.

The most interesting place for children in Poprad is castle Lyubovnyansky grad. The castle houses a historical collection, and around it is a museum of peasant life. Children really like the old carousel with wicker baskets instead of seats.

In Spissky Podhradye, an ancient fortress, within the walls of which there is now a historical museum. Spissky Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tatranska Lomnica: useful information

TrainArt. Tatranska Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica is a popular tourist resort in the High Tatras. The highest point here is the Lomnitsky Shield at an altitude of 2632 meters. This resort has a wide variety of ski slopes, so both professionals and beginners, as well as families with small children, go here from December to April.

The main center of Tatranska Lomnica is the village of Skalnate Pleso, which is accessible by cable cars from the Grand Praha and Morava hotels. In fact, the resort is divided into 2 areas: Skalnate Pleso for professionals and Yami for those who only learn the basics of skiing.

Slalom and downhill skiing tracks are located in the place of Lomnické Sedlo. The width of this slope reaches 500 meters, and its length is 2 km. Such tracks are quite dangerous and designed for trained professionals of a high level. From the Skalnate Pleso lake there is a descent of medium difficulty with a height difference of 700 meters, and then another descent to the village of Tatranska Lomnica with a length of 2600 meters.

In the center of skiing Yami there are blue tracks for beginners and red tracks for "advanced" skiers. However, many routes are lit up to 21 hours. Opening hours of cable cars can be found on the resort's website.

In addition to skiing in Tatranska Lomnica, you can go ice skating, snowboarding, sledding or cross-country skiing. And for those beginners who set as their goal to learn to ski skiing in just a couple of days, it is better to contact a local school, where Russian-speaking instructors work. There are also special training programs for the youngest tourists. And as après-ski resort guests are invited to visit the sauna, pool, gyms, cinema, tennis court, cultural center, discos, cafes and national restaurants.

How to get there: from the city of Poprad to Tatranska Lomnica can be reached in half an hour by bus.