Our trip to Gili Meno island in Indonesia


Gili Islands - Three small islands near the northwest coast of Lombok. There is everything to wear the proud definition of "paradise": long, half-empty beaches with white sand, crystal clear waters full of colorful corals, flocks of exotic fish. In the shade of tamarind trees lie those whose life was largely successful, admiring the views of the Agung volcano, lazily drinking mojitos and discussing what to do after sunset - night diving or dancing in one of the many bars. Three islands, like three pearls in a tropical crown, are located not far from each other and lure tourists as much as they can. The common thing on the Gili Islands is the lack of fresh water. All water is brought in, and desalted sea water is poured from the shower (where more, where less), in which even soaping the washcloth is very difficult.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan (Gili Trawangan) - the largest, most remote and the most rave. Along the coastline on both sides of the pier stretched into a line of bungalows and cottages of resorts, from the most unpretentious to the level of "four stars". They are interspersed with signs of dive centers, Internet cafes. (400 Rp / min), restaurants, bars and nightlife. All this is concentrated on a stretch of about two kilometers, beyond which there comes tropical quiet and grace of the sea. Rare bungalows are found on the north and south coasts, and the west is practically undeveloped. Once prisoners were exiled here, later the island was inhabited by butis families - ethnic groups from Sulawesi, and in the 70s of the last century hippies learned about the paradise, mastered it and gave rise to a tourist era in the history of Gili.

The main contingent of holidaymakers on Trawangan is informal youth. During the day, she sleeps, wallows in the sand or floats off for diving. As night approaches, everything changes around - life is just beginning! There is no police. The authorities, as it were, concluded a tacit agreement with the Aborigines: “We are not helping you, but we are not poking around in your affairs, survive as you like.” As a result, the island has become one of the few places in the world where marijuana and hallucinogens are quite legally used, which have become the hallmark of Trawangan. "Yes! We have these damn magic mushrooms that will take you to heaven and bring you back without the help of transport! ”Shout from each bar posters equipped with unambiguous drawings. This coin has a flip side - there were cases of poisoning and injuries caused by tourists who went through the “mushroom neck” and did not control their behavior. Going on Travangan - what could be more symbolic?

In the evenings, the audience absorbs into bars and clubs. The most famous is “Rudy's”, with its reckless bartenders, who arrange fascinating dances right in the process of work. A lot of people come to look at these guys, and at the same time take on their chests and raise them not with cigarettes. On Fridays in the high season there are parties with music almost until the morning. On Monday night-time lovers rush to the Blue Marlin Cafe, and on Wednesdays to Tir Na Nog. The barracks “Sama-Sama” is famous for the most bustling parties on holidays with the invitation of reggae groups, where the tired musicians in the morning are often replaced by spectators who play instruments no worse. Older and calmer people prefer gatherings in restaurants and cafes, of which there are a lot of people on Trawangan.

All gasoline vehicles on the island are prohibited, so you can only move around on foot, by bicycle or horse-drawn carts scurrying back and forth along the coastal road. Fortunately, the distances here are small, and along the perimeter of Trawangan you can get around in 3-4 hours (the cycle route takes about 40 minutes).

Diving and snorkeling

Gili Trawangan has become the base for many dive schools that have branches in Senggigi. All of them are based in resorts on the southeast coast and often have pools for training beginners. The best and well-established diving centers are Dream Divers. (, “Dive Indonesia” (, "Big Bubble" ( and Vila Ombak Diving Academy. Prices in all centers are approximately the same. The waters around are replete with corals and representatives of deep fauna, so it is not surprising that many tourists come here exclusively for diving. Snorkelling enthusiasts prefer the northeastern part of the island, where reefs start right from the coast. If you wish, you can take a boat with a glass bottom or book a snorkeling trip around the islands (about 50,000 Rp per person).

Recreational facilities

Take off one problem on Gili Trawangan: it’s hard not to find, but to choose. As a result, spree tourists manage to pay a visit to five or six establishments during the evening, without finally getting to their bungalow.

Gili Meno (Gili Meno) - the smallest and most calm. In fact, it is the antithesis of Trawangan, separated only by a narrow strait. Nightlife and entertainment died on it, not yet born. An oval, 1x2 km long, with a beautiful salt lake, a dozen or more bungalow resorts, a mosque and Gili Meno Bird Park is all that Meno represents. But what a relaxed atmosphere here! If you want to wallow on an empty beach with your loved one or just by yourself, so that nobody is around a hundred meters away, please come here! The pier is located on the eastern shore, most bungalows are concentrated here. As a rule, guests eat in their restaurants or go from nothing to do in the neighboring ones. The coastal waters are exceptionally good for snorkeling, especially in the east of the island, but the currents must be kept in mind. Near the pier there is a telephone call center Vartel (Wartel) with internet access.

The main attraction of the guests of the island of Gili Meno is, of course, snorkelling (the kit can be rented for 20,000 Rp) and boat trips with a glass bottom.

There is also a wonderful bird park, which collected many species, including parrots, several small deer and chest of drawers dragons languishing in captivity.

Gili Air

Gili Air Island measuring 1.5 x 1.5 km is the closest of all to the pier and therefore the most populated. In fact, this is a mixture of the party Trawangan and quiet Meno. There are empty remote bays with rare bungalows on it, and amused bars with gatherings until late at night, and even their “full moon parties”, with dancing until you drop to the music that you can already hear in Bangsal. Blue Marlin and Dream Divers have their own branches on the island, but snorkeling on Gili Air is still more popular, especially on the beaches of the southeast coast. Everything you need can be rented on site, as well as a glass bottom boat (50 000 Rp per person, minimum 6 people).

All main life, including food outlets and hotels, concentrated mainly in the east of the island.

To get to Gili because of their popularity does not cause any difficulty.

A small pier in Lombok's Bang Sala equips regular public boat trips to all 3 islands. Each accommodates about 20 people, a ticket to the farthest Trawangan costs 8,000 Rp. In the rainy season, when sea excitement increases, flights can be canceled indefinitely. From Senggigi daily at 9.00 there is a boat of the Regata company (one and a half hours, 40 000 Rp). Many charter boats connect the islands of Gili and Balinese Amed, but their cost is high - about $ 70. In any resort in Bali, you can buy tickets for a tourist bus to Gili, including a ferry and a boat ticket ("Regatta" uses its water transport). Between the islands you can easily travel in private boats, of which a great many are moored, since prices and distances are small.

Leaving Trawangan is most convenient on a shuttle boat flight (shuttle boats) at 8.15, Air at 8.30. A charter to Bangsal will cost 90,000 - 70,000 Rp, to Senggigi - 250,000 Rp. Dashing taxi drivers and motorbike drivers are on duty at the pier in Bangsal, promising to take them anywhere at inflated prices. Taxis to Mataram and Senggigi cost 60,000 Rp, to the pier in Lembar 100,000 Rp. Better walk to the main road (200 - 300 m) and catch vehicles there. A trip on a motorbike to Mataram on the most beautiful mountain slopes will cost 30,000 Rp - in fact, a free tour of the natural beauties of Lombok!

Where and for how much did we buy Gili Meno tickets?

Our adventures on the Gili island in Indonesia began with the fact that I saw an advertisement on the streets of Ubud about a super advantageous transfer offer to the Gili islands and rushed off to look for this office.

Take the road Jl. Suweta (from the main store you need to turn onto the street and walk about 100 meters). This company was supposed to be there, but it wasn’t there. They could not find it, but they knew the price of the services they offered (1200 rubles. There and back for one).

Then we saw other companies that offered these services and decided to find out from them where the company was located that we could not find. Of course, we were offered to stay at their company for the same amount, order a transfer from them and we agreed, although initially they have this service 2 times more expensive!

I can say right away - it was the worst sea adventure in my life

  1. We had to wait about an hourwhile the crowd leads us into a small ship.
  2. The ship began to move at seabut the engine could not start for a very long time (1.5 hours) and when it started, the ship literally caught fire in the rear and all the men of the ship volunteered to help. All this went on for about half an hour, a boat sailed up to us, which threw some thing, apparently to fix the ship. P.S. I was already very sick, twisted from the smell of gasoline and shaking.
  3. Our ship tried to get back to the pier, from where we got to this ship, but it didn’t work out - the ship broke the pier and there was a collision, which we thought was not funny.

Gili Meno Island on the map

In fact, I don’t remember what happened to us, but somehow we got to the Gili Islands. And the sea is clean, amazing. I have not seen such a thing. I want to be a dolphin and stay in this sea forever!

What are the Gili Islands?

  • Gili Travagan (the largest island, with fun, noisy music and lots of youth on the island),
  • Gili air (the average island is considered optimal for relaxation, because it is not very expensive and not too noisy),
  • Gili Meno (The quietest and the smallest island is considered to be retirement among young people, but it's up to you).

He will be discussed further.

Some facts about the island of Gili Meno

  • There are no ATMs on Gili Menowithdraw cash yet on about. Bali or on about. Lombok, if you go to Gili from there.
  • They turn off the lights here after 19 p.m. and it becomes very dark. Therefore, I would recommend taking a flashlight with you.
  • On the island, you could say there were no people, only those who work at the hotel, and this is a maximum of 2-3 people and several vacationers (people 5-6), whom we met during the day, walking around the island for 3 days.
  • Gili Meno has cafes and restaurants mainly at hotelsno others.
  • On the island during our stay, we met one grocery store.
  • Local sellers may offer you jewelry and say that it’s silver and pearls. Not really. We allegedly purchased a silver-pearl ring as the seller assured us, it turned out to be real pearls, but silver, not silver, but cheap! Be careful!

We didn’t get into sunny weather, but such weather together with the transparent sea seems to me like a fairy tale.

In this article, you can find out what souvenirs to bring from Bali?

How much and what are the bungalows on the Gili Meno Islands?

We settled in one of the bungalows - the hotel Gabozo Meno ( from 1500 rub. per night , depending on the season).

We really liked it there, breakfast was included in the price, it was pancakes with fruits and freshly squeezed juice (a choice of pineapple, coconut and others), the rooms are very clean, the outdoor shower impressed, everything is very cozy.

This is the reception of the hotel “Gabozo Meno”

Every morning we had breakfast as if they were the only ones on the island. I would recommend staying here for those who love peace, peace and sometimes to stay in silence.

In the evening, after 20.00, we watched American comedies in our house under the tent and listened to the rain.

The only minus of living in a bungalow - these are ants that can sometimes be seen on the bed, but in fact, this is nonsense!

Gili Meno Island Nature

The nature on the island is very diverse and beautiful, it is safe here and we even walked around it without shoes.

Here, on the island, we felt like Mowgli and decided to eat what grows on the tree - coconuts!

Stas climbed onto this tall tree and brought us delicious coconuts, which we could not eat on the spot, because we had not thought about the penknife and dragged them to the bungalow. :)

Beautiful scenery of the island of Gili Meno

On my birthday, as soon as we woke up, went here. To the most peaceful place on the island ...

At first they simply admired unrealistic landscapes.

Then the mood broke out and we were already playing with the waves!

The sea is very tender, but the waves are quite strong, if you swim poorly, then I do not recommend swimming far into the sea.

Waves are perfect for surfing!

And the landscapes on the island of Gili Meno are very beautiful!

It is time to leave the island, but I don’t feel like it.

The mass of impressions and only positive from a trip to the island of Gili Meno.

All the best ideas about vacationing at sea are connected with these places. Give yourself a vacation and adventure on the Gili Islands. You will not regret.

From me my positive feedback and advice to visit this island. Great, unforgettable adventures!

And in this article, read about a trip to the island of Gili Air.

Photo and description

Gili Islands is an archipelago that consists of three islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. This archipelago is located off the coast of another island in Indonesia - Lombok.

Gili Islands are a popular destination for romantic tourists, as well as for those who like a secluded and relaxing holiday. On each of the islands there are small recreational and recreational facilities. Guests can stay in cozy bungalows or in a hotel with a pool. In addition, there are restaurants and discos.

Most of the locals live on the island of Gili Trawangan in villages that stretch along the eastern part of the island. Cars and the movement of another vehicle on the islands are prohibited by local authorities, so you can rent a bike or go on foot. You can explore the area on a horse drawn cart.

The islands are popular with diving and snorkeling (or snorkeling) enthusiasts who can enjoy the local marine life and unique coral reefs. Snorkeling is a type of swimming underwater using a mask, breathing tube and fins.

Translated from the language of the Sasaki people, which makes up the majority of the population of the island of Lombok, the name of the islands of Gili sounds like a "small island." The first of these islands, Gili Trawangan, has better infrastructure and more hotels. For those who love deep sea diving, there are suitable places for this. The second island - Gili Meno - is quieter, this place is suitable for lovers of sunbathing and snorkeling. The third island - Geely Air - attracts with its wide beaches and unusually clear and azure ocean waters.

Gili Islands

We will describe only three of them that are more or less civilized: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. They have many things in common, but there are differences. The first is the largest, the infrastructure with hotels and inexpensive guesthouses (bungalows or 1-2 story buildings), restaurants, bars with live music, travel agencies, massages, discos is most developed here. Large selection of ATMs of various Thai banks. In the evenings, fire shows are held on the shore. Gili Meno - the quietest of the three, no discos and only a couple of dozen bungalow type hotels.The third island is a cross between the first and second.

The general features are as follows: the complete absence of motor transport (everyone travels on horse-drawn carts, bicycles and on foot), untouched nature, beautiful beaches (almost all deserted ones), amazing sunsets, a clear transparent sea. There are no police, water activities (scooters, skis), shopping centers and large shops.

Gili Air

It is closest to Lombok. It is smaller than the previous one and the infrastructure is simpler here. There is also less people and entertainment on Gili Air, there are only a few open-air discos (east of the pier). In the center of the island you can stay for 100,000 rupees per day ($ 9) and 1,500,000 per month (about $ 140).

After sunset, there is some kind of movement only on the eastern side of Gili Air near the pier. There you can exchange currency, withdraw money from the card, there are a couple of massage parlors and one Internet cafe (10 minutes costs 400 rupees - $ 0.3). On the rest of the coast, there is silence and grace, day and night.

Gili Meno

This is the central island. It has approximately the same area as the previous one. You can go around him in an hour. There is almost no budget housing on Gili Meno; in general, there are not even a dozen hotels. There is no movement, no discos and other entertainment, only bungalow-type hotels and restaurants on the beach.

Gili Meno is just perfect for a wild vacation. We can guarantee that on most beaches you will not meet even a few people, especially in the low season from December to March. At night you can feel like on a desert island, if you come to the beaches, where there are no hotels.

The past of Gili is not as eventful as that of the neighboring islands. The story begins with World War II, when the Japanese used the islands as a camp for prisoners of war and a viewing platform (on a hill on Trawangan). Now nothing reminds of this, except for the sunken patrol boat south of Gili Air.

The lack of ancient settlements here came from the fact that there are no sources of fresh water - rivers, lakes. The first villages began to appear only in the 70s of the 20th century. Initially, the inhabitants engaged in fishing, and then began to plant coconuts.

The turning point in history begins in the 80s, when the first tourists appeared here. These were hippies from neighboring Bali. At first, Gili Air began to be mastered, but then Trawangan took over the palm, as it was closer to the points of diving. The first mini-hotel on it appeared in 1982 and was called Pak Majid. In 2007, he became the Pesona Resort and Restaurant.

At the turn of the 80s and 90s, the government decided to develop tourism here, for which some funds were allocated. There have also been private investments. The number of hotels, restaurants, diving centers and other infrastructure has increased.

By the beginning of the 2000s, these were already established independent resorts, where you can not only go on a one-day excursion, but also stay for the entire vacation. In 2005, Blue Water Express organized the first speedboats from Bali (travel time no more than one and a half hours). Currently, there are about a dozen such companies.

How to get to Gili

There is no airport on the islands, so you can get to Gili only by sea. Tourists usually come here by ferry or speedboat from Bali, less often from Lombok.

If you are interested in the nearest airport to the Gili Islands, then it is located on the island of Lombok - Lombok International Airport. Next, from there you need to get to the port of Bangsal and from there already sail by ferry.

Cheap flights to Lombok

You can buy tickets as profitably as possible with the help of special search engines that collect data from all airlines.

Read more on how to get to Gili.

Bicycles are available for transport to Gili (rent is about $ 5 per day) and horse-drawn carts (can accommodate 4 people). There are no motor means: not a single car, not a single motobike.

All three Gili islands have a ring road, but asphalt is not everywhere and is often replaced by sand.

Why go to Gili

Gili is a place exclusively for relaxation and beach holidays in Indonesia. Accordingly, the islands are not suitable for everyone, but only for those who, on vacation, want to forget about civilization and just enjoy nature. There are absolutely no attractions here - no waterfalls, no caves, no historical and architectural delights (only a modest mosque on Trawangan). No shopping either - only tents with mostly beachwear and shoes.

Who should go to Gili:

- this is the best place in Indonesia for lovers of half-wild relaxation (i.e. when the infrastructure is present, but only in a minimal amount: hotels, restaurants and bars). There are a lot of people only in the eastern part of Trawangan, God forbid there are about a dozen people on all the other beaches. There are large portions of the coast where there are no vacationers, hotels and restaurants at all, only the clear sea, sand and palm trees,

- Diving and snorkeling lovers should also go. There are diving centers in Gili that organize scuba diving. And you don’t even have to go anywhere to snorkel - many interesting fish swim near the beaches. All equipment can be rented and bought on site, it costs nothing to bring with you,

- A trip to Gili will be a great solution for newlyweds and lovers who want to enjoy only each other’s company and who need nothing more and no one else. A romantic dinner in a restaurant on the coast, beautiful sunsets on a deserted beach - what could be better

- the sea in Gili is shallow (gentle entrance), therefore, you can come here with children and not be afraid for their safety on the water. Just do not take very small ones, since there are no shops with baby food and diapers, pharmacies on the island. There are several makeshift hospitals at hotels in Trawangan, but there are no hospitals or serious doctors. They will have to sail (and then take a taxi for several hours) to Bali or to the capital of the island of Lombok,

- we recommend that you go for those who just want to sunbathe and swim in the afternoon, and dance in the disco in the evening. For them, it is better to settle on the eastern side of Trawangan, near the pier. It is also advisable to come in the high season from April to November or the New Year, because the rest of the time there are few people and only a few people hang out, at least a few dozen.

- The trip will delight fans of hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are almost legal here and a portion costs $ 12-15. They are even offered in some guesthouses upon check-in, especially if the owners are rastamans and hippies. There is grass, but they talk about it in a whisper, because it is illegal.

Who should not go:

- We do not recommend Gili at all to lovers of civilian holidays who are used to seeing a large selection of restaurants with various cuisines of the world, shopping centers, shops, supermarkets, bars, water activities, numerous temples and sights, banks accessible to girls. None of this is here

- couples with children of preschool age. We wrote about the reasons for this above,

- surfers also have nothing to catch here, unlike neighboring Bali. There are almost no waves

- Active youth, who in a couple of days just might get bored due to lack of entertainment.

On the Gili Islands, the climate is the same as on Lombok and Bali, that is, tropical humid. Temperature at any time of the year + 28 ... + 33. The sea warms up to + 26 ... + 28. The rainy season is from mid-November to mid-March. Fortunately, they do not happen every day, often only begin in the afternoon. It can drizzle a little rain all day and night (it does not interfere with swimming).

Gili Weather by Month *
MonthDaytime temperature (degrees)Temperature at night (degrees)Rainfall (mm)

* Data provided by Yandex.Weather.

In Gili, hotels are mainly of bungalow type. The most expensive are located right on the coast, simpler - in the center of the islands. There are almost no pools at them. It should be borne in mind that in inexpensive hotels, shower water can be brackish, and sometimes frankly salty, almost like in the sea.

Hotel prices depend on the category and season. The cheapest accommodation can be rented from December to March. If you are a budget tourist, then look for accommodation in the center of the islands, a few minutes walk from the coast. There, it’s quite possible for 80,000 rupees ($ 7) to rent a room with a fan in a one-story guesthouse.

The best hotels in Gili:

Inexpensive housing:

The largest selection of hotels is presented at Bucking, we recommend comparing prices with Agoda, where there is no less housing.


The word "gili" in Indonesian means "small island", therefore "Gili Islands" is a tautology. But they are already used to calling them that.

The size of the islands: Gili Trawangan 2.5x1.8 km, Gili Meno 2x1 km, Gili Air 1.4x1.5 km.

The population is less than 4,500 inhabitants (according to Wikipedia).

Only on Gili Air there are sources of fresh water. Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno use desalinated water that cannot be drunk. We tried to make tea out of it - it turned out disgusting, poured.

In 2018, due to the earthquake on the island of Lombok in Gili, a tsunami passed, and many of which were destroyed. Check out the latest information before traveling.

Overview of Islands and Attractions

Which of the islands is better? Which Gili island to choose? Which of the Gili islands is better to go to? Where are the best beaches in Gili?

The answer to these questions depends on what is the purpose of your holiday in Indonesia and Gili.

All three islands are equally beautiful, and the beaches are similar too: white fine sand and clear blue water.

There may be waves in the southwest, and usually calmness in the east.

Gili Trawangan - This is the largest, cheapest and most popular of the Gili Islands, especially among party-goers. There are most restaurants and bars, discos and walks until the morning. Parties, acquaintances, parties - this is here. But for a relaxing holiday, Gili Trawangan is also suitable, because the whole party is concentrated along the eastern beach, and in the depths of the island and in the western part it is quiet.

Gili Meno - This is the smallest and most tranquil of the Gili Islands. There are fewer people and more expensive housing. Gili Meno is suitable for those who are looking for romance, privacy and comfort. Great place for a honeymoon. Disco lovers will be bored here.

Gili air - the closest island to the "mainland". There are most local people, many hotels and restaurants and various entertainments. Gili Air is considered the best island for families with children. Something in between entertainment and prices between Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. Hence, good views of the island of Lombok.

The three islands of Gili are a continuous village, there are no tall buildings, and the rhythm of life is leisurely, as in a village.

💡 A similar place, only more secluded, is Tioman Island in Malaysia.

What to do and what to see on the Gili Islands

There are no special attractions here, it's just a place for a pleasant relaxed vacation.

1. Relax on the beach and swim in the sea.

2. Swim with a mask and snorkel (snorkeling) and look out for turtles.

3. Take pictures of stunning tropical sunsets.

4. Eat fish and seafood in restaurants and the night market. The night market is open on Market Square every evening from 6 p.m.

5. Ride a bike around the island.

6. Go diving or freediving, or take a course.

7. Do yoga at Yoga Place.

8. Go to the cinema. In the evenings from 19 to 21 in one of the restaurants hang a screen, set up a projector and watch movies. Usually you need to either pay a small fee (50,000 rupees) or order something.

9. Ride on SUP - here they are rented out.

10. Go surfing. But such huge waves, as in Lombok or Bali, will not be here.

11. Go fishing.

12. Ride a kayak with a transparent bottom.

13. Watch stick fights (Sundays after lunch at Market Square).

14. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary at Gili Meno (Bolong’s Turtle Sanctuary).

15. Visit the Gili Meno Bird Park. It is not as impressive as a bird park near Iguazu Falls in Brazil or a bird park in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), but nice.

What you can not do on the islands of Gili

1. Try to get from one island to another by swimming. There are strong currents between the islands, you can simply be carried away to the open sea.

2. Riding horses. They are kept in terrible conditions, so we urge a boycott of this business.

Gili Islands Snorkeling

The pale blue color on the map are places for snorkeling from the shore. There are mainly corals and colored fish.

Map: Lonely Planet Travel Guide

When we swam with a mask and snorkel on Gili Trawangan, we saw five large turtles, with one of them near the shore, at a depth of 2 meters. She ate, popped up to breathe, went about her business, completely ignoring us.

Gili Air is similar to snorkeling.

There are still statues underwater on Gili Air.

There are snorkeling tours in three islands with exits from Gili Trawangan and Bali.

Diving in the Gili Islands

It may not be the best diving here in Indonesia, but the Gili Islands boast a number of marine inhabitants - more than 3,500 species. This is 2 times more than on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

There are reef sharks, two species of turtles, many species of smaller fish and colorful corals.

On Gili Trawangan with a dozen dive shops. Most of them are united in an association, and set a minimum price of $ 35, below which they do not want to dump in order to maintain the quality of equipment and professionalism of staff at the level. We walked around, talked, they were all about the same, so we chose on the principle that "this school will be carrying exactly where we wanted tomorrow."

On the morning dive in our boat there were about 30 people, on the daytime person 20.

There is no cosiness and super-individual approach, such as, for example, on Tioman Island in Malaysia or in Amed in Bali.

Here is a map of dive sites.

The diving shop staff themselves collect, disassemble, check everything, we just have to do a pre-dive check with our buddy (standard procedure).

Diving - how lucky. Our first dive was on Deep Turbo, considered the coolest on about. Gili Trawangan, but there was nothing special there, except for one middle slope.

But at Shark Point we saw several huge moray eels, a meter shark, small sharks, several turtles and a bunch of interesting fish.

Diving Insurance

Regular policies do not cover diving. Need a separate sports insurance. The best option is to buy Worldnomads insurance policy for active days - this is international insurance, is issued online, even if you are already on a trip, and covers diving (including cave and cavern) and freediving up to 50 meters.

From Lombok to Gili

To get from Lombok to the Gili Islands only possible by boat.

Entrance to the boat knee-deep in the water, so with the suitcases on wheels here it will be inconvenient,) and in beautiful shoes is also not cool,)

These boats go to fill and when there is no storm, from about 9 to 17.

Near the pier in Lombok there are several covered parking lots who take 10,000 rupees per day or 5,000 for half a day per bike. We handed over to the one closest to the pier.

In theory, 35 passengers are allowed into the boat and it goes as it gets full, in practice there were 50 of us and a bunch of baskets and boxes of food. At the same time, there were only 15 life jackets. We drove about an hour. There are many passengers, I did not have to wait long. The sea rocked and splashed well.

From Bali to Gili

From Bali to Gili speedboats go fast, so if you don’t have a goal to watch Lombok, it’s faster to go directly.

1.5-3 hours - and you are on Gili, it depends on the place of departure and the island you are traveling to.

The price of a ticket for a boat is $ 20-30.

For timetables and ticket prices, see There are also reviews of tourists and ratings of carriers.

Here are the options for transfers from Padang Bai:

There are still boats from Sanur. From the rest of the cities of Bali (Ubud, Kuta, Amed) you must first go to the port, or order tickets with the transfer already included. Such a service is offered by MyBaliTrips.