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Golden Valley - a park located 15 kilometers from Dalat in a pine forest. The park is completely new, founded in 2005, and is not as famous as the Valley of Love. It attracts pristine natural beauty and a large lake, around which it is spread over a vast territory. The lake is beautiful, it is clearly visible from the top of Mount Langbian.

Ecopark was originally created as a corporate holiday destination for employees of a water supply company. Then they decided to open it to everyone. The park was arranged: artificial ponds with bridges, arbors, pagodas were added, paths were laid, planted with flowers, bright in Vietnamese and in the most unusual combinations. Flowers look especially exotic under pine trees and make even the most cloudy day colorful. In some places, the Golden Valley resembles a botanical garden - a park of tiny bonsai trees, relic plants. In general, it is just a very beautiful and quiet place with exceptionally fresh air, healing, thanks to volatile, which scatter pine trees. It becomes noisy only on weekends when locals come here with families and large companies.

For tourists, in addition to the beautiful landscape, an active vacation is offered: catamaran riding, fishing, archery, billiards, etc. There are special children's entertainment: a train, a playground. Both adults and children like to feed goldfish in a pond. Inexpensive food is sold nearby.

There are several cafes in the park, the prices of which are lower than in other places of Dalat. For those who decide to stay, the park has bungalows and houses for a large company.

Dalat and attractions

Dalat attracts travelers from all over the world not only with the impeccable beauty of its lakes, numerous waterfalls and evergreen forests, but also with a unique microclimate that makes it easy to endure any heat.

Dalat was founded in 1912 by the French in order to save from the sultry Vietnamese climate.

This city is known for its chic gardens, rich flower parks and excellent golf courses. And Dalat is a favorite city of Vietnamese artists and performers.

Park "Valley of Love" just six kilometers from the heart of the city, is one of the best places to relax in the city. A beautiful garden, large green areas, boat rental on the lake and horseback riding will give you unforgettable emotions.

Also near the shore lakesHo suoi vang spreads picturesque Golden Valley Park. Although it’s 15 km from the center of Dalat to the park, it’s worth it. Such waterfalls, streams, flower meadows and gardens you will not find anywhere else.

Fans of hiking (hiking on prepared mountain trails) must visit Mount Longbyan.

On the cable car you will reach mountains of hung hoanwhere the Thienvien monastery is located. There you will see how monks live, a pavilion with a huge bell, several pagodas, a small pond and enjoy the beauties of mountain nature.

You may also be interested in a fairly new monasteryNiVienNguyenKhong, which is located in the vicinity of the Prenn Waterfall. Opposite the entrance to the temple, in the middle of an artificially created pond on the islet, a majestic statue of Buddha sits.

There are several churches in Dalat, but the largest of them is catholic temple of Du Sinh. It was erected in 1955 on the idea of ​​a royal blood priest born in Hue. The architecture of this holy place, in addition to the traditional Romanesque style, also combines interesting oriental motifs.

You should not deprive attention of such a landmark of the city as pagoda lin fuok. The pagoda consists of several parts: the stone Avalokiteshvara next to the highest tower, the statue of a 49-meter dragon near the lake in the garden and the temple in which the great Buddha statue sits. The dragons entwining the temple everywhere look impressive. Like terrible knights guarding the tranquility of the sanctuary. The exterior design of the pagodas is very beautifully done - all the walls are decorated with colored mosaics of porcelain, glass and ceramics.

Flower Gardens of Dalat - This is a huge park where you will see a myriad of unusual bushes and different varieties of flowers. In the park you can swim in a boat in the form of swans on a small but very beautiful lake.

If you are interested in history, be sure to visit Lam Dong Museum, where, having passed nine exhibition halls, you will see pottery, clothing, finds of the war years, tools and other interesting items preserved from ancient times.

Bao Dai Palace was erected in 1933 as the summer residence of the emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai. Since those days, the palace has repeatedly changed its owner with each arrival of the new government. There was even a time that the palace was used as a general staff, which left behind a large number of underground tunnels for escapes.

Visit Dalat, and do not look into such an unusual place as Crazy Housethat translated "Crazy House" is simply not permissible. This place is a true masterpiece of human imagination. Crazy House is one of the ten most unusual and strange buildings in the world. The house is built in the form of a tree with curved windows, endless tunnels and stairs. Each room has its own thematic purpose with appropriate decorations. For example, there is an eagle’s room, a lion’s room, a tiger’s room, and other rooms that belong to some form.

And finally waterfalls. They can not be taken from the city, and each is unique in its own way. For example, Vietnam’s largest waterfall is considered Waterfall Dry Sap, which is located on the territory of the park, where the original jungle along with giant trees are preserved in their original form.

The most powerful waterfall in the vicinity of Dalat is considered Elephant waterfall, which can be observed from the observation deck at its top.

Vietnam's most beautiful waterfall - Pongur, which rains over a wide stream in many cascades during rains and flows into the lake at the foot of a cliff. On the way to the waterfall, be sure to pay attention to the rich avocados and coffee plantations, which is also very impressive.

TO Datanla Waterfall you need to go down in special wheelchairs like a roller coaster, where the speed of your descent can be adjusted independently.

A waterfall Gougah special in that the rock, bulging in the middle, splits the water stream into two streams, while the right, slowly, in small droplets, flows to the foot of the mountain, and the left goes down with frantic power.

Here he is, a calm and aristocratic Dalat, in which you will not have to miss a single second.