Beach of the Gagripsh boarding house in Gagra


Gagripsh resort complex, the best pension of Abkhazia. Modern rooms, comfort and service at the level of 5 star hotels. Pension Gagripsh, all-inclusive rest, rest without worries in Abkhazia at any time of the year, official website

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Pension by the sea in Gagra.
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Pension Gagripsh is the pearl of Old Gagra, a hotel by the sea, all inclusive 30 meters from the sea, a view from the window of the room on the sea expanse. Gagra hotels by the sea with food, sea, sun, mountains, the smell of flowers and eucalyptus, flavored with iodized air of the sea and diluted with mountain coolness. Vacations in Abkhazia in summer 2019 are affordable prices, this is a celebration for the soul, blue sea, snow-white peaks, slopes in the evergreen thickets. Abkhazia rest 2019 all inclusive prices, uninhabited beach, warm sea, gentle sun, comfortable room, delicious food, bewitching view from the room window - this is Gagripsh pension

Gagripsh Abkhazia 2019 best guest house

Gagripsh resort complex is the pearl of the Caucasus, the best pension in Abkhazia. Gagripsh pension is located in the old Gagra in Abkhazia. Only 40 kilometers from the city of Sochi on the very shore of the warm Black Sea. On the territory of the complex grow palm trees, eucalyptus, cypress, banana trees and oleanders, creating a unique healing aroma. The territory of the Gagripsh complex is guarded. Car parking is possible for personal vehicles. The Gagripsh complex offers hotel rooms for every taste and budget, accommodation in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd buildings of the resort complex. Gagripsh, located on the seashore. A few minutes from the Gagripsh KK, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can sit on the seashore enjoying Abkhaz homemade wine, national dishes or order a cup of oriental coffee.

Best vacation in Abkhazia in summer 2019 prices affordable, boarding house "Gagripsh", which is located at the entrance to the city of Gagra, on the seashore. The boarding house is one of the best and most modern hotels in Abkhazia. The pension has its own guarded park with evergreens. Nearby are entertainment complexes restaurants, discos and cafes.

Today Gagripsh boarding house is the best hotel in Gagra Abkhazia, which can be found among hotels in Abkhazia. Despite the age of the boarding house, which was built in the last century, all rooms are completely renovated, and buildings 2 and 3 are completely rebuilt. Today, Gagripsh Hotel has an excellent number of rooms and is fully prepared to receive tourists.

Food: breakfast in room rate. All inclusive. On the territory: Cafe, restaurant, billiards, tennis court, soccer field. Own, small-pebble, equipped beach 40 meters from the buildings.

At extra charge : You can visit the balneological hospital in the city of Gagra. The intake of hydrogen sulfide baths is indicated for diseases: cardiovascular, articular, skin, genitourinary, and nervous systems.

Reception of children: Pension Gagrripsh accepts children from any age. When placing on additional places, a discount system is provided. Our address: Abkhazia, the city of Gagra Ave Ardzinba Ave. 24, boarding house

Abkhazia vacation with children in the summer of 2019

Planning a vacation in Abkhazia with children, our boarding house is your option. Silence, remoteness from places of entertainment, equipped playground, animators, nurse on duty. A fenced area, its own park with evergreens, where you can hide from the hot sun in the shade of palm trees and cypresses. The pleasant smell of oleanders and eucalyptus trees, the freshness of the sea breeze, is useful for the bronchi and lungs.

Meals in a boarding house will suit even the most fastidious little clients. The menu of the dining room of the boarding house is time-tested, from professional nutritionists. Rest in the Gagripsh boarding house, it is not only the sea and the sun, excursions and trips. Rest in a boarding house is a therapeutic mud, water, regimen and proper nutrition. Abkhazia rest is not only the soul, but also rest and restoration of the body.

Weather Abkhazia climate in Abkhazia

The climate in Abkhazia has subtropical humid, 345 sunny days in the year, rainfall mainly in the form of rain, snow in the mountains. There are two velvet seasons in Abkhazia, spring and autumn. The hottest months are July-August. The water temperature in June is from +23 to 25 degrees. The swimming season is from late May to early October. The weather in Abkhazia is mostly sunny, warm, fog in the early morning, which dissipates within 20-30 minutes. Weather in Abkhazia. In winter, from +15 to +20 degrees on the coast, in the mountains -2-5 degrees. Winter months, a wonderful time for leisurely relaxation, walking, sightseeing, the opportunity to ski in the mountains, then return to the coast and relax while admiring the greenery and the sea.

The weather in spring in Abkhazia is comfortable, the most unpredictable month is March, its beginning. So unpredictable that it can rain in the morning, and in the middle of the day the sun shines brightly. Optimal spring holidays April, May, raging vegetation, many flowers. A short May weekend, a wonderful time to visit Abkhazia. Impressions from the contemplation of the Abkhaz spring will be enough for the whole year, spring in Abkhazia indescribable atmosphere of the holiday and renewal of nature. Trees, shrubs, flowers, make an upgrade to delight us in the summer, an abundance of greenery, fruits and the smells of flowers.

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Busrest “Gagryp Gorge”, No. 5.
Route taxirest “Gagryp Gorge”, No. 2.

The beach of the Gagripsh boarding house adjoins the territory of the resort complex, is located at a distance of about 40 meters from the residential building. Despite belonging to a boarding house, the beach is public - any vacationer can visit it for free.

The beach cover is pebble. In some places there are sandy areas. The entrance to the sea is quite gentle, without large stones. But if you are sensitive to pebbles, it is better to wear special rubber shoes.

Pension "Gagripsh" is considered a cult vacation spot since Soviet times. At that time, the Soviet elite rested in the Gagripsh sanatorium. The atmosphere of those times is preserved in the monumental architecture of the boarding house buildings. But now it attracts vacationers not with a flair of Soviet aesthetics, but with nature: the buildings are in a garden with eucalyptus trees, palm trees and cypresses, and the sea in the vicinity of the boarding house is considered one of the cleanest places for swimming in Gagra. Peacocks and rabbits walk on the territory.


The well-maintained beach strip is small, its cleanliness is maintained by the staff of the boarding house. On the pebble beach there are sun loungers, and during the day there are children's attractions. There is a canopy near the beach, there are locker rooms and showers. Several cafes are open within walking distance.

Entrance to the Gagripsh beach in Gagra is free, rent of sun loungers and a canopy is paid, 50 rubles per unit of beach equipment. There are sunbeds under individual umbrellas, and there is a zone with sunbeds under a common shadow canopy. There are changing cabins and showers on the beach.

For guests of the Gagripsh boarding house there is a separate area on the beach with free sun loungers and umbrellas. Passage to this zone is prohibited to other tourists.

For adults, there is a table tennis table and billiards in the open air - not quite on the coastal territory, since it is not very wide, but closer to the hotel garden.

Dining at the hotel’s legendary restaurant is expensive. Dinner for two with several dishes, including barbecue, and a bottle of good wine will cost from 4000-5000 rubles. You can have a bite to eat at the nearby cafes on the waterfront. During the day, sellers of hot corn, ice cream and fresh fruit walk along the beach.

In reviews of the beach, vacationers positively note the cleanliness of the sea and coastal territory. Most of the negative reviews are related to the guesthouse itself, and not the beach. Tourists complain about the general dilapidation of the hotel, outdated rooms, very slow service. There are complaints about plumbing - a weak pressure of water, in some rooms there is a smell of sewage. The boarding house was built in 1960, the last time was restored in 2005. In recent years, despite the transparency of the water, there have been complaints of infection with rotavirus due to runoff water near the beach. We advise you to take a first aid kit with you on vacation and try not to swallow sea water. Also follow the latest reviews of tourists, as usually infection occurs en masse. In this case, choose other beaches for relaxation, away from charging centers.

How to get to the beach of the Gagripsh boarding house in Gagra

Pension with a beach is located in Old Gagra, near the mouth of the Gagripsh river and the gorge of the same name. Holidays on the Gagripsha beach are conveniently combined with visiting the sights of Old Gagra: the Gagripsh restaurant, the Prince of Oldenburg castle and the picturesque Seaside park.

The road from Sochi will pass along the E60 highway. It is worth laying the time to go through the border. From other resorts of Abkhazia can be reached by suburban minibuses or by taxi. The road will not take more than an hour and a half hours.

Map of the car route from Adler to the Gagripsh boarding house:

You can get to this area of ​​the city from New Gagra by minibus. Please note: Nartaa street was renamed Ardzinba Avenue (there is 24 Nartaa address), it is on this pension. On the avenue next to the boarding house is a public transport stop "Gagrypskoe Gorge." It stops here:

  • Bus № 5.
  • Route taxi № 2.

Taxi in Gagra is inexpensive, a trip within the resort usually costs no more than 100 rubles. Most local taxi drivers work without a meter, by prior arrangement about the cost of the trip. Most often, prices are too high, do not hesitate to bargain. If you do not want to look for a taxi on the street (usually taxi drivers are in popular tourist places), you can call a car with a driver by phone. The most popular and reliable taxi service in Gagra is the Prestige taxi.

Panoramic view of the beach of the Gagripsh boarding house (off-season):

Video about the Gagripsh boarding house (beach from 3:11):

Sights of Gagra with photos and coordinates

The sea and beaches here are worthy of flattering words and enthusiastic looks. The mountains are located outside the city, but from the sea this is completely invisible and it seems that they are smoothly immersed in water with a green carpet. Views are different every day: the clouds hide the peaks,

then nature reveals all its secrets and appears under the blue sky in all its glory.

There are many vacationers, but everyone is "spreading" along the coastline, and you can find a deserted place. Only disadvantage beaches: in some places trash comes across. But if everyone cleaned up after himself, this would not have happened.

The sky above the sea is always beautiful:

Sunset over the sea in Gagra we observed always a bright orange. The sun disk is decorated with light clouds, the rays adorn the water surface. Unbelievably beautiful.

Sunset on the evening of the following day:

Gagripsh Restaurant

Coordinates: 43.32434, 40.23142

The magnificent restaurant building is a famous symbol of the city. It is interesting that in 1902 they brought, assembled and installed a wooden building created in Norway. Since that moment, the features of the restaurant have not changed in a recognizable way. Gagripsh, whose name comes from a river flowing nearby, still captivates with the charm of the early 20th century. The watch is working properly, still measuring time, as in past times.

Previously, the building was the palace of the Princess of Oldenburg.

It is not necessary to spend money on food in a restaurant if you do not want to (but the food, they say, is delicious). We had enough emotions from an external examination. Climb the stairs to the entrance, imagine that people walked the same stairs in the last century. How wonderful that there are such places in Abkhazia!

Winter theater

Coordinates: 43.32167, 40.23773

The Winter Theater building is another hallmark of Gagra. Even in an abandoned state it impresses with its architecture. Be sure to go upstairs to the theater, from here a wonderful view of the Colonnade opens.

Near the Winter Theater are located a bench of lovers and the inscription "I love Gagra" for memory photo sessions.

The neglect of such beautiful places is frustrating.

Coordinates: 43.32136, 40.23704

The most popular symbol of the city. A beautiful place, but everyone spoils the cars parked near the colonnade. In the dark, you can admire the beautiful backlight (we have not seen), and during sunset hours you can shoot unrealistically cool shots.

View of the colonnade from the Winter Theater:

In this frame it is clear that there are many cars and people, a popular place. And these cars spoil the view. 🙁

Went downstairs. I shot an automatic panorama:

Seaside park

Coordinates: 43.32341, 40.23077

In the old district of Gagra there is a large park with fountains, restaurants and a huge number of palm trees. I strongly recommend that after the sights mentioned above, go here and take a walk. The entrance is free.

Sculpture in Seaside Park:

Palm trees are big and very pretty.

The park has several ponds and fountains:

Incredibly cool trees (maple?):

Somewhere nearby came across a mosaic playground:

Prince Oldenburg Castle

Coordinates: 43.32552, 40.22564

Architect: I.K. Lucian. The residence of the Prince is a magnificent Art Nouveau building in its architecture. In Soviet times, the castle became a sanatorium named after Stalin, and then - boarding house "The Seagull".

We also accidentally wandered to some abandoned adit (?), Here is a beautiful view of the nearby mountains.

And here is the adit itself:

Cave of Hypatia Gagra

Coordinates: 43.30846, 40.25772

A little-known historical and natural attraction. It is not known whether Bishop Hypatius was really hiding during the Christian persecution, or is it just a legend. Only one who is not afraid of heights can climb here. The steep slope of the mountain continues with a wooden staircase, along which you need to climb into the cave.

The dark round passage is hardly read in the photo. This is the cave.

It was scary to climb an almost vertical slope. But the job is done, and we are inside:

There is a table in the cave, icons are hanging.

It's damp here, and the walls are moldy:

Cicherva River Gorge

Coordinates: 43.30919, 40.26023

After visiting the Ipatia Gagra cave, we decided to go further along the path along the Tsikerva River. There are several such hiking trails in Gagra: except Tsikervawe walked around Joecquari gorge and along the river Gagripsh. These trails are on my map at the end of the report.

The cleanest and coldest mountain river:

There are no people here at all, we alone walk along the paths. We enjoy the sounds of nature: birds singing, the murmur of small waterfalls.

The path is wide, comfortable. I'm in a boxwood grove:

Noticed a pretty butterfly:

Monument to the Indo-European Telegraph and a pointer to the distance to the cities of the world

Coordinates: 43.29596, 40.25848

A very interesting and historically significant place: you will see a monument Indo-European Telegraphwhich was laid in the 19th century. The Siemens and Halske company that installed the telegraph first laid the cable along the seabed, but it was torn.

Subsequently, it was decided to extend the cable by the ground method: on poles. In Gagra, as they say, these pillars dated to 1869 were not preserved.But they can still be seen in the Caucasus and Crimea.

Near the monument to the Indo-European Telegraph there is a pointer to the distance to the cities of the world where you could send a message by telegraph. By the way, the very first message in 1870 was sent from London to Calcutta.

In the evening, we went to a cafe for dinner, and the fluffy owner of the restaurant met us:

Sights of Gagra on the map

For convenience, I added all the interesting sights to the map, which you can save to your Google drive.

Rest in Gagra is really great. The climate is very mild, the Black Sea is warm and clean, and the coast is not mutilated by concrete breakwaters. I am sure that lovers of both beach holidays and those who prefer to spend their holidays actively will like it.

From Gagra it is very convenient to go on an excursion to the Ritsinsky relic national park. Incredible landscapes, lakes, Gegsky waterfall! Open my photo story, there are given all the coordinates of the points we visited.