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Each tourist, planning a trip, compiles for himself a list of attractions of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo), which you definitely need to see. Some are developing independent ways to get to know the city, while others prefer special sightseeing tours. As a rule, they cover the main attractions of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) and introduce tourists to the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Fans of creativity first of all look for sculptural sights on the map of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo). In the central city squares you can often visit the iconic sculptural compositions, against which the city guests pose. But in the parks beloved by the local population, you can visit the exhibition of modern sculptures and art objects. They can be made of the most unconventional materials and have amazing shapes that you will need to think about.

Among the main attractions of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) are religious sites. They are the center of the architectural ensemble of the Russian city, most of them survived the iconic religious and historical events. In Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) and outside the city you can visit famous monasteries, imbue the splendor of large Christian churches, or look into the quiet and miniature chapels so popular with the townspeople.

When traveling around the area, you can also visit unusual religious sites. It can be national religious buildings, ancient religious associations or even mysterious ritual places.

Walking along Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) is of particular romance. You can pre-buy a map of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) with attractions and routes, or simply wander wherever you like. So it will even be more exciting. Allow yourself to get lost in the old side streets or take a walk in the parks. And if you want a break, you can have a bite or have a cup of coffee in a cozy cafe. By the way, in Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) there is a couple of places of worship, which every guest of the city wants to get to.

If you want to thoroughly study the historical past and modern life of the city, welcome to the museums of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo). They will present you with extensive expositions on ethnography, painting, handicrafts, from archaeological sites. Typically, these attractions are located in the center.

However, open thematic museums can often be found in the countryside. They offer visitors to watch fascinating exhibitions on national life and crafts. Moreover, this may be the format of realistic reconstruction of ancient cities or military fortresses. Such sights of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) are always interesting for children.

For tourists traveling with their family, the question is always relevant: where to go with children. The most popular answer is to go to one of the Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) water parks: Water Park (Abzakovo). Most often, when buying a family membership for the whole day bonuses are offered.

If you are going to have a rest in winter or spring, we recommend choosing Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) ski resorts for active leisure. There is a wide variety of entertainment for visitors of all ages: a variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders, snow tubing, breathtaking snow parks for professional riders. Typically, such complexes are located at a not very large distance from the city, for example: Arsky Stone (ski resort), Stone Flower (ski resort), Assy Tau, Bannoye (ski resort), Zavyalikha. In this regard, it is easier to get on a personal vehicle or book a car at rental offices.

A great option for family vacations is active nature tourism. Natural attractions are located near Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo). It can be lakes, gorges, popular nature reserves. The choice of place is always yours: Yalangas Ridge. It is possible to get to these corners of nature both independently and by public transport. Specify in advance the schedule of minibuses starting from the suburban bus stations in the direction that suits you. In such an adventure, you will get a lot of vivid emotions from being in nature, replenish your health and vitality.

If you visit the city on business matters, then you do not have free time for full-fledged excursion trips. In this case, it would be nice to buy a short guide to the attractions of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) with a photo and description.

You can always find it after arriving in the city at railway stations or at the airport. There, a list of the most iconic places to go to Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo), with the names and photos of attractions, is selected. Is not it, this greatly simplifies the question of what to see in Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo), especially if you are limited in time.

However, if the printed catalog describes the most visited places of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo), then the network has a chance to find a rating of unfamiliar, but no less interesting sights with reviews of tourists who visited them. Abandoned mines, mysterious craters, unique narrow-gauge railways, overpasses - such attractions attract lovers of adventure.

When planning a trip to Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo), you should find out not only about the sights, but also about other objects of the city infrastructure. For the convenience of moving around the city, it is important to imagine the scheme of public transport, the location of bus, railway or sea stations, metro stations. At the same time, these large transport hubs of Abzakovo (Novoabzakovo) can also attract the attention of travelers. Often it is they who cause the tourist the first associations and emotions associated with the city.

National Park "Bashkiria"

The beauty of Bashkir nature will delight everyone, and the cleanest air will give a feeling of lightness. In Bashkiria, it’s great to relax from the gas pollution of the city. The national park has high mountains and dense forests, caves and real, breathtaking waterfalls. The unique nature reminiscent of Montenegro - all this is about the endless beauties of Bashkiria.

Cave "Salavat Yulaev"

On the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan is a natural monument, which is definitely worth a visit. It was this cave that saved the legendary hero Salavat Yulaev from his pursuers. But alas, this is not true. The cave got its name because of the film that was shot about Salavat Yulaev in this place. The real Salavat cave is not here.

SLC and DO Abzakovo

We must not forget about the ski center and the Abzakovo holiday home, which have noticeably changed over the past few decades. Modern cottages equipped with everything necessary for living. Well-prepared tracks, the coverage of which is able to compete with the more famous Russian resorts.

Development infrastructure. Guests of the resort can stay not only in the holiday home, but also in the hotels of Abzakovo and in the private sector, finding accommodation for any budget and requests.

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