Chisinau - attractions, cafes and wine bars in the guide


A favorite gathering place for students of the State University and not only the heart of the city, the intersection of Pushkin and Schusev streets. Beer seller Dinu has been drinking since the morning, so many repeat lovers have received beer for free. The situation inside was terrifying, slightly better than a public toilet, but when you went outside - and you are already in the historical center. The green door above the steps is at least 100 years old, and the Experimental Recording Studio No. 2, which opened in the late 80s in the neighboring building, made the "drunk corner" a favorite place for music lovers. By the way, it is still unclear to me how, without the Internet and torrents, fresh music albums arrived in Chisinau a few days after the release. In the early 2000s, the brasserie ceased to exist.

In the late 80s, a children's cafe in the basement on the corner of the present Bucuresti and Eminescu streets traditionally got rid of the “childhood illness” - selling sweet water and ice cream, transforming into a bar. It was damp, cool and uncomfortable enough. But there often it was possible to meet interesting personalities: the same Sasha People’s Commissar - the oldest Chisinau informal. Now instead of "Tales" is a pub.

Toad (Lame Frog, La gratar)

Perhaps the most famous beer house in Chisinau. The angle of August 31 and Eminescu is a convenient place to get from anywhere in the city. Famous mitites with peas are still remembered by aspirants from Chisinau. “The Lame Frog” and “Toad” are always pronounced with nostalgia. The institution was closed many times, and they said that it was forever, reconstructed and remade. However, the “Toad” turned out to be a Phoenix bird, the pub still works now, and it doesn’t matter that once you could meet Emil Lotyanu, and now only George Gryu - the spirit of the establishment has remained the same.

"Wines of Moldova"

All the guests of the city were brought here to the shop and basement bar on the corner of the current Stefan cel Mare and Alexandri. Moldavian sherry - uncompromising and merciless, not everyone understood and pleasant, it was here that you could taste it in its original form. Over time, the institution for some reason degraded and closed. It's a pity.

Once upon a time one of the most beautiful cafes in Chisinau on the current Avenue Vieru. However, from the end of the 80s, his fate was tragic: at the end of perestroika times, a guy was stabbed to death in broad daylight there. After this, the usual transformation into "badigu" took place. The last 15 years, the "Penguin" stood with boarded up windows and it was chosen by the homeless for overnight stays. As a result, several years ago, one of them burned there alive. Now the "Penguin" is demolished. Apparently, something will be built in his place.

Taste of Blu Wine House

On the ground floor of the Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel Chisinau, there is the first wine house in our review and the Taste of Blu Wine House tasting room. The collection of the wine house contains more than a thousand bottles of wine and divins of Moldavian producers.

The goal of Taste of Blu Wine House is Moldova's gastronomic promotion. Thanks to a very good location, guests of the capital will no longer need to travel all over Moldova in search of wines and products that it is famous for - all concentrated on an area of ​​15 square meters. To all there are fair prices, the lack of pretentiousness and a special approach to business, which is manifested in small things. A bottle costs from 50 to 455 lei, and the choice of more affordable wines is wider. Interesting Moldovan wines from limited collections are offered as specialties.

By the way, Taste of Blu Wine House is also a wine store with a huge selection of Moldovan wine, including rare bottles. Moreover, it is sold here in a very convenient travel package.

Working hours: 10:00 – 22:00

Address: st. Metropolitan Varlaam, 77.

Phone: 022 201 201

In 2016 in Chisinau, on the street Pushkin 56, a wine bar specializing in domestic wines has opened, with the name EM-BAR-GO very symbolic for every resident of Moldova.

EM-BAR-GO is primarily a bar, but here you can buy good wine at supermarket prices. Currently, about 120 wines from 12 producers are presented here.

In EM-BAR-GO, the wine list includes both side positions (10 wines to choose from) and bottle ones - when drunk on the spot.

As for snacks, it serves Italian cheese and meat plates, nuts, dried fruits, desserts. In addition, the bar brews many different types of natural coffee, including takeaway.

On Wednesdays, they plan to conduct tastings and meetings with winemakers.

Working hours: 8.00 – 11.00

Address: st. Pushkin 56

Phone: 0603 00 299

Carpe Diem, Wine Shop & Bar

Carpe Diem is a modern wine bar and shop that can be found in London or Sydney. The bar presents to its guests the first winery in Chisinau, which offers an exceptional selection of wines from Moldova and from other countries. The Carpe Diem winery has about 160 wines from the Old and New Worlds, and from 20 to 25 local wines “by the glass” can be enjoyed at the bar.

We also recently talked about the new masterpieces of “copyright wines” of the Carpe Diem brand, ideal for the spring-summer season. “Carpe Diem. Femme Fatale ”is the premiere in Moldova: 65% of the Royal Fatyaska and 35% of the White Fatyaska. Paradoxically, no one in Moldova has yet thought of blending these two varieties, both 100% locally produced.

The Carpe Diem website also offers the opportunity to order wines that will be delivered to your home or office.

Working hours: 11:00 – 23:00

Address: st. Kolumna, 136, 3A

Phone: 022 844 846, 079 978 818


Vinoteka is one of the main centers of wine tourism in Moldova. Here you can not only taste the local Moldovan wines, but also learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the development of local winemaking from the best specialists in the wine cellar.

This is one of the first places in Chisinau, performing not only the function of selling wine, but also being a place for learning the culture of wine consumption. The vinotheque does not give out big discounts, but initially it promises the best price on a shelf with a minimal extra charge. Here guests will be pleased with the largest collection of cognacs in the city. Huge selection of champagne wines.

Vinoteka is a prototype of the library, only with wine bottles on the shelves instead of books.

Working hours: 9:00 – 20:00

Address: st. Pushkina, 15

Phone: 022 808 705

Invino is a place for people who can appreciate the richness, balance, harmony of an assortment of professionally selected wines. Enoteca INVINO positions itself as the first in Moldova author's collection of high-quality Moldovan wines selected by professional sommeliers.

More than 100 items on the shelves of the INVINO store and more than 10,000 bottles put into storage. In the wine bar, 15 selected wines are sold “for a glass”. In addition, the consultations of an experienced sommelier will allow guests to feel the difference between real Enoteca and network retail.

Working hours: 11:00 – 21:00

Address: st. Benulescu Bodoni 41

Phone: 022 909 944

Paprika wine pub

PAPRIKA wine pub is a fashionable pub with an unusual decor. Here you can find about 240 wines in the wine list. 95% of the wine list is occupied by local wines, but there are also some interesting foreign products. Here you can try the products of both large wineries and small Moldovan producers. The wine list in the PAPRIKA wine pub was developed by the president of the Sommelier Association of Moldova, Mihai Druta.

Prices promise low: wines from 80 to 400 lei.

Working hours: Mon-Thu: from 09:00 to 22:00, Fri: from 09:00 to 0:00, Sat: from 12:00 to 0:00, Sun: from 12:00 to 22:00

Restaurant "Sanatate"

The popularity of the restaurant "Sanatate" is made up of several factors. First of all, it is the convenient location of the restaurant in the very center of Chisinau. Secondly, excellent service and attentive staff, trying to take into account all the wishes of the guests. And of course excellent cuisine. The menu offers more than 180 dishes, about a third of which are exclusive, for true gourmets. The main focus is traditional Moldavian cuisine. The guests are presented with both famous dishes prepared according to old recipes, as well as novelties created by cooks.

The lower hall of the restaurant is decorated in a national style and can accommodate more than 200 people. Here the atmosphere of a real Moldavian house reigns - on tables homespun tablecloths, embroidered towels and napkins, as well as painted clay dishes. The interior is decorated with national carpets, and a real stove and massive wooden furniture create special comfort.

As soon as you cross the threshold of the Sanatate restaurant, you are immersed in an atmosphere of comfort, friendliness and warmth. This is one of the oldest restaurants in the Moldovan capital, so they know very well how a hospitable host should receive guests.

Restaurant "Bier Platz"

For true lovers of a foamy drink, the Bier Platz restaurant is not an ordinary restaurant where you can enjoy good beer and taste delicious snacks. This is a real "beer Mecca", uniting like-minded people from different areas of Chisinau and other cities.

There is nothing to be surprised at, because in "Bier Platz" there is literally everything so that every visitor can feel like a party to the celebration. The main character of this holiday, of course, is beer. It is only after crossing the threshold that the guests seem to be in another country, or rather, transferred to the real Munich square during the famous Oktoberfest festival.

The halls of the restaurant will satisfy any request. In the first one, which looks elegant and cheerful, you can organize a noisy beer party in the company of friends, sitting on comfortable benches. And if you came just to relax with a beer after a busy day, it is better to go to the second room. Soft cozy sofas, pleasant lighting and light music will help to disconnect from anxieties and problems and enjoy the peace.

Restaurant "Beer House"

The Beer House restaurant offers its guests not only to taste several varieties of the best beer in Chisinau, the number of which totals about two dozen, but also to see firsthand the process of production of a foamy drink. Beer is produced right in front of visitors.

"Beer House" always attracts a large number of fans of the foamy drink. In addition to beer, the restaurant's menu includes a variety of European dishes, including first courses and delicious desserts. It is prepared according to recipes of German and French cuisine, and you can also try some national Moldavian dishes. In the warmer months, a beautiful terrace opens up, which offers picturesque city views, and visitors are welcome here until late in the evening.

Restaurant "La Placinte"

The restaurant chain "La Placinte" was opened in Chisinau in 2006. To date, the total number of restaurants in the chain has nine establishments located in different areas of the city. Over the years of its existence, the restaurant chain has earned the love of the respect of visitors, but does not stop there. "La Placinte" is constantly evolving and striving for excellence.

The menu contains a large selection of national dishes, including the famous mamalyga, meat dishes on the grahta, the best Moldovan wine and, of course, twirls and pies. The craftsmen who prepare all these dishes for their clients are real virtuosos of their craft. It harmoniously combines affordable prices, helpful and friendly staff and an almost homely atmosphere. All these are components of the fact that I want to come back here.

It differs somewhat from other restaurants of the La Placinte cafe chain, which is located on Tiraspolskaya Street. It generally does not look much like metropolitan restaurants. The fact is that this is one of the first food court format establishments in Chisinau. In the classic sense, a “food court” is a “food court” located in a large shopping or entertainment center. However, following this format, La Placinte retains its unique corporate identity.

Restaurant "Anotimpuri"

Restaurant "Anotimpuri" is a very pleasant place with a cozy nice interior, excellent service and affordable prices.

The restaurant is located on the main street of Chisinau and occupies a large spacious room. The main theme is British, it is a small beer restaurant, which is conducive to communication. There are a lot of original details. For example, the entrance to the toilet is designed as a red telephone box, of which there are so many in good old England. Soft sofas stretch along the walls, and you can pour beer on your own - the taps from the barrels are led straight into the hall. Everyone can pour beer for himself - as much as he wants, and the counter located next to it fixes everything. Agree, it’s very convenient!

Restaurant "Old Attic"

The old attic is one of the favorite establishments not only among Chisinau youth, but also among numerous guests of the city. This place attracts visitors for three main reasons. Firstly, this is a very stylish place, and secondly - very popular, and, thirdly, very inexpensive!

The interior is very original. As the name implies, there is almost everything that can be found in the old attic. Many funny gizmos are of great interest. Instead of walls, there are shelving with books everywhere, which makes you feel like you are not in a restaurant, but come to eat at the library. In the evenings, the restaurant plays live music.

Restaurant "Gazetto"

Once in Chisinau, you should definitely visit the Gazetto restaurant, at least out of simple curiosity. This is a nice place where you can have a quick and tasty meal, besides it is located almost in the city center. The service staff is very friendly, the order is executed promptly and accurately, and the cooks are real professionals in their field.

The restaurant's interior is designed in accordance with its name - newspapers are everywhere. In the decor of walls, menus, advertising booklets, even pillows are made of material with newspaper and magazine prints. According to many who have been here, this is one of the best cafes in the city, with pleasant prices and a warm atmosphere. But, of course, it is best to verify this first hand.

How to get to Chisinau

Despite the lack of a common border, transport links between the Russian capital and the Moldavian are very well established. Every day, airplanes fly between cities - they deliver passengers to their destination in just 2 hours. In addition, trains run from the Kiev railway station of the capital to Chisinau, and buses run from three bus stations. In St. Petersburg, the choice of options is not so wide, but finding a direct plane, train or bus to Chisinau is not a problem.

Read more about how to get to the capital of Moldova here.

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In Chisinau you can ride on public transport - buses, trolleybuses and minibuses, as well as taxi. Taxis are best ordered by phone - for all companies there are four-digit phone numbers starting from 14: 1420, 1444, 1499, etc. An average trip around the city will cost 50 MDL, from end to end you can go for 70-90 MDL.

The bus and trolleybus network is very extensive, the fare is 3 and 2 MDL, respectively, regardless of the duration of the trip. Maxitaxi minibuses ply the majority of the streets of the Moldovan capital, the rules for using them are the same as in Russia: give a hand to an approaching car, transfer money to the driver and publicly announce the desired drop-off point. The fare is 3 MDL.

Shopping and Chisinau shops

Tourist and shopping mecca of Chisinau - souvenir bazaar on Stefan cel Mare Avenue near the building of the National Theater named after Eminescu. Here you can find the creations of Moldavian artisans from all over the country - ceramics and pottery, fabrics, embroidery and home textiles, wickerwork, icons and paintings, and many other authentic things. Prices are written on tablets, but bargaining is always appropriate. Interior items, sculptures and paintings are sold in Galeria L on Bucharest Street. You need to go to the Central Market for fresh products: fruits, vegetables, herbs, homemade cheeses and marinades, wines and kvass.You can buy a variety of alcoholic beverages in stores of well-known wineries: Cricovo on Stefan cel Mare, Malye Milesti in the Elat shopping center on Vasile Alexandri street and Cognac factory Ialoveni also on 128 Stefan cel Mare. In addition, there are many supermarkets of the European level, where you can find a standard assortment of “civilized” goods - from diapers to plasma screens. One of the largest is Mall Dova.

Cuisine and restaurants

Finding a catering facility in Chisinau will not be difficult - on almost every corner there is a snack bar, pizzeria or sandwich. The cuisine is offered as “folk” Moldavian - pies, simple stews and grilled sausages, as well as international: pasta pizza, kebabs, shawarma, etc. Popular Italian eateries include numerous Andy’s Pizza branches. In Chisinau, there are enough upscale restaurants of Moldavian, French and exotic cuisines with quite European prices. You can try the national haute cuisine in Orasul Vechi on 24 Armenian Street (among other things, delicious seafood is served here). In another gourmet establishment - the French restaurant Simposium - it makes sense to pay a visit to lamb dishes (a dish from the chef) and an extensive map of local wines.

Chisinau Attractions and Attractions

Museums, parks and memorials of the Jewish people - this is the basis of the Chisinau “excursion”. Among the museums, one can recommend visiting the Museum of National Archeology and History, which exhibits many artifacts found during excavations of Old Orhei, Soviet-era weapons and an extensive diorama dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

Before entering the museum you can see the notorious sculptural composition “Romulus, Remus and the Wolf” - for Moldavians this is a symbol and weighty proof of their Romanesque origin.

The Pushkin Museum is located in the House of the Russian merchant I.N. Naumova, where the poet spent three years (1820-1823) of his Bessarabian exile. It was here that the poem "The Prisoner of the Caucasus", poems "Gypsies", "Black Shawl", the first part of "Eugene Onegin" saw the light. The pearl of the Museum of Ethnography and Nature is a reconstructed skeleton of a mammoth, found in the Rezina region in 1966. The Museum of Plastic Arts exhibits the works of contemporary Moldavian and Romanian artists, as well as medieval artifacts - icons, interior items, household utensils.

Of the modern architectural monuments, the Arc de Triomphe, the statue of Stefan the Great, the buildings of the Government and Parliament, the Orthodox Cathedral stand out.

Chisinau has a rich Jewish history: until the beginning of the 20th century. Jews made up about 35% of the city’s population. From that time there remained a synagogue, yeshiva, a monument in memory of the Jewish ghetto and a Jewish cemetery, as well as a memorial complex dedicated to the tragic pogrom of 1903.

You can breathe fresh air in any of the 23 parks of the Moldavian capital - them. Stefan cel Mare, "Riscani", "Pink Valley" and "Valley of the Mills", Arboretum, "La Izvor" (there are three natural lakes here) and in the square of the Cathedral.

In addition, Chisinau is the starting point in the famous wine tours of Moldova.