Manor of the Stroganovs in Bratsevo


Brattsevo Manor is a small estate of the late 18th century, located in the village of the same name near Moscow. For a long time it was used by nobles, in particular, the family of Ekaterina Petrovna Stroganova. The estate is a monument of architecture of the Russian Empire.

The estate was built in 1810 by the architect Voronikhin. It is believed that this was a gift from Count Stroganov to his wife, Ekaterina Petrovna. However, their marriage broke up and the ex-wife lived in the estate already with her common-law husband. Subsequently, the estate was owned by her son. In Soviet times, the estate was nationalized and used for a variety of purposes.

The estate is a representative of late Empire architecture. The two-story building has a large dome and huge windows. During the time of Bolshevism, the building was modified and took the form of a kurdoner - one-story wings with wings were completed on the sides. Around the massive building there is a large park with bridges and a gazebo in the classical style. Until now, the estate delights many tourists with its beauty.

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BusFrom metro station Skhodnenskaya to trolleybus number 70 or bus number 267 to the stop Brattsevo

Brattsevo is a classic noble estate of the 18-19th centuries, surrounded by a picturesque English park. In 1780, the Brattsevo country estate was acquired by Count Stroganov for his wife Catherine. Then the estate was a wooden house with a small park and the patrimonial church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built under the former owner of the boyar Khitrovo in 1670.

The construction of the palace and park ensemble is associated with the name of Rimsky-Korsakov, the civil husband of Ekaterina Petrovna Stroganova, with whom she lived in Brattsevo after breaking with Count Stroganov. And now you can see the works of the architect Voronikhin, who was involved in the project of the Brattsevo estate after World War II. The main house, the arbor "Milovid", an outbuilding, an English park have been preserved.

After the revolution, the estate was a rest house of the Revolutionary Military Council, the All-Union Institute of Applied Botany and New Cultures, a rest house of the Glavsevmorput. Currently, the Recreation Center of the Union of Theater Workers is located here, and the entire territory of Bratsevo is part of the Tushinsky natural-historical park. Anyone can walk in the park. Free admission.

In the main house of Brattsevo is the restaurant "Count Stronanoff", the hotel "Count's Compound". Weddings and graduation parties are held here, they come to go ice-skating, cheesecakes or play tennis.

How to get there:

- from the metro station “Skhodnenskaya” by bus number 43, minibus 643 to the stop “Brattsevo”

- from the metro station Skhodnenskaya on the trolleybus number 70 or bus number 267 to the stop "Brattsevo"

- from the metro station “Skhodnenskaya” minibus number 5c to the stop “st. Salome Neris "(bus stops on request)

The history of the estate

The owners of the Brattsevo estate were many famous aristocratic families: the Naryshkins, Stroganovs, Apraksins, Vyazemsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and others. The artist Shishkin I., who was then unknown to anyone, worked here for several summer months. It was his stay in these picturesque places that allowed him to be inspired and finish the picture “Noon. Neighborhood of Moscow ”, which brought young Shishkin first fame.

A romantic history of the beginning of the 20th century is connected with the Brattsevo estate. Count A. Stroganov married Ekaterina Trubetskoy. It was his second marriage, and it ended in disaster - almost immediately after the birth of their joint child, the countess passionately fell in love with Adjutant General Rimsky-Korsakov, who was a former favorite of Catherine II herself. He was an outstanding man, but the countess was famous not only for beauty, she was very smart and extraordinary, and the brave adjutant general was also carried away with her seriously. The novel flared up with such force that the countess makes a decision, despite the condemnation of the world, to abandon her husband and go to her beloved. In those years, it was a courageous act, but Count Stroganov behaved very noble. He did not take revenge on Catherine, released his wife and even gave her the Brattsevo estate so that she could live there far from the light. There she lived with her common-law husband until her death.

The last owner of the Brattsevo estate was N. Shcherbatov, who himself transferred it to the state after the revolution. The only thing he asked for was the status of a cultural and historical monument for the estate, so that a unique place for posterity could be preserved.

Brattsevo today

The manor building is built in the style of classicism. Voronikhin A is considered to be his architect. The main outbuilding and the main house on two floors (in the form of a cross, having a portico and a gazebo with a dome) have been preserved. Very beautiful is the hall with majestic columns and a staircase to the choirs. The Milovid rotunda has ten columns and is associated with the name of Catherine II herself. Empire-style paintings made around 1830 are of great artistic and historical interest. The landscape park is very impressive and is one of the best in Moscow, it is under proper care.

The manor is now a guesthouse and a holiday home. At the same time, restoration work is underway, but this does not prevent Brattsevo from receiving guests of the capital and Muscovites. The park ensemble is often a set for historical films, here they shot the feature film "About the poor hussar, put in a word", Pushkin's "Young Lady Peasant" and the television series "Nastya". Such popularity of the estate among the directors is due to the fact that the English park and the Russian estate created a unique atmosphere and exquisite charm. In addition, there are few tourists, although there is something to see. Not only beautiful aristocratic buildings, but centuries-old trees, reminiscent of the leisurely and inexorable treads of time, generate some special vibes that make you come back here again.

On the territory of the park zone there are also the benefits of modern civilization, calmly and harmoniously coexisting with majestic antiquity. These are park entertainments and sports games. In winter, people here ride a slide on a tubing, watch competitions on ice. In summer, you can ride a bike, play soccer or tennis. And happy newlyweds or busy graduates often come here to have fun. And any family celebration can be held here, like a social ball, following the example of the Russian aristocrats who once lived in the Brattsevo estate.