Zoo Rangunan


Ragunan Zoo
IsPasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Coordinates6 ° 18′42 ″ Yu w. 106 ° 49′12 ″ c. d. H G I O L
Square140 ha (350 acres)
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Ragunan Zoo (English Ragunan Zoo) - a zoo with an area of ​​140 hectares (350 acres), which is located in Pizar Mingu, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The zoo is home to 270 species of animals, 171 species of plants, which employs a working staff of 450 employees. Here are animals from all parts of Indonesia and around the world who are endangered and endangered. In general, the zoo has 3,122 different species of animals, including birds. In the lush tropical greenery, such indigenous inhabitants of the zoo rest peacefully as a Komodo lizard, orangutan, tapir, Sumatran tiger, wild bull banteng and various birds of bright color, which have been allocated enough space for a comfortable stay. The zoo is located in South Jakarta and can be easily reached by the ring road that runs along the outskirts of Jakarta or the Transjakart bus number 6 (gray color).
Ragunan Zoo is more than 150 years old, thus it took third place in the list of the oldest zoos in the world and second place in the list of zoos with the largest number of different animals and plants.
Starting from February, 2014, every Monday the zoo is closed to visitors for the purpose of its maintenance and providing the animals with a kind of “day off”. If Monday falls on a holiday, the zoo will be open, but it can be closed on any other day instead of a holiday.


The zoo was established in 1864 by an organization of flora and fauna lovers in the Dutch East Indies (first name is Vereneging Plantenen Dierentuin of Batavia). Raden Saleh, an outstanding artist of the 19th century, allocated about 10 hectares (25 acres) of his own land to create the first zoo in Batavia in the rural Sikini, in Central Jakarta. The zoo was moved to its current location in 1966, and its official opening took place on June 22, 1966 under the leadership of the city administration. By order of the governor of the city, the zoo was temporarily closed for about three weeks on September 19, 2005, after many birds showed signs of bird flu. It was opened again on October 11 of that year.
Until January 1, 2015, the zoo was visited by 186,454 people, which is the highest indicator on working days, until that moment 175,000 visitors had a record as of January 1, 2011.
In 2015, the Ragunan Zoo received 209 billion rupees from the local authorities as a subsidy. The previous budget could only be used for operating expenses, while in 2015, the budget was quite sufficient to improve the welfare of animals. By 2018, the zoo is expected to have international standards and new experts to help improve animal welfare, cage quality, and create additional amenities for visitors.


The main attraction of the zoo is the animals themselves. They can be divided into groups as follows.

Photo and description

Rangunan Zoo is located in the Pasar district of Mingu, a city (in Indonesian - “cat”) South Jakarta. The territory of the zoo is about 140 hectares, in its collection there are more than 270 species of animals, about 171 representatives of the flora. All inhabitants are looked after by 450 people.

The species of animals that live in the Rangunan Zoo are endangered and of great value. In total, about 3120 species of animals live in the zoo, including birds and amphibians. On the territory, among the lush tropical vegetation, you can see a giant Indonesian monitor lizard, or, as it is also called, a Komodo monitor lizard - a lizard, which is considered the largest of the existing ones. Here you can see elephants, giraffes, a kangaroo, zebra, orangutans, tapirs, Sumatran tiger, bantenga - a species of bull that lives on the island of Bali, as well as the smallest of modern wild bulls - anoa. One of the highlights of the zoo can be called a large bat fox - the largest species of bats in the world.

Rangunan Zoo is over 150 years old, and it is the third "oldest" in the world. And in terms of size, the zoo takes second place in the world. Rangunan Zoo was founded in 1864. The famous Indonesian artist, Raden Saleh, donated 10 hectares of his land in Central Jakarta to establish the first zoo in Batavia. In 1966, the zoo moved to the Pasar Mingu area, the grand opening took place in June of that year.

The Schmutzer Primates Center, opened in 2002, operates on the territory of the zoo. This center is privately funded and is considered one of the largest of its kind in the world. The center occupies 13 hectares. Here you can see all kinds of primates, including gorilla, chimpanzees and orangutans. Also on the territory there are attractions, a playground.

Starting from February 2014, every Monday the zoo closes - the animals have a “day off”, they put things in order in the territory. If a holiday falls on Monday, the zoo will be open, but closed the next day.