Greece Attractions


People come to this amazing country from all over the world in order to see various, almost collapsed antiquities, delve into the history of the cradle of civilization and feel like part of it, find harmony and peace in the soul. Greece is a place where opposites collide and, thanks to this merger, something new and incredible appears. When nature meets man, it creates masterpieces that never cease to amaze even after millennia. Colliding with each other, cultures form a new symbiosis, interesting and colorful. Faith encounters sacred places and allows a person to create whole complexes that can illuminate the darkest path.

This amazing island is located in the Aegean Sea. Tourists should visit this place for the most wonderful landscapes in Greece and see the sights of the island. The island itself is of volcanic origin. For those who are interested in culture, a pleasant discovery will be the archaeological museum and the museum of the prehistoric Fera. Their expositions represent the richest collection of farm vessels that saw the light in the sixth century BC, many interesting sculptures and portraits that belong to figures of different eras and many finds from excavations that were carried out in Akrotia.

Gulf of corinth

Still not so famous among tourists, so there will be fewer people on it. The rocky mountains and the amazing sea coast are impressive in its location. This island is also rich in wonderful beaches and excellent cuisine, which consists of inhabitants of the deep sea. Local restaurants are always welcoming to guests and are ready to provide the best of Mediterranean cuisine. The Gulf of Corinth should begin exploring the Peloponnese, which is a huge historical center. You can visit several ancient cities at once, such as Mycenae, Tiryns, Kalamata, Corinth, Argus, Sparta, Xylokastro.

It is the largest island in Greece and the homeland of the Minoan civilization. Due to its location, the island is popular among those who are looking for answers to the mysteries of history, outdoor activities or stunning landscapes. For those who like a more prestigious vacation, chic hotels and bustling cities await, for a relaxing holiday Crete provides excellent beaches and beautiful mountain landscapes. For an excursion you can go to the ruins of Knossos labyrinth. According to the legends - it was in it that the Minotaur lived - a creature with a bull’s head and a human body. He came from Minos's wife, Pasiphae, when she cheated on her husband with a bull. The labyrinth was built so that no one could see the monster. Subsequently, when Minos lost his son, he ordered fourteen boys and girls to be sent to the island every nine years. None of them returned, dying from a maze or Minotaur. Theseus, who was able to kill the monster and return home, laid the horses of a terrible tradition.

Panathinaikos Stadium

One of the most significant sights of the Panathinaikos stadium is a magnificent building built entirely of white marble. Previously, Pan-Fenean games were held in it, but now they have been restored in the nineties of the nineteenth century and continue to be used for sports games to this day.

It is the highest point of Athens, in which the most important architectural structures of the city are concentrated. For many, Greece - attractions, the description of which boils down to this complex. The most significant of these structures is the Parthenon, built in honor of the goddess of wisdom Athens. Pericles was engaged in its construction, who spent a huge amount of money on this temple. He explained his wastefulness by the fact that the construction, which the ancestors will be proud of for centuries, is worth these costs. The great architect was right - the Parthenon delights and excites the imagination of Athens guests from all over the world and, first of all, the Greeks themselves to this day. In addition to this building, the Acropolis contains a huge number of structures and statues that cannot be deprived of their attention by any guest of this wonderful country.

Vikos Gorge

It is in the book of records as the deepest gorge in the world. Its depth is almost fifty meters, and is two tens of kilometers long. This natural attraction is located in the Pind Mountains and belongs to the Vikos Aoos National Park. The gorge is rich in the rarest and most valuable representatives of the fauna. It is best to come to see this attraction in the warm season - in summer and early autumn. It is during this period that the rivers have the smallest depth and will not interfere with walks.

The island of the knights is one of the most populated places in Greece. It is located incredibly close to the Turkish border, due to which it was often conquered by the Turks. Now they are popular with tourists around the world due to the abundance of medieval buildings and wonderful beaches. It is an ideal choice for those who love noisy beaches with developed infrastructure.

One of the areas of Athens. Of particular interest are its neoclassical architecture and an abundance of archaeological sites. In addition, you can visit the many museums in Plaka, which contain the results of excavations. This area is located in the immediate vicinity of the Acropolis. A must-see is Adriana Street. She, according to locals, is the oldest street in Athens. Most of the buildings were erected in the XVII century. However, they were built on the foundations of buildings that were built in ancient times.

Diru Cave

Another natural attraction of Greece is the cave of Dirou. It is located a quarter of a hundred kilometers from Areopoli. In fact, this cave combines a whole network of various underground corridors and canals. In addition, there is an underground river in the cave, which allows you to make boat excursions. Previously, temples were organized in these places, since they considered them to be the entrance to the underworld.

They represent one of the most significant places for the Orthodox world. In total, the complex includes twenty-four monasteries, which were built directly on the pillars of sandstone. Literally translated, the name of this complex means “mid-sky”. In fact, it is - the monasteries are located at a considerable height and will surely amaze even the most sophisticated guest with the spectacular views.

Delphic Theater

Located in the ancient city of Delphi, named after the son of Apollo. Scientists date its appearance to the second century BC. To date, the impressive building has been preserved only partially. Previously, it was used to conduct the Pythian Games, established, according to legend, by Apollo himself. Now the theater accommodates several thousand spectators who come to it for the festival of classical drama.

Achillion Palace

Located on the island of Corfu. It was built by order of Elizabeth of Bavaria, who considered this location an ideal place for her residence. The architect Rafael Caritto was engaged in design features, the authorship of most of the sculptures belongs to Ernst Geter. When the First World War unfolded, a hospital was located in the residence, and during the Second World War, the Nazis occupied the building for their headquarters. Today, Achillion is used as a museum and is open to visitors.

Samaria Gorge

This creation of nature is one of the most beautiful places on the whole island of Crete. Currently, hiking is organized along the gorge, during which travelers can find themselves in a cypress forest, feel the beauty of a pine forest, meet many mountain springs and go to the coast of the Libyan Sea. The whole trip takes about a day, so for the whole vacation you can set aside this day for stunning nature. You can observe rare species of birds and plants, in addition, it is in this place, in the center of the Crete National Park, that a Turkish goat called Kri-Kri lives. The most remarkable place of the gorge is a narrow part called the “Gate”. It is in this part of the wall that has a height of three hundred meters, and between them there is only a passage of only a few meters. Such natural structures make you think.

Melissani Cave

For those who think that Greece is just a photo of the sights, the Melissani cave will be a pleasant surprise. This natural formation appeared about two tens of thousands of years ago. Presumably, the formation of this cave, mankind is obliged to dissolve the rocks. When the water from the Ionian Sea made passages for itself. Thanks to the ingenuity of water, a lake appeared in the underground cave. Then an earthquake occurred, due to which the upper part collapsed. Now and to this day, a wonderful underground lake is illuminated by a delightful hollow through which sunlight penetrates and, playing on the surface of the water, illuminates the cave with many different colors. The name of this beautiful place appeared thanks to a legend. People believe that the nymph Melissini used to live in this place, she was unrequitedly in love with Pan, so the nymph lost the meaning of life and drowned.

Plastira Lake

This pond is the work of man. He receives water from the Tavropos River. The lake owes its appearance to the Greek general Nikolai Plastiras. Now this lake is famous as one of the highest in Europe. Tourists come to this reservoir for outdoor activities: cycling, horseback riding.

It is a mountain peninsula. Only men can get on it - women should not stand on its land. Twenty male monasteries are located on the peninsula, among them there are large and important. In addition, they contain priceless Christian relics: icons, manuscripts, relics. In addition to the monasteries, on Athos you can find a theological school. There is also a Russian monastery. It was founded at the beginning of the eleventh century. At least the first written evidence speaks of this. And in the seventies of the nineteenth century, the Holy Panteleimon Monastery was recognized as Russian.

Acropolis of Lindos

Located on the island of Rhodes. The Acropolis is at a high point, and offers travelers magnificent views. This happens when nature itself meets the human imagination. A place appears that is not affected by time. Millennia will pass, and descendants will admire this amazing building.

Mount Olympus

Recognized as the highest point in Greece. Now there is a reserve on it, and earlier, according to legends, the gods lived on it. Visit this amazing place is worth at least for an unforgettable view, opening from the top of almost three kilometers high. At such a distance from the surface of the water surface there are glaciers that will cool travelers who have risen from the summer. In addition, at the top of the mountain you can capture the whole of Pierria.


In ancient times, this place was the main place for potters of Athens. It was convenient for its location - very close to the sea itself washed in the richest deposits of clay. There is also a huge cemetery, whose age totals several tens of centuries. A museum is open for curious travelers, which presents collections of funeral urns, jewelry and sculptures.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

This stone theater is located south of the Acropolis. It was erected in the hundred and sixty-first year on the orders of Herod Attica. The tycoon dedicated this building to his wife, Regilla. The construction is an amphitheater with a three-story wooden roof. The theater could accommodate several thousand visitors who came to it in order to enjoy beautiful music. The theater still hosts various thematic events.

1. The ancient Greek city of Delphi

In ancient times, this city was the center of public and religious life of the country, and today its ruins make a strong impression. It remains only to walk and be surprised at how skillful the ancient Greek builders were, creating such beauty, which also stood for several millennia!

2. The medieval city of Rhodes

Previously, in this port city there was one of the seven wonders of the world - a statue of the Colossus of Rhodes. And now tourists are coming here to see the Rhodes fortress, which in the Middle Ages served as a safe haven for hospital knights. The fortress is perfectly preserved, it looks very impressive and powerful. You can also see the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, windmills and a number of other interesting objects.

3. Paleokastritsa beach

This beach, 25 kilometers from the city of Corfu, is known not only for its exceptionally clean water and soft sand, but also for its rocky caves, which every tourist is advised to visit. The bays in this area are incredibly picturesque, and the infrastructure is well developed, so the beach will become a good place for families.

4. Palace of the Grand Masters (Rhodes)

This palace-castle has 205 halls and rooms, each interesting in its own way. Tourists are advised to see the mosaic courtyard, the Hall of music, dancing and waiting, the Reception Hall, as well as the Hall of Byzantine icons. Of particular note is the rich interior decoration of the rooms, among which there are many antique vases, Greek amphorae and statues.

5. Acropolis of Athens

This hill in Athens is a must visit for every tourist. In fact, how can one miss one of the most famous structures of antiquity! The main objects of the acropolis are the Parthenon, the Erechtheion and the Temple of Nika, however, it will take more than one day to see all the historical monuments of this place without exception.

6. The Venetian Harbor of Chania

Very nice and comfortable place. During the Venetian rule, a harbor was built in the old town of Chania, which today abounds with cafes and fish taverns. Here you can ride a horse on the pavement lined with paving stones or go on a boat trip on a boat. However, simply admiring the beautiful view and historical buildings also does not hurt.

8. Santorini island

This island is rightfully considered the most beautiful in the world! Indeed, it is difficult to imagine something more beautiful than his snow-white houses, descending to the sea of ​​incredibly pure azure color! The flow of tourists arrives on the island of Santorini in March and does not dry out until November. The island is considered a great place for a romantic wedding and family vacations.

9. Samaria Gorge

This is the largest gorge in Europe, which has become a national park. A visit to the Samaria Gorge is possible only as part of a tourist group, the hiking route is designed for at least four hours and will require considerable effort. However, the beauty of the unspoiled nature of this place will be a worthy reward for travelers.

10. Parthenon

You definitely saw this ancient structure, if not in photographs, then in the guise of numerous buildings that became copies of it. You cannot confuse these slender columns with anything! The Parthenon, of course, now cannot boast of its former greatness, however, it still looks like a vivid example of ancient architecture. Work on its reconstruction is ongoing.

11. The ancient city of Mystra

Built in the form of an amphitheater around the main fortress, the ancient city of Mystra really looks like a “Miracle of the Seas”. Today it is a picturesque ruin, which is surrounded by no less beautiful nature. This open-air museum is protected by UNESCO.The Palaeological Festival is held here annually.

12. Cave Lake Melissani

Amazingly beautiful place. Imagine a mirror-clear surface of the water, picturesque rocks on the sides and the bright sun that breaks into the cave due to the dome destroyed by the earthquake. Walking on a boat and swimming in the cave lake Melissani will definitely become one of the highlights of a trip to Greece.

13. Myrtos Beach

Myrtle Beach has earned a reputation as the best in Greece. Its clean, white sand causes an acute desire to give up everything and just relax, basking in the sun and listening to the sound of the surf. The beach has a crescent forum and is located in a picturesque bay, so the waves here are small. Tourists are offered various services, in particular, rental of umbrellas and sun loungers.

14. Monasteries of Meteora

Looking at these monasteries, somehow miraculously "climbing" the impregnable cliffs, you begin to believe in higher powers. Meteora monasteries have been operating since the tenth century and have never been closed. Now on the rocks up to 600 meters high there are six functioning Orthodox monasteries, male and female, for visiting which certain days and hours are set.

15. Mount Athos

A place where thousands of pilgrims flock from all over the world. Holy Mount Athos is a self-governing community of 20 Orthodox monasteries. Athos is revered as the earthly destiny of the Virgin. By the way, women are strictly prohibited here! Violators even face a criminal sentence. Men should observe a strict form of clothing and follow established rules.

17. Mykonos island

A small island in the Aegean Sea is known as a great place to relax. On the island of Mykonos, with a coastline of about 89 kilometers, cosmopolitan beaches are located, as well as intended for families. The most popular of them are Paranga and Agios Ioannis, with a beautiful view of the island of Delos.

18. Navagio Beach

Navagio beach is often depicted on the advertising brochures of tour operators - the place is incredibly beautiful and attractive. It is often called the “shipwreck beach”, as the ship Panjiotis, owned by smugglers, still stands here. It is noteworthy that overland access to Navagio Beach, surrounded on all sides by impregnable cliffs, is impossible.

19. Cape Sounion

This cape in the south of Attica is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. It has long been inhabited by people attracted by the good location of Sounion. On the cape, the remains of the sanctuary of Poseidon, near which an interesting archaeological exhibition has been created, have been preserved. In addition, the cape will delight tourists with amazing views of the sea and the nearest islands.

20. Plaka (Athens)

If you want to see Athens as they were many centuries ago, be sure to visit Plaka - the oldest district of the city. Walking along its winding streets with snow-white steps, you can see houses, some of which are on the foundations of ancient buildings. Plaka is interesting for its taverns, wine cellars and souvenir shops.

21. Delos Island

This virtually uninhabited island in the Aegean is mentioned in many myths and legends. The ruins of the temples of Artemis and Apollo, as well as other traces of ancient civilizations, have been preserved on Delos. In addition, the Dolphin House, the Lion Terrace, the preserved market square, as well as the Doric temple of Isis are of interest.