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The main church of the diocese of Mikkeli is the Cathedral. The building with a tiled roof was built in the years 1896 -97 in the Neo-Gothic style. It was designed by Stenbek Josef, a Finnish architect. The cathedral can accommodate about 1200 parish people.

In the sixties of the twentieth century, a high bell tower was built in the western wall of the Cathedral. Inside the cathedral is an organ manufactured at a factory in the city of Kangasala in 1956.

In the eastern part of the Cathedral there is a large altar. It was painted in 1899 by Halonen Pekka, a famous artist. The altar picture depicting the scene of the crucifixion of Christ was presented as a gift to the city.

In 1927, the local population nearby broke a square with a picturesque pond. To this day, residents believe that by walking along the bridge leading through the pond, any desire can be fulfilled.

Mannerheim Square

On one side of the Stella shopping complex is an area with a monument to Marshal Mannerheim. He is considered the national hero of Finland and any town that the famous marshal has ever visited has a memorial museum, and it’s natural to erect a monument to the national hero on the main square of the city.

Monument to Marshal Mannerheim

In Mikkeli, two places associated with Mannerheim are the Museum of the Main Headquarters, where the working cabinet of Marshal Mannerheim and the headquarters of the ground forces are exhibited. At the Mikkeli train station, there is a saloon car used by Mannerheim from 1939 to 1946.

There is a city market on Mannerheim Square, the assortment is the same as on the market in Laappeenranta - berries, flowers, fish, products of local artisans. And there was a huge queue for the bus, probably it would take 3 buses to accommodate all these people. So they also have lines.

Kirkkopuisto Church Park

This small park on the other side of the Stella shopping complex has a very long history. At this place, back in the years 1754-1806, there was a church and the church cemetery Sivolahti. After more than a quarter of a millennium, the park was reconstructed and reopened. The park is very small, I would call it a small square.

Kirkkopuisto Church Park

For some reason, the Finns love to portray naked men, and this archer is also naked. Maybe this is due to their tradition of joint visits to saunas?

Kirkkopuisto Church Park

To hold national singing and music events in the fall of 1896, a covered stage was built in the park under the guidance of architect JohnLybeck.

Kirkkopuisto Church Park

Naysvuori Observation Tower

To view all the surroundings of the city, you can visit the observation tower "Naysvuori". The tower itself stands on a natural hill, a square is broken around, flowers are planted, a fountain is working, in a word everything is very beautiful. From the tower you can see the whole city and the adjacent forests and lakes.

Looking at the Naysvuori Tower

Another sculpture of a naked man.

View from the observation tower View from the observation tower View from the observation tower - the main Cathedral

There is a small cafe on the ground floor of the tower. They sell traditional waffles at a price of 8 euros per serving, waffles can be ordered with jam, whipped cream or ice cream, they put a lot of ice cream, they saw it at the next table. The waffles themselves, to our taste, very much resemble pancakes, they are not crispy at all, but soft, like pancakes, we tried similar wafers in Belgian Bruges.

Waffles in the observation tower cafe

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This is for the Finns, maybe they are fans of Mannerheim. For us, this is a man who took the oath twice - first the Russian Empire, then independent Finland. And he participated in the blockade of Leningrad, the city where he once received a military education. I think that in Mikkeli there is something to see and besides Mannerheim.

We plan to be in Mikkeli on June 14, passing from Kuopio to Leppavirtu. We will visit the Naysvuori tower, look at the city.

I think the fans of Manerheim would be interested in Mikkeli, read his biography at his leisure, he was a very difficult person. Probably it was he who helped Finland maintain independence in all the vicissitudes of the twentieth century.

And we were at Disneyland in a hotel where we could cook waffles for breakfast ourselves. Pour the dough cooked in a waffle iron and bake them. It’s so great that I wondered if I could buy such a thing home.

Perhaps not much is remarkable, except that the view of the river from the observation tower

Yes, tourist buses come to this city because of shopping, and not because of beauty, beauty must be sought in other places.

Something a little expensive for the waffles ... but decorated great.

Finland is not a cheap country at all, Sweden and Germany are cheaper. In Bruges, chocolate wafers cost 3.5 euros, but there they were smaller in size.

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