Cities and towns of the South Coast


A real pearl in the necklace of Crimean sights is the magnificent landscape park Aivazovskoye, better known as the Paradise Park. It is located in the village of Partenit, at the foot of Ayu-Dag Mountain, on the seashore. The unique monument of landscape gardening art is part of the Aivazovskoye health-improving complex.

The beautiful waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur is located in the vicinity of Alushta in the territory of the Khapkhal reserve. Even in the name itself, the murmur of water is heard. However, this is not surprising: in translation from Armenian, this name means "Water-Water", according to another version - "Everlasting babbling."

The hallmark of Big Yalta can rightfully be called the famous architectural monument "Swallow's Nest", which offers a stunning panorama of the southern coast of Crimea. This original building is considered a symbol of the peninsula and a place of worship, a must visit for visitors.

The main attraction of Livadia is the Livadia Palace Museum, surrounded by an amazing park. On average, half a million tourists visit this attraction annually.

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Foros is a beautiful building in the Byzantine style with many domes reminiscent of Moscow churches of the late XVIII century. Famous and favorite tourist attraction - one of the symbols of the southern coast of Crimea.

Foros Park with rare plants imported from around the world is perhaps the most striking landmark of Foros along with the famous Church of the Resurrection of Christ. The park was broken in 1834. Since 1960 it has been a monument of landscape gardening art of national importance.

Palace "Romantic Alexandria" immediately and unconditionally attracts increased attention. The history of this beautiful building is closely intertwined with the life of famous people of Russia.

The unique flora reserve and one of the most famous gardens in the world - the Nikitsky Botanical Garden - is a must for anyone who is not indifferent to the beauty and diversity of the plant world. Here are collected thousands of species of herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees, including very rare species.

Massandra Palace is a picturesque architectural monument of the 19th century. At different times, the walls of the palace served as the residence for both Russian monarchs and proletarian leaders. Now a branch of the Alupkinskiy architectural and park museum-reserve has been opened here.

Miskhorsky park can be called a real masterpiece of landscape art. The green zone spreads over an area of ​​more than 20 hectares along the magnificent beaches of the resort town of Miskhor.

The Yusupov Palace in Koreiz is one of the most interesting and beautiful palace and park complexes of Crimea with more than a century of history. Within its walls, famous personalities have repeatedly visited and historical events unfolded.

One of the most famous and most visited by tourists mountains of the Crimean peninsula - Ai-Petri (1234 m) - the main peak of the Ai-Petrinsky Yail massif, located in the south. Actually, she gave the name to the whole plateau and became a symbol of the southern coast of Crimea.

The Alupka State Palace and Park Museum-Reserve, which includes the Vorontsov Palace and the surrounding magnificent landscape park, is one of the main attractions of Crimea, the decoration of the resort Alupka.

Jurla Falls is marked on the map of every avid tourist. One of the most beautiful and visited waterfalls of the peninsula, located in the tract of the same name, in the southeastern part of the Demerdzhi massif.

In the center of modern Alushta are the remains of the Byzantine tower of the medieval fortress Aluston, which once served as a gateway to the rich Alushta valley. An extraordinary monument of ancient history in combination with modern buildings gives the city a special uniqueness.

About 10 kilometers northeast of Alushta lies the valley of the Soter river. This beautiful place is known for a unique collection of natural, historical and archaeological sites. The most famous and popular tourist sites of these places are Sotere Stone Mushrooms, located in a picturesque gorge.

In a picturesque corner of the Southern Crimea, between Yalta and Alushta, there is a beautiful landscape park. In its bowels there is an old family estate of the princes Gagarin. The main and most beautiful building of the estate is undoubtedly the palace of Princess Gagarina, resembling a medieval castle in appearance.

In the very heart of the Crimean mountains, in a beautiful, but inaccessible place at the source of the Alma River, Kosmo-Damianovsky or Kozmodamianovsky Monastery lurks. This is a sacred place for Crimean Christians and pilgrims from all over Russia.

The temple, consecrated in the name of Nicholas of Myra, is the highest temple in Crimea, built in memory of all those who died on the waters, and which serves as a lighthouse. Along with the Swallow's Nest, Ai-Petri and Bear Mountain is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Crimean Peninsula.

Location, climate

The best climate is on the South Coast of the city and towns. The southern coast of Crimea is sheltered from the winds from the north by the Crimean mountains. From the south, the Black Sea approaches the South Coast. This secluded place between the mountains and the sea has its own unique microclimate, not without reason it is here that the largest number of health centers in the Crimea was built. Unique coniferous plants, cedars, pine, spruce, juniper, cypress grow on the southern coast of Crimea. They produce healing phytoncides into the air that kill pathogenic bacteria.

Sea Black Sea air is also useful. He is saturated ozone, magnesium ions, salts, iodine, there is no dust and smog.

The climate on the southern coast of Crimea is Mediterranean, even in winter the temperature does not fall below +10 degrees. The holiday season on the southern coast of Crimea begins in May and lasts until October. In May, the water warms up to +18 degrees, only seasoned tourists bathe. The best time to relax on the South Coast is July, August and early September. At this time, the water is +23 degrees, the weather during the day +30 degrees and a light breeze blows.

Cities and towns of the Southern coast of Crimea

If you want to see the most beautiful places, come to the South coast of Crimea. The cities and towns here are so picturesque and so different that there are places for everyone. From Cape Ayia to Kara-Dag along the southern coastal highway, the best cities and towns of the South Coast are located. Further, in detail about each of them.

  • Ayia and Laspi
  • Foros
  • Castropol
  • Katsiveli
  • Simeiz
  • Alupka
  • Koreiz
  • Gaspra
  • Livadia
  • Yalta
  • Massandra
  • Nikita
  • Gurzuf
  • Partenit
  • Cliff
  • Small Lighthouse
  • Alushta
  • Seven Yard
  • Satera
  • Solnechnogorsk
  • Malorechenskoye
  • Fishing
  • Marine
  • New World
  • Zander

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Ayia and Laspi are not crowded places in the South Coast, where they come mainly by car. During the Crimean War, the ship “Black Prince” sank here, gold coins are still found in the area of ​​Cape Aya.

Foros is a village of the South Coast with beautiful views and healing air with volatile production. Recently, Foros is actively developing. Here is a good sanatorium and park.


Kastropol is not a large quiet village of the Southern coast of Crimea with several shops, a small market and a cafe. There are not very many people here. Pebbles on the beach, sometimes large.

Katsiveli - a small village of the South Coast. It is known for an oyster farm and a beautiful view of Mount Cat. The beach is pebble, there are stones, there are not many people. Near the water park "Blue Bay".

Simeiz is a village on the southern coast of Crimea with steep climbs and stairs near Mount Koshka. There are a lot of people. But the village has a healing climate and beautiful nature.

Alupka is a South Coast settlement with pebble beaches and a Vorontsov park. It is clean, picturesque, very tasty air.

Koreiz is a village on the southern coast of Crimea, where 90% of the beaches belong to sanatoriums and hotels. In the village is the famous Yusupov Palace.

Gaspra is a picturesque village of the South Coast with a good location, famous for the Swallow's Nest - the hallmark of the Crimea. There are very steep ascents and descents. The sea is clean.

Livadia - the village of the Southern coast of Crimea, in which the Livadia Palace is located. Here you can take a walk along the royal (sunny) path.

Yalta is the most beautiful city of the South Coast in the Crimea, surrounded by picturesque mountains, and located on the plain itself. There are no steep descents and ascents, there is always something to do and what to see. He inspired writers, and now attracts a lot of tourists. Perhaps Yalta is the most populous city in the Crimea. But they come here, because in Yalta it’s really good. It is convenient to travel to the sights of Crimea from here.

Massandra is a small village of South Coast, which is located 5 km from Yalta. Massandra is famous for its wines, Massandra Palace (located above the South Coast Highway) and Massandra Beach, awarded the “blue flag”.

Nikita is a village on the southern coast of Crimea, where most tourists come to visit the Nikitsky Botanical Garden. The garden was founded in 1812 by Christian Stevan. Unique plants from around the world grow here, but in addition to the Botanical Garden, Nikita has a good beach and Cape Martyan. The village with steep climbs uphill.

Gurzuf is a very beautiful small village of the South Coast. There are always a lot of people here, prices are high. Pebble beaches, clean. Here is a good park of the sanatorium "Gurzufsky" and the famous camp "Artek".

Partenit is a very beautiful village on the southern coast of Crimea in the suburbs of Alushta. Here one of the best parks in the Crimea is Aivazovskoye, expensive luxury hotels, but there is also a private sector and apartment buildings. The public beach in Partenit is not very well maintained, and paid beaches are good and not crowded.

The cliff is a small village of the South Coast, Crimean Santa Barbara with boathouses by the sea, Karasan Nature Reserve and Gagarina Palace.

Small Lighthouse

Small Lighthouse is a village on the southern coast of Crimea, 1.5 km from the sea. Here you can rent inexpensive housing, but walking uphill is not very convenient.

Alushta is the city of the South Coast where you want to return. There are entertainment, an aquarium, dolphinariums, parks and a very long strip of beaches for every taste. It is convenient to go on excursions from Alushta; there are also many attractions in the vicinity.

Seven Yard

Semidvorye is a small village of South Coast near Alushta. The village is located below the Sudak highway, sheltered from it by a forest. It is quiet and very calm.

Satera is another village on the southern coast of Crimea, 2 km from Sudak highway. If you go along the highway, you may not even know that there is a village here.


Solnechnogorsk - a small village of the South Coast along the Sudak highway. The beach here is an amateur - with dark sand and pebbles of volcanic origin. In the village you can find budget housing, then its main advantage. From Alushta to Solnechnogorsk beautiful mountain serpentine.


Malorechenskoye is a village on the southern coast of Crimea, 2 km from Solnechnogorsk. A highway runs along the city, with the opening of the Crimean bridge there are a lot of cars on it. In Malorechenskoye there are several attractions - cheese feces, a lighthouse temple, a museum of disasters on the waters and the same beaches with gray sand.

Rybachye is another village of the South Coast with low prices and a large number of campers. There are a lot of cars, but not enough space. Fishing attracts tourists with low prices, but again, here the track runs along the sea, cars go literally over the heads of vacationers.

Morskoye is a village on the southern coast of Crimea along a highway with low prices. The village is stretched from the sea, so you can find cheap housing. The Kino group once settled here, and still fans come to the monument of this group in the form of a guitar.

New World

Novyi Svit is a very beautiful village of South Coast where the famous Golitsyn trail and winery are located. This place is a must for all lovers of the sea, mountains and picturesque nature.

Sudak is a developed city of the South Coast with nightlife, shops, entertainment and a medieval Genoese fortress. A good place to relax youth in the Crimea. A very beautiful place and the bright blue color of the water.

Fruit on the South Coast

The southern coast of Crimea, cities and villages along the sea - the best place for growing Crimean figs, cherries, peaches, persimmons, pears and apples. Vineyards grow on the South Coast, of which the famous Crimean wines are made.

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Hotel reviews

Sanatorium "South Coast" is located in Alupka, 20 km from Yalta and 100 km from Simferopol, not far from the relic olive grove.

Hotel "South Coast" consists of one seven-story building, designed for 160 rooms of various categories, of which 80 have sea views. It offers single and double standard rooms, equipped with a bathroom with toilet and shower / bathtub, and a balcony with sea, mountain or park views. The rooms have satellite TV and a refrigerator. Room cleaning is done daily; linen is changed once a week. Children from 4 years old are accepted for living, paying for accommodation and meals.

In the resort "South Coast" there is a free guarded parking lot, sports grounds, tennis court, children's playground. For an additional fee, guests can use the services of a nanny, children's room, beauty salon, gym, conference room, play billiards, use the services of a currency exchange office. Scooters, catamarans, bananas, water skis can be rented. Three meals a day are organized in the dining room of the hotel, and there is also a bar in the complex.
Private pebble beach is 300 meters from the pension. Sun loungers, awnings and umbrellas are provided free of charge, sun loungers at an additional cost.

Sanatorium "South Coast" specializes in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Services such as a doctor’s examination, ECG, thalassotherapy, exercise therapy, physiotherapy, salt cave, inhalation, massage, aromatherapy, oxygen cocktails, herbal medicine are available to guests.

3 main features of recreation on the southern coast of Crimea

The southern coast of Crimea for holidays in 2019 is the best place. The season begins in June, but already in May there are many vacationers who bathe and sunbathe. This Crimean region is perfect for beach and sea holidays.

Going to Crimea for a vacation in 2019 on the South Coast, you need to consider several important features:

  • Children will be very interested here, because here entertainment infrastructure developed - many water parks and attractions. Adults in Crimea in 2019 on the South Coast can spend on the beaches, in cozy cafes, near pools.
  • Warm weather set in May and held until the end of October, which allows you to plan a long vacation on the South Coast in the Crimea. The sea is warm, the sun does not bake, the air is full of aromas that make you dizzy.
  • Huge selection of housingwhich is better to book in advance to be able to choose. It is recommended to do this in March-April, since by May a lot of tourists already decide that they will spend their future holidays in Crimea in 2019 on the South Coast. Because of this, the best options for living are sorted out a few months in advance. You can settle in the private sector, but you have to agree that you will remain unoccupied.

Separately, it should be said that rest on the southern coast of Crimea is a great opportunity to travel on excursions, to visit natural and architectural sights. Classic directions educational tourism Ayu-Dag and Ai-Petri mountains are considered, as well as palaces in Livadia, Massandra, Yalta.

Where can I stay on the southern coast of Crimea for a vacation in 2019? It all depends on the budget and the wishes of vacationers. The most expensive cities South Coast are considered Yalta, Alushta, Simeiz. Acceptable prices for housing, food and entertainment can be found in Gurzuf, Laspi Bay, Livadia, Massandra, Miskhor.

If there are significant advantages in this region of Crimea, a vacation in 2019 on the South Coast can have limitations:

  • Pretty high priceswhen compared with other resort areas of the peninsula. This is especially felt in the late booking of housing and the purchase of vouchers,
  • Pebble beachesthat are constantly filled with vacationers,
  • It’s hard to find convenient places descent to the sea,
  • Narrow streets visitors do not allow their own cars to deliver vehicles or to reach the final destination.

But for most vacationers who organized their holidays on time, such disadvantages do not interfere with spending time on the South Bank.

Crimea, South Coast: on vacation 2019 with early booking

Wanting to save money during the summer holidays, many tourists decide to pre-book a place in a hotel or hotel, buy a ticket at affordable prices. For early bookings, the following features:

  • Necessary in whole or in part pay a ticket a few months before the date of the planned vacation,
  • Buying a comprehensive package including transport tickets, room reservation and transfer, you can significantly cut costs for future vacations
  • Big choice hotels and pensions,
  • Independent selection of excursions and tourist routes,
  • Opportunity to get bonuses for early booking. Usually these are discounts on hotel services, free tours, transfers, etc.

If you want to go to Crimea on the South Coast for a vacation in 2019 with early booking, you must definitely take into account several disadvantages. At first, not allowed change the date, place and time of travel. Secondly, if you refuse the tour you will have to pay fine, the size of which is sometimes 80-90% of the cost of the permit. Thirdly, arise difficulties with change of passport data.

Southern coast of Crimea: prices for rest

In Crimea, on the South Coast holiday prices bite, so you need to plan a vacation a few months in advance. This will allow you to purchase a ticket at affordable prices, without overpayments and markups.

For tourists who were in the Crimea and South Coast on vacation in 2018, prices were low in the private sector, guest houses, motels and inexpensive hotels. The cost of services in such holiday destinations depends on the following factors:

  • Dates and months of arrival,
  • Resort
  • The location of the selected hotel or resort
  • Conditions of rest.

On the South Coast in the Crimea on vacation in 2018 prices for accommodation in hotels in late May - early June ranged from 1.5 thousand per room class "economy". In the second half of June, the price for such a number rose to 2-3 thousand per day. In three-star hotels, economy-class rooms cost from 2.5 thousand. In 4-5-star hotel complexes, prices were much higher.

For visitors staying in the Crimea on the South Coast during the rest of 2018, the prices were acceptable. Average in the villages it was possible to rent a double room for 600-700 rubles, but this summer prices could rise to 1 thousand rubles for a double room.

It is possible to make holidays in the new holiday season budget in the South Coast, Crimea, as well as the rest of 2018, if eat by yourself. Products in markets, shops and supermarkets are not as expensive as in restaurants or cafes. If you do not want to cook, then you need to choose places away from the coastline. The farther from the sea, the cheaper.

On the southern coast of Crimea on vacation prices in 2019 g will look something like this:

  • Cost food in the dining room will be equal to 800 rubles, in a cafe - 1.5 thousand, in a restaurant - 3 thousand,
  • Flights for two people will be worth 14 thousand rubles,
  • Food from 1.2 thousand for two,
  • Riding on catamaran - 150-500 rubles, a visit to the water park - from 400 to 1 thousand, a dolphinarium - within 200-400 rubles, a walk to the park or nature reserve will cost 50-250 rubles.,
  • Visiting Monuments architecture, history or culture - from 200 to 2000 rubles.

You can save on excursions if you travel independently in the Crimea in the South Coast, and then rest with prices will come out really fascinating and budget.

Rest on the Southern coast of Crimea: reviews

Vacationers speak with admiration about every city in the South Coast, despite crowding on the beaches and streets. This does not stop enjoying a vacation on the southern coast of Crimea, and 2018 proved it.

Tourists left a lot of positive reviews about Big Yalta, Alushta, Gurzuf, Laspi Bay, mountains, Miskhor, Massandra and Livadia. In particular, in their reviews visiting accents were made on the following points:

  • Big Yalta great for educational tourism, beach vacations and sea activities,
  • Massandra and Livadia they are distinguished by excellent cuisine and wine cards, therefore, a vacation on the southern coast of Crimea according to reviews will suit real gourmets and connoisseurs of sea delicacies,
  • Sevastopol it amazes with its museums and unusual history, it’s worth going here for a few days to see everything slowly,
  • South Coast is suitable for family trip on your own car and spending your vacation in a tent,
  • IN Koktebel there are numerous festivals that make the rest more atmospheric,
  • Ancient people are not indifferent to travelers Crimean mountains. In particular, reviews of Crimean guests are advised to visit Cape Ai, Ai-Petri, Bear Mountain, the extinct volcano Karadag, look at mountain waterfalls,
  • The most beautiful place in Southern Crimea is considered laspi bay, which allows you to be alone with yourself, touch nature and watch the sea.

Thus, rest on the southern coast of Crimea in 2018—2019. will be unforgettable in its own way for everyone. The picturesque nature of the local nature, fresh breezes, mountains and the sea that surround the resorts and hotels do not leave anyone indifferent.

Southern coast of Crimea: rest with children

This region of Crimea is great for trips with children of different ages. This is a great opportunity to improve your health and splash in the warm sea, and visit the many attractions and excursions that are specially designed for young tourists.

On the South Coast in Crimea, holidays with children should start with a visit to the main attractions - palaces in Livadia, Massandra, Yalta, parks and reserves. Excursions should be planned according to the age of the children. For the very young rides and water slides along the Black Sea coast of the South Coast.

On the southern coast of Crimea, holidays with children can be carried out in Nikitsky Botanical Garden, sanatorium park Aivazovsky, house-museums that are in small parks.

On the South Coast in Crimea, rest with children is necessarily associated with a visit miniature park in Alushta, Glades of fairy tales in Yalta, a museum of pirates, caves Marble and Kizil-Koba. You can ride a cable car with children, go to water parks, a crocodilarium, a zoo, a marine animal theater, and dolphinariums.

Economical vacation on the southern coast of Crimea: where to go?

Inexpensive rest in Crimea on the South Coast can hold in hotels, resorts, boarding houses, hotel complexes. For example, Azovland boarding house offers a discount of up to 25% for full payment of accommodation and meals. In the Beregovoy boarding house, the discount is 10% if vacationers are ready to pay the entire tour package at once.

Budget holidays on the southern coast of Crimea are primarily associated with booking time and purchase permits. The sooner this is done, the cheaper it can get around the rest.

Of no small importance is where travelers go on vacation to the South Coast. Most tourists try to rent a house in Foros, Yalta and Alushta. Due to its popularity, the cost of rooms in the private sector, boarding houses, sanatoriums and hotels is much higher than in other settlements. For an inexpensive vacation on the southern coast of Crimea in Yalta or Alushta, you should choose private sector or private apartments. In Yalta, you can rent a room in a small guest house for 800-1.2 thousand rubles a day. Such a price does not provide for a large number of amenities - only furniture and a bathroom.

In Alushta, an inexpensive vacation in the Crimea on the South Coast can be carried out in mini-hotels or family pensions, where for a room they ask from 1.5 thousand rubles. In the private sector, you can rent a house 10-15% cheaper. Prices differ at the beginning of the season and at the end of it, therefore already at the end of August the cost of a room or room in mini-hotels falls significantly.

Quite economical vacations on the southern coast of Crimea are offered in the following settlements:

A popular destination in terms of budget holidays on the southern coast of Crimea is Partenit. Although in some establishments of this settlement the prices are several times higher than the cost of housing in Yalta. For example, you can rent an apartment here for 1.5-2.7 thousand rubles. It will be cheaper to rent a room in a private sector or a boarding house.

You can spend an inexpensive vacation on the southern coast of Crimea, you just need to carefully search for the most suitable housing option. In the private sector and apartments, conditions are sometimes similar to those offered in expensive hotels, so do not overpay.

Holidays in Crimea 2019: health resorts of the South Coast

An affordable vacation option for children and adults is the sanatoriums that dot the entire Black Sea coast of the Southern Crimea.

You can spend your vacation in Crimea 2019 in the sanatoriums of the South Coast only if available directions from the doctor. This is necessary to undergo a complex of treatment and correctly take wellness procedures. Usually this is a visit to saunas and baths, massage rooms, ultrasound, treatment rooms, sea water pools. In sanatoriums, special diet food is prescribed at the same time as treatment.

Approximate prices for holidays in 2019 in health resorts are:

  • Ai-Petri"(Yalta) - from 2.3 thousand per room,
  • Mishor (Yalta) - 2.3 thousand,
  • Named after Kirov (Yalta) - 2.1 thousand,
  • Slavutich (Alushta) - 2.7 thousand
  • "Cliff" (Alushta) - 3.077,
  • Ai-Danil (Yalta) - 6.7 thousand,
  • "Sail" (Yalta) - 2.8 thousand,
  • Sauvignon (Alushta) - 1.4 thousand

In the sanatoriums there is enough entertainment, so the rest here will not be boring for either kids or adults. In addition to visiting treatment rooms, visitors take sunbaths and air baths, breathe healing air in parks and protected areas.

The advantages and disadvantages of rest on the southern coast of Crimea in the private sector

The private sector of the South Crimea is a great opportunity for a budget and comfortable stay. You can spend your holidays on the southern coast of Crimea in the private sector in guest houses, tourist camps and houses, cottages, boarding houses.

TO pluses Holidays on the South Coast in the Crimea and leisure in the private sector include:

  • Thrifty accommodation options
  • Availability and big choice housing
  • The ability to find a room or apartment without intermediaries,
  • Availability additional featuresincluding fresh air, proximity to nature, fenced area,
  • Proximity markets and shops
  • No need to comply regulations hotel
  • Can cook yourself,
  • Children can run and have fun wherever they want.

But on the South Coast in Crimea, rest in the private sector has some inconvenience. The first is availability neighbors in a common courtyard or hallway. Secondly, close corridors and steep stairs, therefore, parents of young children should carefully choose housing. Thirdly, budget vacation means rent small rooms size.

Popular housing

Guest house Komissarova 22 / a in Feodosia

Price from: 1000 rub To learn more

Boathouse "The Seagull" in Alupka

Price from: 2000 rub To learn more

Guest house "Inna" in Dairy (Evpatoria). Large courtyard, a place for cars.

Price from: 400 rub To learn more

Guest House "Rodnaya Gavan" in Uchkuevka (Sevastopol)

Price from: 800 rub To learn more

Best offers

Chic guest house "White Sails" in Sudak

Guest house "Nicholas" in Nikolaevka

Price from: 600 rub To learn more

Guest complex "Sea extravaganza" in Sevastopol

Cottage "Dolphin" in Nikolaevka

Price from: 1100 rub To learn more

Hotel Yakhont Yard in the Black Sea

Price from: 2200 rub To learn more

Mini-hotel "Capitania" in Sudak

Price from: 550 rub To learn more

The recreation center "Family Courtyard" in the Coastal (Evpatoria)

Price from: 3500 rub To learn more

Taxi long-distance in the Crimea

+7(988) 52-52-700 To learn more

Guest house "Inna" in Dairy (Evpatoria). Large courtyard, a place for cars.

Price from: 400 rub To learn more

Guest House Anchor in Sevastopol

Price from: 1200 rub To learn more

The resort complex "AZOVSKY" in Pesochny To learn more

Pension "Azovland" in Golden To learn more

Cottages "Christie" by the Donuzlav Bay (p. Mirny, Yevpatoriya)

Price from: 1800 rub To learn more

Mini-Hotel Comfort in Schelkino

Price from: 2500 rub To learn more

Chic boathouses "Dolphin" on the beach in Alushta To learn more

Guest House Serenade - a magical vacation in Koktebel

Price from: 1200 rub To learn more

Hotel-Cafe "Crimea" in Koktebel

Price from: 1300 rub To learn more

Pension "Tavrika Gold" in Utes (Alushta)

Private sector "Pearl" in Nikolaevka

Price from: 250 rub To learn more