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Bojnice is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Slovakia.

Bojnice Castle is often called a Haunted Castle.

The castle was built on the site of an ancient volcanic layer, in the center of which a crater with a depth of 27 meters, adapted for a castle well.

Next to the castle is the oldest zoo in Serbia, which often hosts a show of hunting birds - Falconry.

Count Jan Pallfi is one of the last Bojnice owners. It was on his orders that a large-scale reconstruction of the building was carried out, thanks to which it began to resemble the romantic castle of the French Loire. According to legend, the count fell in love with a Frenchwoman and made her an offer, but she refused to move to Bojnitsa, because he did not look like her native home. And then Pallfi set about altering the fortification, which lasted ... 22 years! Ironically, the count died in 1908, never seeing the final result, and his lady of the heart married another one even earlier.

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Bratislava Zoo

The Bratislava Zoo, located in the capital of Slovakia - the city of Bratislava, was opened in 1960 on the side of the Maly Carpathian Mountains, in the forest. The initial area of ​​the zoo was 9 hectares; currently, about 96 hectares live on an area of ​​about 96 hectares, representing 174 species of world fauna.

In the zoo, equipped with beautiful aviaries, you can see such representatives of the animal world as yellow-legged tamarines, meerkats, armadillos, zebras, rhinos, ostriches and many other species. The main pride of the zoo are white tigers and white lions.

The Bratislava Zoo has a large collection of representatives of the cat family, for which living conditions are arranged that are as close to natural as possible. In 2004, the Dinopark exposition was opened at the zoo, where you can see the moving and emitting sounds of a dinosaur sculpture. Also on site is a 3D cinema, cafes and souvenir shops.

Ghost Castle

Few people know what is hidden under the facade of a romantic castle in Bojnice. Surprisingly, it was built on the site of an ancient volcano, the center of which was adapted to a well.

Under the roof of the castle are numerous collections of art. The greatest value of the castle is the collection of paintings by the Italian artist Narda di Chione, as well as its Bojnitsky altar. One cannot help but stare at the ceiling in the Golden Hall, on which the faces of 183 angels are painted. It is believed that the facial expression of each angel is unique and not like the other.

But still the most bewitching in this castle is the mysterious story of its last owner, Jan Palffia. They say that his spirit still has not left this place. It is worth checking if this is really so.

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Olympic training base Bojnice

The Bojnice Olympic training base is open to all professionals and sports enthusiasts. On its territory there are four football fields, sports halls for volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, an indoor running hall for soccer and long jumps, as well as two tennis courts and a fitness center with 31 exercise machines. There is also a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, bathhouse and a medical center.

It is noteworthy that the modern infrastructure of the base includes comfortable rooms for a long stay on the territory. In the local restaurant you will be offered a menu of not only European and national cuisine, but also a sports menu. Bojnice Olympic Base is an ideal venue for sporting events.

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