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We marked on the map all the hotels in Camyuva so that you can evaluate their location and choose the most convenient accommodation option.

The choice of hotel location depends primarily on the purpose of the trip and the budget of the trip. Rooms in the center of Camyuva, as in other cities in Turkey, are more expensive than at some distance from the main attractions.

Business travelers prefer to book hotels near train stations and other transportation hubs, as well as near exhibition centers and other points of business activity.

Tourists who come on vacation prefer to stay in hotels on the central streets of the city. Find the address you need on the map and see which Camyuva hotels are within walking distance.

Alanya fortress on the mountain

Seljuk fortress in Alanya, which rises above the city and is one of the main attractions of Alanya. It has paid and free parts. Paid partin truth, it’s hardly worth the money they ask for, but the sea views from there from the observation deck are excellent. However, if in your life there were few ancient ruins, then do not spare money - go. For budget travelers, I note: most of the fortress is free and very interesting.

View of the fortress walls from the observation deck on the mountain.

Fortress Ehmedek

Fortress Ehmedek included in paid part fortresses on the mountain. Getting to her is very convenient - the cable car from Cleopatra Beach Lucky tourists almost to the entrance of the fortress. Here you can see the "covers" of stone water tanks and drawings of Seljuk ships on the plaster walls.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Ancient mosque XIII century, but still valid. You can visit her even if you are not a Muslim. The Suleymaniye Mosque is located in free part fortresses on the mountain. More about this attraction in Alanya read here.

Fortress mosque Suleimaniye.

Museum "Traditional Turkish House"

2-floor turkish house with a balcony with beautiful views of the harbor and the lighthouse. A small exposition of household items is presented on the ground floor, the traditional rooms of a Turkish village house with a fireplace, furniture and handmade accessories are restored on the second floor. Also in the museum you can observe the work of Turkish women on looms (they create beautiful scarves, silk rugs, napkins and belts here, which can be purchased if desired). The museum is free. It is located in free part Alanian fortress on the mountain, near the Suleymaniye Mosque. Signs that read “Kültür Evi - Culture House” will help you find your way to the museum.

Byzantine church on the mountain

Byzantine temple located in internal fortress (citadel)which visit is paid. Therefore, to see the ruins of an ancient temple, you need to buy a ticket to the fortress. There is no unanimous opinion of what kind of church this is: tourist guides call the ruins the Church of St. George (Victorious), but the ministers of the Orthodox Church say that this version is erroneous and that in fact this is the Byzantine church of St. Constantine - Aya Konstantinos. The exact date of construction is also unknown: there is an opinion that this landmark of Alanya is more than 1500 years old and that the temple was erected in the IV-V centuries BC. e., some believe that this happened much later, only in the VIII-IX centuries. Be that as it may, the temple is interesting and needs restoration.

Byzantine church inside the fortress of Ichkale.

Mausoleum of Akshebe Turbesi

Mausoleum of Akshebe also located inside the Alanya fortress (in its free part), 100 meters from the Suleymaniye Mosque. Little is known about the history of this landmark of Alanya: the building was erected during the reign of Sultan Alaadin Kay-Kubad in the 13th century by a certain Aksheb (according to some reports, this was the first head of the fortress). The mausoleum consists of two rooms: the tomb itself and the mesjit (a place for prayer). A part of the brick minaret has also been preserved.

Bestest - The former Ottoman indoor market located in free part Alanya fortress, not far from Suleymaniye Mosque. Now in this place is a 3-star hotel “Club Bedesten”.

Cape Gilvarda + ruins of an ancient temple complex

Cape Gilward It is a long rocky ledge extending far into the sea. It is one of Alanya’s iconic landmarks and is featured on many handouts and postcards. The best views of the cape open from the observation deck located in paid part fortresses of Alanya (citadel). From here you can also see the ruins ancient christian monasterypreserved on the cape. True, you cannot go down to it - the steps that were once beaten in the rock partially collapsed, and partially erased. If you decide to look at Cape Dzhilvarda from the sea, ordering a boat trip on a boat, you can see the many caves and grottoes that adorn its slopes, and take beautiful photos from an unusual angle.

View of Cape Dzhilvarda from the observation deck in the fortress of Ichkale.

Cable Car - A Popular Landmark in Alanya

Cableway connects Cleopatra Beach with the top of the mountain on which the fortress is located. And this is a big plus, because earlier it was much more difficult to get there. Views from the cable car are beautiful, and the city and the sea are in full view. Cabins are designed for 4 people. Travel time: 5 minutes.

Tersane Shipyard

it very interesting place: here you can not only see everything, but also touch it with your hands. Especially recommended for visiting with children. Read more about this attraction in Alanya here: Shipyard in Alanya.

The skeleton of a ship at a shipyard.

Arsenal (Tophane)

Arsenal - a three-story rectangular tower, built during the reign of Sultan Alaadin Kay-Kubad on a 10-meter cliff to protect the city. At that time, a workshop was created here where guns for warships were cast - now, to create historical color and in memory of those times, various guns and throwing machines were also installed on the fortress wall, which goes to the shipyard from the Red Tower. While the Arsenal can be visited for free (although there is nothing special to watch there), but in general the Ministry of Culture and the City Hall of Alanya are working on the opening of the Maritime Museum on the basis of Shipyards and Arsenal.

Archaeological Museum in Alanya

Small and pleasant museum with local antiquities. Living peacocks in the courtyard, walking among the sarcophagi and various bas-reliefs, fish in the fountain and long-lived tortoises (if you are lucky to see them) add color. For children, a hall with a helm will be interesting, rotating it, you can control the ship on the screen and travel along the coast, as well as a game room where you can draw. More about this attraction in Alanya written here.

Alanya Lighthouse

Lighthouse installed in the sea harbor of the city, and to get a closer look, you need to go to the end of a long pier. It is curious that this lighthouse was built in Paris in 1880 and for 56 years illuminated the way for ships sailing to the French shores at night. Later it was disassembled and transported to Alanya, where it has been serving for more than 80 years. The lighthouse itself is low - about 20 meters, but its light is visible for 200 nautical miles. At the moment, the lighthouse is run by duty officers who live near it. And tourists can visit this attraction of Alanya, climbing up the spiral staircase: the walls inside are decorated with colored panels depicting the sea and sailing ships, and a beautiful view of the city and port opens from above. Let on the lighthouse sometimes free, and sometimes asked to pay a visit - in general, how lucky.

Alanya harbor lighthouse.

Kemal Ataturk House Museum

The museum is located a little to the side. from the main attractions of Alanya, on Rektör Sipahioä lu Sok. Kemal Atatürk came to this city only once, in 1935, and then stayed in the private house of Tefwik Azakoglu. A few years later, the owner of the house handed it over to the Ministry of Culture of Turkey, so that a museum was opened in this building in memory of the first president of the republic. Now on the ground floor you will find photographs and personal items (clothes, shoes, cutlery) of Kemal Atatürk, a telegram sent to him by the inhabitants of Alanya, as well as various documents signed by the great reformer.

The interior of a Turkish house of the last century, revived by mannequins, is recreated on the second floor, household items and samples of decorative and applied art are presented. The only problem the exposition is that most of the signatures are made only in Turkish. There are no Russian audio guides either, and walking without a guide is a little sad. But there is also pros: you can visit the museum is free.

City park them. Kemal Ataturk

Very well maintained park for walks. There is a lot of greenery (palm trees grow and bright flower beds are decorated), there are unusual sculptures and beautiful bridges, fountains that are pleasantly illuminated in the evening, and a cat town with houses for street animals, there is a playground, sports equipment and tennis courts, benches and even a hammock . The park is located next to Cleopatra's beach.

Ataturk Park near Cleopatra Beach.

Monuments to Ataturk

In Alania there are two monuments the great Turkish reformer of the twentieth century. The first is right below the walls Red tower. The second, more monumental, is on Ataturk Square (it is also called Republic Square), from where the busiest street of the city begins - Ataturk Boulevard. But, apparently, this is not enough to glorify the "father of the Turks": in the near future, directly in the sea off the coast of Alanya, it is planned to erect another sculptural monument dedicated to the first president of the country.

Monument to Alaadin Kay-Kubad

This monument situated at the entrance to the city from the side of Antalya. The Seljuk Sultan, who ruled Alanya in the 13th century, is now the first to welcome tourists coming to the resort. And this is very significant: it was on the orders of Kei-Kubad that the city was built Red tower, Tersane shipyard, fortress on the mountain and Suleymaniye Mosquewhich are popular attractions of Alanya.

Monument to Cleopatra

Monument set on the promenade of the city, not far from the beach, named after the world famous beauty. The bronze sculpture was put up at the initiative of the hotels of Alanya, who thus decided to emphasize the connection of the city with the Egyptian queen and “thank” Cleopatra for the huge number of tourists who come here to rest.

Alanya City Waterpark

Aquapark is downtown, near Damlatas caves and Cleopatra Beach. And this is it main plus! The water park itself is small and not too extreme. It has 9 slides, a pair of pools, a waterfall and a canal for rafting. The slides are simple, “children's” and not very new: some tourists in their reviews complain that “the joints on the slides can be counted as backs”. You can’t bring food and water to the territory of the water park - but there are cafes inside (though the prices are higher than in a regular supermarket). One more minus the city water park A large number of visitors and long lines for rides can become.

Kuyularonu Mosque (Kuyularonu Cami)

Modern mosque, built in 2005 at the beginning of the tourist street Damlatash. Outwardly unremarkable: with one minaret, without any special design frills. But inside it is unusually beautiful: its interior is designed in gentle bluish tones, the mihrab (a niche in the wall that indicates the direction to Mecca) and the mimbar (the chair with which the sermon is being read) are faced with marble, and the floor is covered with carpets with various ornaments. According to some reports, a library for foreign tourists has been created in the mosque, which has religious books in English, German, Russian ... The mosque is operational, anyone can visit this attraction in Alanya.

The modern mosque Kuyularenu.

Alanya Embankment

Very tourist place, where various cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and shops are located, near a beautiful park and popular attractions of Alanya (Red tower and a snow-white lighthouse). Chic yachts and stylized “pirate” ships moor here (they remind of the pirate past of the city), and here anyone can order a sea excursion for a couple of hours or for the whole day.


The main attraction of Kamala beach is the Phuket FantaSea show. This is the largest amusement park in Phuket. 57 hectares are filled with attractions and play areas, among the Thai palaces there is a unique zoo where albino animals live: white tigers, white mice, peacocks and even a white crow. However, tourists come here to watch a unique Thai show dedicated to the love story of Prince Kamal. Four hundred artists participate in the show: dancers, acrobats and illusionists, elephants march around the arena, shoot guns, sparkles fly, music plays, and a laser show shines. There will be enough impressions for both children and adults.

Massage and Spa-salons are located both on the beach and inside the resort.

At the southern end of the village, on the waterfront, is the spiritual center of local residents, the quiet Buddhist temple of Ba Kamala (Wat Baan Kamala). On Khao Phonthurat Hill, you can admire the view of the bay from the observation deck.

Cuisine and restaurants

Most restaurants serving international cuisine can be found on Rim Had Road, along the main street. In restaurants along the beach you can relax as much as possible, enjoy the sunset and eat delicious food. A chic dinner with wine and excellent food can be offered by restaurants located along the road leading to the cape in the south of Kamala.

On the plantation opposite Fantasea, a market with more than affordable prices operates on Fridays. Here you can buy both food and ready-made food, as well as clothes and souvenirs.