Monte Gordo Beach


The resort town of Monte Gordo is located 55 km east of Faro, near the border with Spain in the Ria Formosa nature reserve. Due to the wide sandy beaches, the ocean is 1-2 degrees warmer than on the rest of the Algarve coast.

Monte Gordo is one of the very first resort villages in the Algarve, so he did not have time to experience the influence of low-rise resort architecture, and residential buildings, as well as resort hotels, are high-rise buildings. Closer to the coastline, altitude decreases, hotels give way to restaurants, bars and casinos, most of which have ocean views from their terraces.

The main street of the city separates the beach and the promenade from the residential areas, immediately after it begins a wide promenade with palm trees and benches, and after that - numerous beaches. The local landscape is pleasantly diluted with bright fishing boats and colorful beach umbrellas. The resort has a casino and a picnic area with a pleasant shade of fragrant pine trees.

How to get there

The nearest airport to Monte Gordo is 60 km away, in Faro. From Faro to Monte Gordo, a little less than an hour by bus or car. You can also fly first to Lisbon, and then get to Monte Gordo by bus or a rented car - it is 320 km and about 4.5 hours drive. This option is suitable for those who relax or work in Lisbon and travels a lot around the country.

Beach holidays in Monte Gordo

The beaches of Monte Gordo - the main thing that attracts tourists to this town with a rich tourist, but poor in all other directions history.

The most popular and largest of them is the beach of the same name with the city in the center. A large beach with soft white sand is not only the warmest on the coast due to its proximity to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea - its wide shallow water and smooth bottom with a smooth decrease makes it one of the safest for families with children. In addition to safety (lifeguards work here during the beach season), Monte Gordo beach is famous for its infrastructure: there is a large free parking nearby, and in addition to the mandatory showers and bathrooms on the beach and very close to it there are about 10 bars and restaurants of various levels. All this makes Monte Gordo very crowded.

Fans of a more relaxing holiday will prefer the beaches of Verde, Altura, Lota and Manta Rota - they are a little away from the city, you need to go by car, bus or bicycle, but despite the presence of lifeguards, showers, sun loungers and cafes, they don’t popular like Monte Gordo. From Manta Rota you will be taken to the deserted and unequipped beach of Casella Vella, where you can enjoy peace and solitude.


Beach description

Monte Gardo is the most remote beach of the Algarve, which features:

  • big square,
  • wide shallow water
  • flat sandy bottom.

This long beach with soft white sand is the warmest on the coast (due to its proximity to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea). The wide shallow water of Praia de Monte Gordo and the smooth bottom with a smooth lowering make it one of the safest for families with children.

Spending time on this beach is pleasant and convenient. Here you can rent sun loungers and parasols. For guests working showers and toilets. Car parking is free. The location of the beach in close proximity to the city infrastructure makes this vacation spot attractive for a variety of tourists.

At a short distance from the beach there are several expensive hotels. All city infrastructure (restaurants, casinos, sports centers) is also located within walking distance or a few minutes by car. It takes a little longer to get to local attractions:

  • the ruins of the ancient castle of Kashtru Marim,
  • Ria Formosa Natural Reserve, home to many different birds.

When is the best time to go?

The beach season in Portugal lasts from the beginning of June until September, when the air temperature reaches + 30 ° C and the water temperature + 19 ° C. It should be remembered that the Atlantic Ocean does not warm up well and cools quickly, lovers of a more comfortable temperature can swim in natural stone pools, which are quite numerous on the coast.