Sochimilco Amusement Park (Xochimilco)


Sochimilco (in translation - "flower place") is the outskirts of Mexico City, the third largest. It covers an area of ​​122 sq. Km and is located 18 km south of the city center.

Sochimilco is world famous for the ancient Aztec channels - the chinampas. Here you can ride on local gondolas, called trachiners, along ancient canals. The main business of these places is the cultivation of flowers and plants. Traditional Mexican music performed by mariarchi and marimba always sounds here. This is one of the most popular places among tourists.

In 1987, the Sochimilco Canals were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Sochimilco is often called the “Mexican Venice”, although it is debatable whose channels were laid earlier. At this place there used to be a lake with islands where flowers were grown for Indian ritual ceremonies. Cultivating flora here is the most popular activity, and boat trips are the favorite pastime of residents and guests of Mexico City.

The canals extend over 176 km, 14 of which are tourist ones. A lot of decorated boats go along them, they are controlled by embarkaderos - local boatmen - with long poles. In addition to pleasure boats, shuttles can also be found with sellers of fried corn and souvenirs, or barges with mariachi musicians in sombrero, who order the famous Besame Mucho and Gvantanamera.

Sochimilco has its own Ecological Park, which was opened in 1993, its area is 1,737 hectares. On its territory there is a huge flower market with an amazing variety of colors.

It is better to come to Sochimilco on the weekend and for the whole day to feel its atmosphere, saturated with local color.


Mexico, Mexico City, Xochimilco, Mexico

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Sochimilco, which means “flower place”, is one of the most picturesque areas of Mexico City. It is often called the "Mexican Venice." This area gained fame thanks to the ancient Aztec canals - chinampas, which used to pass through the whole city and connect huge man-made lakes.

In Sochimilco you ride along the ancient canals in elegant pleasure boats, which the boatmen control with the help of a pole. But be prepared for boarding boats that offer souvenirs and national products: blankets with embroidery, ponchos, etc. Here, mariachi musicians will be happy to perform such popular hits for you as “Besame Mucho” and “ Gwantanamera. " Along the shores you will see parked boats that offer you Mexican food, drinks and water. And, of course, in Sochimilco you can get acquainted with its main craft - growing flowers and plants.

You can spend all day here, enjoy not only boating, but also take a walk through other interesting places in this picturesque area.

In 1987, the Sochimilco Canals were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and today is one of Mexico City's most visited attractions.

Another famous place is located in this area - Island of the Dead Dolls, where lovers of tickling nerves come.

How to get to Sochimilco

Sochimilco is located 18 km south of the city center. You can get to it by metro. You need to get to Tasquena station (line 2), then transfer to the tram, marked Tren Ligero, where you will reach Xochimilco station. A tram fare will cost you 3 pesos. Next - on foot to one of the moorings, which are several in Sochimilco. The journey from the city center to one of the berths will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours.

  • Group boat ride 1 hour - 400 pesos (per boat)
  • One-way walk - 20 pesos per person
  • Round trip - 40 pesos per person

  • Mariachi - $ 7.50
  • Marimba - $ 4
  • Harp, accordion - $ 2.50
  • Trio - $ 4
  • Pictures, photos - $ 2.50

What to see

Most of all tourists are attracted to Sochimilco by gondola-trabiner walks. From oncoming shuttles they are offered bouquets of flowers, toasted corn, homespun ponchos and sombrero embroidered with gallons. On rafts along the coast, Maryachos musicians perform folk songs.

There is a spooky island in this fragrant paradise, where dolls without eyes, heads, arms or legs are hung on trees and bushes. It is believed that they are brought here in memory of drowned children. This “cute” place is far from the standard tourist routes, it is impossible to accidentally get there, it takes at least 4 hours to sail, and it will be a little expensive.

A walk along a closed route laid among floating islands takes no more than an hour. Boats can be rented at the pier, but at the weekend they are “dismantled”, so it is better to book in advance. Holidays also celebrate on the decorated barges with their own ensemble, tables and even a dance floor on board.