Walking in Mytishchi: attractions and interesting for tourists


The small town of Mytishchi near Moscow, the sights of which will be the topic of this article, is located nineteen kilometers from the capital on the outskirts of the Meshchera lowland. Its area is about forty-four hectares, half of which is occupied by forests. The population of Mytishchi district is 186.1 thousand people.

In ancient times, on the site of this city was the village of Loshakovo. Over time, other settlements joined it, thus, a volost was formed.

At the end of the XVIII century, Catherine II issued a decree by which it was necessary to lay a gravity water supply system from Mytishchi to Moscow. For a long time he supplied the city with water from Mytishchi springs. Water supply began to work in 1804. In the XIX century, the first textile factories appeared here.

In 1860, Mytishchi turns into an important transport hub near Moscow, and the substation village acquires the characteristic features of a future city. In 1896, one of the largest Russian car manufacturing plants, which belonged to a group of industrialists, began operating in Mytishchi. In 1909, in Mytishchi, the country's first viscose silk factory was commissioned. Soon a working village appeared near her.

In 1925, Mytishchi received the official status of a city. A few years later, the neighboring villages - Sharapovo, Taininka, Rupasovo, Perlovka, Zarechnaya Sloboda - were attached to it.

Today Mytishchi is a modern, actively developing city. Its industry is represented by many industries: mechanical engineering, the production of finishing and building materials, light and food industries, instrument making, metalworking and others.

Sights of Mytishchi and description

We begin our acquaintance with the natural monument of the city - the Yauza River. This is the left tributary of the Moscow River. The river is small, its length is 48 kilometers. It originates in the Moscow region, in the swamps of Elk Island. The mouth is located in the center of Moscow, near the Bolshoi Ustinsky bridge. The area of ​​the Yauza basin is 452 square meters. km

Pestovsky reservoir

Another natural monument, which is famous for Mytishchi. The sights of the city, to which the Pestovsky reservoir belongs, are created by human hands. This is an artificial reservoir, built in 1937 during the construction of the hydroelectric complex on the Vyaz river.

The hydroelectric complex consists of a dam, the length of which is 707 meters, a catchment and a bottom drainage. The reservoir area is 11.6 square meters. km, volume - 54.3 million cubic meters. The length of the artificial reservoir is more than six kilometers, the width exceeds two kilometers, and the depth is 14 meters.

Pestovskoe reservoir is part of the canal system. Moscow, the reservoir intersects with other reservoirs - Ikshinsky, Pyalovsky and Uchinsky. On its picturesque shores there are several marinas - Lesnoye, Tishkovo, Khvoyny Bor.

Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin

Sights of Mytishchi are, of course, unique religious buildings. A monument of church architecture can be seen in amazing beauty in this city near Moscow - the snow-white church of the Annunciation of the Virgin. The stairs were originally made - they resemble the entrance to a wooden fairytale tower. Two symmetrical spans rise to the sites that crown the tents.

Church of the Trinity

Residents of the city of Mytishchi are very kind to monuments. Attractions of interest to tourists appeared here at different times. For example, the Trinity Church of the Life-Giving is located on the site where the Don Church was built in 1896. After it was closed in the 30s, for a long time it was empty and gradually collapsed.

In October 1994, the Orthodox parish of the church was again officially registered. The new one-story building was built in 2004 from wood. Next to it stands a bell tower. The temple is crowned with a dome with a cross. Today it houses a house church and a cultural and educational center.

The church has a Sunday school. Here you can do choral singing, embroidery, beadwork, icon painting.

Drama theatre

Everyone who comes to Mytishchi, attractions can choose to your liking. Theatergoers will surely enjoy visiting the FEST Theater. He appeared in 1977. This is the main theater of Mytishchi, which has been professional since 1988.

Its history began in 1976, when the committee of the Komsomol MLTI announced an amateur art competition, in which faculties of the Forestry Engineering Institute took part.

Students of the Faculty of Electronics gave their team the name "FEST". They presented the viewer with a production of “Heart from Chile”. The then unknown and now famous E. Kurashov, O. Vinokurov, E. Tsvetkova, M. Zaslavsky, S. Demidov, P. Grishin were engaged in the performance. The guys took first place in the competition. Since that time, the FEST propaganda team appeared in the city.

Water supply monument

There is a monument in the city that amazes everyone who comes to Mytishchi. Sights of the city (photos you can see in this article) can claim the title of the most original. First of all, this concerns the construction, erected in honor of the bicentennial of the first water supply.

An unusual monument was erected before entering the city, from the Volkovsky highway. It was conceived as an object of street design, as it has interesting viewpoints at the entrance to it from different sides. When approaching him, it seems that he is growing out of the ground, and the closer you get to him, the more he gets.

The composition is 18 meters high and consists of three pipes, which are crowned by water valves. The design is installed on a circle with a diameter of sixty meters. A hill is poured on this territory. On one side, a shrubbery planted on it. The rest is planted with a variety of plants, so the hill constantly blooms.

The monument still causes controversy about its architectural and aesthetic value. Nevertheless, the main goal set for its creators has been achieved, the monument does not leave anyone indifferent. Today it is not only a visiting card of the city, but also one of the most original monuments of the country.

Kva-Kva Park

Guests of the city enjoy visiting its main attractions. Mytishchi, or rather, its inhabitants are very proud of Kva-Kva Park. It is located in the shopping and entertainment center "XL".

In this water park both children and adults love to relax. Here you can ride the Wild River slide, rush along the Cyclone aquaduram, feel all the charms of the Black Hole.

A six-meter wave pool shakes adults and children on artificial waves, like an ocean surf. Children love amusement rides in Detsky Gorodok most of all, and adult lovers of a relaxing holiday like relaxing in a spa complex with a Finnish sauna, a Japanese font, a Russian bath and a solarium. The Etage bar will offer you light snacks, and those who are hungry for good, we recommend that you go to the Troy restaurant, where you can have a tight and inexpensive lunch.

"Mytishchi Arena"

Arriving in Mytishchi, the sights of which are diverse, you will surely want to relax after the excursions in the modern sports and entertainment complex Arena Mytishchi.

The palace seats nine thousand spectators. Here, conditions have been created so that people of any age can engage in sports such as hockey or figure skating.

There are two ice stadiums in the palace, each of which has an area of ​​1800 square meters. In addition, there are six buffets, a restaurant, a bar, six banquet rooms and twenty-six VIP-boxes.

We did not tell you about all the attractions and memorable places of Mytishchi. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, come to this glorious city. We are sure that you will be happy with the trip.

Sculpture Ole Lukoye

This attraction in Mytishchi was officially opened in 2006 in the square of the Puppet Theater “Flint”. The theater building was thoroughly renovated in 2004, and today, looking at it, the thought comes of a fairytale castle.

The sculpture of Ole Lukoye in the city of Mytishchi serves as a fountain, being located next to the theater. Water flows down the umbrella, falling directly into the stone bowl.

According to the idea and description of the author himself - Andersen, the character is a friendly little man, lulling children with his magical narratives. In each of his hands he invariably holds umbrellas (as the statue depicts), one of which gives magic dreams to good children, and the other - deprives any restful sleep.

The opposite essence of his magical character is rather gloomy: Ole-Lukoye met a person 2 times, being a harbinger of life and death.

The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, st. Sharapovskaya, d. 4 cor. one.

Moscow Brewing Company

What might be interesting for a brewing company? Even if you are not a fan of beer, this excursion will appeal to everyone who wants to know a little more. You can visit the brewery in Mytishchi during a special tour with a guide who will tell you everything.

During a wonderful excursion to the brewery, you will be allowed to see the complete process of making beer:

  • raw material preparation,
  • fermentation
  • beer aging
  • processing
  • spill
  • packaging of finished products.

Any of the processes can be captured on camera. At the end of an interesting and detailed tour you will be given the opportunity to try the company's finished products: beer, kvass, juices. The tour is free of charge. To take part in it, you must register on the website of the brewery company.
The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, Volkovskoe highway, possession 12.

Moscow Brewing Company

Monument to family, love and fidelity

The monument was placed on the day of the city of Mytishchi in 2011, therefore it is completely new. It depicts two trustees of a family and marriage, who lived in ancient Russia: the holy princes Peter and Fevronia. Their palms reaching for each other symbolize endless love and trust.

In accordance with the main idea of ​​the creators, lovers come to this attraction in Mytishchi to touch Peter and Fevronia, and swear love to each other with all their hearts.

The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, city park, on the left promenade of Yauza.

Monument to Nicholas II

The first version of the monument was erected in May 1996. Its creation belongs to the hands of the creator Vyacheslav Klykov, an ethnic painter and sculptor, but the next year, on April 1, this monument in Mytishchi was blown up by the Revolutionary Military Council, who did not want this art sample to exist.

Having determined the consequences of a merciless explosion, experts found that it is impossible to restore the statue. As a result, V. Klykov designed a new monument, installing it there. This attraction is located on the Main Street of Mytishchi.

Around the monument are narrow paths and a well-groomed lawn. Passers-by are rarely seen here, which offers travelers the opportunity to retire and give thought. This attraction of the city of Mytishchi inspires sad thoughts about the deplorable share of the tsar and the royal family, the fate of the Russian people as a whole.

The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, Mytishchi district, s. Taininskoye, st. Central.

Monument to Nicholas II

Holy John the Baptist Spring

The source was arranged thanks to the initiative of the citizens of Mytishchi, and the priest of the Don Church consecrated it during the Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist.

The spring of the Immaculate John the Baptist is located on the river Rabotnya, in the same place where once there was the village of Rupasovo, memories of which are preserved in the annals of the 15th century. Until 1980, the inhabitants of Rupasovo could please themselves with pure spring waters with extraordinary taste. Spring waters were clear, blue hues.

This source in Mytishchi is used every year, on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, and every time people who want to bathe in it invariably gather.

Attractions are located at: Mytishchi, Olympic Avenue, near d. 29.

Memorial complex in honor of the Hero of the USSR pilot N.M. Raspopova

The memorial complex is located in the district where the famous pilot lived most of her life.

Nina Maksimovna - the so-called “witch in the night” of the bombers regiment, inspiring with her exploits. During WWII, the number of her sorties overcame an astounding bar of 800. During these sorties, she managed to attack an enemy force with a thousand hundred tons of bombs.

This landmark of Mytishchi is completely new, officially opened in 2010. Thanks to the appearance of this attraction of the city, Veteranov Boulevard itself was updated, having justified its name, it became more solemn, although earlier it stood out little.

The monument in Mytishchi is made by skilled artists. Exactly in the center of the attraction is a bust of Nina Maximovna, as expected, in a tunic with many awards on her chest. Behind is a wall with a bas-relief, which depicts an attack of many enemy targets, ranging from tanks to factories and military artillery.

It is worth visiting this monument in the city of Mytishchi in order to appreciate the wonderful allegory on army themes and to pay tribute to the heroine pilot.

The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, Veteranov Boulevard.

Memorial complex in honor of the Hero of the USSR pilot N.M. Raspopova

Ice Palace Arena Mytishchi

The Ice Palace is located in Mytishchi, almost 5 km from the capital. It was erected in 2006, and is one of the recognizable sights of the city of Mytishchi in the Moscow region. It has a truly amazing indoor arena with a capacity of 7,000 seats.

This is the home arena of the Atlanta hockey team. Together with the Khodynka Arena, the palace in Mytishchi hosted the 2007 World Hockey Championship.

During breaks at this attraction you can find eateries with fresh sausages, bread, pies and soft drinks. At the top of the palace is a restaurant and sports bar with windows overlooking the arena. This is the only place where beer is served if you are not going to go outside the bar.

Here you can find a souvenir shop, the range of which is made up of inexpensive t-shirts, scarves, cups, etc.

Water park Kva-Kva

A park in the city of Mytishchi is equipped with all the necessary entertainment elements, thanks to which you can spend 2-3 hours in this place. Huge windows create a feeling of outdoor relaxation. This is a good place in Mytishchi for hanging out with children.

The water park is full of pools, spas and bathtubs. Let your heart perform somersaults on one of 7 different slides and slides. If you are not in the mood for fun, try plunging into a calm lagoon or relaxing in one of the saunas.

Fans of thrills should definitely try the tsunami ride, which gives you unprecedented acceleration from a height of 12 m. For children, a special children's area and a pool with a low water level are provided.

You can visit the institution at the following address: 1 Kommunisticheskaya St.

Water park Kva-Kva

Church of the Annunciation

A small church in Mytishchi, located next to the Church of the Nativity of Christ, is built of wood. It looks very original, especially against the background of brick apartment buildings and the main building of a snow-white temple.

Located in the important historical place of Mytishchi, associated with many events, the church increases its importance in the eyes of tourists. Some even believe that the famous "lost" library of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible is hidden somewhere in this attraction.

The most remarkable and unique detail of the Mytishchi church is a bizarre double porch, which is nowhere to be found. The porch and the whole building are generously decorated with patterned masonry, which is a characteristic feature of Russian architecture of the XVII century.

Address: Mytishchi district, Taininsky village. Ul, Central, 1.

Mytishchi park of culture and rest

The park in Mytishchi is great for walking, pleasing with its cleanliness and well-groomed. Playgrounds are provided for children, while ornate walkways are provided for adults.
Sports fans will find something to do in this attraction:

  • training equipment
  • volleyball courts
  • bike paths for children to learn to ride).

Here you will find a large amusement park with attractions for children of all ages. From this park you can go to the cozy promenade of Yauza Mytishchi.

Mytishchi park of culture and rest

Museum of History and Art

The Folk Museum was founded in 1962 thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts and history buffs. He became the focus of research that was devoted to the culture, traditions and history of the city. In the collections of Mytishchi sights are numerous artifacts from the distant past.

The museum in Mytishchi includes hundreds of exhibits that have preserved memories of local attractions from the IV century BC. and up to the present day. A special place is the memory of the royal settlement of Taininsky and the history of the first Mytishchi - the Moscow aqueduct.

The museum reveals the uniqueness of Russian folk art, originating from Fedoskino and Zhostovo. Separate memorial halls in honor of the poets Nikolai Glazkov and Dmitry Kedrin are located. Visitors will be told the latest history of Mytishchi. The museum’s interactive and educational programs have been designed for a wide variety of visitors.

Museum art exhibitions change monthly. To see which exhibition you can visit, check the announcements on the museum website. Tickets for visiting the museum in Mytishchi cost 30-50 rubles, photographing of exhibits and paintings is also paid.

Museum opening hours: from Wednesday to Saturday: 9.00 - 17.00, Sunday: 9.00 - 16.00 The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, st. Mira, 4.

Monument to A.V. Suvorov

A copper monument on a granite stand is located in the square on Olympic Avenue. The main reason for the installation of the monument in Mytishchi was the settlement of Rozhdestveno-Suvorovo in the Mytishchi district, it is also the residence of the great commander and his family.

The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, Olympic Ave, house 15 cor. one.

Monument to A.V. Suvorov

Contact Zoo "White Kangaroo"

This is a great place in Mytishchi to visit it with the children. Communication with animals relieves stress and nervous tension. A variety of cute animals in a small but cozy zoo will turn their attention to you, and no one will leave without a lot of impressions and positive. Any of the pets can be fed, touched and stroked, which is especially important for young children.

Among the residents of the contact zoo in Mytishchi can be noted:

  • fish
  • native birds (hens and roosters),
  • lamb and sheep
  • goat Marusya, ready to follow you on the heels,
  • meerkats, guinea pigs,
  • monkeys and raccoon,
  • cats (very different breeds).

We must not forget about the beautiful fox, peacock, porcupine and even the bison. Confirming the name of the zoo, this list also includes the white kangaroo. Each resident with his own name and unique character.

Tickets can be bought on the website of this zoo in Mytishchi, so the price will be much nicer (15% discount). Discounts are also provided for people with disabilities and large families. A ticket for 1 person (including children) - 400 rubles, on holidays - 500 rubles. Photography - 50 rubles. Small glasses with food for animals - 100-150 rubles.

Aviaries and animals are constantly watched, the air is fresh and clean. The staff are friendly and responsible, each of them will tell cognitive facts about animals.

Once visiting the zoo in the city of Mytishchi, the children will want to visit it again: be prepared for the return! You can find the contact zoo in the Vegas shopping center (2nd floor).

Contact Zoo "White Kangaroo"

Museum of Nature Protection

The museum was officially opened in 1997. Its exposition has more than 5000 exhibits that show the flora and fauna of Mytishchensky district.

It is considered an ethnic museum and one of the main attractions of Mytishchi, as an occasion for pride. The museum performs the task of coordinating environmental education and training. Not every city in the region can boast such a large gathering. The reason is that the outstanding collector Mikhail Petrovich Bezlyudny previously lived in Mytishchi. The wife of Mikhail Petrovich after his death handed the full collection to the national museum. Thanks to her, the status of the museum rose to a significant top.

Subsequently, employees had a hand in replenishing the museum with stuffed animals, most of which live in Mytishchi district, including the Losiny Ostrov reserve. A large number of flora and fauna of Mytishchi is widely represented in the museum for prying eyes. Among it are beavers, sika deer, foxes, hares, martens, wild boars, badgers and more. And these are only the most memorable representatives. In the presence of the attractions of Mytishchi there are stuffed bear and wolf, but they do not live in the reserve.

The museum is located in the basement of a residential building, and there is not enough space for such an extensive collection. Despite this, the museum is still an attractive place. Once in the city of Mytishchi, it is worth a visit for curiosity and broadening the general horizons.

Museum working hours: from Tuesday to Thursday: 9.00 - 18.00, Friday: 9.00 - 17.00, Saturday: 9.00 - 15.00. The attraction is located at: Mytishchi, Novomytishchi Ave, d. 19.

Mytishchi is the second largest city in the Moscow region, which makes it attractive for those who want to leave the noisy capital for a short time, but are still going to enjoy a number of attractions. No wonder Mytishchi is considered one of the main concentrations of the cultural and scientific heritage of the Moscow region. The main attractions of Mytishchi include a number of monuments symbolizing memory and respect, parks for rest and relaxation, places for excursions and museums.

Where is

Mytishchi, the sights of which amaze with its numerous, is located at a distance of 19 km in the north-east direction from the center of Moscow. The city is located on a river called Yauza and is the central city of the Moscow Region. The city has common borders with Moscow on the MKAD line, along the Yaroslavl and Ostashkovsky highways.

Mytishchi is a single economic and demographic system with Moscow and is its satellite city.

Geographic coordinates of the city: 55 ° 54′41 ″ N and 37 ° 43′50 ″ E, the height of the city center above sea level is 158 m, its area is 34.6 km². According to the census of the beginning of 2019, the population of the city is 222,739 people. The population density is 6,439.5 people per km². Local residents are called Mytishchi or Mytishchi.

Mytishchi is located on the Klinskaya Dmitrov Upland on the south side. The relief of the slope is slightly wavy turning into a plain one.

The largest rivers in Mytishchi:

  • Sukromka and Yauza,
  • Borisovka and Work.

The Ichka River flows in one of the first national parks of the Mytishchi region. This is one of the largest forests located in the city and is strictly protected by the state.

There are several large ponds in Mytishchi:

the name of the pondhis location
Rupasovskyintersection of Letnaya street with Sukromnaya
Namelessat the intersection of Olimpiysky Avenue and 4,350 driveways
Kommisarovskyat the intersection of the embankment of the city with Club Street

Twin Cities of Mytishchi:

city ​​namea country
NymburkCzech Republic

Mytishchi ranks fifth in terms of population in the Moscow region, giving the first four lines to cities:

Among 1,115 cities of Russia, Mytishchi occupies the 94th place by the number of residents. According to statistics, which has been conducted since the mid-19th century, the number of inhabitants of the city of Mytishchi is growing steadily. The first census, in 1852, showed the number of residents in the territory of the modern city - 389 people. You can get to the unique city in various ways.

By plane

At a short distance from Mytishchi there are several airports serving local and international flights:

an airportdistances from the city of Mytishchi in km

Mytishchi, whose attractions attract tourists from around the world, is a railway junction in the direction of Yaroslavl, located on the Moscow-Arkhangelsk railway line.

The railway station in Mytishchi is located on the street. Kolontseva, in the house number 1. The station building was open daily from 4.30 a.m. to 11 p.m. The railway section between the Moscow, Passenger and Yaroslavskaya stations was electrified back in August 1929 and became the second electrified station in the USSR.

Weather, the best time to travel

Mytishchi has a temperate cold climate with heavy rainfall. The average annual temperature in Mytishchi is 4.8 ° C. About 674 mm of precipitation falls annually.

Climatic averages:

monthaverage temperaturetemperature minimumtemperature maximumrainfall

Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The location of the church: with. Taininsky Mytishchi district, st. Central, house number 75. The temple is open for parishioners from 8.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The temple was founded in 1675. During the war with Napoleon, the church was badly damaged and stolen. In 1929, by decision of the Soviet authorities, the temple was closed.

For a long time, the premises of the temple were used as:

  • store
  • warehouse
  • dormitories
  • workshop
  • factory premises.

In 1989, the temple building began to work for its intended purpose. Divine services are held here and a Sunday children's school is open.

Church of the Nativity

The temple is located in the city of Mytishchi, on Novomytishchi Avenue, in the house number 6. The temple is open to parishioners daily from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. This is a relatively young building erected in honor of the Nativity of Christ.

Construction began in 2000 and lasted 5 years. This building is made of white stone with an area of ​​almost 1.5 thousand m². The facade of the building is decorated with 4 domes and crosses. In the temple, children's and adult worship services are open.

Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God

Location of the church: Mytishchi, Yaroslavl highway, house number 93. The church is open on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., on Sunday from 6.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The church was founded in 1713 and is an important Orthodox cathedral of the region. In place of the modern building, there was previously a small wooden structure, which stood up until 1819.

The modern building is a white-blue baroque stone temple. A cross is mounted on the golden dome. A refectory and a bell tower are located near the church building. At the beginning of the war, the temple building was damaged and began to be used as a utility room. For its intended purpose, the temple building began to be used in 1991.

Einstein Museum

Museum Location: Moscow Region, Mytishchi, ul. Communist, house number 1.

Museum Hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 20.00,
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.

The price of a ticket to the museum is 350 rubles. The museum was founded in 2016 in the pavilion of the shopping center of the city. About 60 exhibits are displayed here, thanks to which the children get acquainted with the basics of physics. Various physical experiments and quests are systematically carried out here. The Einstein Museum is the most developing and useful museum of the Moscow Region.

Art Museum

The location of the museum: Novomytishchi Avenue in the city of Mytishchi, in the house number 36/7.

The museum is open to visitors:

  • on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
  • Thursday from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m.,
  • On Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.,
  • on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The art gallery was opened in 2007 in an area of ​​500 m². The museum exhibits more than 2 thousand works of famous contemporary artists and sculptors.

Here are the canvases of the authors:

Monument to the Janitor

In the Moscow region, in the city of Mytishchi, on the street. Peace, in the house number 9, is a monument dedicated to the janitor. It was founded in 2010. On the pedestal is the figure of a man in a quilted jacket and a cap with earflaps, in his hands he holds a broom on a long stick. The inscription on the monument says: "Have you cleaned up after yourself?"

The monument is a reminder for locals and visitors alike - not where they clean it, but where it is not littering.

Ancient boat

In the Moscow region, in the city of Mytishchi, on the street. Peace, in the house 2 "b", a symbol of the city - a boat made of wood.

Mytishchi, sights. One of them is a boat made of wood.

An old ship is depicted on the emblem and flag of the city. The monument to the water vessel, which can sail and paddle, was made in 2010. It is a symbol of the old communication between the rivers Yauza and Klyazma, which began to be used in the XII century.

Church of All Saints

The church is located in the city of Mytishchi, on the street. Silicate, in the house number 12 "b". A small wooden building was erected on the territory of a plastic factory. It was built in 2003, later a chapel was attached to the church. The church has a Sunday children's school. Currently, money is being raised for the construction of a stone temple next to a wooden one.

Park of Culture and Rest

The favorite vacation spot of citizens is a recreation park located at the address: Moscow Region, Mytishchi, Novomytishchi Avenue, building number 24/1. The park is open to visitors daily from 11.00 to 21.00.

The natural park is located on the banks of the Yauza River and covers an area of ​​almost 25 hectares. A huge amount of vegetation and trees has been planted here. Numerous paths and alleys are equipped, several fountains are installed. Near the decorative pond are several thematic sculptures.

Elk Island National Park

The national and beloved park is located in the Mytishchi district, at the source of the Yauza and Pekhorka rivers. The park covers an area of ​​12 thousand hectares and is listed as a natural monument strictly protected by law. A huge number of unique coniferous and deciduous trees grow in Losiny Park.

The park is famous for the rarest valuable tree species that are endemic. The park is called moose because of the huge number of moose that live on its territory.

Shopping center "Red Whale"

The shopping center is located at: Mytishchi, Sharapovsky passage, house number 2. Opening hours of the shopping center are from Sunday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. The mall has a parking lot and a mother and baby room. On its territory there is a cafe.

The shopping center has opened stores:

  • crafts and crafts goods,
  • electronic goods store,
  • a toy shop,
  • shoe store,
  • grocery supermarket
  • pet Shop,
  • jewelry store.

Shopping complex "Mytishchi"

The location of the shopping complex: Mytishchi, st. Novomytishchi Prospect, Building No. 49, Building 1. Opening hours of the shopping complex from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In the shopping center there are shops:

  • Crossroads
  • electronics store
  • pyrotechnic shop
  • beauty saloon,
  • photo services
  • delivery service and point of delivery of goods,
  • mail terminal.

Shopping center "Format"

The location of the shopping center: Mytishchi, Olimpiysky Avenue, building number 29, building 1. The shopping center is open to visitors from 10.00 to 21.00. The shopping center is equipped with lifts for wheelchair users.

In the shopping center opened store departments:

  • custom-made furniture,
  • flooring department
  • mattress shop
  • a cafe,
  • carpet shop
  • door store
  • ceramics shop
  • kitchen furniture.

Drama and Comedy Theater "FEST"

The modern drama and comedy theater is located at: Moscow Region, Mytishchi, ul. Shcherbakova, house number 6 "a". The theater is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is one of the largest theaters in the Moscow Region. The theater was founded in 1976.

The first acting troupe consisted of students from the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering, which is why the theater received such a peculiar name. Currently, professional actors are performing in the theater. There are performances for both adults and children.

Shopping and entertainment complex "June"

The entertainment complex is located at: Mytishchi, st. Mira, house number 51. The shopping center is open from 10:00 to 22:00. There is a cafe in the shopping center where payment by card is possible. There is a parking lot near the shopping center.

The shopping center provides entertainment for children:

  • trampoline hall
  • a cinema supporting 2D and 3D formats,
  • inflatable town for the youngest visitors,
  • Lego room
  • children's goods store.

Route for inspection on your own for 1 day

Even for a one-day visit to the city, you can manage to see a large number of local attractions:

  • Visit the Mytishchi art gallery.
  • Take a tour of the Vladimir Church.
  • Visit the Einstein Museum.
  • Take a trip to the Moscow Brewing Company.
  • Visit the Museum of Local Lore Mytishchi.
  • Go to the Church of the Annunciation, located in the village of Taininsky.
  • Take a walk along the alley of veterans.
  • Look at the architectural structure called "The Tree of Fidelity."
  • Take an excursion to the Nikolsko-Prozorov estate.
  • Visit the estate in Marfino.

A variety of hotels invite guests to their rooms.

Hotel OK Klyazma

The hotel is located in the Mytishchi district, in the village of Povedniki. The cost of rooms in the hotel is from 2 467 rubles.

On the territory of the hotel 3 * are offered:

  • tennis court and table tennis,
  • mini golf course and pool,
  • BBQ facilities and poolside bar,
  • restaurant and kids club,
  • ice rink and gym
  • beach amenities and a 24-hour reception,
  • room service and a beauty salon.

Hotel Art Hotel Lecco

The hotel is located in Mytishchi, on the street. Flying, in the house number 32. The cost of rooms in the hotel is from 4,200 rubles. per night. The hotel staff speaks Russian and English.

The hotel has:

  • suites
  • non-smoking rooms
  • air conditioning and safe
  • hairdryer and minibar,
  • desk and room service,
  • transfer from and to the airport,
  • sauna and free internet,
  • Jacuzzi and bar
  • karaoke and free parking.

Guest house "Gerda"

Location of the guest house: Mytishchi, st. Vera Voloshina, house number 21. The cost of rooms in the guest house is from 2 800 rubles.

The hotel has rooms:

  • for honeymooners
  • luxury
  • family
  • for non-smokers.

The hotel offers services and amenities:

  • TV in rooms and refrigerator
  • housekeeping and toiletries,
  • a desk and a beauty salon,
  • a bus shuttle and a temple on site,
  • devices for board games.

Guest House Perlovka

Location of the hotel: Mytishchi, 2nd Leninsky Lane, house number 11. Room rates from 1,200 rubles. per night. The hotel staff speaks Russian and English.

The hotel offers:

  • luxury and family rooms,
  • non-smoking rooms
  • in-room kitchenettes and fridge,
  • microwave and free internet,
  • free parking,
  • the possibility of living with animals.

Eco-Apart Hotel

Address at which the hotel is located: Mytishchi, st. Schorsa, house number 34. Room rates from 2 700 rubles. night.

The hotel has:

  • family rooms
  • bath accessories and housekeeping,
  • sauna and luggage storage services,
  • barbecue equipment.

The price includes a complimentary breakfast.

How to navigate

Public transport Mytishchi is represented by numerous buses and minibuses. There is no electric transport on the city streets. You can also travel by taxi or rent a car without a driver.

Mytishchi is a modern technological city with a developed infrastructure. Despite its venerable age, in addition to ancient sights, it is built up with numerous modern high-rise buildings and structures.

Author: Olga Zhanskaya