Kemer attractions: what to see? 15 best places of the city and its environs on the map, with description and photo!


The ruins of the ancient city today perfectly convey the atmosphere of Byzantine times. Date of construction - 2 century BC. Initially, the territory served as a home for pirates, but later the troops of Rome captured it and made it part of their Empire. The ancient temple, bridge and amphitheater have survived to our time. Such interesting places of Kemer are especially recommended for visiting researchers of the ruins, as reconstruction of Olympos by the Turkish authorities has not yet been planned.

4. Ataturk Boulevard

The street was named in honor of the former head of the country Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The boulevard is divided into three zones. The first zone is “covered” with souvenir shops, department stores and bazaars. In the second zone is the bus station. In the third zone are five-star hotels in Kemer. If your trip is planned for the near future, and you do not know where to stay on vacation, choose the Ataturk area.

5. Clock Tower

The snow-white stone structure, which is included in any rating "the main attractions of Kemer." The tower with a high spire is located on Ataturk Boulevard, but you can see it not only here. But also on numerous souvenirs of the city. Singing fountains and a traditional market with vegetables, fruits and spices are located nearby. Every tourist should visit this place.

Check out Kemer’s beautiful spots in this wonderful video!

6. Park "Moonlight"

Where to go in Kemer with the whole family? In this wonderful park where you can watch a movie in a local cinema in the fresh air, buy souvenirs, eat in a cafe and smoke a hookah, visit the dolphinarium and sunbathe. In addition, on the territory there are water slides for children of different ages, as well as rental points, citrus orchards and pine groves.

16. Goynuk Canyon

Incredibly beautiful canyon of the river of the same name. Picnic is allowed on the square (there is a specially equipped area). It also offers the rental of wetsuits and the conquest of the icy waters of Goynuk. In order to cover the entire distance of sightseeing, travelers need about two hours. At the end of the path is a beautiful crystal clear waterfall.

17. Cableway "Olympos Teleferik"

Opening date - 2007. In 15 minutes, the cable car sends visitors to the very top of Tahtali Mountain to a height of 2,320 meters. The length of the cable car itself is more than 4,000 meters. The funicular cars can carry about 500 people per hour. Each cabin accommodates 80 tourists. Interestingly, the service of the cable car and the wagons is not done by the Turks, but by the Swiss.

20. Cape and lighthouse Gelidonia

An ancient path led by the ancient Lycians leads to the very top of the cape. If you want to relax from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist routes, you will not find a better solution. This attraction is an incredible success for travelers with tents. In the far part of Gelidonia, a colorful lighthouse was built in the 20th century. It also has a rich history, which you should know in advance. In the lower part of the cape is a bay with a clear sea and fine sand of a snow-white color. Even at the height of the season, there are no numerous Aboriginal people, nor crowds of vacationers. According to legend, once there was a sea monster in the bay, drowning passing a ship. Like it or not, but at the bottom of the waters there really are many old sunken ships. At one time, modern archaeologists managed to find here not only these vessels, but also their valuable cargoes - they lay intact for more than several millennia.

We will be glad if those attractions of Kemer, photos with the names and descriptions of which you just saw, you visit on vacation in person.

1. Ataturk Boulevard in Kemer

Ataturk Boulevard is the main street of Kemer, and its central part, called the Republic Square, is decorated with a monument to Mustafa Kemal, who became the founder of modern Turkey. Nearby is a dancing fountain decorated with marble tiles. Near the monument is visible the white clock tower, which has become a symbol of Kemer. In the park of the Grand Haber Hotel you can see the scandalous creation of Zafer Sarah, a sculpture depicting a couple, frozen in a love dance, called "Rain of Love". On Mondays, a huge and very inexpensive market unfolds on Ataturk Boulevard.

2. The Lycian city of Phaselis

The Lycian city of Phaselis, located about 15 kilometers from Kemer, was founded in the 7th century BC by colonists from the island of Rhodes. In 333 BC, the city handed Alexander the Great a golden crown, while Phaselis was famous for lilac oil and roses. After Alexander, the city changed hands several times, and in 167 BC, became a member of the Lycian League and minted coins on the model of this union.

But the ruins of city walls and structures belong to another heyday, when in the 7th century AD Phaselis was invaded by Arabs. Most of the surviving ruins date back to the Roman and Byzantine periods. The Phaselis Theater, built on the slope of the acropolis, is small; it is built on the model of the amphitheater of the Hellenistic period. Its scene was erected by the Romans, historians say. To the right of the entrance to Phaselis are the oldest walls of the city fortress (3rd century BC), as well as the ruins of a temple or crypt. On the slopes beyond the northern harbor you can see the necropolis, and according to the legends, Alexander the Great is buried here. The most impressive sight in Phaselis is the aqueduct, an artificial canal that supplied the city with water from a spring on a northern hill.

3. Ancient city of Olympos

This is the first Lycian city that is mentioned in the annals, because it appeared in the second century BC near a small river, not far from modern Kemer. First, pirates lived here, and then the Roman soldiers captured the land and made it part of a vast empire. The ruins of the amphitheater, the destroyed bridge and the temple of Hephaestus, the patron saint of the city, remained in Olympos. In addition, traces of the presence of the Byzantine Empire remained in the city - the ruins of the castle on the top of the hill and the basilica, and baths remained from the Ottoman Empire in Olympos. Today Olympos is part of the National Park.

4. "Burning Mountain" Yanartash

Yanartash is translated as "burning mountain", because it is shrouded in smoke and fire, according to scientists, due to the accumulation of natural gas inside. Gas comes to the surface, mixes with oxygen - and get tongues of flame! There is another explanation of where it comes from: according to legend, the Greek hero Bellerophon killed the terrible monster Chimera, who spewed out fire, and threw it into the mountains. So the fire comes from the Chimera, believe it or not.

Indeed, the flame on Yanartash does not go out either day or night. The mountain looks especially spectacular at night: red pines go along the slope and go down to the sea, lit by the moon. Looking at such a landscape, you will believe in a monster and heroes. Some tourists, while climbing the mountain, take with them torches that are lit on Yanartash. This wonderful mountain is located near the village of Cirali, near Kemer.

5. Caves of Beldibi

In the east of Olympos town, not far from Kemer, is the Beldibi cave complex, it is a very beautiful place: there are coniferous forests around, and in their depths a river begins, and if you wade it, you can go to the waterfall. On the walls of the cave you can find drawings - no less than - of ancient people, in addition, various objects are still found here, whose age dates back to the periods of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. Who knows how many secrets her arches and bowels keep? Well, the beauty of the entire cave complex, which is located sixteen kilometers from Kemer, is completely impossible to describe in words.

6. Ethnographic Park Yoruk

Yoruk Ethnographic Park is an authentic village in which the life and way of life of the Turkish tribe are recreated: costumes, rituals, household items. Here tourists are treated to traditional dishes, among which the water-shore stands out especially - this is such a pie with fillings and show how carpets are woven and leather is made. A visit to the park is a kind of journey into the past, into the world of the nomadic Yruok tribe, these nomads lived on a high plateau, were engaged in cattle breeding, and in the winter went to the valley. An ethnographic park is located near Kemer on one of the hills near the Mediterranean Sea.

7. Cirali village

Forty kilometers from Kemer, in a very picturesque place, the small village of ираıralı is comfortably perched. Cirali Bay is surrounded by mountains containing iron, and this gives the surrounding rocks a magical reddish hue. Along the magnificent beaches grow wonderful coniferous trees, interspersed with andalus, myrtle, cedar. You can see a chameleon on the trees, and on the stones a salamander, at the end of May, carriage turtles for the laying of eggs swim in this corner, which is amazing for ecological tourism. Here you can take a romantic boat trip to the bays of Bondzhuklu and Dzheneviz, visit the island of Uchada or the village of Phaselis. This is an amazing island of unspoiled Turkey: a long deserted beach, mountains, lots of greenery, the sea. and silence!

8. Cable car to the top of Tahtali mountain

Mount Takhtaly can be seen from anywhere in Kemer, because it is the highest peak of the Olympos-Beydaglari National Park (2365 meters). The mountain is quite picturesque and to a height of 1.9 thousand meters is completely covered with various vegetation, nothing grows higher. To get to the observation deck, you can use the cable car, which is the longest in all of Europe - more than 4 thousand meters, with elevations 1.6 thousand meters. It takes less than 10 minutes to get to the road; the speed of the lift is 10 meters per second. The lower station is located at an altitude of 726 meters, which can be reached by bus or car. At the Upper Station, on the roof of a three-story building, there is an observation deck, from where, even in cloudy weather, you can see the city and the countryside.

9. Dino park in the village of Goynuk

This is a fairly new attraction of the city of Kemer, because the doors of Dino Park were open to visitors only in 2012. According to tourists, the best part is that the park is located in a forest, so you can explore the huge dinosaurs for hours. Children in the park cannot hide their admiration, although parents will also like the exposition. The park is spread over 30 thousand square meters, in a complex of 28 life-size dinosaurs, in addition, they are all animated, can make sounds, move limbs and open their mouths. In addition, there is a sandbox on the territory of the park where children can conduct impromptu excavations, a rope park and a creative corner also work. So for a walk in the park should be allocated all day.

10. Goynuk Canyon

Another attraction of Kemer, which you should definitely visit, and it is located only 7 kilometers from the city, in the village of Goynuk. The canyon is part of the Lycian trail route. Directly in front of the canyon, you will have to rent the necessary equipment (helmet, rubber boots and other attributes), otherwise they will not let us go further. The canyon has a rocky bottom, and the water is quite cold, the walk along the gorge is mostly on foot, but there are places where you can only travel by boat. The canyon itself stretches for 14 kilometers, with a width of 6 meters, its height reaches 350 meters. By the way, the gorge is surrounded by no less beautiful nature, trees grow in the plain: oranges and pomegranates, oleanders, there are cacti, paradise and more! Only a trip here is provided mainly for trained tourists.

11. Park "Moonlight"

Park "Moonlight" - is as much as 55 thousand square meters of entertainment in the beautiful bay of the city - Moonlight. Here you can do any kind of water sports, like tennis - please, there are several courts at your service, prefer golf - please, on the territory there are several playgrounds. If you just want to ride a water slide, there are several swimming pools with attractions for children and adults in the park. There is a club in the park where you can leave your child: animators will look after him and be sure to entertain. And of course, here is a magnificent beach equipped with everything you need. There is also a dolphinarium in the park, and animal performances are held 2 times a day. If you wish, you can go by boat to the sea and go fishing, and, of course, there are picnic places on the territory.

12. Dolu Su Water Park

This water park is the largest in Kemer in the number of attractions - there are immediately seventeen slides for adult visitors and five for children. And this is not counting the extreme springboard, a large pool with artificial waves, a special zone for kids up to 7 years old and a wonderful dolphinarium! In a word, tourists with children arriving here on vacation have a great opportunity to diversify their beach and sea leisure.

One of the main advantages of the Dolu Su water park is the novelty of construction: it was erected in 2015 and instantly became one of the favorite ways of spending time for adults and children. The complex is located in the village of Kirish, which means that the path here is very short and will not take you more than 15-20 minutes. In addition, there is a large aquarium in the water park, where you can see the marine inhabitants of the warm seas.


Kemer is one of the most famous resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. This paradise is famous not only for its good hotels, clean water and well-groomed beaches, but also for its incredibly rich excursion program. The sights of Kemer are numerous, diverse, and belong to different cultures. In just one day, one can observe Greek, Roman and Byzantine monuments, and be amazed at how many-sided the Turkish land is.

In this article you will find the best attractions of Kemer with photos and descriptions. After reviewing the rating below, you will choose the best route for independent travel or buy your favorite tour.

For your convenience, we marked the attractions of Kemer on the map so that they can be easily found:

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15 popular attractions of Kemer

If you need not only a beach holiday, and you are not going to spend your whole vacation in the hotel area, then be sure to see the sights of Kemer and the surrounding area. Our rating will help you choose the most iconic historical sites and architectural monuments. As you can see, the sights of Kemer are quite diverse, and some of them are a real cultural heritage of ancient times.

Antique city of Olympos

One of the six cities of the Lycian Union, preserved to our time. It is located 12 kilometers from Kemer in the National Historical Park of Turkey.

Reliably little is known about the history of the ancient city. Historians claim that it was founded in the third century BC, conquered by pirates and only then became part of the Roman Empire.

It was during this time period that Olympos flourished. Roman baths, the temple of the god Hephaestus, the walls and a small theater were built.Then the city came under the rule of Byzantium and became the center of the province.

After the Ottomans conquered the province, the city was badly destroyed. Only ruins, the foundation of the temple and the remains of the city walls have survived to this day.

Of particular interest to tourists is the restored stone bridge, thrown from one bank of the river to another. It is completely safe and you can safely walk along it, enjoying the grandeur of the ancient city.

The cost of visiting the national park and Olympos is 2.5 dollars (5 lire).

One of the oldest attractions in Turkey. The city of Phaselis was built in the sixth century BC by immigrants from the island of Rhodes. The city ruins are located 12 kilometers from Kemer and you can get to them with a large excursion group or on your own, in a rented car.

Even before the birth of Christ, Phaselis was the largest city in the Mediterranean, and on its territory there were three ports that received merchant ships from around the world. During the conquest of Alexander the Great, the citizens of Phaselis handed him a golden crown as a symbol of distinctive valor.

After the Greek empire broke up, the Romans replaced them, but the ancient city only benefited from this. During the reign of the Roman Empire, an amphitheater, city walls, and a necropolis were rebuilt. According to legend, it was here that Alexander the Great was buried.

The size of the city is indicated by the fact that three market squares were located on its territory, as well as the temple of Athena - the goddess of wisdom and justice.

Entrance to the open-air museum costs 5 lire (2.5 dollars) and it is better to come here before 12 noon, because after this time it can be very hot.

Moonlight Park

A small but very beautiful park "Moonlight" is located within walking distance from the beach of the same name. The attraction is very popular among tourists, because it works around the clock and you can walk here at any time of the day.

There are several parks in Kemer, but only here the pine trees are very successfully combined with palm trees and the head is made from a tropical-coniferous aroma.

The Moonlight Park is modest in size, but each square meter is used with maximum efficiency. The park has its own dolphinarium, a contact zoo, two tennis courts and a basketball court. Naturally, the park has high-quality running and walking paths, a rose garden, and very comfortable benches.

But the “Moonlight” is especially good at night, when the unique illumination of lawns, trees and garden statues turns on. The lighting scheme was developed for several years, and then finalized for a whole season. As a result, the park has become the best place for night walks in the city.

Unique natural attraction. From Turkish "Yanartash" is translated as "Fiery Mountain", and fully corresponds to its name. This mountain is constantly shrouded in puffs of smoke, and pockets of flame rise from its bowels.

There are no miracles and magic in this, just natural gas comes to the surface, oxidizes with air and spontaneously ignites. The gas field in the mountain is too poor to start full-scale production, and the Turkish authorities decided to organize a national park here.

Yanartash is located 15 kilometers from Kemer, and an excursion to these places is considered one of the most popular among tourists. The cost of a trip to the fire-breathing mountain is about $ 20.

The best mountain excursions are at night or late in the evening. Of course, natural foci of flame knocked out of rocks look spectacular during the day, but at night it looks much brighter and more colorful.

On one of the mountain slopes are the ruins of an ancient temple, which is not surprising, since people considered this place mystical for hundreds of years.

Ataturk Boulevard

The main street of Kemer and the man-made attraction, on which tourists are very fond of walking. Monuments to Kemal Ataturk are in all major Turkish cities, but Kemer has a very unusual sculpture. On it the father of the nation is depicted letting out a white dove.

It can be argued that on Ataturk Boulevard there are the most expensive hotels, as well as many architectural monuments. Therefore, making a route of movement, mark the nearby attractions of Kemer on the map.

The boulevard is usually divided into three parts. The first part runs along the beach, and here are two dozen comfortable hotels. The second part is the very center of the city with administrative buildings. The third part of the boulevard is the most interesting. It contains the best city shops, the Grand Bazaar, expensive boutiques with branded clothing, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Any tourist arriving in Kemer will pass along Ataturk Boulevard at least once. Most people who come to rest stroll here every evening, enjoying the pleasant bustle of the resort town, live music and street performances.

Kemer Markets

Kemer has two large markets, and they significantly differ from each other in size and goods offered. As befits the eastern bazaars, they do not work every day, but only a few days a week. Therefore, if you want to buy real Turkish things or handmade sweets, do not miss the right day of the week.

The first market is grocery. It is located in the east of Ataturk Boulevard and is open on Mondays. The bazaar is an old building, which is a landmark of the Ottoman Empire. Here you can buy fresh fruits, delicious homemade sweets, fresh fish, cheeses and sausages. If you want to save, then you need to buy only here. There are “local” prices on the market and there is no multiple mark-up for tourists.

Second market - clothing. Located in the west of Ataturk Boulevard. It occupies a large open area. They sell all possible things here, starting from expensive sheepskin coats and ending with cheap knitwear. Coming to this market, you need to bargain. Often, you can reduce prices by 2-3 times.

Ethnographic Park Yoruk

Very interesting open-air museum. Located 10 kilometers from Kemer, and a few hundred meters from the Mediterranean Sea.

The attraction is a nomadic Yorukov village. All buildings, utensils and household items are recreated with photographic accuracy and completely repeat the originals.

A visit to such an open-air museum is akin to traveling by a time machine, as it seems that it was transported 600 years ago and ended up among a nomadic tribe.

Walking around the ethnographic park, you can go into any house, see how the ancestors of the Turks lived half a century ago, and watch how they weave carpets or make leather. But the most important thing is that you can try dishes prepared according to old recipes. You can distinguish beoreg - a layer cake with different fillings. The entrance ticket costs 3 lira (about $ 1.5).

At the end of a walk through the open-air museum, you can dine in a good cafe and try a real oriental hookah.

White Tower

Despite the fact that the construction of this attraction was completed only in 2010, it is very popular among tourists. The secret of the tower’s popularity is that it is built of white stone and looks very impressive against the background of other buildings.

The height of the tower is 38 meters, and its top is decorated with a clock, looking in all directions of the world. The White Tower is located on Kemal Ataturk Square. Currently, this is the most iconic attraction that you can explore on your own.

Not far from it there are singing fountains, several restaurants with open terraces and a monument to Kemal Ataturk. In the evening, it is especially crowded, so it is best to reserve places in restaurants in advance.

The white clock tower turned out to be so photogenic and so successfully fit into the city architecture that in just a few years it was able to win the hearts of both tourists and local residents. The number of magnets, mugs and trinkets with her image broke all conceivable records.

City port "Marina"

The port of Kemer will be equally interesting for tourists who want to look at beautiful yachts, and for yachtsmen who are looking for a place for permanent mooring. The city port is designed for 240 yachts, and depending on the place, the depth under the keel can range from 2 to 6 meters.

Tourists will be extremely curious to see high-tech yachts from all over Europe, as well as antique-style sailing ships. Yachtsmen and ship owners love this place for the full range of services provided, as well as for reasonable prices.

Today it is not just a tourist attraction, but also an important yacht center where you can refuel, make repairs of any complexity and just relax for a few days.

It will not be amiss to mention that the port has several excellent fish restaurants, its own small promenade and a rental office where you can rent a catamaran or a small boat. There is a diving club inviting you to dive with everyone.

Ecological park in Tekirova

A large eco-park was opened in 1972, but in the early 2000s, a complete reconstruction of the entire infrastructure was carried out. The attraction covers an area of ​​40 square kilometers and the park includes coastal forests, mountain forests and alpine pastures. The mountain range, also part of the park, rises to a height of 2200 meters above sea level.

The eco-park in Tekirovka has become home to 110 species of birds and animals, many plants, as well as several species of rare amphibians.

In order not to harm the environment, ecological trails are laid in the park, along which guided tours are conducted. In addition, there are two excellent restaurants on the top of the mountain, and a first-class observation deck with panoramic views is also equipped there.

You can get to the top using the cable car, which begins in the foothills and ends at the very peak of Takhtala.

Remember that during the tour you can not go off the trail, and you can have a snack either in the restaurant or on a specially equipped platform. If you do not stick to these plans, then you will simply be fined.

Beldibi Caves

Not far from Kemer is a large cave complex Beldibi. As a rule, they do not travel separately to see this attraction. It is part of large sightseeing tours associated with visiting ancient cities.

The cave was first discovered in the middle of the twentieth century, and archaeological research was started almost immediately. Specialists found traces of the life of ancient people who lived in the Paleolithic era. Images of people and animals of great cultural value were found on the walls of the cave. The remains of the primitive weapons of labor and the simplest pottery were divided between the museums of Istanbul and Antalya.

The cave complex itself consists of two large sections, approximately 2.5 meters high. The cave has good illumination, and rock paintings are very clearly visible in the light of the spotlights.

Inspection of the cave itself will take no more than an hour, but nearby there is a magnificent citrus garden, where you can walk on a fine day.

A bewitching photo with a description of Kemer’s attraction “Beldibi Cave” helps to understand how unusual this place is.

Supermarket Waikiki

Keik's largest Waikiki chain store. This trading network specializes in selling clothing to all family members. Everything is manufactured and sold under the Waikiki brand, from underwear to expensive fur coats.

For this reason, the supermarket is never empty, and tourists from all over the world buy inexpensive, but very high-quality clothing here. Especially this attraction is loved by citizens of the post-Soviet space, dressing in the store from head to toe.

Despite the fact that only lira is officially accepted in Turkey, you can pay in the store in dollars and euros. However, it is most profitable to pay it in liras, since the cost of clothing in foreign currency is very high.

Unlike the clothing market, which operates only a few days a week, the Waikiki supermarket is open without holidays and weekends, from 10 to 23 hours. But, unfortunately, unlike the market, you can’t bargain here and you can’t lower the declared price.

Goynuk Canyon

If you like excursions on prepared off-road vehicles, be sure to book a trip to the Goynuk Canyon. This attraction is located on the plain of the same name, famous for its pomegranate and citrus orchards. The approximate distance from Kemer is 60 kilometers.

Usually, excursions begin in the morning, since in the summer even car air conditioners cannot cope with the Turkish heat. After the exit from the highway, the asphalt road ends and for about 20 kilometers the cars go off-road.

Upon arrival, you will need to rent rubber boots, a helmet and a wetsuit. Without this, you will not be allowed to travel through the canyon.

Goynuk Canyon is very beautiful. The height of its walls is about 250 meters, and the depth of the river backwater in this place is 6 meters. Streams of water flow down the walls, and the walls themselves are not at all homogeneous. They hit a variety of colors from black to red-green.

Wreck Paris

It should be noted that diving enthusiasts of Kemer and the surrounding area can also surprise and give a lot of unforgettable emotions. Do you dream of scuba diving? Have experience diving? If so, Kemer is waiting for you.

A photo describing Kemer’s sights “Paris Wreck” will not leave indifferent any travel enthusiast. This French warship during World War I was sunk by coastal artillery while trying to fire at the port of the city.

After the war, it was decided not to raise the ship, as it was badly damaged, but did not block the fairway.

Since the 70s, Paris has become a favorite destination for divers, as the ship lies at a depth of 29 meters and is an excellent sightseeing site. Since the beginning of the 90s, even beginners taking their first dive began to carry him. This happens under the full supervision of the instructor, but tourists have the opportunity to inspect a real warship, and not a dummy.

Kemer is the best place to visit Pamukkale. This attraction is a unique place with thermal springs, which simply has no analogues.

The distance between Kemer and Pamukkale is about 280 kilometers, but a tourist bus passes this distance in 4-5 hours, and tourists simply do not have time to get tired. Moreover, the impressions of Pamukkale are so good and unforgettable that they justify the long road.

In total, there are 17 thermal springs in this area, and each of them has a feature characteristic only for it. The water from the sources is rich in magnesium, sodium and hydrocarbons. With its help, a whole range of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system can be treated. The landscape of Pamukkale is also unusual, most reminiscent of the lunar landscape.

Turks are very careful about this attraction, and only one passage is open for its inspection. But in the shopping area you can buy any souvenir, starting from a banal magnet and ending with a piece of white quartz extracted from local mountains.


The sights of Kemer and its environs are included in the list of the most significant places in Turkey. Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Therefore, this area of ​​the country attracts not only lovers of quality relaxation and a clean sea, but also those tourists who love excursions and want to see the famous ancient cities with their own eyes. Noting the attractions of Kemer on the map, you can easily choose the ones that should be visited first, and also note the optimal route of movement so that you can get around them comprehensively for several days.

The sights of Kemer make it clear that the city has not only a resort status, but also a rich history. When visiting him, do not forget to look at all the cultural monuments indicated in this article and take home many beautiful photos.