Chamber Theater on the map of the sight of Cherepovets (Russia northwest)


Address: Sovetskiy pr., 35B, Cherepovets, Vologda region, Russia, 162602

Coordinates: 59.124581, 37.930065

Phones: 8 (820) 251-89-99

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How to get there

From the railway station and bus station

Buses: 4, 4P. To the stop "Milyutin Square".

Chamber Theater is a drama theater in the city of Cherepovets, Vologda Oblast. Located in the city center on Sovetsky Prospekt.

Since the middle of the XIX century. a musical and drama circle worked in the city. The artists of this circle were representatives of the city intelligentsia, officials, merchants, and nobles. At the end of the XIX century. the circle was transformed into a theater.

The modern theater building was built in 1914, during the First World War. Given the limited financial possibilities at that time, it was an impressive building. On the first floor of the building there are shopping malls, on the second floor - the auditorium of the theater and two foyers with a buffet.

By this time, two theater groups had formed in the city, which in 1919 merged into one troupe with the name "Provincial Demonstration Theater".

Later, the theater changed its name several times. After the Second World War, due to insufficient funding, the theater ceased to exist.

The theater found a new life only in 1998, when it was decided to restore a professional theater in the city.

Today it is one of the main centers of cultural life of Cherepovets. The theater cooperates with several theaters in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. In particular, the actors of the Baltic House Theater often come to Cherepovets for joint performances.

In the theater’s modern repertoire, one can see performances of classical works, as well as children's performances.

Photo and description

At the end of the 19th century, namely in the 60s, in Cherepovets there was a music and drama circle. The repertoire of the circle was quite diverse, it was composed of jokes, comedies and vaudevilles, popular not only in provincial theaters, but also in capitals. Such plays as Marriage of Balzaminov, Wolves and Sheep, and The Examiner of Gogol were also staged. Performances brought their zest to the cultural life of the city. In 1899, the circle became known as the theater.

In 1914, with funds provided by the City Government. The construction of a brick theater building begins. The theater was completed by 1916 and was a brick two-story building, in which there were two foyers with mirrors and a chic auditorium designed for a thousand seats. In Cherepovets, two theatrical groups were organized - “Creativity of Dramatic Artists” and “People's Theater”, which later, united in a troupe, began to work in the new building. The theater itself was officially called the "Provincial Demonstration Theater". Gorky's play "Petty Bourgeois" where G.A. Belov played the main role, became the first performance staged in Soviet times.

In the 1920-1940s, the Cherepovets Theater was repeatedly reorganized and renamed. In wartime, the theater successfully toured the region, but in 1948 it ceased to exist due to a complete lack of funding. And only after decades its revival begins. There are new people who wholeheartedly root for the theater. And in the industrial city in 1993, the revival of the theater, so necessary for the city, begins. For several years, the theater existed formally. Only in 1998 a troupe was formed, and a repertoire was created. The main director of the Cherepovets Chamber Theater is Tatyana Makarova. But in the absence of its own stage, the theater was forced to rent the stage of the Ammophos GDK. The performances staged on the stage of Ammophos and presented to the viewer by the Chamber Theater were interesting not only to the Cherepovets public.

In 2000, the main director was awarded the prize in the nomination "Person of the XX century" for the revival of the theater. Today, the theater is located in its own building, which is located in the historic center of the city. The theater building was opened on November 4, 2007, after a major overhaul. The theater is equipped with modern equipment. The capacity of the auditorium is 438 seats. The theater has a permanent acting troupe, a theater studio for children has been organized, in which today classes are held in three age groups.

At the moment, the repertoire of the theater has 20 performances of various genres, from Russian classics to domestic and foreign authors of our time. The repertoire of the theater is constantly being updated, the latest performances designed for family viewing appear. A live orchestra and ballet take part in the performances. A large group of artists takes part in the creation of performances and performs the work of make-up artists, props and decorators. The artists of the theater in Cherepovets help the performances live a long and colorful life.

The Chamber Theater actively participated in various festivals (Moscow, Vyshny Volochek, Omsk), in the international Turgenev conference in Orel, successfully touring in Vologda and the region. Small forms are vigorously studied - solo performances, "apartment houses on the stage", and chamber concerts. The Chamber Theater is actively cooperating with the best theaters in the capital, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Chamber Theater is the theater center of Cherepovets. Since January 2010, the main artistic director of the theater is Zurab Nanobashvili.