Poti Attractions


Poti is located at the mouth of the Rioni River in western Georgia. It has access to the Black Sea, as well as the largest port on the entire eastern Black Sea coast. Previously, the site of Poti was the ancient Greek colony Fasis, and today this unique resort town attracts millions of tourists from around the world. Every year, wanderers and travelers come here to relax, admire the amazing natural beauties, as well as unique architectural monuments. In fact, the skillful sights of Poti bring a special touch not only to Georgian, but also to world culture.

City `s history

The history of the city of Poti located in Georgia is quite long. It dates back to the sixth century BC, where in the picturesque and fertile places the ancient Greeks decided to organize their colonial settlement. It was at the mouth of the Rioni River, where the city of Poti is located, that they built a colony called Fasis.

According to the records of the ancient geographer Strabo, the Greek settlement was located on the Black Sea coast, between the Rioni River and the small lake Paliastomi. At the beginning of the 5th century BC, the colony completely lost its independence, being under the yoke of Persian warriors.

Fasis was included in the Georgian kingdom only at the end of the 4th century BC, but two centuries later he was again raided by enemy troops and was subordinated to the king of Pontus.

The city received its modern name only in the middle of the 19th century, when under the Adreanopol Peace Treaty it passed into the possession of the Russian Empire. From this period begins its rapid development, rapid growth.

The following are some historical facts about Poti after Georgia gained independence:

  • in 1992, the year was captured by units of Loti Kobalia,
  • in August 2008, he was occupied by Russian paratroopers due to the aggravation of the Georgian-Russian conflict,
  • the most famous military action that took place in the town, the flooding of 6 moored boats by the Russian landing.

Photos of Poti are not able to half convey the extraordinary and bewitching beauty that is endowed with these places. If you are captivated by the history of this resort town, literally created for tourists, rather go here on vacation.

Climatic features

Poti is in subtropical conditions, and therefore, in the winter and in the summer, the weather is fine. From December to February, the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees, and in the hottest month does not exceed the mark of 30 degrees.

What to see?

Despite its rich history, Poti practically does not have any large-scale and iconic sights, but everyone can find here what they like: noisy shopping areas, narrow stone streets, cozy restaurants with national food and much more.

Among the main cultural monuments, which everyone should visit as part of an excursion tour, we can distinguish:

  • a museum open at the port
  • Museum of Local Lore,
  • Pontic Cathedral,
  • National Theater.

Also, everyone who came to relax in this amazing place of contrasts is recommended to visit the beautiful Lake Paliastomi, which is part of the Colchis Nature Reserve. Speaking of entertainment, we note that next to Poti there is a health resort Maltakva. Here you can not only improve your own health, but also enjoy a variety of relaxing spa treatments at affordable prices.

There are several beaches in the city that can greatly surprise with their appearance some of the participants of the excursion tour of the expanses of Georgia. What is their exclusivity? In the absence of developed infrastructure: here you will not see either civilized locker rooms, no showers, or any tourist tents, and low quality of water - the proximity of the city port, which is located literally a few hundred meters, affects.

The most popular beach among the local population is Maltakva, which is successfully located four kilometers south of the city center. People come here not only to splash in the warm Black Sea water, but also to make a couple of beautiful photos, because the surrounding beauties are truly mesmerizing. From entertainment there are:

  • water attractions,
  • jet ski and catamaran rental,
  • shallow pools for children,
  • various shooting ranges
  • coastal cafes and pubs where you can dine at a fairly modest price.

The main drawback of Maltakva is the absence of sun umbrellas and sunbeds. Therefore, if you want a comfortable stay, you will have to bring a towel or an air mattress with you.

If you have never rested in Poti, keep in mind that the swimming season here lasts exactly six months - from early May to mid-October.

Cafes and restaurants

The cost of dishes offered by local catering establishments will pleasantly surprise you. Everything is quite acceptable and democratic. At the same time, Poti's food is delicious. Here you can try:

  • different sorts of wines
  • legendary juicy Georgian khinkali,
  • chashululi - veal cooked in a certain way with fresh tomatoes,
  • Mingrelian kupat,
  • Adjarian Khachapuri,
  • national desserts and sweets.

The special pride of the local restaurants is hashmala - meat with seasonal vegetables cooked over a fire. The dish is quite satisfying and high-calorie, but very tasty. Experienced travelers recommend starting acquaintance with Georgian cuisine from it.

Travel to Mestia

Although there are no iconic and famous monuments in Poti, there is a direct bus from the city to Mestia, which strikes with its beauty. From all sides it is surrounded by rocky mountains and green forests. There are several viewing platforms in Mestia, from where you can enjoy beautiful views.

Here you can order a track to the mountains or dine in a cozy restaurant where live music always sounds. When traveling around Mestia, be sure to look into the Museum of Ethnography, visit the Kahiani House Museum, and go up to the Svan Towers. It is from this small mountain settlement that you can begin your journey to the glaciers or ascent to the mountain peaks.

If you want to stay overnight in the mountains, then a huge number of night gatehouses and guest houses are scattered in Mestia. The local population is distinguished by friendliness and hospitality.


Summarizing all of the above, it is safe to say that if you have never had a rest in Poti, you should immediately fix it. A small resort town, located on the Black Sea coast, will amaze you with its original provincial beauty, help you escape from the frantic pace of life in large cities, and allow you to relax both soul and body. Here you can stroll through the narrow cozy streets, enjoy the picturesque natural beauties, taste fine wines and dishes of national cuisine, breathe in fresh clean air. This small Georgian province is ideal for a romantic honeymoon or a quiet family holiday with children.

Beaches and Maltakva Resort

The tourist infrastructure in Poti is not very well established. Good quality sandy beaches are located only in the surrounding area. This is a very popular place in the resort village. There is a clear sea, golden sands, safe access to water, picturesque nature, fresh air. Nearby is a whole string of restaurants and cafes with delicious food and drinks. It is better to take a sun umbrella and sunbed with you, as in some places there is no rental on the beach. There are not many people here, so you can come to the beach at any convenient time.

Maltakva resort is in great demand among visitors and is located near Poti. The resort is a health resort where you can improve your health and have a great time. A great place to treat non-tuberculous respiratory diseases, especially in children. The place is famous for its wide sandy beach with pebble sand. It combines relaxation and climatotherapy.

Poti lighthouse

The tallest building in the Black Sea. The building is 150 years old, but after restoration it looks like new, although it was built back in 1862. The city’s authorities kept the lighthouse with the aim of attracting tourists. A red and white renewed shine cuts through the darkness of the night. This place has its own unique history, which you can learn by visiting the city of Poti.

The benefits and harms of magnetic sand

Benefit: Magnetic sands are filled with healing qualities for the area of ​​the nervous, bone, cardiovascular, respiratory system of the human body. Also useful for treating hypertension.

Harmful: Patients with asthma, tuberculosis, blood diseases and tumors are not recommended to dig into the sand, because magnetic field can adversely affect the disease.

Poti city (Georgia)

One of the largest port cities on the Black Sea coast is located at the mouth of the Rioni River. A city with a long history attracts thousands of tourists every year, although tourism is rather poorly developed.

About 53 thousand people live here. Although in the holiday season they become much more not only due to those who come to rest in this city, but also due to those who stop for a while to go to other cities.

The city of Poti is rather a provincial city, but with a view of the sea, where fresh air, silence and delicious fruits are what attract tourists here.

Attractions Poti

In the city of Poti there are few attractions, despite the long history, but everyone will find something to see here.

You should definitely go to the museum, which is open at the port, to find out its history and look at the collection that is collected in it: ship models, ancient anchors, sails and much more.

To get acquainted with the history of the city, you should go to the local history museum, which presents various documents and materials telling about different periods of the city’s life and the lands in the vicinity.

In the Byzantine style, the Poti Cathedral was once built long ago, which was badly damaged in wartime and today is under restoration. Perhaps someday it will be restored to the end, but at the moment you can see its walls from the outside.

The whole family can go to the arboretum to see interesting plants growing in the tropics, which, perhaps, you have never heard of. The park is located in the city center and is suitable for families with small children, as well as for older people and youth.

The city of Poti is small and has few attractions, but in its vicinity you can see many natural monuments. For example, you should go to Lake Paleostomy, which was mentioned by ancient Greek historians.

Near Poti is the town of Zugdidi, which attracts with its main attraction. This is the Dadiani castle built in the Middle Ages. There is a museum on the territory of the castle, where more than 40 thousand exhibits of various subjects are represented.

You can see the Georgian nature if you go to the Rioni River, which is one of the country's navigable rivers. The Rionskaya Hydroelectric Power Station is located here, which generates electricity and supplies the nearest regions. Around the river there are beautiful forests and clearings, and in some sections the view of the mountains opens.

Holidays in Poti and its features

As mentioned earlier, during the military conflicts in the late 20th century, the city of Poti suffered and the tourism business system was destroyed. Today this town cannot offer tourists the good service that exists in Tbilisi or Batumi, but it will delight everyone with its beautiful nature and remoteness from megacities.

You can find a hotel in the city, but the cost of a 24-hour room is very high, sometimes reaching $ 40, not matching the quality. Therefore, you can safely stay with the locals, paying a small fee, where they will be happy to do everything they can to not overshadow the rest.

Many come here to live in nature with tents, waking up to the singing of birds and the sound of the sea, since there is almost untouched nature and there is no industrial complex.

This is an ideal place to relax with children, because the weather in Poti in the summer is very comfortable and there is no abnormal heat. During the day you can go to the city beach or wild, choosing pebbles or sand. On the beach you can not only lie or swim in the sea, but also play volleyball and other sports. In the evening, you can go for a walk along the local streets, along the promenade along the sea and to the port to see its work.

The city is attractive for those who love Georgian cuisine. In local establishments you can taste famous dishes: barbecue, khachapuri, cheese, sweets, kharcho soup. Wine is not produced in this city, and it is better to purchase it in Tbilisi or Batumi. There are always a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown on plantations throughout the season.

Climatic conditions

The city of Poti (Georgia) is located in the subtropical zone, which means that the weather is good here in winter and summer, when the temperature in winter does not drop below 0, and in summer it does not rise above +30 on average, although anomalous temperatures for this area were also recorded.

The sea warms up very well, and therefore the swimming season lasts from May to November, and in winter there is practically no snow.

City port

Today it is believed that Poti is one of the main economic regions. In 2008, Georgia sold a 51% stake in the port of an Arab company to develop a free zone and build new terminals. This was a very important step not only for the city, but for the whole country, which contributed to its development.

The port is an important link connecting Transcaucasia and Georgia. It is capable of accepting up to 5 million tons of cargo, and ships, submarines and barges constantly come here.

Tourists can take excursions and get acquainted with the work of the port, see how the ships are unloaded and get the opportunity to ride on the boat.

Twin cities

Little is known that the city of Poti has a connection with other cities, which are called twin cities or twin cities.

If we briefly tell you what twin cities are, this is an established friendly relationship for mutual cooperation in historical and cultural terms. Such cooperation can be expressed in exhibitions, sporting events, in the exchange of delegations and art groups, in order to better understand the life of peoples.

So, the twin cities of Poti are Burgas (Bulgaria), Georgia (USA), Larnaca (Cyprus), Nafplion (Greece) since 1990, Aktau (Kazakhstan) since 2005, Sevastopol since 2008.

How to get to Poti

The city of Poti (Georgia) is located on the Black Sea coast and can be reached both by air, and by water and by land. If the choice fell on an airplane, it will take you to Tbilisi, and from there you can take a bus or taxi, the distance is only 59 km.

You can also get from Russia by boat, which will take you directly to your destination. It is also possible to come by train through Batumi, Tbilisi and other cities. You can get there by your own car, having previously laid out the shortest route for yourself.