Tuminsh, Aloiz Yazepovich


Riga Mayor Neil Ushakov presented an English-language video in which the sights of the city are described using recitative.

In a small video guide to the city, for one and a half minutes under rap support, the main attractions of the capital of Latvia are shown.

Rap rap guide in Riga. From A to Z ”was created at the Riga Tourism Development Bureau LiveRiga. In the video “Riga Rap Guide” in alphabetical order they spoke about the most memorable places and advantages of the capital of Latvia. Among other things, mentioned are “steep bridges”, “otpadnye cats” and “attractive government”.

“Everything about Riga in rap style in 142 words. Very affordable. And a wonderful advertisement of the city, ”said Ushakov.

It is worth noting that the authorities of Riga have long become famous for their unconventional approach to attracting tourists. Earlier, Neil Ushakov advertised the city with the help of the posters “Riga - Mildronate's Homeland”. Posters were posted on his community page on Facebook.

Sports career

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He played for the Labor Reserves clubs, since 1962 - for the Armed Forces. Trainer - Honored Trainer of the USSR Albert Fomich Lavrinovich.

MS (1957). He performed in the welterweight. European Champion 1961, became the first Latvian boxer to win this title. At the tournament in Belgrade, he also received a special prize - to the most technical boxer. Silver medalist of the European Championship 1963, six-time medalist of the USSR championships - “gold” (1961 and 1963), “silver” (1958, 1959 and 1960), “bronze” (1963), 7-time champion of Latvia, champion of the Friendly Armies in 1962. Held 220 fights, scoring 200 victories.

Tumins completed his sports career in 1964 at the age of 25.


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