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English Bristol is an ancient port city where millions of visitors from all over the world flock to today. They love sports, delicious food and great music - numerous festivals, replacing each other, do not allow tourists to rack their brains for a long time on the question of what to see in Bristol.

It is worth taking a look at the city from the “Bridge of Suicides” - a giant suspended structure, thrown across the Avon River. To appreciate the charm of healing springs popular since the time of the Roman Empire. Take a drive trip through the local caves and be sure to take the best photographs of the sights of Bristol as a keepsake.

Attractions Bristol

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Bristol Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Bristol belongs to the Anglican Church and is a wonderful example of English Gothic architecture. The first building of the cathedral was built in 1140 and was the residence of the bishop. Then the building was rebuilt several times. The temple acquired a modern look in 1877, when the main nave of the cathedral was opened. The construction of two western towers was completed in 1888. The total external length of the cathedral is 94.1 meters, the area is 2096 square meters.

Bristol Cathedral is an example of the so-called "hall church" and is considered one of the best examples of such architectural solutions in the world and the only one in England. The central nave, choir and passages of the same height, which gives the impression of one large hall with high ribbed arches. The central nave is 38 meters long and 16 meters high. The high windows of the cathedral are decorated with stained glass windows depicting Jesus Christ and religious scenes; they miss enough holy to illuminate the cathedral during the day.

The organ was originally built in 1685. Subsequently, it was repeatedly rebuilt and expanded. The last reconstruction was carried out in 1989.

Clifton bridge

One of the main attractions of the country, Clifton Bridge, began to be built back in 1829. It is located above the Avon Gorge in the city of Bristol and is a prime example of suspended structures.

The design of the bridge was developed by the famous architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The bridge is 230 meters long, including a span of 190 meters over the river gorge. And the height of the hanging Clifton bridge is 75 meters. A group of engineers worked on the bridge for about 28 years and in December 1864 it was put into operation.

Today the bridge in Bristol is popular among athletes who jump from it. The very first jump in the world was performed by 4 Britons from a local sports club from Clifton Bridge in April 1979. Many tourists visit this suspension bridge, which offers a picturesque view of the surroundings of the city.

To get acquainted with the history of the structure, you must visit the Visitor Center, which is located next to the bridge. Also nearby the bridge is the famous Clifton Observatory, which houses a curved mirror that reflects the panorama of the surroundings on a special screen. The famous Bristol caves are also located near the bridge.

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Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower is located in a park on Brandon Hill Hill, on the border between the Old Town and the new Clifton and Hotwells districts. It was built in 1897 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot's trip to North America, where he landed off the coast of Canada.

The tower was designed by architect William Venn Goff at the expense of citizens. The height of the tower itself is 32 meters, and taking into account the height of the hill - 102 meters above sea level. The tower is built of red sandstone interspersed with cream Batsk stone for decoration. The tower is a landmark that can be seen from many parts of the city, and at night at the top a lighthouse is turned on.

In 2007, the tower was closed for reconstruction, and in 2011 it was reopened to visitors. On the spiral staircase inside the tower, you can climb to the first and second viewing platforms, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the park. In the nature park around the tower, there is a Wildlife Trust Center, a pond, a butterfly garden, and children's playgrounds.

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Steamboat "Great Britain"

The steamboat “Great Britain” is interesting for its turbulent history: for all the time of its existence, it has been a steamboat, and a combat, and cargo ship. On the official website of the ship you can see the diaries of the passengers of the ship, which are very interesting.

Now the steamboat is a ship museum, clearly telling about itself as a former passenger steamboat - at one time an advanced steamboat. The ship was the first of the ships built of iron. The main destination of the "Great Britain" was to cross the Atlantic.

In the late 1880s, the ship was sent to the Falkland Islands, where it was used as a warehouse until it was flooded in 1937.

Returned the ship to Bristol in 1970. After restoration, the ship was opened to tourists. Visitors can visit the museum ship and see three decks. The most beautiful room is the dining room, which seats up to 360 people. Other spaces of the ship are also beautifully cleaned, but in a restrained style.

Harbor bristol

Bristol harbor is located in the English city of Bristol, one of the warmest cities in the United Kingdom and covers an area of ​​28.3 hectares. The harbor is old, it exists since the 13th century, but at the beginning of the 19th century it was completely redone. Thanks to the installed locks on the Avon River, the water level in the floating harbor of Bristol remains constant, regardless of the rains and tides in the river. Large vessels can pass in the gorge of the Avon River only at high tide.

Today, the harbor with its museums, exhibitions and galleries hospitably welcomes tourists. Former workshops and warehouses of the harbor are now converted into cultural centers, bars and nightclubs. The harbor also boasts a number of Fashion Houses, the Arts Center and the Media Center. Tours are provided for excursions along the Avon River, with commentaries by guides and stops in interesting places in the city of Bristol.

Bristol harbor has a new drawbridge equipped with the most advanced electro-hydraulic system. From it it is very convenient to watch the numerous boats and vessels arriving here in large numbers in July each year, when Bristol holds one of the largest music festivals in the UK. More than 250 thousand fans from all over the world create a live chain along the Bristol promenade to dance, listen to good music and relax.

Miniature Strawberry Line Railway

A great way for adults to return to childhood, and for children to feel like adults, is provided by the miniature Strawberry Line railway. Here you will not just see a toy train moving on rails - with a loud whistle of a locomotive whistle, you can ride your whole family on top of it.

The miniature Strawberry Line belongs to Mike Basset, who worked all his life on the railway. Upon retiring, he could not part with his beloved business, and in 2001 began to realize his new dream. Together with a team of like-minded people, Bassett built 1.21 kilometers of railway with a gauge of 127 mm. Models of cars, diesel locomotives and steam locomotives have become an exact reduced copy of their true brothers. And most importantly - you can ride them. Of course, you won’t be able to enter the car - it’s too small for this, but you can sit on top with your feet on comfortable stands on the sides. The train will make a trip along a circular route, will pass inside the tunnel, pass by a steam train depot and again stop at the platform with a small train station building. Everything, like on a real railway, is only much more exciting.

Adults love to attend this attraction no less than children. And for a family holiday on the weekend, this is generally ideal. After the trip, you can have a picnic, sitting in the designated area for this. In memory of a wonderful day, you should buy some small souvenir at a local store.

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