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The Croatian island of Pag, stretching for 60 km along the Adriatic coast, is famous for its Page cheese and lace. Particularly popular holiday on Pag among the inhabitants of Croatia, as well as among European youth.

The largest settlements of the island are Pag, Novalya, Staraya Novalya, Lun and Tsaska. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge on the south side, through which you can reach Zadar and Rijeka, and on the north - by ferry. The nearest international airport is in the city of Zadar.

Sights that can be seen in the city of Pag include: the Collegiate Church, built in the 16th century, the Church of St. Margarita, the Church of St. George of the 16th century, the Palace of the Duke. In the old town of Novalja, guests can visit the city museum with its ethnographic collection, archaeological exhibits and works of art by Croatian artists.

For many years, the traditional festival has been the Winter Carnival in Pag. Prior to Lent, this holiday is marked by three-day celebrations in the central square and a carnival procession.

The main purpose of the Summer Carnival, which takes place at the end of July, is to diversify the tourist life and entertain holidaymakers with interesting events and tasty treats.

An art festival held in Pag since 1999 has already become a tradition. The program of this cultural festival includes music concerts, theater performances, exhibitions and documentary films.

The island of Pag is considered the Croatian Ibiza. In the town of Novalja, on Zrce beach, there are three clubs: Aquarius, Kalypso and Papaya, where young people from different countries have fun 24 hours a day. Each year, a varied program awaits visitors to discos, including live performances by world famous pop and rock artists. Hideout Festival is one of the events taking place at Papaya and Aquarius in July. Famous DJs and groups invited to this three-day festival of music and dance will not let numerous guests get bored.

Holidays on the island of Pag are a great opportunity to try local delicacies and wines. When you visit the various cafes and restaurants of Pag, you will certainly be offered the famous Pag cheese made from sheep's milk and olive oil.

One of the establishments that can be recommended in Novalja is the Boskinac restaurant. Mediterranean cuisine, wines from the local winery, excellent service and romantic atmosphere will allow you to spend unforgettable time.

The Beledvir tavern in the town of Kolan, between the cities of Pag and Novalja, attracts tourists with homemade dishes, among which guests especially highlighted grilled risottos and seafood. Konoba Ankora was recognized by many vacationers as the best restaurant in Novalja, noting delicious food and pleasant service. In the city of Pag, you can recommend the institution Na Tale, among the dishes prepared there, visitors noted fish treats.

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The most popular beach on the island of Pag is Zrce. Stretched on the coast near Novalja, this pebble beach is surrounded by forest. You can get to it by bus, which runs regularly from Novalya. This vacation spot is equipped with everything necessary, including facilities for people with disabilities.

Another beach in Novalja is Sv. Peh Duh, covered with pebbles with large shallows and a seabed lined with fine sand, which makes this place convenient for families with small children. Nearby there is a playground for playing soccer or badminton. Part of the territory is fenced off specifically for nudists.

A little east of Novalja is the popular Caska Beach. Basically it is covered with sand, only the approach to the water is lined with pebbles. The seabed is characterized by a sharp transition to depth. You can get to this place of rest by car, which is possible to leave in the parking lot.

To the south of Novalja is the pebble beach Strasko, with a length of about 1.5 km, with a convenient approach to the water and a nice sandy bottom. A dense pine forest that allows you to hide from the sun, and the presence of various entertainment for children makes it suitable for families.

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Pag is an island in central Dalmatia. The area of ​​the island is 284.56 km & # 178. Novalja is the main tourist center on the island, also known as “Croatian Ibiza” because of its beaches and noisy discos. The most popular "beach-dance floor" near Novalja is Zrce. Every summer a lot of young people come here from all over the world. A rich sports and entertainment program and incredible parties with the most fashionable dance music will not let anyone get bored. In addition to discos, the beach has many other resources for a great vacation. There is a water slide and volleyball courts, you can rent boats, water skis, catamarans, deck chairs and umbrellas. At the Aquarius Club on the beach you can find a wide selection of different dishes and drinks.

Sveti Spirit beach

The island of Pag attracts tourists not only with a large number of discos and parties, but also with its unique topography. Some parts of the island resemble the surface of the moon. This island is also famous for its unusual beaches. The beach of the Holy Spirit is one of the most beautiful on the island. It is located 10 km. east of the city of Novalja. This is a beach with a length of about 5 km., Connected to another sandy beach, Eista. Entrance fees are small. Half of the beach is used by nudists. In the southern part of the beach there is a camping site "Holy Spirit" with basic amenities. There you can find a small bar.

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Club Papaya

Croatian club Papaya is a huge outdoor dance floor. There are no walls with huge balls and a glamorous interior design. The vastness of the beach area allows visitors to come in bikinis, short shorts and other clothing that does not restrain movement. The proximity to the sea will allow vacationers not only to come off to music until the morning, but also to swim and engage in water sports.

At this point David Morales, Eric Pride, Paul Van Dyke, Armin Van Buren, Sven Wat, Siz Matters, Gareth Emery and other famous DJs performed. They note that people are able to have fun with their music in any weather.

The club can accommodate up to 5,000 people. The institution is open from 10 a.m. until late at night on the famous Zrce beach, which is located on the island of Pag. The island can be reached on foot from Novalja or from Zadar Airport.

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The area of ​​the island is 284.56 km², the coastline is 269.2 km. The length of the Pag is about 60 km, the width varies from 2 to 10 km. Like most islands of northern and central Dalmatia, Pag is very elongated in the direction from the northwest to the southeast. By area, the island ranks fifth among the islands of Croatia.

The population of the island is 8398 (2001) people, according to this indicator the island takes the sixth place among the islands of Croatia. There are only two cities on the island - Novalja (Novalja) with a population of 2078 people in the northern part of the island and Pag with a population of 2701 people in the central. The remaining inhabitants of the island live in numerous villages. The southern part of the island is separated from the mainland by a narrow strait through which the bridge is thrown. Pag is the only Croatian island administratively divided between two provinces. The northern part of the island belongs to Litsko-Sensky County, the southern - to Zadarskaya.


The name Pag was first mentioned in the 10th century. In 976, the Croatian king Stepan Dřislav recaptured the island from Byzantium. In 1244, the Croatian-Hungarian king Bela IV gave the city of Pag the status of a free royal city. In the wars for Zadar between Venice and the Hungarian-Croatian kingdom in the XIV century, Pag was badly damaged.

In 1403, the island was sold by King Ladislav to the Venetians, to whom they belonged until the fall of the Venetian Republic at the end of the 18th century. In the 15th century, in view of the growing threat of Turkish raids, the inhabitants of Pag decided to build a new city a few kilometers from the old one. The construction of the city was based on the drawings of the famous architect and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac.

At the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815, the island of Pag, along with the Dalmatian coast, moved to Austria.

In 1918-1921 the Italians occupied the island, after the First World War it became part of Yugoslavia.

In June-August 1941, the Ustash death camp functioned on the island, through which about 16 thousand prisoners passed.

On November 1, 1944, Russian soldiers entered the battle with the German UJ-202 and UJ-209 submarine hunters. British destroyers Wheatland and Avon Vale. Both German ships were sunk due to timely intelligence from Yugoslav partisans.

During the civil war in 1991, which broke out after the declaration of independence of Croatia, the island of Pag was the only way connecting northern and southern Croatia, it delivered goods bypassing the Serb-controlled coast.

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