Holidays at Kolochep


Croatia is famous for the ecological cleanliness of its coast and islands. One of these islands is Kolocep in the Elaphite archipelago, off the coast of South Dalmatia. On this small island, there is completely no car traffic. Pine groves, cypresses, citrus orchards, vineyards, the purest waters of the Adriatic and beautiful beaches make the rest on Kolocep truly relaxing.

You can get to the island of Kolocep in just 20 minutes by ferry departing from the port of Dubrovnik.

The island has preserved archaeological sites from the time of Ancient Greece, Rome and the Middle Ages. Since the 10th century, the island of Kolocep was part of the Republic of Dubrovnik, which contributed to the development of shipbuilding on the island.

Kolocep was also known as a place of extraction of valuable corals. However, it experienced its heyday in the 15th century, when most of the churches, basilicas and mansions that have survived to this day were built.

The early Christian churches of St. Nicholas, St. Anthony and others, built between 9th and 11th centuries, are the main man-made sights of Kolocep. Of the island’s natural riches, one can note the botanical garden and the famous Blue Cave, each person who entered it and all objects are painted in a mystical blue color, which of course disappears as soon as you leave the cave.

Kolochep's few restaurants offer the freshest seafood, cheese and local brandy. You can enjoy wonderful sea views during dinner on the open terrace of the restaurant at Villas Kolocep, which serves local cheese, grilled squids, and fresh vegetables. Boat trips around the island can be completed with lunch at the unique Kalamota restaurant, accessible only by water. The Villas Lovor and Ruza have weekly classical music concerts, jazz musicians and dance shows. This is all entertainment on Kolocep, fans of noisy parties can go to Dubrovnik and have fun from the heart.

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Croatia, and the island of Kolocep in particular, is famous for the diversity of its beaches, there are rocky platforms, pebble and sandy beaches. On the island there are only two villages Donje Celo and Gomje Celo, located on opposite sides of the island. Next to the villages are the best sandy beaches of Kolocep, especially suitable for families with small children. Holidays at Kolocep also attract nudists, for them a secluded beach is reserved for them in the place Donje Celo.

Hiking and cycling along the picturesque paths of the interior of the island of Kolocep are very popular among tourists who prefer a calm and measured lifestyle. But the rest on this island is more suitable for lovers of water entertainment, sea kayaking is very popular here, as well as sailing trips, a sailing school works. You can also rent diving equipment, windsurf boards, canoes, boats and boats.

Island legend

There is a legend retold by the local population about the origin of Cape Chavalika and Machus. Following the legend, the young man Machus fell in love with the little girl Chavalik when he became a young man, made her an offer, and they got married. Their marriage was lasting, and they carried love through their whole lives until death. Their names were named capes on the island, which remind everyone of eternal love and happiness.

Kolocep on the map

In the period of the XIV-XIX centuries, when Kolocep was part of the Dubrovnik Republic, shipbuilding was actively developing here, the island was considered one of the most important points in shipbuilding.

Kolocep is the oldest island that survived the settlement of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

There is information about the first settlements of the Greeks that can be traced back to the 3rd century BC. This people comes to the lands of Kolocep and creates colonies.

Since the 10th century, the city belongs to the Republic of Dubrovnik. It was the active extraction of coral in coastal waters that the island became famous throughout the Adriatic. In addition, the famous traveler Christopher Columbus was born here.

In the process of archaeological research, experts have discovered various artifacts that are of great value. Many buildings built in ancient times are perfectly preserved. Even the name of the island comes from the Greek phrase "kalos niktos", which means "beautiful nights." The name fully justifies itself: there is no smog over the city, since there is no automobile traffic, and the main occupations of local residents are agriculture and tourism.

Kolocep is a beautiful green oasis in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic.

Holidays in 2019 at Kolocep are easy to plan for any time: 250 days a year the warm and gentle sun shines here. The mild Mediterranean climate helps to survive the heat even in the hottest months: a refreshing gentle breeze constantly blows from the Adriatic Sea. In winter, the air warms up to an average of +10 degrees, in summer the temperature does not rise above +27 degrees. For tourists, the ideal period is the months from July to August, when temperature readings reach 34 degrees. It was at this time that it was very good to engage in underwater fishing, go sailing and have a good rest.

How to get and where to stay on vacation?

The nearest international airport is in the city of Dubrovnik. From there, it is most convenient to get to Kolocep by ferry. Sea ferries run from 10 to 20 hours every day. Travel time is 25 minutes. The cost of the trip is 2.5 euros. After 8 pm, the island can only be reached by water taxi, the cost of which is quite high - 60 euros. You can also get to Kolocep on a cruise ship.

It is worth noting that tourists stepping on the island are met by hotel representatives, transfer their luggage to the electric car and escorted to the hotel, which is one of a kind on the island. In addition, there are no cars on Kolocep.

On the lands of the island does not exist any means of transportation. The electric cars that deliver hotel tourists are relevant here. If you want to see local attractions, you can rent a bicycle. Thus, local authorities manage to fight for a clean environment.

There is only one hotel on the island called Villas Koločep. More precisely, it is a complex of 8 villas. Modern villas, surrounded by greenery, are located directly opposite the Donje Selo beach on a picturesque hill. In total, the villas have 150 comfortable modern rooms. The hotel has internet, a pool, a patio, tennis courts, a volleyball court. There are also restaurants nearby where you can eat three times a day. For a bite to eat, guests can check out the restaurant or patio, which provides its guests the opportunity to enjoy magnificent scenic views. If you wish, you can go to Donja Selo, where they cook grilled dishes perfectly. You can soak up the waters of the Adriatic Sea on the equipped beach or pool. When planning to have fun, you can stop at Villa Lovor or Villa Ruza, where parties are often held.

The apartments are equipped with a separate kitchen, TV and air conditioning. This is a great option for couples with children. On average, the cost of one double room in a hotel will be 3000 rubles.

There are several beaches and bays on the island. The best beach, which is popular with tourists, Donye Selo is located in the village of the same name. The beach is not far from the hotel and has sand cover. There is a convenient, gentle entry into the water, which allows even parents with small children to swim and relax on the beach.

Most of the beaches around the island are pebble and secluded. In hidden bays, you can find nudist little-populated beaches.

Divers must visit the deep-sea cave (28 meters) and admire the coral. Sea water here is unusually clear and clean, so that from land without special equipment you can watch the inhabitants of the sea waves.

There are few restaurants on the island, but visiting them you can enjoy fresh seafood, delicious cheese and local brandy. You can also have lunch, breakfast or dinner at the Villas Kolocep's restaurant, which grills squid and a salad of fresh vegetables.

National dishes

In restaurants you can try mashed soup, a classic soup or broth, the basis of which is fish or meat, with the addition of cereals or noodles. As a dessert, you can order ice cream or pancakes here.

Pizza lovers can be advised to order a serving at any of the restaurants, the cost of which is no more than 5 euros. The price of seafood per dish - from 20 euros.

Best restaurants

This is a unique restaurant that can be reached by water, appreciated by tourists for its range of dishes, which are based on olive oil, vegetables and fresh spices. This restaurant is suitable for food enthusiasts. In particular, the restaurant offers shrimp cakes. Here you can enjoy Jewish cuisine.

Villa ruza

On the island, one of the best restaurants can be called Villa Ruza. This is one of the most beautiful places on the island, first of all, it is popular for its unique cuisine. Given the chef’s preparation of dishes in an original way, even the most ordinary Croatian dishes acquire an amazing taste. The menu serves Mediterranean cuisine. However, they are prepared only from fresh products. Therefore, this place is recommended for visiting with children. Seafood is bought by the restaurant from the morning catch. In addition, there is an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Ancient churches

In addition to magnificent landscapes, including cliffs, the blue of the sea, olive groves, a deep-sea cave, the island is interesting for old buildings and archaeological artifacts found here. On Kolocep there are 7 small churches built in the 9th-10th centuries. In particular, the churches of St. Mary and St. Antonio. Also on the island stands the Toreta stone tower from the Middle Ages.

There are plenty of attractions on the island, but you can get around all the buildings in a few hours: the buildings are not far from each other.

Walking tours

Kolocep abounds with walking paths and trails, since cars do not drive here. You should definitely take a walk along the paths leading up. The higher the traveler rises, the more picturesque and large-scale landscape will appear before his eyes. There are no special viewing platforms on Kolocep, but at certain distances of the trail there are chairs that suggest the most successful camera angles for photographs. It is also worth taking a walk from one village to another: the settlements are connected by a 3 km trail.


Walking around the island, you should pay attention to the lush vegetation around. In addition to coniferous and olive trees, persimmons and eucalyptus grow here. Huge palm trees with wide leaves looking like the jungle, especially at dusk.

This village in the western part of the island is located in the bay. It can be reached from Dubrovnik by ferry. One of the main attractions of this place is the unique fortress of Cascio, which at one time could shelter several hundred local people from pirates in their wine cellars. Unfortunately, the upper part of the structure is almost destroyed, but its basements still accept tourists.

The largest temple of the island is the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, dating from the 13th century. In the fifteenth century, a temple was rebuilt on this site, and only part of the facade remained from the previous structure. You can also note the chapel of St. Anthony, as well as the church of the Holy Trinity.

You can get to Gorno-Chelo on foot, rising for about 20 minutes from another village, which is a cluster of small houses of stone framed by tiled roofs. At the bottom of the village is a great beach, which attracts tourists not only from the island, but also from the mainland. The village crashes into a dense park where you can stroll, enjoying the smells of conifers. The park is located on an area of ​​12 hectares, and is protected by the state.

Between the villages is the local cemetery, where the church of St. Nicholas, built in the ninth century.

To get acquainted with the history and cultural heritage of Croatia, it is recommended to go to the nearest city - Dubrovnik. The city is included in the UNESCO list and keeps on its streets the memory of many centuries (the city has been reckoned with since the 7th century). Dubrovnik is a major port of Croatia, there are also beaches and everything you need for a pleasant stay.

Things to do

For those who prefer outdoor activities, the island provides the opportunity to go to school for sailing or to become a member of sea kayaking. At the same time, vacationers are provided with equipment rental for any sport. It is impossible not to recall the Botanical Garden and the famous Blue Cave, the highlight of which is that it paints people and objects that are in it in blue. When leaving the cave, everything falls into place.

It should be understood that the resort has a very small number of souvenir shops and shops, therefore, if you want to go shopping, you should go to the mainland for full shopping. Kolocep is a place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

It is worth noting that most souvenirs are not different from those sold on the mainland. These are magnets, circles on which picturesque landscapes are captured. Most popular are products made by local craftsmen from improvised means.

In addition, there are very high-quality local wines or mash, which are prepared according to recipes for many years by local craftsmen.

Going to the market, here you can buy exotic seafood and fish.

As a souvenir for loved ones and relatives, napkins that are embroidered with Croatian and symbols and ornaments will be an ideal option.


Given the fact that the island has absolutely no motor transport, the air in these places is clean and it’s safe to relax here. This is a small paradise in which it is safe to relax, both during the day and in the dark.

Video about Kolocep:

Visiting this unique island, with the memory of it, only positive emotions will appear, because this is a chance not only to improve your health, but also to relax emotionally from the noisy city bustle.

Search for flights to Dubrovnik (the nearest airport to Kolocep)

From the commercial port of Gruž (Port Gruž) in Dubrovnik, ferries depart to the island, the journey time is only 20-25 minutes. The Postira and Jadrolinija ferries run to Kolocep from 10 am to 8 pm, five times a day, fare 23 HRK (3 EUR). After 20:00, you can reach the island only by water taxi, which will cost 600 HRK (80 EUR) (tel: +385 20 757 025 or email: [email protected]).

As soon as guests arrive on the island, they are met by hotel representatives, put their luggage on an electric car (as we remember, there are no cars on the island) and taken to the hotel - the only one on the island.

Prices on the page are for November 2018.

Hotel Villas Koločep

The only hotel on the island - Villas Koločep - consists of eight modern villas located on a picturesque green hill opposite the sandy beach of Donje Celo. Renovated in 2006, the hotel offers 151 rooms with balconies or their own patios, as well as a fully equipped media corner: with fast internet and so on.

Lunch, dinner and breakfast can be found in the air-conditioned restaurant or dining patio, both famous for their beautiful views of the coast.In addition, there is a nice cafe in Donja Selo, which offers fish and grilled dishes. Guests can swim both on the sandy beach and in the saltwater pool. And in two separate villas of the hotel - Villa Lovor and Villa Ruza - concerts and parties are held in the summer.