Sudak and surroundings: attractions and activities for children


Sudak is known for its unique landscapes. Although there are no buildings with intricate architecture, as, for example, in Yalta with its palace ensembles, the natural surroundings of Sudak have been captivating not only tourists, but also filmmakers for many years. It is not in vain that dozens of films were shot here against the backdrop of Sudak landscapes, including the well-known Amphibian Man, Sportloto-82, Pirates of the 20th Century, and Three Plus Two.

You hardly have enough weeks to explore all the natural sights - trails, bays and mountain peaks in the vicinity of Sudak. But first of all, look at Mount Falcon and Cape Meganom - these are one of the main points of attraction for tourists.

You can settle in the city in an excellent hotel or a cozy guest house. Or for a few days become a real savage and pitch a tent under the rocks on a deserted beach with clear water. Wild holidays here are combined with civilized ones, solitude with mass entertainment, the silence of nature with the noise of the city promenade.

And in Sudak there are amusement parks, attractions and, of course, the famous Genoese fortress, where knights-reconstructors gather every summer, and you seem to be traveling a few centuries ago by time machine.

Sudak water park

Rest in the water park is simply created for those vacationers who want to add a little extreme to the vacation routine. The Water World water park has a huge number of water slides: Multislide, Orange River, Women's Passion, Kamikaze, Black Hole, Blue Beard, Boomerang, Super Loop, Funnel ".

For those hungry, there are food courts, cafes and bars in the water park.

For the youngest vacationers there is a children's complex with shallow pools and safe slides. An authentic hill “Ship” with ropes and slopes will be interesting for children.

In the water park "Water World" you can not only ride a roller coaster, but also get to a foamy party. They run from Monday to Thursday, you do not need to buy an additional ticket there.

Cape Alchak is rightfully considered one of the most picturesque corners of the Crimean peninsula. It is located on Mount Alchak-Kaya, which is an ancient coral reef.

Who will like Cape Alchak and who should visit it? Those who enjoy outdoor activities are engaged in diving, snorkeling. This is an ideal place for ecotourism, since on the territory of the cape and the mountains as a whole there is no developed infrastructure. In general, you can even swim at the place, but there is no equipped beach there.

You can also go to Cape Alchak with children, but a snack and a warm sweater will be a prerequisite. For a family walk, a hiking trail along the mountains is more suitable. It offers an impressive panoramic view, against which you can take beautiful photos.

Genoese fortress

Genoese fortress - a must-see attraction of Sudak. This place will be interesting for both young and adult tourists.

Given that the Genoese fortress was built in 1371-1469, it is quite well preserved. The visitor can inspect such buildings as the Barbican, the Watch Tower, the Consular Castle, sections of the fortress walls, a water storage and some others. Being in a fortress as if you find yourself in a time when glorious warriors of ancient times walked on its territory.

Festival "Genoese helmet"

Ticket price: general ticket - 500 rubles., preferential ticket - 250 rubles., excursion service - 50 rubles.

The territory of the Genoese fortress annually hosts the international chivalry festival "Genoese helmet." During the festival, the culture of chivalry is revived in all its usual manner. Knightly fights in real armor are held, delicious food and drinks sold according to the recipes of those times are sold around, master classes in archery and other interactive events are held.

Video how the festival goes:

Mount Falcon

Mount Sokol used to be the bottom of the sea, but now it rises at an altitude of 474 meters above sea level. Tourists love to climb it, who do not mind spending time and energy for a gorgeous view of the sea and mountains. The mountain is a favorite place for climbers of any level of professionalism, there are many routes for climbers laid.

Golitsyn trail

The Golitsyn trail is located on Mount Oryol. It stretches from Pirate Bay to Cape Kapchik, from the height of the trail (it's about 50 meters) incredible views open up. The trail ends with the Golitsyn Grotto.

From the Golitsyn Grotto, the entrance to the adit is 7 km long. Prince Golitsyn, who was a skilled winemaker, kept his wines and champagne in these adits. Therefore, who knows, suddenly some tourist will be lucky to find there a bottle of a drink that has been stored for hundreds of years.

The total length of the trail is slightly less than 6 km. The local relief is rocky, uneven, it is a little difficult to follow the path. Therefore, to visit with young children is not the best option.

Wine History Museum

The museum operates at the New World champagne factory. It is located in the former estate of the winemaker Prince Golitsyn, who founded the plant in 1878.

Advice! Wine lovers will surely enjoy the dessert white sweet wine “The Seventh Heaven of Prince Golitsin”. It can be purchased directly on the territory of the complex, where it is produced.

Visitors to the museum can choose from several types of excursions: historical, royal, bruterian, and new-world symphony. Each includes a wine tasting.

Despite the presence of tasting in the excursion program, tourists of different ages will be interested in visiting the museum of the history of winemaking. Excursions are conducted by professionals of the highest category, who will tell visitors the history of the most famous drinks, take them through cellars and tunnels where wine is stored, and familiarize themselves with the structure of the wine industry.

Cape Meganom

Cape Meganom is considered the largest cape on the entire coast, it is located between Koktebel and Sudak. The cape has a diverse relief. There are rocky ledges and flat beaches where you can swim. The road from Sudak to Meganom takes a little time, tourist routes are quite easy. At the very edge of the cape is a working Meganom lighthouse.

On the territory of Cape Meganom there is a conservation area where unique representatives of the flora grow. In the waters near Meganom there are many crabs, raps and mussels. So vacationers can arm themselves with a mask and arrange spearfishing for themselves. For lovers of diving at Cape Meganom, just perfect conditions.

Motor ship "Prince Bagration"

The motor ship “Prince Bagration” is one of the first screw passenger ships. It was built in 1912 and lasted longer than its brothers. In 1994, the ship towed to the coast of Sudak, where it is now.

Although at present the ship is abandoned, many tourists come to see it. Against his background, photo sessions in vintage style are often arranged. According to many locals and visitors, the “Prince Bagration” motor ship is the best abandonment of the whole Crimea.

Kara-Dag is one of the largest Crimean reserves, in the past it was an active volcano. Now it is a mountain range from which wide panoramic views open. In the Karadag reserve there are animals listed in the Red Book. There you can see rare plants, a variety of butterflies and birds.

The territory of Kara-Dag is quite unstable, some areas are dangerous for an inexperienced tourist. Because of this, they are allowed into the reserve only with attendants. You can order an escort service at a biostation in the village of Kurortnoye. Local guides organize walking, water and combined (by sea from Koktebel to the biostation, then on foot through Karadag and back to Koktebel) excursions.

Part of the Karadag reserve can be circumvented by yourself. However, in this case, the tourist will not be able to look at the famous Golden Gate rock.

Cypress Alley

The alley is the most popular tourist attraction. It connects the central street of Lenin and the Embankment. Walking to the Central Beach you can have a great time. The alley begins and ends with amusement parks. Its main highlight is the fountain, beautifully shimmering in different colors in the evening and at night. There is a huge amount of entertainment for every taste, age and wallet size. You can rent an electric car. Numerous cafes, bistros and restaurants will not leave you hungry. Provide the opportunity to play billiards.

More about the alley
GPS coordinates: start - 44.845343, 34.973588, end - 44.839847, 34.974764
A beautiful promenade in the shade. A lot of entertainment for children and adults along the street. In a sufficient number of dining rooms and cafes. Budget canteens: “Food” and “Home-style”.

Waterpark "Sudak"

One of the best entertainment places, spread over a large territory, where a huge number of water attractions are located. Slides of varying difficulty, height. There are playgrounds, pools and so on. Infrastructure: shops with souvenirs and beach accessories, toilets, showers. Often, various promotions and discounts are held in the park (birthday parties - 50%). Show programs are held every day, both for adults and for children.

More detailshere
GPS coordinates: 44.839172, 34.984360


One of the main attractions of Sudak is rightfully Naberezhnaya Street. One of the most popular places among tourists and locals. Life here is in full swing around the clock. On the Embankment, fun companies and couples with children spend their time with pleasure. It is wide enough. Therefore, even a large crowd of people does not create a certain discomfort. Parallel to it are the most popular beaches of the city.

Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin

Pokrovskaya church in Sudak is an ancient religious building with a difficult fate. For almost 200 years of its existence, the temple has experienced many tragic events. What was there only at one time was not located. But today, thanks to the zeal of Orthodox people, we have the opportunity to enjoy this amazing monument of architecture. A church visit will not interfere with ordinary citizens, not just deeply religious people. At one time, Nicholas II himself did not deprive her of a visit.

More details here
Address: Crimea, Sudak, st. Lenin, 27
GPS coordinates: 44.855462, 34.975187

Mountain and Cape Alchak

This is the most popular natural landmark of Sudak. Mostly tourists come here who are not indifferent to the beauty of the surrounding nature. And also those who are not afraid of difficulties are ready to climb the mountain to fully enjoy the views. Including the ancient Genoese fortress, located on the opposite side. There are several quiet bays with beaches. Therefore, if you need to retire on the beach - choose Alchak.

More details here
GPS coordinates: 44.836016, 34.986821
I recommend all guests of Sudak to visit the cape and the health path. Beautiful views, you are surely provided. Here you will see the Aeolian Grotto Harp.

Aeolian Grotto Harp

The grotto, called the "Aeolian Harp" by right, is considered one of the main attractions of Sudak and its environs. A unique creation of nature is located on the famous mountain of Alchak-Kaya, on the health path. End-to-end education has perfect forms. From there, incredible views of the resort, the adjacent territory and other significant places open. Mostly tourists are attracted not even by the look of the “harp”, but by the sounds made by it. They depend on the time of day and weather. May be voiced, deaf. Sometimes it seems: you hear a pleasant melody.

Read more about the Aeolian Grotto harp
GPS coordinates: 44.835256, 34.988934

Wine Museum (New World)

The Museum of the History of Winemaking is located not in Sudak itself, but in its environs. Previously, the village of New World was the estate of Prince Golitsyn. It was he who first laid the vineyards here when he built his house. Today it houses a wine factory, as well as museum halls open to the centenary of the foundation of the estate. Excursions in the halls imply acquaintance with the prince's pedigree, the history and the process of production of Crimean wines. As well as tasting.

More details here
GPS coordinates: 44.827882, 34.911133
One of the main attractions of the New World. There is a company store at the factory. Parking is chargeable. I also recommend visiting the Golitsyn house-museum.

House-Museum of Prince Golitsyn

Among the sights of Sudak, the last house belongs to the house-museum of Prince Golitsyn L. S. It is located in the village of Novyi Svet, where all the main tourist sites are somehow connected with the prince and his line of business. That is - winemaking. Despite the fact that the house of Golitsyn, after he became the property of the state, was used for a variety of purposes. Many personal belongings of Lev Sergeyevich, a library and even collection wines have been preserved. In general, the exposition consists of three sections. The first tells about the origin of the dynasty, the history of the development of the clan. The third is the most interesting. This is a wine cellar.

The reserve "New World"

In Crimea, a huge number of botanical protected areas. One of the most beautiful, unique is the New World Wildlife Refuge. The famous Golitsyn trail runs along it. Only here you can see a lot of relic plants listed in the Red Book. It offers enchanting views of the surrounding landscapes, sea and mountains. A walk through the reserve takes place exclusively with a guide, along two tourist routes. Deviating from them is strictly prohibited.

More details here
GPS coordinates: 44.823075, 34.904181
Nice place to enjoy the fresh air. I recommend to follow the Karaul-Oba route and swim on the Royal Beach.

Emerald Lake (Zelenogorye) - 32 km from Sudak

Despite some remoteness of the Emerald Lake from Sudak - 32 km, the reservoir is considered the main natural attraction in the vicinity. The lake is of incredible emerald color, thanks to which it got its name. Deep enough, the water is cool, but people bathe. Beautiful views of the surroundings, silence, tranquility and clean air attract tourists. In addition to swimming or a photo shoot on the lake, you can go fishing, scuba diving. And lovers of more acute sensations jump from a bungee. It is easier to get to your own or rented car. Read more about this in the full description of the reservoir, the link below.

Read more about the Emerald Lake here.
GPS coordinates: 44 ° 52’34.0 ″ N 34 ° 43’16.5 ″ E)

Cinema town for the filming of the film "Living Fish" in the Sunny Valley (20 km from Sudak)

The cinema town for the filming of the Live Fish film was built by the world famous director Khudoynazarov. Unfortunately, he was not able to carry out his plan, the authorities did not give permission. But tourists have a new object, which is primarily used by companies involved in organizing excursions. You can visit the original attraction in the vicinity of Sudak on your own. The territory resembles the ruins of some ancient Moroccan or Turkish settlement. Beautiful views of the surroundings, proximity to the sea, incredible energy.

Read more about the film town here
GPS coordinates: 44.882308, 35.147799
A good place to swim on a deserted beach in clear waters, you can even without a swimsuit (such places here). On puzoterke, in principle, you can get there, I went to the Hyundai Accent - no problem.

What to see on your own in Sudak and its environs

Sights of Sudak and surroundings photo with a description. Sudak is a small, quiet town resort, here there are pleasant housing prices and, in general, relaxation is inexpensive.

There are many natural beauties in the vicinity of Sudak.Next, I will share with you information about what to see in Sudak and the surrounding area, I will tell you about the sights of Sudak that are worth a visit and prices.

Other sights of Sudak

If you just want to relax, take a walk along the promenade of Sudak and look at the most tourist street of the city - Cypress Alley, there are cafes and all kinds of entertainment venues.

Personal experience: during off-season, tourist life in Sudak dies out. In late April, virtually all establishments on the Cypress Alley were closed.

In addition to the beach, promenade and promenade in Sudak, you can visit water park in Sudak:

Ticket price:

  • from 10.00 to 18.00: 1,500 rubles. - adult, 1,200 rubles. - for children.
  • from 14.00 to 18.00: 1 300 rubles. - adult, 1,100 rubles. - for children.
  • children about 1 meter tall - free.

Opening hours: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the season.

Official site:

Well, now you know what to see in Sudak on your own.

New World Crimea Attractions

Since you arrived in Sudak, the New World is definitely worth a visit. New World is a quiet, cozy and picturesque resort village a few kilometers from Sudak. Holidays here are considered more expensive, because the surroundings of the New World are simply gorgeous - a beautiful coastline, secluded bays, mountain ranges, a champagne wine factory, health trails.

Now I’ll tell you what to see in the New World Crimea.

Champagne Wine Factory "New World"

New world what to see? Literally a few meters from the entrance to the Golitsyn trail is the Novy Svet champagne factory, a very popular place, tours and tastings are held.

Official site:

Cost of visit:

  • Tour of the enterprise with a tasting: 700-1300 rubles. with people depending on the type of tasting, time from 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Excursion without tasting: 300 rubles per person, 40 minutes.
  • Extended tasting without an excursion: 900 rubles. per person, 1 hour

The massif Karaul Oba

New world sights. Many people believe that the most picturesque place in the New World is the Golitsyn trail, although, as for me, the best views of the sea, Cape Kapchik and Tsarsky Beach do not open from the Golitsyn trail, but from the trail above it, that is, from the Karaul mountain range Both.

Personal experience: Walking around the Karaul Both are heavier than the Golitsyn trail; I do not advise people aged or with poor physical fitness, as well as with young children. In some places you have to climb up like a monkey in the truest sense of the word.

The route does not require special preparation and for people with average physical preparation this route does not seem difficult, but nevertheless you need to be careful, it is very easy to stumble, fall and get injured (during our trip to Karaul-Oba an accident happened to one of the tourists, guy fell from a hill and was seriously injured, Crimea-Spas operatives quickly left the place and rendered assistance to the man).

Along the Karaul massif Both laid several marked routes:

  • one leads to the valley of Hell (it was her that we managed to see, it is believed that it is easier).
  • another in the Valley of Paradise (harder).

Start of route: you can start the route from the New World (the beginning of the trail from Cape Kapchik, there is a pointer to Karaul-Oba from the juniper grove at Cape Kapchik. You can also start the path from the neighboring village of Vesyoloye.

In general, between the two villages there is a hiking trail "New World - Tsarskoye Beach - Fun"

Both routes coincide on the first part of the path, but then they fork, if you are in “Hell”, then take to the left, if to “Paradise”, then to the right and upwards.

What can be seen: picturesque Kutlak bay, an observation deck above the Royal Beach, the Hell Valley with bizarre huge rocks, the narrow through fissure "Refrigerator" from which cool air constantly blows, the Tarzan staircase, the Paradise valley dotted with flowers, the ancient Taurus staircase (over 2500 years old), ruins Kutlak fortress. You can climb to the peak of Cosmos or to the very peak of Karaul-Oba (341 m.).

What to bring with you: comfortable shoes required, sneakers at least, better trekking bots, trekking poles, as well as a supply of water, a snack will not hurt.

Recommendation: take a navigator with you, we used maps me, it helps a lot, sees many trails and knows all the sights of Karaul-both. It’s uncomfortable without a navigator.

How long does it take: to study Karul massif in detail. Both lay the whole day, if only in the valley of Hell - a couple of hours.

Route Duration: from the New World to the top of Karaul-Oba - 3.5 km, from Veseloy - 2.5 km.

Sudak Crimea Attractions and entertainment: my TOP of the best

Sudak Crimea what to see? I publish my personal TOP of the most interesting places in the vicinity of Sudak.

  1. Genoese fortress in Sudak
  2. The massif Karaul Oba
  3. Cape Meganom

Everyone’s favorite trail of Glitsyn, although picturesque, did not fall into my rating, since it is painfully popular, and even in the off-season there are a lot of people.

Cape Methane, despite the fact that there was not enough time to wander around it, still got into my rating. It was painfully a lot about him that I read and watched, and from a height it looks simply gorgeous.

Well, the Karaul Oba massif was subdued by its wildness, trails and scales.

Map of Sudak and the New World with landmarks

For convenience, I noted the sights of Sudak on the map, and also did not forget about interesting places in the New World.

That's all for me, I hope my story about Sudak, the New World, the sights were useful and will help plan your own unique trip.

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