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Papagayo Park is located in the area of ​​the city - Dorada Zone, on Miguel Aleman Avenue, stretching all the way to Hornos Beach, one of the largest city parks in Mexico.

The park has organized a lot of entertainment for children and adults. Here you can see a full-size model of the Spanish galleon and a copy of the Columbia spacecraft, as well as many birds and animals.

In Papagayo you can visit the botanical garden, the observatory and a small water park, there are also sports recreation areas. You can have lunch and just relax in restaurants and cafes.

Mexico's parks are a good place for recreation and entertainment, but Papagayo Park has not been reconstructed for a long time, local authorities are struggling to equip it, so garbage is often found here, enclosures and entertainment are very old.

Photo and description

Papagayo Park is located in the Dorada Zone area. It is one of the largest conservation land in southern Mexico. Its territory, with an area of ​​218 thousand square kilometers, extends to the shores of Playa Ornos beach. Its second name is Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Park.

There is plenty of entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. The park contains a full-size model of the Spanish galleon and a copy of the Columbia spacecraft, as well as many inhabitants of the flora and fauna. The ring road, with a length of just under one and a half kilometers, is a good place for a walk, during which you can look into the botanical garden, visit the observatory and the local water park. For children, a fun ride in the park on a children's train will be interesting. For active tourists and guests of the park, there are sports recreation areas, including even a small ice rink. The park is replete with restaurants and cafes where you can dine and relax. The park has its own library.

Papagayo Square has several small buildings, three artificial ponds, hundreds of species of various exotic plants and trees. Among the rare birds in the park you can find white herons, toucans, flamingos and, of course, its main inhabitants - parrots, whose abundance gave the name to the park. Only more than two thousand rare individuals. For their living, environmentalists and biologists created conditions similar to those that birds live in the natural environment.

There are several monuments in Papagayo. They were erected in honor of Mexican composers and presidents.

You can get into the park at any time, just keep in mind that its main entrance is closed at 20.00.

Acapulco on the map

Acapulco (the full name of the city of Acapulco de Juares) is conveniently located in the large bay of the same name in the Pacific Ocean in the southwest of the Mexican states. The bay is surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains, which protect it from strong winds. Therefore, the climate in this area is warm, mild, without large temperature differences. Average air temperature: + 27-29C. The most comfortable time to relax in this resort is the winter months. The probability of rainfall is almost zero, and the water in the bay is very warm.

Acapulco belongs to the state of Guerrero. According to recent information, about 700,000 people live in the city.

It is interesting that the name of the city in Indian translation indicates the abundance of reed thickets in this area in the old days. Today it is difficult to imagine, but the Aztec phrase “Acapulco” emphasizes that the magnificent reeds were burned or cut down by the settlers.

City `s history

Acapulco is not just a famous resort city of our time. It has a very ancient history. Artifacts found in the vicinity of Acapulco indicate that settlers lived here about 2.5 thousand years ago. And this is not surprising, because the bay of Acapulco has a very convenient location. It seems that since ancient times, representatives of ancient civilizations appreciated the advantages of this paradise.

When the Spanish colonists arrived here in 1531, they built a small fishing village in the bay. Over time, the settlement grew and turned into a bustling commercial port, from which ships loaded with the wealth of the New World went to the Kingdom of Spain. In addition, important sea routes from China and the Philippines to Spain passed through Acapulco. All this contributed to the prosperity of the city and the accumulation of a huge fortune by it. Acapulco became a tidbit for the Dutch invaders who attacked the city and sacked it in 1615.

By the time Acapulco gradually recovered from the destruction, trade routes had moved to other ports. Acapulco has lost its former importance in the field of trade between Asia and Europe. It seemed that the city could not be reborn to its former splendor. But the place of commerce through the centuries has been occupied by rapidly developing tourism.

In the early 30s of the last century, wealthy Americans began to come to Acapulco to rest, among which many celebrities of that time. Thanks to them and the advertising of entrepreneurs in tourism, Acapulco has gained a reputation as the most popular tourist destination in Mexico.

True, by the end of the last century the resort was so polluted that it began to lose its leading position. After the general cleaning of coastal waters and beaches, Acapulco again attracts hundreds of thousands of vacationers from around the world. Today it is, first and foremost, the “night capital of Mexico” with many dance clubs, bars and restaurants.


In Acapulco you can find attractions and entertainment for every taste. Someone prefers to walk along the shady alleys of parks, someone likes to listen to the informative stories of guides about the historical monuments of the city, and others are delighted with outdoor activities. All this and much more offers guests the welcoming city of Acapulco.

Rocket Island

The favorite vacation spot of many tourists in Acapulco is the island of Rocket. It is located near the bay, in the open ocean. On the island you can spend time on a great beach. The water on the island is different from the water on the beaches of Acapulco, because the city stands on the coast of the bay, where there are practically no waves. And the beach on the island impresses with the beauty and vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

But not only a beach holiday attracts many tourists. There is a zoo with exotic species of animals. Nevertheless, diving remains the main entertainment on the island. Diving among the ancient wrecks is breathtaking. And if you are not an experienced diver, you can admire the famous pedestal of the Virgin Mary underwater from a boat with a transparent bottom.

Fort San Diego

To visit Acapulco and not visit Fort San Diego would be an unfortunate mistake. He played a significant role in the history of Acapulco and even all of Mexico. The construction of the fort began in 1615 and for centuries it served as the main defensive structure of Acapulco. Nowadays, a museum operates on its territory, where exhibits from the life of the ancient Indians and Spanish settlers who replaced them in Acapulco are presented. A true Spanish warship is the museum’s most grandiose possession and an indisputable favorite of the public.

Aquariums Magico Mundo Marino and Convivencia Infantil

These aquariums amaze with the diversity of the inhabitants of the deep sea, which every visitor can admire here: from crocodiles and turtles to stingrays and sharks. You can even feed piranhas or swim with dolphins.

Stunning, colorful shows with underwater "acrobats" will cause a storm of positive emotions and help get rid of stress. Tourists can also visit the pools, a cinema, an observation deck with telescopes, a cafe and a restaurant.

Rock cebrada

Acapulco became famous around the world among fans of extreme diving. The 35-meter-high rock of Kebrad is a welcome target for the most desperate jumpers. It is unattainable for many, not only for its height, but also for the shallow, rocky bottom of the ocean at the base of the cliff. The heroes who were able to conquer Quebrada went down in history. Spectacular gatherings gather crowds of tourists on a special platform on top of a cliff. There is a fee for going up to Kebrada, which brings a big income to the organizers of the spectacles. But not everyone is allowed to make a jump from a cliff. This requires training and repeated training in less hazardous areas.

Beaches and Hotels

The city of Acapulco (Mexico) has attracted many tourists for many years on vacation on the sandy shores of the Gulf of Acapulco. At the very center of the city, beaches cannot boast of impeccable cleanliness. Therefore, it is worth going away from the center, where the water in the bay and the shore are more acceptable for a health holiday.

Among the most popular beaches can be distinguished beaches of Condes, Caleta, Revolcadero. They are united by accessibility (admission is free), a high level of services, the availability of cafes and a variety of aquatic entertainment.

Hundreds of Acapulco hotels offer their services to tourists with various preferences and income levels. Prices in hotels are quite affordable, compared to hotels in other Mexican resorts. Of course, the closer the hotels are located to the shore, as well as the higher the status of the hotel, the more expensive the rooms.

The most popular hotels in Acapulco: Fiesta Americana Villas (4 *), Crowne Plaza Acapulco (4 *), Camino Real Acapulco Diamante (5 *), Emporio Acapulco (5 *). To get detailed information about hotels and find out prices for accommodation, go to the official websites of hotels. Room reservation sites provide a more complete picture of Acapulco hotels.

Excursions in Acapulco

Various travel companies offer tours to Acapulco with or without all-inclusive service. To choose a suitable tour in terms of duration and conditions, you will have to spend a lot of time searching for information on the websites of tour operators. Or trust the reviews of friends and acquaintances who have visited Acapulco. In any case, you should choose a trusted company that has established itself in the tourism industry for a long time.

Tourists reviews

Reviews of tourists about Acapulco are very different. Someone was impressed by the beauty of the picturesque bay and beaches of the city. Someone was delighted with the opportunity to visit the places where Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley rested. And someone was not happy with the dilapidated buildings of expensive hotels compared to the ultra-modern hotels of Cancun. Yet Acapulco retains the charm of the resort capital of the 20th century. And the nightlife of the city with its bright lights and stormy emotions still attracts travelers fleeing from the gray everyday life of their native places.