Tarragona Attractions: 9 Top Places


In the era of the Roman Empire, Tarragona was listed as the capital of Tarracon Spain. Nowadays, it is a quiet tourist city, with a lot of attractions, some of which belong to UNESCO heritage sites. Tarragona is a port city and is famous for its cuisine, the dishes of which are prepared freshly caught seafood and fish. This city is famous for its golden beaches and celebrations. Here, every tourist will find rest to their liking and taste. If you plan to relax here, then for you I have prepared the best Tarragona Attractionsworth a look.

1. Cathedral of Tarragona

The main religious attractions of Tarragona include the cathedral. It was erected on the site where a Roman building stood about two thousand years ago. The construction of the cathedral began in the second half of the XII century, and was consecrated only in the first half of the XIV century. Due to the fact that the construction of the cathedral lasted for several centuries, its appearance has elements of various architectural styles. The facade of the building is decorated with a relief image that illustrates the time of the Last Judgment. Lovers of ancient architecture, this cathedral will give a lot of unforgettable sensations.

2. Roman Amphitheater

A true example of antiquity in Tarragona is the Roman Amphitheater. It was erected around the 1st – 2nd centuries AD. This amphitheater witnessed gladiatorial battles and the burning of high-ranking Christian priests. Also, tourists will be interested in visiting the museum exposition, which was opened at the amphitheater. This building is located on a hill near the sea and allows you to enjoy the pleasant scenery of the sea coast. Leaving the Roman Amphitheater, visitors find themselves on the main street of Tarragona, from where they can continue their acquaintance with the city.

3. Devil's Bridge (Roman Aqueduct)

One of the most beautiful places in Tarragona is the ancient aqueduct of De las Ferreras (also called the Devil's Bridge). It was built by the Romans to supply the city with water. The construction technology does not cease to amaze the minds of architects to this day - the bridge was built using huge boulders and without connecting mortar. Only a part of the aqueduct has survived to our days, but it also amazes tourists with its grandeur. Nowadays, the building is used as a bridge to cross the gorge. Visitors can also stroll through the romantic surroundings of the eco-historic park.

4. New Rambla

New Rambla is the main pedestrian street of the city. Every year, thousands of tourists stroll along New Rambla, visiting cafes and shops with souvenir shops, which are all covered with motives. Also, this street is famous for its interesting and unusual architectural monuments. Life on New Rambla never stops, it rages with happy people, to which street musicians play along. All celebrations are celebrated by citizens on this street, and tourists can join this holiday of the soul.

5. Pretoria

Another ancient attraction of Tarragona is Pretoria, or as it is also called the Roman circus. It was built in the I century - at the dawn of the new millennium. In its present dilapidated state, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admirers of the Roman era will be very interested to visit Pretoria in Tarranone. To look at the spectator stands lying in ruins, take a walk along the underground corridors, walk under the almost destroyed arches and look at the remains of tombstones of bygone ages means to touch history.

6. The fortress wall

Be sure to look at the oldest outstanding place of Tarragona - the Fortress Wall. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The wall was erected even before the ancient city of Tarraco was formed on this site. It surrounded the military camp and was originally wooden. Today, the wall is divided into two parts: northern and southern. Between them created archaeologically a boulevard that allows tourists to take a walking tour. But it is worth noting that the boulevard runs along the northern part, because the southern one is poorly preserved, and some of its sections are unsuitable for walking.

7. Archaeological Museum

The popular tourist destination of Tarragona can rightly be called the National Archaeological Museum. It consists of five halls, each of which contains ancient and very valuable exhibits. Here you can see everything from Roman coins and household items to the head of the Medusa of the Gorgon, and even parts of Roman buildings. Tourists can visit the archaeological museum any day. Other valuable sights of Tarragona are located next to the museum, while the observation deck located near Pretoria offers a wonderful view of the local surroundings.

8. The Roman Forum

The Rome City Forum, which has survived to our time in Tarragona, is a witness to the public life of the people of Tarraco. The forum was the venue of the Senate, it held court hearings, popular meetings and made decisions on various issues relating to the administrative and public life of the city. The ruins of the once-existing treasury and the temple have been preserved on the territory of the forum. Nowadays, the forum is divided by Soler Street, where tourists can walk and look at the sights of the forum.

9. Church of St. Francis

The religious landmark of Tarragona, with a discreet view from the outside, but bewitching inside is the Church of St. Francis. The building of this temple was erected in the 18th century and is located on New Rambla. Outwardly, the church is unremarkable, but the interior impresses tourists with its wall manuscripts, frescoes, which can be found only in this temple. The ceiling is decorated with a rich wrought iron chandelier. Even people indifferent to religion will enjoy a tour of the Church of St. Francis - a magnificent architectural structure.