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Tagbilaran Airport

Tagbilaran Airport serves the city of Tagbilaran in the province of Bohol in the Philippine Islands. According to the Department of Transport and Communications, this airport is classified as class 1. This is the main airport of the island and the province of Bohol, from the city center it takes only 5 minutes to get to it. Currently, three commercial airline operators use its facilities: Cebu Pacific, Asian Spirit and Philippine Airlines. All airport flights are domestic, most often planes fly to Manila and Cebu. The area of ​​the runway of this home airport is only 1.7 kilometers, it has only one terminal.

With its modest size, the airport is fully equipped for passenger comfort. There are toilets and telephones, as well as a small hotel on the outskirts, where passengers or those who meet can relax. Also near the airport there is a convenient traffic intersection and there are always a lot of taxis to get not only to anywhere in the city, but also the island as a whole.

At the moment, an expansion-oriented reconstruction is underway at the airport. So, the runway will be extended up to 2500 meters, so that it can be used by larger airlines, which Tagbilaran Airport is counting on. This will make it possible to send direct flights to Manila. A new enlarged and improved airport building will also be built to increase its capacity and level of service.

Mag-Aso Waterfalls

Mag-Aso Waterfalls are located in the Mag-Aso suburb of Antequera on Bohol Island, Philippines. This point is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran. Mag-Aso is one of the main attractions of the island, but, unfortunately, it is not often included in tourist routes, since it is slightly away from popular tourist places. Located inside the island, waterfalls are on the way to the city of Lobok.

From Tagbilaran to the waterfalls you can get on buses and other modes of transport. The road to them is very picturesque, lies among green rice fields, a hilly landscape and colorful ancestral estates.

Mag-Aso are twin waterfalls approximately 7.6 meters high. They fall down surrounded by huge picturesque children, exotic plants, including giant ferns. At the foot of the waterfalls, you can and should swim, enjoying the sounds of falling water and bird's twitter. The pool is carved in the rocks by falling water, along the waterfall itself it is deep enough, and fades to the edges of the "bowl". On the one hand, the pool goes into a deep abyss, and on the other, approaches to it are decorated in the form of man-made stone steps.

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Bamboo Suspension Bridge

Bamboo Suspension Bridge is an interesting and popular tourist attraction with tourists. It is thrown over the Sipatan River in the municipality of Seville on the island of Bohol, Philippines. Initially, the bridge was built exclusively from bamboo tied with ropes. Today, ropes are replaced with steel cables to provide the proper level of safety and stability for tourists. Otherwise, the bridge cover is still made of woven bamboo slats. Some of them have already been broken from frequent operation, but the bridge still withstands the weight of pedestrians and even small motorcycles.

Crossing the bridge is accompanied by a certain vibration, the bamboo slats bend slightly underfoot, and even steel cables cannot eliminate this effect. Therefore, when walking through the Bamboo Suspension Bridge, a person is faced with vibrations from side to side and some springiness under his feet.

The bridge is 40 meters long and offers a wonderful view of the Sipatan River. Now a second one has been erected next to it to reduce the load on the bridge and increase the cross-country ability of tourists and residents across the river.

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Punta Cruz Watchtower

The Punta Cruz watchtower is located 16 km south of Tagbilaran on Bohol Island, in Mariboyok County, Philippines. The easiest way to get to it is by bus from the Tagbilaran bus station. Punta Cruz is an unusual triangular tower with a good view of the sea to the south of Bohol. From the upper windows of the tower you can see the cities of Cebu, Sikijor and Mindanao.

The tower was built by the Spaniards in 1796, as an observation post against pirates and Muslim marauders, who at that time terrorized the inhabitants of Bohol. The remains of such triangular towers can also be found in other places along the coast of Bohol, but the watchtower of Punta Cruz is the best preserved.

Today, Punta Cruz is used as an observation tower for tourists who come to enjoy the panorama. A small stall nearby provides them with drinks and snacks. In the vicinity of the tower you can have a picnic and swim in the sea, you just need to be very careful when climbing sharp stones.

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Before the arrival of the Spaniards, a settlement existed on the site of Tagbilaran, the inhabitants of which had trade contacts with China and Malaysia. In 1565, the Spanish conquistador, researcher and colonizer, Legazpi and the local leader of Sikatuna, agreed on peace and cooperation. As a city, Tagbilaran was founded on February 9, 1742, when it was separated from another city, Baclayon. The city was occupied by the Americans during the Philippine-American war, and the Japanese during the Second World War. Since 1966, he was transferred by government decree to the category of large cities.

A significant historical event of this city is the so-called “Blood Union”, when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi stopped here on the road from the Camiguin Islands to the province of Butuan with four ships. A strong monsoon and low tide forced the Spaniards to linger on the coast of the island of Bohol, where they met with the locals. Captain Legazpi and the leader of Sikatun drank wine, in which they added their blood, making incisions in their hands, and thus concluded an agreement on brotherhood and peace. The event was reflected on his canvas by the famous Filipino painter Juan Luna. Subsequently, the President of the Philippines, approved the state award - "Order of the Sicatoons."

Another significant event was the battle of Ubukhan, where well-organized and armed Japanese invaders were expelled from the province, thanks to the tenacity of the Bohol. The Philippine forces were commanded by Francisco Salazar and Vicente Cubello.

Tagbilaran Airport serves three lines: Cebu Pacific, three flights per day, Philippine Airlines, three flights per day, and Zest Airways, one flight per day to Manila. To Manila from Tagbilaran - an hour by air.

The seaport in Tagbilaran is most closely connected with the neighboring island of Cebu. To Cebu - 1.5 hours. Ships make regular flights to other parts of the country. Inside the island there is road transport (buses, cars, taxis).

The center of the province is a stronghold of tourism, from where trips to various parts of the island of Bohol are organized. The most famous sights of the province are ancient churches in the capital and other settlements, Chocolate Hills, excellent beaches and other entertainment. Resorts, hotels and restaurants function.

The Sandungo Festival is celebrated annually in July in honor of the union of Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sicatuna (see above).

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Barangay Taloto, Tagbilaran, Bohol Island, Philippines

Sipatan, Seville Municipality, Bohol Island, 36 kilometers from Tagbilaran, Philippines

The suburb of Mag-Aso of Antequera, Bohol island, Philippines. 20 km from Tagbilaran.

The city of Punta Cruz in the municipality of the same name, Mariboyok County, 14 km from Tagbilaran, Bohol Islands, Philippines

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