La Pineda - a city buried in pines


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Travel timeCostReservation
Plane--to book
Auto54 min586.7to rent

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The nature and beaches of La Pineda

The surroundings of La Pineda are famous for their lush Mediterranean vegetation. The city is literally immersed in the greenery of fragrant pines with a characteristic flat spreading top. The name of the city comes from the Spanish “pino”, which means “pine”. Coniferous trees are planted on almost the entire coast of the resort, the length of which is about three kilometers.

Unlike other resort areas of the Costa Daurada, La Pineda does not have much variety in the landscape of coastal sites. The beach line is flat and long, without rocky bays and cliffs. The beaches of La Pineda are one of the main business cards of the surroundings of Barcelona. Whoever was in La Pineda knows about the cleanliness and well-being of the local beaches that were awarded the Blue Flag.

The entrance to the sea is gentle, convenient for young children, and the water is immaculately clear, sparkling in the sun. They say that particles of gold shine. The sand in La Pineda is surprisingly clean and soft and has a pleasant golden hue. In the summer season, in the early morning hours, workers clean up the beach every day.

La Pineda's coastline borders with Salou, where one of the most spacious and beaches of the city begins - Playa del Raco (80 m wide). From the south-west the beach ends with a rocky scythe, and in the east it smoothly passes Playa de la Pineda (Playa de la Pineda), sharply narrowing in width. Most of the hotels along Playa del Raco are behind a moderately busy road. The three-star Golden Donaire Beach Hotel is located directly on the beach. The hotel deserves special attention of tourists for the quality service and quite budget prices for accommodation.

Raco Beach, like other La Pineda beaches, is equipped with toilets, showers and facilities for people with disabilities. A pedestrian path with a bench stretching almost 200 m runs along its entire length.

Playa de la Pineda, bordering Playa del Raco, is the busiest and most popular city beach. Along it is concentrated the bulk of hotels, apartment complexes, located directly on the shore, as well as summer cafes, restaurants, shops and souvenir pavilions.

The royal splendor of this place is given by pine trees. Their cluster in the very center of the beach forms the Pinar del Perruquet park, where benches and fountains are installed. This is an important attraction of La Pineda, in the evening there are cultural and entertainment events. Children can play on a special large colorful playground, and all in La Pineda organized four children's camps.

What to see in La Pineda

One of the great advantages of La Pineda resort is its proximity to the famous Port Aventura theme park. If you need at least an hour to travel to the world of entertainment from Barcelona, ​​then no more than 15 minutes from La Pineda. You can get to the park both by buses, the route of which runs through the neighboring city of Salou, and by a free tourist steam train. A steam locomotive leaves for the park from the western end of the city. If you cannot find the locomotive stop, consult any hotel guide for help.

The main attraction of the city is the water park Aquapolis (Aquopolis). Many water slides and attractions, eight pools, cafes, shady lawns and sunbeds covered with sand and lawn, as well as a large dolphinarium are located on an area of ​​more than one hundred thousand square meters. Get ready for long lines for rides, the water park is very popular not only with La Pineda guests, but also with tourists all along the Costa Daurada, and seats up to 3,000 people.

Another important attraction of La Pineda is Irones Pines - a huge metal installation, symbolizing the "goddess" of local nature - a pine. Straight from it stretches the long Pau Casals promenade with many cafes, restaurants with typical Mediterranean menus and Spanish paella, clothing boutiques and souvenir shops.

After midnight, Pau Casals becomes a concentration of nightlife: a few meters away is the famous night club Pacha La Pineda - the largest on the Costa Daurada, as well as several cozy lounge bars with night discos and cozy outdoor terraces. The resort's nightlife area is called Pineda Drink.

Next door to La Pineda

Those who gravitate towards architecture and want to get acquainted with Spanish modernism should go to the city of Reus. It is located just north of Salou and is one of the art cities of Lewis Domenech i Montaner, a famous Catalan architect. You can also get acquainted with the work of Antonio Gaudi. In the city there is a center dedicated to the life and works of the genius of architecture.

Reus is a typical Spanish city with narrow streets filled with the spirit of antiquity and the smell of vermouth. Interestingly, Reus vermuteriums are also known outside the city. Be sure to treat yourself to a glass of local strong drink. This can be done both in one of the cafes on the main city square of Prima (Plaça del Prim), where the statue of General Juan Prima, an important person in the history of Catalonia, stands majestically, as well as cozy establishments far from the city center.

By the way, Prima Square is another attraction of Reus. There are many historical places in its surroundings, and the streets branching from it are the main place for shopping of tourists. The city has several small shopping centers, as well as many shoe stores and boutiques of famous brands: Zara, Oysho, Bershka and others.

You can go to Reus by bus from one of the many city stops. One-way fares are around 3 euros.

Lovers of antiquities are advised to visit Tarragona - a city whose history goes back to ancient times. The distance from La Pineda to Tarragona is only 10 km, you can get there by bus, which runs regularly through city bus stops.

Tourists who are not afraid of longer trips can go to Barcelona.

There are two ways to get from La Pineda to Barcelona:

  • from the city of Salou. From Salou to Barcelona, ​​trains and commuter trains depart regularly. You can get off at Gracia Avenue (Passeig de Gràcia), Barcelona Sants Station or the French Station (Estació de França). Train stops must be clarified when buying tickets. Travel time is about 1.5 hours. The fare is from 9 euros,
  • from Port Aventura Park. Near the park is the Port Aventura station. From it to Barcelona, ​​the Renfe train departs, line R16. The final stop for the train is the French Station (Estació de França). You can get off at Sants Station (Barcelona Sants), Gracia Avenue (Passeig de Gràcia) and Sant Andreu Comtal (Sant Andreu Comtal).

The railway lines go around La Pineda, so you have to use the bus, taxi or transfer from the hotel to get to the stations closest to the city.

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The southernmost coast of Catalonia Costa Dorada ("Golden Coast") got its name for a peculiar shade of sand. The average air temperatures in June - September are 25-28 ° C, water 21-23 ° C. The bottom is very flat.

The wide beaches of the largest local resort Salou (Salou) stretch from the cape La pineda (La Pineda) in the north to the spa town Cambrils (Cambrils) in the south. Salou offers a “resort service package”, which optimally combines “price - quality”. Not expensive and resort La pineda, here the tourist center is especially attractive Euro sport, entertainment center Pineda drink and water park Aquapolis. Another park, Aqualeon, is located in the city of Albinyana.

Theme park "Port Aventura»In Salou the main attraction on Costa Dorada. Recently, it was combined with the Costa Caribe water park and two new 4-star hotels into a single entertainment complex. Universal mediterraneawhich has become the largest in Europe. Thematic areas of the parkWild West», «Polynesia», «Ancient China», «Mexico"And"The Mediterranean"Saturated with the most modern attractions, on the Dragon Khan roller coaster, for example, speeds of up to 100 km / h are developed.

More than a hundred theatrical performances take place in the park per day. There are 75 eateries and restaurants. In aquapark "Costa Caribe"A tourist will find many attractions, a swimming pool"Bermuda Triangle»With an artificial wave, rivers with fast and slow flow, geysers, water bars and a lagoon for the smallest.

Hotel guests of the complex receive many advantages, enjoy free rides and attend show programs, do not stand in line, take places in the VIP zone during performances, etc. From the hotel in the park to the beach special shuttle runs, and purchases made in the park, free delivered directly to your room.

In the summer of 2006 Port Aventura opens its doors to the sea, opening a new exclusive Beach Club (Beach Club) so that customers of its hotels can enjoy the natural surroundings, amazing and unique views of the Mediterranean Sea.

The warm climate and proximity to the beaches of the complex, as well as the endless entertainment of theme parks Port Aventura Park and Caribe Aquatic Park turned Port Aventura in your favorite place for a family vacation.

Distance between coastal cities, km

Barcelona Salou Tarragona Reus
Tarragona 9813-17
La pineda 115674
Salou 120-99
Cambrils 13072010
Sitges 407055-

Travel between resorts Trains leave Salou for Barcelona, ​​Cambrils and Tarragona every hour. The fare is 1-6 EUR. Costa Dorada Central Bus Station is in Tarragona. The cost of a ticket for trips to nearby resorts is 2.5-3 EUR. Barcelona can be reached by bus for around 10 EUR. Taxi to Barcelona from Salou will cost 120-125 EUR. Costa Dorada can be considered a “critical” zone, beyond which a trip to Barcelona becomes too expensive. During the beach season, pleasure boats run between all resort regions. Ticket price from 3 to 20 EUR depending on the distance.

Regular bus service
Estimated one-way fares

Euro Motion intervals
Salou-tarragona-salou0,930-40 minutes
Salou-la pineda-salou0,7545-60 minutes
Salou-cambrils-salou0,7830-40 minutes
La pineda-tarragona-la pineda0,7840-50 minutes
Cambrils-tarragona-cambrils1,5645-60 minutes

Costa Dorada - means "golden coast", and this precious place is located south of Barcelona, ​​in the province of Tarragona.

The wide sandy beaches seem golden in the sunshine, and the chilled imagination of endless winter adds a warm turquoise sea and hilly landscapes in a gentle haze. The local cities and towns are distinguished by their diversity and special charm, whether it is a seaport, a tourist center or a place in a mountain valley.
For the capital of this of the Golden Kingdom - Tarragona - need a separate guide: Roman and medieval architecture is organically combined with modern tourist infrastructure, and museums and galleries offer to get acquainted with a number of interesting exhibits. The most famous building - the Roman amphitheater, built in the first half of the II century and well preserved to this day, stands in the center of the city, on the very shore of the sea.

Costa Dorada - a paradise for those who can’t imagine rest without doing sports. There are conditions for water sports, such as sailing and windsurfing, there are tennis courts, golf courses and riding clubs, and fishing enthusiasts will also be satisfied.
Resorts La Pineda, Salou, Cambrils and Sitges modern and with a wide variety of hotels. This is a very good place for family vacations: thanks to the warm, shallow sea, and most importantly, the presence of the famous Port Aventura, a grand theme park at Universal Studios, the second largest theme park in Europe, next to Salou.

La Pineda (La Pineda) - it is a vibrant, dynamic resort center. Located in the northern part of the Costa Dorada. Distance to Barcelona - 115 km. You can overcome it by rail or by bus. The city is spread on a many kilometers strip of beautiful sandy beaches, has a superbly developed entertainment infrastructure. In addition to the many centers of nightly resort life, famous tourist complexes are located here:

  • Eurosport, equipped with the latest sports equipment,
  • Pineda Drink is a complex combining many restaurants, bars and cafes, where visitors are offered a wide selection of dishes of Spanish and Catalan cuisine,
  • magnificent water park, striking with a variety of water attractions.

(Salou) - The most popular resort recognized by the entertainment center. There are numerous disco clubs, shops, bars, restaurants, as well as Port Aventura.

In Salou commit routes cute trains on wheelsallowing guests to make an interesting sightseeing trip. During a pleasant “walk on wheels” you will see various parts of the city, namely its beaches, commercial streets, the old center and enjoy its beauty.

Offered two different train routes.

Thanks the first you will visit the center of Salou, and the second will deliver to the most extreme point of the city Sar salou where unusual corners in their pristine beauty have been preserved. Take a trip to Salou, get to know him better!

You will undoubtedly enjoy the beauty and coziness of the capital of Costa Dorada, a privileged resort of the Mediterranean coast.

Cambrils (Cambrils) - a small cozy town where there used to be an old fishing village. There is a historical center, which is a medieval quarter with narrow streets and a magnificent promenade, built up with hotels, shopping and entertainment centers. The nightlife of the resort takes place on the promenade with its many bars, cafes, restaurants.

Sitges (Sitges). South of Barcelona, ​​40 km from the coast Costa del garraf. Sitges is the most popular seaside resort here. The beach strip stretches along the entire city features (length - about 4 km).The city has long been loved by many travelers for its festive atmosphere, picturesque surroundings and a huge number of historical monuments and structures.

The old quarters, arches and narrow streets of the historic city center are amazingly beautiful. Here you can see old churches and palaces preserved from the Middle Ages, cozy restaurants, bars, cafes, souvenir shops and art workshops were located right there. Sitges is known as a resort extension of Barcelona, ​​where the capital's nightlife moves with the youth of the capital.

Since 1960s Sitges revered by the gay capital of continental Spain, which gives a special touch to local bars and holidays.Every year, noisy carnivals are held in the city, huge crowds of spectators gather, rallies of rare cars, colorful street flower shows, the international festival of science fiction films and horror films are curious. Many wealthy Catalans and Spaniards - residents of Barcelona and other cities of Spain - have chosen Sitges as the place of their summer villas and residences.

Port Aventura Park - Disneyland Spain

Located near the city of Salou, 100 km from Barcelona. Roller coasters, boats falling into the waterfall, songs and dances will please both children and adults.

Port Aventura - one of a kind theme park in Europe - located near the warm sunny beaches of the Costa Daurada. You will make a fantastic journey to five fabulous worlds: the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, the Wild West and Mexico!

A park where you can feel like a hero all day.
This amusement park in the Spanish province of Catalonia (80 kilometers from Barcelona), in some ways similar to the American Disney World and other similar entertainment cities, as thrill-seekers claim, surpasses them in many ways. Do you need arguments?

Firstly, "Port Aventura" is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which means that here most of the year there is wonderful warm weather, and moreover, an active vacation in the form of a visit to the park is easily combined with passive lying on the beach on other vacation days. The climate allowed the organizers to make many attractions water, which makes Aventura akin to a water park. And you get two pleasures for the price of one admission ticket.
Secondly, such an abundance of slides, known in the West as "Russians", and in our country, traditionally called "American" and other attractions designed for people with the most varied reserves of courage, not even in the American "Disney World"

Thirdly, in "Aventura" certainly neither old nor young will be bored. There are rocking chairs, barrels and merry-go-rounds for children, and parents will love to ride boats, catamarans, an old train, watch colorful concerts and shows (such as a performance with parrots) that are constantly held in several theaters and on the park’s open stages. walk through the beautiful flowering garden, which is the entire territory of the "Port".

And if you get tired, then relax in one of the many cafes.

"Port Aventura" provides its guests with a unique opportunity to visit almost all continents in one day. In a relatively small area, Port Aventura presents the architecture, culture, and even vegetation of Australian Polynesia, Asian China, the European Mediterranean, and South and North America, respectively.

Move on the territory it is possible both on foot, and by rail or river. Each "country" is completely independent - up to the clothes of employees and the original national menu in cafes and restaurants. And of course, the main thing in "Port Aventura" - attractions that pass almost daily technical control, giving a 100 percent guarantee security.

The park presents all possible modifications of entertainment devices. You can "fuse" on a ship or a rubber circle along dangerous rivers with waterfalls and fists, shoot at the shooting range, mark balls or stones in banks, rings and gates. Twist in a horizontal or vertical plane in the boat, cups and even caps. Ride a carousel or roller coaster (one of them, for example, has three dead loops, and its height is much higher than a 20-story house).

About 90 original performances that can be enjoyed throughout the day in theaters and on the streets will delight adults and children and leave you feeling like a real holiday. Port Aventura offers you 30 different attractions, among which the Dragon Khan (Europe’s largest roller coaster), Tutuki splash and Stampida stand out.

Hungry after all these fantastic adventures, you will be happy to visit one of the 23 restaurants representing national cuisine from five worlds: Mexican chili with meat, delicious Polynesian fish and many other delicious dishes that even picky gourmets will like.
Leaving this magical world, do not forget to get a small souvenir in one of the many shops and shops found here as a souvenir of an amazing journey.

In addition to it, in the vicinity are two large modern water parks: Aquopolis in La Pineda and Aqualeon. All cities on the coast are connected by rail and bus to Tarragona and Barcelona.