Kazan Children's Railway


There are two stations: Yashlek (Youth) and Emerald. Two landing platforms: Sports and Birch Grove. Rolling stock: 2 diesel locomotives (TU7A-3343 and TU7A-3344), 4 metrovagonmash cars of models 20,0017 and 20,0018

Work mode:

  • from September 1 to May 31: Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 17:00
  • from June 1 to August 30: Wednesday - Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00

The construction of the road was started in 2006 by a joint decision of the President of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Mintimer Shaimiev.

The total estimated construction cost amounted to 450 million rubles, 144 million rubles were allocated from the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan for these purposes.

The children's railway in Kazan is located on the territory of the Lebyazhye urban forest park. Features of the Children's Railway as an institution of additional education is that here, in addition to the educational and educational process, passenger transportation services will be provided.

The route, along which passengers can ride on the Children's Railway, includes four stations. The station and the electric centralization post, from where the entire section of the children's railway is managed, are located at the initial station - Yashlek (Zalesny village, behind the railway technical school).

The terminal station Emerald (Yudinsky Quarry) is equipped with a cash pavilion: Two intermediate platforms have also been erected - Birch Grove and Sportivnaya. The entire route from the village of Zalesny to the Yudinsky Quarry beach lies in the picturesque green zone of a pine forest, which promises the emergence of a new resting place for Kazan.

The children's railway with a length of 4.2 km of a narrow gauge railway with seven turnouts, two crossings, is equipped with modern equipment used on the railway network - safety devices, traffic lights, centralization and automatic blocking systems, communications.

The administrative and educational building is equipped with classrooms for the study of railway specialties - carriages, railway, movers, locomotives and specialists in signaling, centralization and blocking, communication, passenger facilities. Also in the administrative and educational building there is a room for a dining room for 36 people, a gym and double rooms with all the amenities for non-resident children.

To maintain the rolling stock, a diesel locomotive depot was built, where two training locomotives TU 7A and four passenger cars are located. Two TU 7A training locomotives were manufactured at the Kambara Engineering Plant (Republic of Udmurtia), and four passenger wagons were manufactured at Mytishchi at Metrovagonmash OJSC.

The Children's Railway as an institution of additional education is aimed at vocational guidance for schoolchildren and the promotion of railway transport. The educational process at the Children's Railway is carried out year-round. In winter, classes are held in the educational building. In summer, practical classes are planned to be held at the site of the Children's Railway. The guys will serve the movement of the Rainbow train, which will carry passengers from the village of Zalesny to the Yudinsky Quarry beach.

Photo and description

The children's railway is located in the Lebyazhye forest park zone. Forest Park "Swan Lake" is a large section of forest between the village of Zalesny and Lake Emerald. The Emerald Lake, popularly called Quarry, is located in the village of Yudino.

The children's railway was opened in August 2007. Its length is 4.288 km. Passengers of the road can take a ride along the route, which consists of four stations, a station and an electric centralization building-post. The train station and control post are located in the village of Zalesny, not far from the railway technical school.

All the buildings of the Children's Railway are made in a modern style and have intricate architectural forms. The design is dominated by blue mirror glass, the walls are lined with ceramic tiles.

The final station is Lake Emerald (or the Yudinsky Quarry). There is a box office pavilion. Two platforms were built along the route - Birch Grove and Sportivnaya. The entire route runs through the green zone, through a picturesque pine forest.

The children's railway has narrow gauge tracks, 7 turnouts are installed on them and two crossings are made. The road is equipped with the most modern safety devices: traffic lights, self-locking systems, communication system.

At the Children's Railway there is a training building with classrooms equipped for classes. At the training center, schoolchildren can get acquainted with the specifics of working on railway in different specialties: locomotives, railway drivers, specialists in alarm systems, communications and others.

There is a depot for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock.

The center is an institution of continuing education, the activity of which is aimed at vocational guidance of students.


The decision to create the Children's Railway in Kazan was made during a meeting between the President of Russian Railways OJSC Vladimir Yakunin and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev on May 26, 2006. The project of the children's railway was commissioned to develop the Kazan Institute GiproNIIaviaprom. It was originally planned that the Railways will be located in the park to them. Gorky, but soon this proposal was shallow - the area of ​​the park has many slopes, which is unsafe for the children's road. Specialists have chosen a safer place - in the forest park zone of the Kirov region from the village of Zalesny to the Yudinsky quarry. The opening took place on August 30, 2007

The children's railway in the city of Kazan operates year-round. From October to March, children receive theoretical knowledge, and in the summer months they apply the acquired knowledge and practice new skills in specialized practice. The full course of studies at the Railways is 3 years, of which 2 years the guys get acquainted with the general course of railways, and 3 years they specialize in any chosen railway profession. There are six classes at the Railways in Kazan: “Locomotive economy”, “Wagon economy”, “Track economy”, “Alarm, centralization, blocking and communication (Signalman)”, “Organization of traffic control (Dvizhenets)”, “Passenger business” .

CHILDREN'S RAILWAY of the city of Kazan (group O

CHILDREN'S RAILWAY of the city of Kazan

Road specifications

Opened: August 30, 2007
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Length: 4,288 km
Track Width: 750mm
Location: in the Lebyazhye forest park (Zalesny village - Yudino village - Yudinsky quarry)
Stopping points: 2 stations (Yashlek Molodezhnaya, Emerald) equipped with an automatic centralization and blocking system of turnouts, 2 stopping platforms (Sportivnaya, Birch Grove)
Signaling: auto-lock
Rolling stock: 2 diesel locomotives (TU7A-3344 and TU7A-3346), 4 metrovagonmash cars of models 20.0017 and 20.0018
Train capacity: 157h
Number of train pairs per day: 4
Train travel time: 23 min
Technical speed for driving: 20km / h, for turnouts not more than 10km / h
Our address: Zalesny village, Altynova St., 4a (AUK-Administrative and educational building, behind the technical school)
You can get to us by buses 46.72 to the stop. Railway College.
tel. 2-94-27-32.
Head of the Children's Railway: Oleg Suyushov.

Training at JD.

The educational process at the Railways year-round! The process is divided into theoretical and practical parts.
The theoretical part of the educational process begins on October 1, classes are held in the administrative and educational building, 1-2 times a week for 2 hours. In addition to these interesting activities for young railway workers, the AUK provides entertaining and useful groups of stage and technical creativity, under the guidance of experienced specialists.
At the end of April, Young railway workers pass exams, according to the theoretical program and the results of these exams, they receive certificates and are allowed to participate in the most interesting part of the training, the summer profile practice!
The summer profile practice opens on June 1. During the summer, young railway workers master interesting professions, and the knowledge acquired in the school year helps them to successfully complete the practice.
Our young railway workers practice shifts. During practice, tasty and hearty meals are provided.
Training at the Railways takes 3 years, after which the young railway workers receive a certificate of completion.
They are delivered to practice, theory and home by the Children's Railway bus.

If you have questions, please contact the Group Administration! We will answer all your questions!