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In winter, Abtenau becomes the focal point of the sports and tourist life of the West Dachstein region. Tourists are attracted by magnificent landscapes and an abundance of sunny days throughout the winter.

The town of Abtenau in the Lammertal Valley at the foot of the Gosau Mountains is a cozy patriarchal village, ideal for skiing holidays. The small commune of Abtenau is located in Salzburg. In winter, this alpine village becomes the focal point of the sports and tourist life of the Dachstein West region. Tourists are attracted by magnificent landscapes and an abundance of sunny days throughout the winter.

The Abtenau resort is part of the Dachstein-West ski region, which includes about a hundred ski runs. In Abtenau itself, 10 km of ski slopes: 6 km - blue, 3 - red and 1 km - black. The height difference is 488 m. Seven lifts allow over 5 thousand people per hour. The ski centers of the whole region are connected with the Abtenau system of cable cars. At an altitude of 712 meters, cross-country ski runs are located, with a total length of 80 km. There are 4 km of toboggan runs and 60 km of hiking trails cleared of snow. Pedestrian areas are laid in the Tannengebirge and Gamzfeld mountains, near the Gozaukamm ridge.

On the well-groomed flat slopes of Abtenau, ideal conditions for training skating. Snow cannons are working. For evening skiing there is a lighted track in the Nordic center. Various sporting equipment for snowboarding and skiing are available for hire.

The resort provides everything for the convenience of young athletes: there are ski schools for all ages and a "kindergarten" for kids. Here, not only skiing, there are many other winter fun: toboggan, ice skating and horse riding, snowshoeing in the picturesque surroundings. After winter outdoor entertainment, you can warm up in the indoor pool with sauna and solarium, or on the tennis court.

In the evenings, tourists will find cafes and night bars, a disco with dance programs, a cinema, national evenings and even torchlight processions.

Connoisseurs of ancient historical monuments are advised to visit Parish Church of Abtenaulocated in the valley. The church was built in 1313 and later reconstructed several times. Inside the temple, you can see unique ancient frescoes and sculptural images of saints.

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Winter ski enthusiasts come to the village Abtenalocated in the valley Lammertal. The official name of the area is the fair commune (Markt-Abtenau) of the federal state Salzburg Austria. It is located among the so-called Dolomites.

A winter-covered village, as if from a children's fairy tale. In fact, it is a quiet, sheltered from the winds by high mountains, cozy and well-groomed Alps resort at an altitude of 714 meters above sea level. The local population is small, adults mainly work on the maintenance of slopes for ascents and descents, as well as in a fairly developed hotel business.

Both adults and children on the track

Sights of Abtenau are everywhere here - there are magnificent forests on the mountains, beautiful in winter and in summer, high peaks. There are no less suns than on the Adriatic. In winter, this area is an important part of the tourist (ski) region of West Dachstein.

A special influx of tourists in Abtenau at Christmas: adults and children come here. Therefore, the resort is rightly called family. The ski track for children is calm: out of ten ski slopes, more than half are equipped for beginners. The slopes are well-groomed, the snow cover is excellent, and if necessary, it is improved with the help of snow cannons.

Abtenau - ski resort

In addition, the ski slope in this part of the Alps is different from the highlands, it is located at levels with a slight difference: 712 - 1200 meters. 60 percent of the tracks here are the so-called “green”, including for children, 30 - medium difficulty (“red”), the rest - high risk (“black”).

If you do not aspire to the steepness of the slopes, but just want to go skiing, there is such a track for you up to seventy kilometers long at an altitude of 712 meters above sea level. If you are almost professional in skiing, not afraid of heights and speed, like in a car, the lift will lift you up Karkogel - the highest tourist point of Abtenau: 1200 meters. There you will find four "red" descents and a bit of "black".

Lift to Abtenau

Climb to the tops of the ski slopes on seven "elevators" - chairlifts and towbars. The last lifts simply tow the skiers and snowboarders on their equipment up or down. These lifting and lowering units within an hour can move more than five thousand lovers of winter recreation. For fans of snow slopes on the boards prepared seven obstacles of various lengths and complexity. If desired, tourists can use the services of professional instructors.

What else to see

From the list of mountain attractions, we will mention the Sahsenfahl and Tricklefall waterfalls located near the village and one cave.

The longest ice cave in the world - Eisraisenvelt - located in the vicinity of Salzburg. It stretches in the high mountains for more than 42 kilometers. Officially, it was recognized as a memorial to nature in 1879, before that only hunters knew about the existence of the cave. Research on this unique began almost a hundred years ago.
Naturally, tourists will not be taken along this entire mileage. The first 1000 meters are available for them.

Eisraisenvel Ice Cave

It's hard to get to the cave. First, you can take a train from Salzburg to the station Werfen. Walk from her for an hour and a half or drive on a local bus. The interval of his movement is two hours. From the bus stop another 20 minutes walk to the beginning of the cable car. Rising on the funicular, walk another 20 minutes on foot to the entrance to the cave. The entrance is located at an altitude of 1161 m above sea level.

Church of St. Blasius

Also go to the oldest rural parish church of St. Blasius. It has a rather unusual interior that needs to be studied for a long time. Written sources about the church are dated 1191. The second church was built in 1500, inside it is painted with frescoes, decorated with paintings and statues of saints George and Florian.
The town also boasts a large number of museums per capita. In total, there are about twenty museums in Salzburg, known in the tourist guides of many European countries.

Of course, there is the Amadeus Mozart House Museum, because he was born here and lived seven years before moving to Vienna. Here the family lived in eight rooms, home concerts took place in them
In 1944, almost the entire house was destroyed during an air raid. In 1989, the building was bought by the International Mozarteum Foundation. Museum exhibits are the life story of the composer and his family, his musical instruments, scores of some of his works and much more are stored here.

Residence Gallery... More than ten gracefully decorated inner chambers today receive visitors. A very long time ago, young Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart often played here for guests of the residence. And then no one had any idea that they were facing the future genius of music.

In fifteen rooms on one of the floors there is an art gallery, it is “young” compared to the building: in three years it will be only 100 years old. But the paintings in it are from the Baroque era, Austrian artists of the XIX century.
These and others museums of Salzburg, equally magnificent in terms of exhibits, are waiting for their visitors from all over the world.

What to do without skiing

Visit Europe's famous mountain amusement park Karkogel. Vacationers in the valley can fly on hang gliders, paragliders, ride mountain bikes, ice skate or sledges in which horses are harnessed, go to the tennis court or mark ice sticks on ice.

Karkogel - amusement park

On the premises, vacationers can swim in the pool, bask in the sauna, sunbathe in the solarium. And in the evening - cafes, discos, a mile trip to the mountain huts.
Summer Lammertal is filled with rafting enthusiasts on mountainous stormy rivers on rafts, kayaks (such as kayaks).
Local hotels can accommodate all arrivals. They have excellent service, including for families with children.

Resort Abtenau (Abtenau) winter 2019-2020

The small village of Abtenau is located just 50 km south of Salzburg and is part of the large ski region of West Dachstein. The village has everything to satisfy lovers of winter sports of all ages! There are quite difficult tracks, there are even slopes for off-piste skiing, and there are also perfectly prepared red and blue tracks. For beginners, there are slopes in the center of the village of Abtenau, they have a ski school. For more demanding skiers, the Karkogel ski lift is located next door: it is a combination of a chair and gondolas. This is the best way for families to climb after easy trails to medium and difficult trails in a short family ski vacation!

For those who want a new skiing experience, there is a huge area of ​​West Dachstein within reach on a free ski bus. These ski areas are served by a single ski pass. Here 142 km of perfectly prepared slopes and 64 ski lifts of different levels are at the disposal of skiers!

In the area of ​​the small village there are also almost 80 km of cross-country skiing tracks, a toboggan run, an illuminated evening ski run. There is an equipped fan park, and even a track with timing. Restaurants and bars are open. The close location of Salzburg and the sights of this land will make an additional unforgettable experience.

The small village of Abtenau offers unlimited opportunities for winter holidays!

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