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We present to your attention the most complete and detailed map of the Arabatskaya arrow with street names, house numbers, recreation facilities and pensions. We collected detailed information for each object, plotted its exact coordinates and name. Plan your vacation on the Sea of ​​Azov, quickly find the necessary addresses and objects.

The location of the recreation facilities is displayed on an interactive map and confirmed by the editors of the site “Arabatskaya arrow. Azov”

The Arabat Spit is a sand spit-peninsula that separates the waters of Lake Sivash from the Sea of ​​Azov, on which the popular resort is located. The resort includes the city of Genichesk, the regional center of the Kherson region and the villages - Schastlivtsevo, Strelkovoye, Genicheskaya Gorka and Priozernoye. The width of the Arabat arrow in the narrowest place is about 270 m, and in the widest - almost 8 km.

Arabat arrow on Google and Yandex satellite maps
We also placed satellite maps of Google and Yandex, on which we plotted the exact location of all recreation facilities and boarding houses on the Arabat Spit. On our site you can also watch virtual tours in 3D, find out the weather on Arabatka and see the broadcast from webcams online.
The beach of the resort area is evenly covered with fine sand, the color is from pale golden (near the village of Strelkovoye) to bright red (on the shores of Lake Sivash). The Sea of ​​Azov is shallow, the bottom is shallow. Climatic conditions are almost ideal, there are many sunny days a year, an invigorating breeze makes it easier to tolerate the summer heat. Therefore, the popularity of holidays on the Arabat Spit is growing year by year. Sivash Lake is considered one of the most saline reservoirs in the world. The average depth is about 1 meter, in the coastal zone even smaller. A wide variety of salts, therapeutic mud and brine are mined in the lake.

Genichesk map with streets, house numbers and recreation facilities

The city is the administrative center of the district of the same name. Although Genichesk is located geographically before the beginning of the Arabatka, it is customary to include it in the resort. It is the main fishing center on the Sea of ​​Azov.
In the city itself there are no large hotels and recreation centers. Tourists accept small pensions, guest houses. The main resort area is the central part of the city, adjacent to the sea. In this place there is a city beach called "Children's Beach". The sea in this place is very shallow, to more or less deep places you need to walk more than 100 m. The streets closest to the sea are Kurortnaya, Prospekt Mira, Suvorova, Monastyrskaya, Naberezhnaya, Primorskaya. On our site you can also find out the weather forecast for Genichesk for a day, a week or even a month.

Kryachiniy island on the map of the Arabat arrow with streets

The island separates the mainland and the Arabat spit. Automobile bridges were laid across the Genichesky and Promoina straits. Several wild beaches that surfers and nudists have chosen. The island has a marine fishing port. The road connecting Genichesk and Arabatka, passing through the entire territory of the island, was called "Take-off Road".

At the very beginning of Kryachiniy Island, the construction of a huge water park is nearing completion. The Oasis is due to open on June 1, 2017, contractors are already completing the latest installation of attractions. The creators of the project planned the construction of thirteen giant slides and 9 small, swimming pools for adults and children. The height of the main slide is 15 m, the pool depth is 1.4 m, the total area of ​​the entertainment complex is 1.6 ha.

Map of the Arabat arrow with the names of boarding houses - camping and kiteboarder beach

At the very beginning of Arabatka, right after the bridge, a long wild beach begins, where kiteboarding lovers gather. The sea here is too shallow for swimming, but is ideal for gliding on the board along the waves. Next is the territory used for camping.
And then a continuous line of boarding houses and recreation centers begins. The very first on the Arabatsky arrow are "Mounter", "Stork" and "Dawns of Azov". Here is the only hill on the peninsula - Genichesky hill. During the war, an artillery regiment was located on a hill, now there are ruins of long-term firing points. Nearby are large mud lakes and swamps. This is the very famous Sivash therapeutic mud. On our site you will find detailed reviews of all recreation centers on the Arabat Spit with photos and prices.

Genicheskaya Gorka (Gengorka) map with streets

The first settlement on the Arabat Spit, the population is only 495 people, and the area is more than 130 square kilometers. The village stretches for 10 km from north to south, along the entire beach there is a continuous line of recreation facilities. Closer to the center, the construction of hotels in the second line began.
The Oscar-Genichesk dolphinarium is located in Genicheskaya Gorka, where you can watch performances with the participation of marine animals, swim with them in the pool and take pictures.
Tourists are offered rooms in the buildings of recreation centers, separate cottages and accommodation in the private sector. The prices are low. The village has many infrastructure facilities - markets, shops, pharmacies, ATMs, restaurants and bars.
Priozernoe on the map of the Arabat arrow with streets recreation centers
The village is located on the shore of Lake Sivash, in a distance from the Sea of ​​Azov, therefore it is not popular among holidaymakers. Here is a salt mining company.

Map of Schastlivtsevo with the name of the streets

The resort village, located in the heart of Arabatka, is the most popular holiday destination. This is where the famous hot spring is located, the water temperature in it reaches a mark of 70 ° C. Access to the spring is free for adults and children, and there is a market nearby where Sivash salts and therapeutic muds are sold.
There is also a contact zoo Safari Park in Schastlivtsevo. Here you can not only look at wild animals, but also chat with them, feed and pet. In spacious enclosures live lions and camels, roe deer and llamas.
Lovers of outdoor activities can enjoy the amusement park and the motodrome.
Tourists in Schastlivtsevo will be offered: accommodation at old and modern recreation centers, hotel rooms, rooms in guest houses and cottages. If you travel by car, you can stop at the campsite. There are many offers in the private sector. The streets closest to the sea are Morskaya and Komarova. Mira, Kuznetsova, Sovetskaya go a little further, Sivashskaya goes even further.

Rifle on the map of the Arabat arrow with the names of boarding houses

The last village on Arabatka is Strelkovoye, the smallest. There is no longer a whole series of recreation centers and hotels; you can find desert beaches. There are only a few streets stretching along the coast - Beregovaya, Primorskaya, Vostochnaya. The main attraction - an ostrich farm, is located outside the village. Unfortunately, the road to Strelkovoy is very poor, in some places there is completely no hard surface.
Tourists are offered places in a few large pensions and housing in the private sector. Resort facilities operate on an all-inclusive basis - vacationers may not go beyond them. The infrastructure of the village is very poor, there is almost no entertainment, there are several shops, there is a pharmacy. There are several large children's camps. Room and room prices are the lowest on the Arabat Spit.

"Dawns of Ukraine"

Sanatorium "Dawns of Ukraine"

in Simeiz in the landscape park.
Five buildings (5 floors, elevator) -200 m from the beach. It provides accommodation in rooms: 1-, 2-seater with conveniences, 2-seater superior rooms, 1-room, 2-seater junior suites, 2-, 3-room suites.
1-, 2-bed (8/12 sq. M.) Room with amenities (combined bathroom with shower). Amenities: 1/2 beds, respectively, a set of furniture, TV, refrigerator, telephone. Loggia.
Superior rooms have recently been refurbished.
2-seater "junior suite" (14 sq. M) with amenities (combined bathroom with bathtub). In the room: a set of furniture, TV, refrigerator, telephone, air conditioning. Loggia.
Double 2-room / 3-bed 3-room "suite" (24/30 sq. M.) With amenities (combined bathroom with shower and bathtub). In the room: living room, bedroom. In the living room: a set of upholstered and cabinet furniture, TV, refrigerator, air conditioning. In the bedroom: a set of furniture, a double bed. Loggia with sea view.
Water supply:
Cold and hot water round the clock.
3 meals a day in the dining room of the sanatorium, for those living in deluxe rooms - in the restaurant
Specialist consultation
# cardiologist
# otolaryngologist
# neurologist
# dentist (emergency care)
# physiotherapy instructors

Diagnostic tests (according to medical indications)
# electrocardiogram
# spirogram
# X-ray examination of the chest, paranasal sinuses
# general analysis of urine, blood, blood sugar test, sputum analysis, coprological examination
# technique of quantum magnetic laser scanning at the level of organs, tissue, cellular and chromosome structures

# sea pearl baths
# swimming in the pool 1 hour per day
# contrast baths

Healing procedures
# massage
# procedures in the ENT office

# aerotherapy
# heliotherapy
# sea bathing
# treatment areas of the park

# therapeutic gymnastics in the gym
# Terrenkury №1,2,3,4
# sports games in the gym and on sports grounds in the park
# lesson in the gymnastics hall
Medical base:
for add. fee: treatment of diseases of the ear, throat, nose, periodontosis by laser therapy, functional diagnostics, massage, inhalation, therapeutic baths in sea water, removal of psychoemotional stress and stress using the Miton apparatus
Services, entertainment, sports:
bar, cafe, restaurant, indoor pool with heated sea water, sauna, gym, sports grounds, tennis courts, disco, library, post office, tour desk, parking.
Conference service:
Concert Hall (500 seats)
own, located 200 m from the sanatorium, pebble, equipped
Swimming pool:
with sea water, indoor, heated, 15m x 25m
Checkout time:
from 8-00 to 9-00
Double 40 $ / person Price from 320 UAH

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