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Cleopatra Island (Cedir Island)

Relaxing in Marmaris, you should definitely visit the tour “Cleopatra's Island”.

In Turkey and around Marmaris there are many places associated with the name of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Path to the island

Cleopatra Island or Cedir Island or Kedrai Island located in the picturesque Gokova Bay (see map). Having made a short voyage on a yacht or motor boat from Chamlyk marina or from Akyaka, tourists arrive on the famous island.

Sedir Island (Kedrai Island) was part of the ancient state of Kariya, then fell under the influence of Rhodes. The names “Cedir” and “Cedrai” have the same meaning and are translated as “cedar”.

Once upon a time on the island of Sedir located antique Kedrai city. High fortified walls with towers surrounded the city, and the Temple of Apollo was known far beyond the region.

Now there are only the ruins of Kedrai. Lizards run along the overgrown paths, and a few lovers of antiquities do not interfere with each other to plunge into the past. Have reached our days fortress walls and city towers, foundation Apollo Temple and amphitheater in the east side of the island.

Many places of coastal Anatolia are covered with myths and traditions associated with the name of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Island photo

According to ancient legends, the island of Sedir was presented to Cleopatra Mark Anthony as the most beautiful place in the world. Especially for his beloved, he ordered to bring here unusual sand from Tunisia. Whether it is true or not, now this is no longer to be known. But sand of this form is found only in one place in northern Africa. It has a unique shape and looks like small pearls formed from limestone tuff.

Cleopatra Island photo

Cleopatra's beach on Kedrai is famous far beyond the borders of the small island and the Marmaris region.

Amazing warm, clean, gentle sea and a unique snow-white sand of the beach will leave unforgettable impressions when visiting this place. By visiting excursion "Cleopatra Island", you can combine a tireless historical excursion with a beach holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of Marmaris.

Travel Tips:

1. When you visit Cleopatra Island, it is recommended that you take waterproof sunscreen and beach items with you. Do not forget to regularly apply the cream after bathing. The water of Gokov Bay is so pleasant and clear that everyone splashes in it like children, forgetting the simple rules of sun exposure.

2. Cleopatra Island is a nature reserve; sand is not allowed to be carried out from there. In order for all the sand to remain on the beach, fresh water showers are installed at the entrance.

3. The entrance to the sea is open only in two places of Cleopatra's beach, there may be ancient plates and stones near them. You need to go through them very carefully so as not to slip.

4. Entrance to Sedir island is paid, price 10 lire. On Cleopatra's beach there are free sunbeds, a small cafe. If you intend to spend the whole day on the island, it is recommended to take a snack with you.

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9:30 - 10:30 (Transfer) - Depending on the hotel, departure times may vary slightly.

  • The fee for the hotels of Marmaris and Icmeler
  • 30 minute bus ride to Chamly village

10:30 - 12:00 Boat trip

  • Journey to Incekum Bay
  • 30 minute swim stop

12:00 - 13:00 Fenerly Island

  • Journey to Fenerly Island
  • Lunch on the ship
  • Bath time

13:30 - 16:00 Cleopatra Island

  • Journey to Cleopatra Island
  • 2 hours of free time on the island of Cleopatra

16:00 - 17:00 Blue Bay

  • Journey to the Blue Bay
  • 30 minute swim stop

17:00 - 18:00 Return

  • Arrival in the village of Chamly
  • Return by bus to Marmaris


For guests from the village of Turunch, as well as the hotels Marmaris Resort & SPA, Club Nimara Beach and Club Adakoy Resort the tour ends in the center of Marmaris. You will be brought to a stop, from where minibuses to Turunch and your hotels depart every hour. Travel by minibus costs $ 2 and is paid independently.

Please note that from the hotels Marmaris Resort & SPA, Fortezza Beach, Club Nimara Beach, Club Adakoy Resort, the cost of the tour will be increased by the cost of the transfer. Departure for an excursion from these hotels is done EVERY DAY. All information is specified after booking the tour.

Why Sedir Island is commonly known as Cleopatra Island

The island of Sedir is widely known as the island of Cleopatra, so according to one of the legends, about two millennia ago, the Roman emperor Mark Anthony gave it to his beloved Cleopatra. However, the capricious Egyptian queen was not impressed by the grayish sand on the beaches of the island and was specially brought here for Cleopatra by galleys white sand from Africaoff the coast of Tunisia. It is now impossible to verify the veracity of this legend, but one thing is clear: the sand on Cleopatra's beach is really completely uncharacteristic for this region - it has an unusual, hollow structure and is found in our time only in Africa. Each grain of sand resembles a miniature pearl and begins to sparkle when sunlight falls on it. An unforgettable, unique and always attractive place - Cleopatra's beach with crystal clear, pale blue sea water, with calibrated pearl sand and a magical microclimate, where time stops ...

Located in the northwestern part of the island, Cleopatra Beach Today it is considered a public domain and is protected by law. Therefore, you can enter the water on this beach only in two specially designated places. To the beach Do not bring towels and shoes, it is forbidden to smoke. After visiting the beach, you must take a shower. Thus, the sand remains on the beach, but if someone dares to type it in their pockets, then there is a high probability of getting a fine. The sea near the island of Cleopatra is surprisingly transparent, soft turquoise, almost always calm and perfectly warmed up - a great place to splash and soak in warm water.

Beautiful nature on the island of Cleopatra

The amazing beach and the rare beauty of the nature of the local regions (huge cedars grow on the island, which in ancient times gave the name to the local city, which was called Kedrai) - these are not all the attractions that await tourists here. In addition to them, the Turkish island of Cleopatra also has historical monuments dating back to the Greek and Roman periods. Walking around the island on your own or with a Russian-speaking guide, you can explore the ruins of the ancient city of Kedrai, which existed here in the 4th century BC and was in the past a major shopping center with impressive fortifications. In the eastern part of the island, the remains of the fortress wall, city gates, fragments of city walls with towers have survived to this day. In addition, near the Cedar, you can find the ruins of a Greek temple dedicated to the god Apollo. However, besides the foundation, unfortunately, little has been preserved from the temple. The later ancient Roman period is the large and well-preserved amphitheater. In addition to the ancient ruins, the island of Cleopatra has many small bays and stunning landscapes. You can swim in secluded bays in the protected national park, which is devoid of large harbors. If you have not forgotten the photo camera, then you will have the opportunity to capture yourself and your companions against the backdrop of captivating sea landscapes.

This popular Cleopatra island tour is suitable for tourists of all ages. Elderly people and families with children of preschool age can safely go on an exciting journey. The transfer is not tiring, but swimming on the island of Cleopatra, where the warm and shallow sea, is the best suited for young children. Romantic couples often choose the excursion to spend a wonderful time away from the noisy Marmaris.