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Blanes is the oldest town on the Costa Brava in Spain.

The city is part of the autonomous community of Catalonia, province of Girona. It covers an area of ​​17.68 sq km.
The population of the city is 40,168 inhabitants according to the 2010 census with a density of approximately 2270 inhabitants per square meter. km

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Nearest resorts:

the city is located near Lloret de Mar - 5 km,

Tossa de Mar - 19 km,

Sant Feliu de Guixols - 43 km,

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Blanes was first mentioned in Roman chronicles in the 3rd century BC. Previously called Blandae, Blanda.

After the decline of the Roman Empire, the city was raided several times by Arabs in the VIII century.

In 1583, the monks of the Capuchin Order founded a monastery here.

During the war of 1652, Blanes was again destroyed.

But to this day, some buildings have survived.

The main attractions of Blanes are:


Capuchin Monastery of St. Anne (Monasterio Сapuchino de Santa Ana)

Palaces, castles, fortresses

Palace of the Viscounts de Cabrera (Castell Palau dels Vescomtes de Cabrera)

Attractions Blanes

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Sea Boulevard

Maritime Boulevard is one of the most beautiful streets of the Spanish resort of Blanes, laid along the Mediterranean coast. Sea Boulevard is bordered by most of the city's beaches, and in the midst of the summer season this street is the center of the tourist life of the resort.

In fact, Marine Boulevard is a classic promenade, and in some places quite narrow - the sea constantly "licks" sections of the sandy shore, sometimes approaching close to the pedestrian zone. In winter, it is quite cold and unpleasant due to wind and dampness, but in summer the situation is exactly the opposite - the sea breeze brings freshness, and the spray of the warm sea is not able to spoil the mood.

On Morsky Boulevard there is a huge variety of coffee houses and restaurants, souvenir shops and other establishments designed for tourists and vacationers. Palm trees grow along the street, giving shade and coolness. In general, Sea Boulevard is one of the most famous streets of Blanes, and in a sense is the real face of this Spanish resort.

Area of ​​catalonia

Plaça Catalunya is a small but very picturesque square located in the central part of the Spanish resort of Blanes. The area is the starting point for a tourist exploration of Blanes, and besides, you can easily get to the city beach from here.

Plaça Catalunya is considered the central square of Blanes, but this place cannot boast of large size. The area is a small circle of greenery, surrounded on all sides by a transport ring. In the center of the square there is an interesting flowerbed, the flowers on which are planted in such a way that the whole area looks like a big compass from a height. In the middle of the flowerbed is a sculpture in the form of a fishing boat.

Plaça Catalunya is the center of Blanes' tourist life - numerous sightseeing buses are formed and sent here, there is also an information center where you can get maps, booklets and make inquiries about popular tourist routes and city sights.

Marimurtra Garden

Marimurtra Garden is a botanical garden, one of the best in Europe. The garden is divided into three parts: subtropical, Mediterranean and temperate zones.

Plants in the garden are planted in a way that shows their historical development in different parts of the world. More than 4 thousand plant species grow here, among which 200 species are under the threat of complete extinction.

In the garden there is a gazebo with a pond with water plants, benches, where you can admire cacti, palm trees, begonias, hydrangeas, fuchsias, jasmine, etc.

The garden is located on the rocks, which offer gorgeous views of the Costa Brava. You can get to the garden by tourist buses with the words "Bus botanic Marimurtra" that depart from Blanes.

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Basilica of Santa Maria

The Church of Santa Maria is a Gothic church with a long history, located on the Costa Brava.

The church was built in the XIV century on the site of an ancient palace belonging to the Blanes family in 1114. It has two entrances: service and front door.

It is best to attend church on weekdays when there are not so many people and there are no weddings in the church. At the end of July, during the feast of the patroness of the city of St. Anne, a festive atmosphere reigns in the temple. On this day, local residents throw fireworks right on the seashore.

Opening hours of the temple: from 9 to 20 hours, during the siesta, it closes from 13 to 16 hours.

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Gardens of Mar and Murthra

The Botanical Garden of Mar and Murthra is deservedly considered one of the most famous in Europe. This botanical garden was created for the future construction of an international center for research. More than 3,000 species of plants now grow in this garden on the Mediterranean coast.

The garden space is divided into three zones: the Mediterranean, subtropics and temperate zone. In each of these spaces, plants corresponding to a particular locality are planted, and various phytocenoses of five continents are also represented. Currently, the botanical garden belongs to the Carl Faust Foundation, which is engaged in scientific research, the conservation of endangered plant species, and the popularization of scientific knowledge. Some time ago, the Government of Catalonia included it in the list of national cultural monuments.

Near the shore there are several observation platforms equipped with magnificent panoramic views of the Costa Brava. Sitting in a romantic gazebo, you can breathe deeply, inhaling the aromas of flowers, the smell of pine needles and the sea.

Blanes seaport

Blanes seaport is a popular attraction in the Spanish resort of Blanes. The port has a large fish market, and in addition, a huge number of a variety of yachts are moored at the berths, which many tourists come to see.

The seaport of Blanes has been known for many centuries and is considered one of the oldest ports on the entire Mediterranean coast. Located in a secluded bay at the foot of the hill, this place looks very colorful and picturesque. A huge number of seagulls always draw over the port, attracted by the smell of fish. The same smell attracts buyers - in the port area there is a large market where they sell the freshest fish and a wide variety of sea delicacies.

In addition, the seaport of Blanes is worth a visit for the magnificent yachts sailing here from all over the globe. At the height of the season, they can be counted several hundred - sailing and motor, sports and cruise, luxurious and not very. Fans of sea transport here will definitely have something to see.

Quarter s`Auguer

The Quarter s'Auguer is one of the oldest areas of the Spanish resort of Blanes, where sailors and fishermen used to live. Today, this picturesque quarter is the center of Blanes' tourist life.

The fishing quarter of s'Auguer stretches from the city port and represents the most ancient part of the city. Unlike the southern areas of Blanes, built up in modern times, in the quarter s'Auguer you can still admire old houses and narrow medieval streets. There is also a large number of various cafes and restaurants in which tourists are offered to try the most sophisticated fish dishes and sea delicacies.

From the quarter s'Auguer it is very easy to get to the city center, as well as to the city beach. In general, this area is extremely popular with tourists and is a popular place for walking - in the quarter s'Auguer there is a very special, romantic atmosphere that invariably captivates travelers.

Rock of Sa Palomera

Sa Palomera is a massive rock located in the bay of the Catalan resort of Blanes, on the northeast coast of Spain. The rock separates the port of the city from the tourist area and is considered one of the recognizable symbols of Blanes.

The rock of Sa Palomera is located near the coast and can be reached on foot by walking along a narrow sandy isthmus. Stairs carved in stone lead to the top of the cliff, and a well-equipped observation deck awaits the tourist who has climbed them, with a wonderful view of the city of Blanes and the golden beaches of the Mediterranean coast. Also at the top of Sa Palomera there is a high flagpole on which the striped flag of Catalonia flutters.

All in all, Sa Palomera is one of Blanes' most popular attractions. In the summer, an international fireworks festival is held on this rock, and all the rockets are launched precisely from the top of Sa Palomera, providing this place with additional attention.

Avenue Dintre

Avenue Dintre - this is one of the most famous streets of the Spanish resort of Blanes, located near the promenade. The street is one of the centers of tourist life of Blanes and is very popular.

The length of Dintre Avenue is only a few hundred meters, and this street is not particularly wide. The avenue stretches parallel to the coast and from here you can easily get to the city beach. A beautiful shady alley is laid across the center of the street, on which in the morning there is a small fruit and vegetable market. After lunch, all trade is minimized, and numerous summer cafes begin to work for tourists, where you can refresh yourself after sunbathing on the beach or just relax.

In addition, Ditre Avenue is distinguished by its exquisite architecture - here you can see many old houses and beautiful facades. In general, this is a very romantic and pleasant street, which is loved not only by visitors to the city, but also by the residents of Blanes.

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