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On the southern coast of Bulgaria, not far from the Bulgarian-Turkish border, on a stone plateau between the forest and the sea, there is a small village Sinemorets. Life in Sinemorets goes slowly, they fish (there is Sveti Yani Bay where fishermen’s harbors are located to the north of Sinemorets), they are engaged in the tourism business, there are many small private hotels and cafes. Holidays in Sinemorets for tourists who love peace and tranquility, local residents in Sinemorets only 378 people. Hotels are enough to stop and enjoy the tranquility, the sea and the sun. Evenings can be spent in various cafes, admiring the sunsets and tasting numerous Bulgarian wines, beer or brandy. The cuisine in Bulgaria is excellent! and what’s not unimportant - not expensive.

The Sinemorets got their name only in 1966, which translates from Greek literally as sky blue (Greek galazios). Although in Russian we would translate as the blue sea, -) Before that, the village bore the names: Sinomorets (1934-1966), Kalandzoy, Galanja, Kalanja (until 1934). Not far from Sinemorets, underwater research found ceramic fragments of vessels of the Middle Ages, whose age is 5-4 centuries BC. In addition to vessels, the remains of ships were found. On land, on the peninsula, Thracian tombstones and a small fortress were found. The oldest documents pointing to Sinemorets are dated 1498, while 19 families lived in Sinemorets. In the 17th century, the village is mentioned in the register of Ankhialo district as the fortress of Agatopol and in 1786 already as Kalanja with 17 courtyards. The village’s name also appears on the maps of the Turkish Empire, which was composed in 1821 by the German geographer Kristian Gottlieb Reinhard. The church in Sinemorets is named after St. George - “Sveti Georgi“, and it has one interesting icon “Sveti Modest.” The patron saint of agriculture and cattle breeding on it is depicted between two trees above a plowman with oxen, a shepherd with his herd of horses and bison. animals with carts of trees show how locals transport felled trees. The Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious is the patron saint of all farmers and cattle breeders. And the population of Sinemorets while engaged in farming, cattle breeding and wine making In 1926, the village had 59 houses and 260 inhabitants.


Currently, Sinomorets is being mastered by construction companies, building modern hotels and apartments for sale. Construction is ongoing closer to the sea and the southern beach. One of the new complexes is Apolonia Palase with a SPA center. Good hotels are Bella Vista Beach Club, Asti Arthotel, Hotel Anchor.

There are two beaches in Sinemorets:

  • on the north side of Sinemorets a long sand spit stretched between the mouth of the Veleka River and the Sea. For locals, the northern beach is called "Kosata" or "Mouth",
  • on the south side of Sinemorets, in Butamyata Bay - the southern beach. The name comes from the small river "Butamyata".

There is Lipite beach a little to the south, and Listite beach just south. You can still get further to the Silistor Bay, there is a nice sandy beach, equipped with umbrellas. This beach is part of a protective area, construction is prohibited there, as rare birds live in this place.

Sunbathing and swimming in Sinemorets is best from June to September, but some vacationers bathe in November, since Sinemorets is located almost in the southernmost part of Bulgaria, respectively, the sea here and the weather is 2-3 degrees warmer than in northern Bulgaria. Water in the sea remains quite warm until October.

Geographically, Sinemorets is part of the Burgas region, the Tsarevo community. You can get here only by car or bus from Burgas, Sinemorets, the next point after Ahtopol, is 5 km from it.

How to get to Sinemorets

The most convenient way to get to Sinemorets is by plane through Burgas, to which flights are regularly made from Moscow. Bus No. 15 goes to the city from the airport, arriving at the Yuzhny bus station (about 10 km, 15 minutes on the way). From there, the Burgas Bus departs daily to Sinemorets (85 km), 2 hours on the road. You can check the schedule and purchase tickets online at (of the carrier's website.

There is no public transport in Sinemorets. There are also stationary bike rental points, but a bike can be rented inexpensively through online services. Parking is free everywhere.

Sinemorets Hotels

The choice of hotels in Sinemorets is relatively small, and this is one of the charm of the resort: the urban landscape has not yet been altered by chaotic modern buildings. Most hotels are private hotels at the level of 2-3 * with 8-10 rooms. A day in them will cost 55-95 BGN with breakfast. Options for a higher level of comfort - four-star hotels - offer accommodation costing 120-160 BGN. Apartments for rent for 60-130 BGN. There are no hostels. Prices on the page are for October 2018.

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There are 4 beaches in and around Sinemorets. Lipite (1500 km south of the village) is wild, it is located among the rocks in a picturesque place where the coniferous forest overlooks the very sea. Thanks to this, the air is unique here, saturated with sea salt and essential oils. The beach will appeal to romantics and lovers to be in silence.

Silistar beach (6 km south of Sinemorets) is perfect for families with children. There is a gentle slope, a sandy bottom, many canopies. There is also a rich underwater world on this stretch of the sea, so there are always many divers.

The most beautiful beach of the resort is considered North. At this point, the Veleka River flows into the sea, forming a long sand spit. There are sunshades on the beach, sun loungers, bars and cafes.

The main beach of the village is Sinemorets. It is the most equipped, with water activities (in particular, riding a "banana" and a rental of jet skis and catamarans). Covered with sand and pebbles, with a smooth entry into the sea. The bottom is sandy, but there are pebble areas.

Renting an umbrella and deck chair at all the beaches where they are will cost 8-10 BGN per set.

Cafes and Restaurants in Sinemorets

There are no pathos restaurants in Sinemorets, but there are cozy taverns, taverns and cafes with traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Dinner from "placia" (baked meat) and a vegetable side dish costs about 9-10 BGN per person without alcohol, Shopska salad - 6 BGN. In kiosks or trucks, they offer local fast food - “butchers” (spring rolls) for 4 BGN, hot dogs for 3 BGN, smoothies for 1-1.96 BGN.

Sights of Sinemorets

The village is very small, there are no architectural attractions here. But there are plenty of natural ones. One of them is the Veleka River flowing through Sinemorets. This restless mountain river, before flowing into the sea, acquires a flat character. Not far from its mouth there is a boat station offering motorboat rides, an hour's walk costs 9.78 BGN. Veleka is very picturesque - in some places the water surface is covered with water lilies, and storks and cormorants fly along the coast.

Sinemorets is located in the Strandzha park - the largest reserve in Bulgaria - and is part of the Silistar protected area.

The outskirts of the village are covered with mixed forests characteristic of the Tertiary period (1.8 million years ago). The age of some trees, for example, Hartvis oak, rocky oak and oriental beech, reaches 500 years, and the trunk diameter is 2 m. The largest number of vertebrates in Bulgaria is 431 species, 31 of which are relict. Such biological diversity is explained by a mild climate, turbulent geological past and a more or less calm history. And it is through Sinemorets that millions of birds migrate from Northern Europe to Africa every year.

The season begins in June, although the first lovers of tanning and swimming appear in May. The peak occurs at the end of the first summer month and the middle of July, when the temperature stably stays at 30 ° С. Families with young children come mainly with the onset of September, when the number of tourists decreases sharply, as classes begin in schools.

So what attracts this resort to numerous tourists whose flow is only growing annually?

Maybe his story? Well. I doubt it.

History of Sinemorets the most “ordinary” for the Black Sea settlement and even more so can not be compared with such giants as Nessebar or Sozopol. Sinemorets arose on the site of an ancient Thracian settlement, as evidenced by the Thracian mound found in 2006. As a result of subsequent archaeological excavations in the mound, an ancient grave was discovered, which was filled with extraordinary treasures in the form of gold and silver accessories, as well as ceramic items. Among the masterpieces of jewelry craftsmanship discovered gold earrings depicting the goddess of victory Nike (Nike - so that's why the company's sporting goods Nike such popular ones - “as you call a boat, so it will sail”). Artifacts from the Thracian tomb are dated to the third quarter - the end of the III century BC Today, priceless finds are kept in the city's Municipal History Museum Tsarevo. Here, in fact, everything that concerns Sinemorets stories.

It is quite obvious that the average tourist is not interested in history and even more so will not exchange the comfort of a deck chair and the shadow of a beach umbrella for going to the museum. Then, look further.

Landscapes of the southern coast and beaches of the resort Sinemorets, Bulgaria

Well, it's already warmer. Landscapes around Sinemorets are unique and anyone can enjoy the incredible beauty of local beaches and cliffs - unusual in shape. Surprisingly, over a thousand years these places have not changed much. All the same bays and bays, except that the rocks could change their shape from the constant influence of sea water.

Sinemorets, Bulgaria - the hidden pearl of the Bulgarian coast

I hope you are at least a little interested, because the beauty of the southern coast of Bulgaria words cannot be conveyed. Seen to visit all the beaches Sinemorets (the main attraction of the village) one day is clearly not enough. Moreover, you will spend most of the time on your feet, and not on a car. In addition, especially for lovers and professionals of hiking, the community Tsarevo and all interested people will have developed a special eco-research route through which you can: ". enjoy the natural wealth of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, especially Strandzhi planina, watch the magnificent scenery of the Veleka River and the surrounding area, relax in specially designed places for this. At the end of the route you will come to a typical Strandzhan village Brodilovo, famous for its traditions and customs, which have not undergone changes in authenticity and originality. In the building of the city hall of the village of Sinemorets there is a stand on which all information about eco trails, places for recreation and observation along the route is presented.»More information and source here

Sinemorets. Eco-research route: M. Tserat-m. Trudovashkata cheshma-m. Hechitet-m Dolnata vodnitsa-village Brodilovo

The beginning of this route is 1 km from the mouth Veleka River towards the road AhtopolSinemorets. The route is 10 km long and takes 3 hours to overcome. The route is divided into 4 equal parts, 2.5 km each. The purpose of this route is to show the characteristic landscape of the coastline, the Black Sea vegetation, and the rich wildlife.

Sinemorets, Bulgaria - location

Sinemorets located 5 km southeast of Ahtopolme and 85 km from Burgas. Village Sinemorets located south of the estuary Veleka River (Veleka is the largest river in the area Strandja. This is the cleanest and richest fish river in Bulgaria). This area is part of a nature reserve. Strandja - the largest protected area in Bulgaria.

Until 1990, come to Sinemorets it was almost impossible. First of all, this was due to its proximity to the Turkish border. Passport control at the entrance to the village is a common procedure of those years. This rule has now been canceled for the village. Sinemorets, which significantly increased the number of visitors. The real name of the village is translated from Greek "galaza"Means sky blue. The coastal territory of Sinemorets is completely protected by law from construction, which gives a chance to preserve the nature and beaches of Sinemorets in their original form.

One way or another, do not miss this piece of paradise by yourself - be sure to visit Sinemorets.

Description of the Sinemorets

Sinemorets is a small Bulgarian village located east of Strandzha Mountain. The area around is declared a reserve, therefore it is not crowded. Typical landscape - forest and forest-steppe hills crossed. The highest point is 454 m above sea level.

The village is built up with 1-2-story brick houses with personal plots and small hotels for 20-30 people. The family tourism business is actively developing. There are restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, houses are landscaped and equipped with all necessary amenities.