Resorts of the Sea of ​​Azov


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Introducing the service of sending applications for group accommodation to find the best price. Your application will be sent to all hotels matching your request. You will find out about the availability, prices and service of all hotels by sending only one application.

To start work, authorization is required. Before sending, each application is checked by the site administrator.

Applications are sent during the working hours of the hotel reservation departments.

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Resorts of the Sea of ​​Azov

Many are interested in inexpensive sea vacations in Russia. In this case, you should pay attention to the Azov coast, where hospitable villages, villages and towns, a warm sea, endless sandy beaches that go so slowly into the sea that children can swim there in complete safety are waiting for vacationers.

Rest here is especially good due to the mild climate, light winds and well-warmed water, which warms up above 23 ° C in summer, and up to 30 ° C during the hottest time.

Most of the beaches consist of shell rock and quartz sand, and only a small one is made of pebbles. The water in the sea is slightly salted, saturated with trace elements and minerals. Near many resorts are healing mud springs, allowing you to combine a beach holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov with a wellness, in particular, if you need to improve the state of the respiratory or cardiovascular system.

Resorts of the Sea of ​​Azov abound in entertainment for tourists. The beaches offer tablets, bananas and jet skis for skiing, and travel agencies organize excursions to the historical sites of Taman, Lake Khan and mud lakes of volcanic origin.

Nowhere else in Russia vacation at sea can be so affordable and safe. The bazaar stalls are full of fresh fruit and freshly caught fish, and all beaches have health centers and rescue services. Adults appreciate local grape wines.

Holidays on the Sea of ​​Azov with children can be comfortable and inexpensive. Family vacationers are accepted by health resorts, pensions, campsites, hotels and owners of private houses. With preschool children it is better to relax in the villages, and with older children - in cities where entertainment facilities work for them.

The most famous resort on the Azov coast is Yeysk. In addition to a beach holiday, families can spend time admiring the lush vegetation of Poddubny Park or riding rides there. Near the shore there is an Aquapark with a system of slides of different heights and configurations and a children's town. With children, you can visit the dolphin show or spend time in the aquarium with a 7-meter shark installed at the entrance.

In the summer heat, you can hide from the heat in squares and Nikolsky Park, dine in cafes and restaurants in the city center, wander along the Embankment, visit the museum of the strongman Ivan Poddubny, art or local history museum.

Yeysk beaches are located on both sides of the spit. You can go to the Central, Youth, Children's, Kamenka or Koziy near the water park, where the warmest water is always. Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov for extreme lovers provides the opportunity to engage in windsurfing and kiting. For this, several surf stations work in Yeysk.

Guests can stay in hotels or in the private sector for an amount of 3,000 to 500 rubles per room per day. In the elite hotel "Bristol" the room will cost the maximum, while in the ordinary hotel "Yeysk" you can rent a room for 550 rubles. Those who wish can stay in a boarding house by the sea, mini-hotel "At Lukomorye", "Pelican", "Sandy beach", "Tornado" and others.


A rare village or village boasts its own Dolphinarium, and in Golubitskaya you can not only see the performance, but also undergo dolphin therapy, which helps overactive children and those with autism or cerebral palsy. The village has its own water park and a crocodile farm, and for adults there are discos with wine tasting made from local grapes.

Sand-shell spit separates the sea from Golubitsky lake with healing mud, which is especially recommended for people with skin diseases.

Holidays on the Azov coast in the village is characterized by equipped, but crowded beaches. Tourists can stop in accommodation facilities of any level and different price categories from a campground to a luxury hotel. In the vicinity there are Azov pensions: Dolphin, Flamingo, Blue Torch, Falcon.

The city is located on the Taman Peninsula and is distinguished by the ability to heal on the healing mud of springs and volcanoes, most of which are located on Mount Miska or on Rotten. Volcanic mud facilitates the course of diseases of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Temryuk is located near the bay of the same name, but far from the coast, therefore, those who wish to relax on the Sea of ​​Azov, consider this city less often than other resorts. For entertainment in Temryuk there is an amusement park and an exhibition of military equipment.

There are many cafes in the center, there are hotels and rental houses. The beaches of the village of Golubitskaya can be reached 10 kilometers by bus.

In a large village, owners of private houses receive guests at affordable prices, which differ depending on the degree of comfort. The beaches here are sparsely populated and small, there is a well-equipped campsite for vacationers by car.

Krugloye Village

For a quiet holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov, a steppe village on the shore of the Taganrog Bay is perfect. Rostovites and travelers like to travel here love to travel around the coast during their holidays. Here is the most inexpensive seaside vacation in Russia. There is no particular comfort in the private sector, the beaches are not equipped, but the rest is really calm, and the products are environmentally friendly and cheap.


Near the village of Krugloye, also in the Taganrog Bay, residents of Stefanidinodar welcome the guests. Here you can find a pension or stay in a private house. You will have to rest on a wild beach, but those who are looking for a quiet beach holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov will enjoy the leisurely lifestyle, delicious Kuban products and the warm sea.

Margaritovo and Chumbur

Margaritovo village is located on the shore of the Taganrog Bay, convenient for a savage on the Sea of ​​Azov, near Chumbur Kosa, a popular resort town that attracts tourists with sandy deserted beaches and the choice of accommodation - in private houses, mini-hotels or at Brigantina camp site. A constant light breeze helps withstand the heat, and shallow water is suitable for children.


In the village, located on the Long Spit, the beaches are covered with small shell rock and stretch for twenty kilometers. There are small restaurants and a rich village market for guests. In the surrounding forests, camp sites and pensions await guests: Azovskaya, Brigantina, Roza Vetrov and Akvatoriya. Campsites for motorists are broken up on the coast, and private owners provide a wide selection of housing.

Dolzhanskaya village is a favorite place to rest on the Sea of ​​Azov as a savage, there are always many tents here!


The city is located among estuaries, fish-rich lakes, sources of healing mud on the site of the ancient Turkish fortress Aztar-Bakhtar. The resort can attract an extensive network of cafes with night discos, sand and pebble beaches with the usual marine activities: boats, bananas and catamarans.

Blooming lotuses can be found on the estuaries, and city streets are buried in verdure. There is almost no rain here in the summer. The campsites, the private sector and comfortable hotels of the Azov coast are hosting guests.

Known for the series “Matchmakers”, the village of Kuchugury is a popular and vibrant resort place on the Sea of ​​Azov. The entertainment sector is represented by sandy beaches, horseback riding or hiking, a children's rope labyrinth and an Emelya amusement park. Mud treatments at a nearby cape help restore health. You can stay at a campsite, private sector or a comfortable hotel.

The village with a patriotic name is not located on the shore, but tourists come here for healing mud springs. Vacationers can only rent private housing. For those who arrived by car, getting to the sea is simple and does not take much time.

On the sea sand spit is a picturesque village. The beaches are famous for peace and quiet, families with kids can stay with private owners and in boarding houses. Tourists must visit local attractions - the mud volcano Tizdar and the valley of Indian lotuses that bloom all summer. A cozy and calm place for a quiet family holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov.

Ten kilometers from the Kerch crossing, on the high bank is the village of Ilyich. There you can spend time on the sandy beaches or exciting fishing, take an excursion to the knight’s castle, take a walk in the park or visit the local museum. Accommodation is possible in the private sector.

The port city is located in the Taganrog Bay, in the Rostov Region, seven tens of kilometers from the regional center. The mild climate and convenient access from the central regions of the country make it an attractive seaside resort, but not as noisy as the Black Sea.

Through it stretch sandy, equipped beaches of the Sea of ​​Azov, the sea itself is clean, there is where to relax and settle. There are several sanatoriums, small camp sites and hotels in Taganrog, a lot of housing is rented out by private traders. Adults can attend bars, and children can frolic in the water park.

Fun Ascension

On the shore of the Taganrog Bay, 118 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don, where the Mokry Elanchik River flows into the sea, the village of Vesyolo-Voznesenka has been standing for more than two hundred years. At the beginning of the 19th century it belonged to the ataman Platov, who later became the hero of the war with Napoleon. On his initiative, the Church of the Ascension was built, in the illumination of which the people celebrated and had fun. These two events gave the name to the village. Many times it was renamed, but the old name came back again. In the 30s, the church was destroyed.

The village is suitable for a quiet, relaxing holiday on the Sea of ​​Azov with children or friends. There are no hotels in the village, but there is all the infrastructure necessary for life and relaxation: a sandy beach, a cafe, a savings bank, a culture house, pharmacies and shops. Nearby is the recreation center "Ukraine", where you can relax cheaply, but quite comfortable, family-friendly. On the territory there is a gazebo, barbecue facilities, a playground, tables, a sauna, an equipped kitchen.

On the steep coast of the Taganrog Bay, 53 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don, there is a farm of Merzhanovo, in which about 850 people live. Valuable fish live in the bay, so fishermen come here. For families with children, the long beaches of the Sea of ​​Azov, covered with shell rock and limestone pebbles, are suitable. The farm has a club, shop, pharmacy.

The bay and farm on a steep bank look very picturesque. Slopes covered with greenery smoothly descend from the hills to the sea, covered in spring and early summer with red spots of poppies, delicious water flows from numerous springs of remarkable purity. Green slopes sometimes turn into rocks from shell limestone. On the beaches, in addition to small shell rock, there are large plates pressed by the winds from it. On the sea surface near the coast, small islands of grass drift.

Those who want a quiet, rural holiday on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov will find here everything they need. Unfortunately, the slopes are heavily littered.

Sea Stocking

Very close to Rostov-on-Don, just 36 kilometers away, is the small farm Sea Chulek. It is located in the Taganrog Bay. Judging by the proximity to the regional center, it should have developed at a faster pace, but nothing of the kind is observed here. On the farm, where about a thousand people live, many houses are sold that are more like huts or huts.

The road to the farmhouse is unpaved, but good, the places from afar look picturesque, fishing on the Sea of ​​Azov can be quite productive, but the area is not very suitable for a beach holiday: there are practically no convenient approaches to the sea, and instead of beaches there is a shore covered with reeds with a silty bottom . Already about 50 meters from the sea, the legs begin to fall into silt. But even under such conditions, vacationers come to the farm, attracted by rumors about the healing properties of local dirt and air. Mostly, joint diseases are treated with mud, and the cardiovascular system with sea air.

Holidays on the Sea of ​​Azov annually attract hundreds of thousands of vacationers from all over the country. A wide selection of accommodation and entertainment options make the entire Azov coast a single resort, and the flow of tourists gives local residents the opportunity to earn money on vacationers. But the resorts of the Sea of ​​Azov still remain one of the most budgetary and affordable for tourists with different incomes.

Map of Azov hotels

Azov - A resort town located on the Don coast, 7 km from its confluence with the Taganrog Bay of the Sea of ​​Azov. The city has long held an important strategic position, which had a great impact on its history.

The Azov coast has always been a favorite resort for such famous personalities as the princes Rurikovich, Baty Khan, Alexander Pushkin, Alexander II. Here you can admire places whose beauty is not inferior to the Crimean peninsula, admire the birds and animals that were previously seen only on the pages of the Red Book. The Sea of ​​Azov is shallow, warm, of insignificant depth, rich in its biological content.

In Azov, partly preserved earthen ramparts from the Turkish fortress on the left side of the Don coast (height in various sections from 5 to 15 m, width at the base from 10 to 30 m) and a rampart. Of the 11 gates, the Alekseevsky Gate, the foundations of the Trinity Gate, the powder magazine, which now houses the exhibition of the Museum of Local Lore, have been preserved.

Historical places of Azov

The appearance of the city dates back to the first half of the 1st millennium, when the Cimmerians inhabited the Don steppes, and a permanent settlement appeared at the points of location of modern Azov. Over time, it was rebuilt, improved, and expanded by other peoples who came here. The trace of their stay is visible to this day.

Ancient fortifications

Azov hillforts are a whole complex of archaeological sites surrounding the polis from all sides. The successive peoples - Scythians, Meots, Greeks - changed their habitat. The inconsistent structure is due to the fact that, unlike other ancient cities, Azov changed its location, but the main buildings were always close to the previous ones. Thanks to this, a real archaeological reserve is located in its vicinity.

Azov Fortress

The Azov fortress is an ancient citadel, which is now in a dilapidated state. Such did her time, countless sieges and assaults, and not the indifference of the authorities. No one really knows the period of its foundation, but it is obvious that its total service life exceeds 1000 years. Today you can see the remains of powerful walls that have survived to the loopholes with the tools of the XVII century.

Powder Cellar

We are talking about one of the oldest historical sites that have been preserved unchanged since the end of the XVIII century. The first building dates from 1770, but it was made of wood, and therefore has not survived to us. It was disassembled in 1799 and rebuilt using a more durable material - brick. Since that time, the Powder Cellar of Azov has hardly changed at all.

Temples and churches of Azov

Constantly staying in the thick of historical events, consisting in the irreconcilable enmity between Islam and Christianity, in Azov not a single religious building was built before the twentieth century. But the existing samples, although they do not differ in their rich past, are attractive attractions for tourists.

Azov Cathedral

The Temple of the Icon of the Mother of God “Azovskaya” is the main city cathedral built in it in 2007, which took more than 10 years. In addition, the design and decoration of internal interiors took another two years, so the church automatically became one of the main attractions of Azov. But not even she herself is more famous, but the bell, called “Prince Vladimir”.

Church of the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Church is another Azov church, the construction of which lasted for many decades. Its construction began in 1991 and did not end even now. On days of major church holidays, it is open to the flock, and on others to travelers. A visit to the temple is fascinated primarily by the fact that you can see how the shrine is gradually being transformed.

Chapel of Luke Voyno-Yasenetsky

She is also open to parishioners and tourists, works on the territory of the Central City Hospital. Unlike previous religious buildings, a small chapel was built within one year, and today has already survived the restoration. Of interest is not so much the structure itself, albeit quite aesthetically attractive, but its location.

City Museum of Local Lore

He is the oldest and most interesting of all such institutions in Azov. It opened in 1917 and since then its doors are constantly open to visitors. The Azov Museum of History and Local Lore is one of the largest in the south of Russia and with the richest collection of exhibits numbering over 360,000 antiquities. Among them are petrified remains of prehistoric animals, as well as personal belongings of the heroes of the Civil War.

Exhibition Hall "Patron"

Although this is more an art gallery than a museum, and even here you will not find paintings by Rubens or Aivazovsky, it collects an impressive number of visitors. In the "Patron" exhibited works of unknown contemporary artists working in different pictorial directions. There are many people who want to get here, given that on average 5-6 exhibitions are held per year.

House Museum Samoilovich

The Samoilovich Memorial Museum is actually dedicated to all the conquerors of the vast ice sheets of the planet, the Arctic and Antarctic. The main exhibits of this attraction of Azov are authentic photographs of pioneers, their maps, diaries, letters and other documents. There are preserved equipment items of brave researchers, personal items and even symbolic gizmos of Arctic expeditions.

Lookout at Don

The observation deck is a man-made object, but it offers an amazing view of the Don River, which is spreading in all its glory and grandeur. It is located next to the Azov fortress, and therefore, along the way, you can immediately see two sights of the city - natural and architectural. The first, perhaps, is more fascinating, because it was created specifically at the point where the most picturesque banks of the great river are visible.

City park of culture

This place is located within the city, that is, it is also relatively natural, because it was created with the participation of man. This park is a favorite place for walks among the residents of Azov, although it is located away from the Don, but in some parts of the river the river remains in sight and is clearly visible. Green spaces here are well combined with numerous stone sculptures brought from all over the Russian Federation.

Azov port and river station

Other places often used for walking by citizens. They are located at a short distance from each other. Although the first acts as a transshipment center between the two seas - the Azov and the Black. And the second one, located on the banks of the Don, from where regular flights are made - both passenger and cruise, up the river.

Victory Park

In this place you can easily admire the views of one of the tributaries of the Don - the Azovka river. It is located in the area of ​​the descent of Molokov, not far from it you can see the Arbor, which many also refer to the list of attractions. You can eat in a cafe near Victory Park, although reviews about this catering are negative.

Fun in Azov for a child

Adults, not forgetting about children, often forget about their interest, deciding where to lead and what to show the child, not taking into account his opinion. It is worth considering the sights of Azov, which will be appreciated by the smallest travelers.

This is the most famous children's center of Azov, where a continuous celebration and entertainment are concentrated. Most of them host personal celebrations, birthdays, etc., with the participation of animators, clowns, and costumes. But there are many other ways to captivate your child in Zvezdochka, such as a variety of shows, attractions and unforgettable treats.

Baby dream

This is the best children's entertainment center in Azov specializing in computer games. Someone might think that there is no need to take the child away from the computer for an excursion to such an institution - everything is the same there. But this is a fallacy for someone who has never visited Baby Dream. In fact, this is a huge complex, including numerous playrooms and game rooms, where the child will be in "his element."

Master Show

Another noteworthy institution for children and teenagers, which will be informative for children who can become their local attraction. Its specialization is Entertainment Studio, or "Children's Club", and the main activity is the organization of vivid and memorable holidays. From the outside it looks a bit corny, but in reality the organizers have an interesting and creative approach.

Reviews about Azov are varied, some people like the city, others don’t, but hardly anyone dares to call it boring and uninteresting. Yes, it is peculiar, quiet, with a patriarchal way, but everyone in it will find something remarkable and special. In conclusion - a video walk around Azov, enjoy watching!